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Tami M Williams

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Dying for Dummies
By Tami M Williams
Thursday, December 06, 2007

Rated "PG" by the Author.

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A private detective is looking for an 'interesting' case. When he finds it, he discovers he is the main suspect. See how his secretary and partner get him out of the hot seat.

"Did you kill him?" asked a shaky voice.

"No, I didnít kill him."
"Then why are you standing over his body with that bloody knife in your hands. Jacob, youíre covered in blood."
"Linus, I didnít do it. I donít know what happened. I heard him scream and I ran in here to see what happened."
"Likely story, how are you going to explain that to the cops?"
"We donít have to call the cops, do we?"
"Yes, Iím not taking the fall for you man. Iím dialing them now," Linus said while pulling out his cell-phone.
"Linus, wait I can explain. It was an accident."
"How do you accidentally stab someone?"

"Please, Linus believe me I never wanted to hurt him."
"Come on, Jacob. Letís go," he pulled him to his feet, "you see Jacob, you canít say it was an accident or self-defense."
"Why not?"
"Because the only reason Iím here right now is because I knew you were coming to kill him. He had an affair with your wife didnít he?"
"Maybe, but thatís not true . We agreed to watch the game together."
"Linus, be serious. Wagner didnít know a baseball from a football."
"Listen Linus, I can make it worth your while if you just leave right now."
"Jacob, I couldnít do that. You understand, itís my job to make sure everything here is taken care of."

"Fine, if thatís the way you want to play it," Jacob grabbed the knife and start to thrust it towards Linus. He nicked his arm while Linus wrestled the knife away from him.

A few hours later.

"Hey, I heard about your big bust this afternoon."
"Thanks Camilla. It was so obvious. Iím sick of these types of things. I would like a nice creepy unheard of mystery to sink my teeth into for once. Iím about to create my own."

"Itís impossible. Donít you know Wise King Solomon said there is nothing new under the sun."
"Do you want to bet on it?"
"No, because youíll think you are so clever and someone will end up dead."

"Come on, Camilla you know I always do the right thing."

"Sure I do. That means your victim would be somebody who got away with murder. You create your own justice."

"Camilla, I think I should fire you."
"I know. But two weeks with someone incompetent and youíll be begging me to come back. You had rather just keep me and save yourself the trouble. Whereís my cut from this last adventure?"
"What do you mean your cut?"
"Now Linus, you know you wouldnít have been at the house if I didnít tell you to hurry over there."
"Camilla, I knew without your nagging."
"Yeah, okay. Believe a falsehood, but I better have a good bonus on the next paycheck. Iím off to meet Tucker."

"How is he doing?"
"Heís healing. He will be out of the hospital in about 3 days. Then mom is going to take over his care. I think he would have been better to stay in the hospital."
"Is he that bad?"
"No, my mom is. Goodnight Linus. Iíll see you in the morning. Oops, I almost forgot you have an email from your ex-wife. She sounds pretty desperate."
"When doesnít she sound desperate? Good night Camilla, give Tucker my good wishes."
"Will do."

Camilla left the office. Linus turned on his computer and waited for it to warm up. He figured men named things like their cars, boats and computers after women because they all needed to be warmed up. He went and poured himself a coffee while he waited. Camilla was continuously begging him to get an updated computer that could handle faster Internet. He didnít really want to. Computers blew his mind enough as it was. When he got back, he brought up his ex-wifeís email. Basically, she wanted him to call her, like yesterday. He rolled his eyes and sat back in his chair. He really didnít want to call her. She drove him to the brink of insanity.

"Linus, pplleeaassee come over itís an emergency!" She would cry. When he would show up, her toilet was plugged because she flushed her exotic fish down it. It was always the same. However, because he knew her so well, he knew she would not stop calling and emailing until he answered her. He might as well get it over with now. He had no plans for the evening. Tucker was usually his partner in crime and good friend, but since he got shot on their second to last case, he was out of commission. He dialed up Anitaís number. Her home phone was busy. He decided to try her cell.

"Yes, what do you want?" was the gruff voice on the other line.
"May I speak to Anita please?" Linus was used to other people answering Anitaís phone also.

"Iím afraid she canít speak to you right now. May I ask who is calling?"
"It is Linus."
"Linus who?"
"What right to you have to be asking me that question?"
"The right of the law."
"Are you a police officer, a lawyer or a judge?"
"The first one, now tell me who you are?"
"Iím Anitaís ex-husband."
"Oh really," the voice changed just a slight twinge, "then Iím interested in talking to you, Linus."
"Oh and why is that?"
"Just come on over to your ex-wifeís house. We can talk about it when you get here."

Linus still wasnít too wary. His wife was always getting into some sort of trouble. That goes to show what Linus knew. When he got to her house, as soon as he walked into the front door, he knew he would no longer be getting urgent calls and emails from Anita. Anita was lying in a pool of blood and a little ways off from her was a young man lying in his own pool.

"Linus, Iím glad you came so quickly," a man was coming towards him with a voice that matched the one he had talked to earlier. The man was about 5í4 and had extremely red hair. He had green eyes that seemed to notice even the slightest thing.

"Iím sorry, I didnít catch your name earlier."
"I didnít give you my name earlier. Iíll do that now though. Iím Patrick McInclock. Thatís Detective McInclock to you."
"Are you Irish?"
"Donít be smart. Donít make any cracks about how much I resemble a leprechaun either?"
Linus wasnít about to. Now that the Detective said it, he did look like a leprechaun. He even had pointy ears. Linus looked at him innocently.

"Donít do it, I know youíre tempted to, but it wouldnít be a smart decision. Now, Linus can you tell me what happened here?"

"It looks like my wife really needed my help this afternoon."
"Can you explain that?"
"My wife emailed me to call her a.s.a.p. Itís usually for some inane thing, apparently this time it wasnít."
"When did she email you?"
"Iím not sure. I didnít check."

"What were you doing before you called?"

"I take it you donít watch the news? I was bringing a man to justice."
Detective McInclock squinted at Linus, "actually I did hear about you. You look different on t.v. are you sure it was you?"

"Yes, Iíll give you the name of the policeman I worked with."

"I tell you what, why donít you go with my sergeant there and heíll take you down to my station. You can give him all the details."
"Can I just ask before I go, what happened here?"
"You can ask."

They stared at one another for a minute. Linus finally said, "I get it, I can ask but you wonít tell."
"See there, Linus, you are already showing that maybe you are smart. Sergeant Wiggle can you escort this man to the station please?"

"Donít start," Detective McInclock warned him.

Meanwhile, Camilla took a bus to the downtown hospital. She went to get her brother, Tucker, his favorite chocolate bar in the gift shop.

"Good evening, Miss Knight. How is your brother doing?" asked the pretty volunteer behind the counter.

"He is doing good. He hopes to leave you guys soon."
"Oh, I hopeÖ Iím glad heís getting better."
Camilla laughed to herself as she left. Every woman feels that way about her brother. He had a certain charm about him. She was still laughing when she got to his room.

"What is the joke?" Tucker asked her.

"Youíve made quite an impression on the gift shop girl. How many times have you actually seen her?"
"Oh, she does other things. Sometimes, she delivers my gifts and flowers. Sheíll stay and talk a few minutes."

"I see, sheís your personal favorite."
"Itís between her and Nurse Hatchet."
Camilla laughed heartily this time. Nurse Hatchet was really named Nurse Klint. She liked Tucker too, but it took him two weeks to get her to that point.

"Did you listen to the police scanner on your way here?"
"No Tucker, Iím not in the habit to listen to it continually like Linus and you."
"Well, sometimes you should. There was a shooting in the west valley."
"Did they give an address?"

"No, but it was close to Anitaís house."
"How do you know that if there wasnít an address given?"
"I just know."
"Tucker, you are going crazy stuck in this room. Soon you will be telling me all about a conspiracy theory going on here in the hospital."
"I think there is one. It has to do with coffee. Thatís for a different day though. Did Anita try getting a hold of Linus today?"
"Yes, she emailed him around 3 p.m."
"See, the shooting happened at 3:15!"

"I donít actually see the connection."
"Camilla, can you just call Linusí cell-phone? Find out from him if heís heard from Anita."

"If it will make you calm down, I guess Iíll do it."

She pulled out her cell phone.

"No cell phones in the room," yelled a voice down the hallway."

"How does she do that?" Camilla asked Tucker.

"Iím not sure. Just use this phone here, dial 9 to get out."

They both waited impatiently for Linus to pick up.

"Heís not answering," Camilla whispered after the 6th ring.
"See, itís serious!" Tucker whispered back.

Just as Camilla was putting the phone back on itís cradle she heard Linusí voice, "Camilla, are you there?"

"Linus, I had just given up on you. Listen, Tucker is going nuts here at the hospital. He swears that something happened to Anita."
"Thatís odd. How did he catch on to that?"

That got Camillaís attention, "Catch on to what?"
"Camilla, Anita was shot today."

Camilla shot her brother a look of disbelief, "When?" she croaked out.

"Iím not sure. The Detective at the scene refused to tell me anything. Camilla, Iím being brought to the police station. I think Iím the prime suspect. I need you to help me out."

"How did you know!?" Camilla was busy questioning her brother.

"Camilla, pay attention to me first. You could get back to Tucker later. I need you to go to my office and call Detective Jarius. Ask him to see what he can find out. Iíll call as soon as I know more about my situation. Iíve got to go now, Sergeant Giggle, Iím sorry Sergeant Wiggle is waiting for me."
"Sergeant Wiggle?" Camilla laughed.

"Heís only the beginning. Please, Camilla you are my only hope."
"Yes, I am your Obi-wan, Princess Leia."

Linus had hung up at that point. Tucker was jumping up and down in his bed.

"Please, donít excite the patient!" said the voice down the hall.

"She could hear the bed noise this time. Knock it off. Tell me how you knew the shooting was at Anitaís house. Donít play games, Tucker. Linus is the prime-suspect you know."
"Fine, donít let an invalid have any fun."
"Whatís fun about a murder!"

"I know. Iím sorry. Anitaís housekeeper called in hysterics."
"Why couldnít you let us know? No, you have to play a guessing game."
"Iím sorry, sis. Donít be angry. The housekeeper didnít actually say she was shot. She just cried that Anita was in trouble and needed Mr. Linus quickly. Then she screamed and said she had to go. When I called Linus, he was busy with the other case. Then I heard about the shooting on the scanner."
"Why didnít you hear the address? Donít they give police the address?"
"Yes, donít be a smart-aleck. Just when they were giving it, Nurse Hatchet came in and shut off the scanner."
"No exciting the patient," they said together.

"Then how did you put the two together?" Camilla insisted.

"Elementary my dear, I guessed. If nothing had happened, I figured we could run with it."

"Iíve got to call Detective Jarius. Should I do it here so you can listen?"
"But of course."
"What about Nurse Hatchet?"
"Iíll try to contain my excitement."

"Great, Iíll call him then."

Camilla made the call. Detective Jarius hadnít heard anything about the murder. He promised to see what he could find out and call her back.

"Now, we wait," she smiled towards Tucker. "Tell me what else did you learn today from the police scanner?"
Tucker told her some humorous stories of some not that bright criminals of the day. He was running low pretty soon though. Thankfully, Detective Jarius returned Camillaís call quickly, within the hour anyway.

"Camilla, that Detective McInclock is something else. It took me awhile to get any details. Since McInclock wasnít forthcoming, I called a friend I have in the Coronerís office. I got some details about the body. She was shot once, the other body was shot twice."
"Wait a minute, what other body?"
"Apparently, there was another body with Anita. Can I get back to my report?"
"Yes sir."
"Thank you. That was all I got from my friend. Death was definitely from a gun shot wound."
"That was a quick autopsy."
"Youíre telling me. It usually takes those guys days before they even glance at my bodies."
"Why the speed?"
"My guess is that I just got a guess, since Iím not the detective on the case. The official autopsy results will come out later."
"Do you know any of the C.S.I.ís that work the case?"

"Not yet."
"Donít you work with them everyday?"
"I must say they are much more chummier on television then real life. Also, I donít have that many murders that I have to investigate a different one everyday."
"Fine, I get it. Thanks for the help."
"No problem, listen Camilla, are you interested in going to dinner tomorrow night?"
"Iíll have to get back to you," she smiled slyly to Tucker.

"Keep in touch."

After hanging up the phone, Tucker teased, "stop leading that poor man on. Just go out with him already."
"I canít."

"Why not?"
"Linus wonít let me. No, there is nothing like that between Linus and myself. Itís just that Linus uses me to get information out of Detective Jarius. If we did date it could complicate things."
"Are you interested in him?"
"I wonít say I havenít thought about it. But that is neither here nor there, we should be finding out what happened to Anita. Do you know Linus was complaining just today about the lack of interesting cases? All the ones heís been working on are domestic cases."
"Tell me about it," Tucker groaned.

"At least this one isnít domestic."
"Unless Linus did it."
"I would consider him if he didnít have such a strong alibi. He was at the police station."
"That is if we are saying the murder happened around 3 p.m. It didnít necessarily happen at 3:15, thatís just when the police got the call."
"True, an email can easily be faked."
"What time did the housekeeper call you?"

"Around 3 p.m."
"Letís say that she found the body at that time then."

"Are you seriously considering Linus? I know heís a bit of a ego maniac but heís not a murderer."
"I know. He wouldnít kill Anita if he was going to kill someone. I wonder who the other body belongs to."
"Enough, it is time for the patientís bath," said Nurse Hatchet standing in the doorway.

"Have fun!" Camilla smiled at her brother.

She decided to go meet this Detective McInclock for herself. She would never admit to anyone, but the reason Linus Matthews did so well as a PI was because of her. She needed to find more suspects other than Linus. A beginning would be why Anita was desperate to find Linus. Anita was extremely rich. She inherited all of her daddyís money. Camilla wasnít positive but she believed that Linus was still the beneficiary. She drove over to Anitaís lavish mansion. She never liked Anita. She was always whining and complaining. Camilla was a woman that liked to take responsibility for her own life. Donít get her wrong, if she needed some help she welcomed it. However, she wasnít going to wait for the prince on the white horse, or black horse or even the brown horse with white spots. Back to the task at hand, Camilla thought about Linus as true suspect. As far as she could tell he didnít hold any animosity towards his ex-wife. Sure, she bugged him and the divorce was because she cheated. However, Camilla got the impression that Linus was relieved to have a reason to leave. Anita drove him to distraction mostly because she wasnít a very bright woman. He didnít really have any time that day to commit the crime. She gathered her things together and went inside ready to battle with Detective McInclock. When she approached the house, she noticed a young boy standing just by the doorway. She thought this would be a good chance to get some inside information.

"Excuse me, but can you tell me whatís happening?"

The young boy turned around and Camilla instantly saw her mistake. This was no young boy, it was a full-grown man. She sputtered for a few seconds trying to think a way out of this situation.

"Itís okay miss. I was told to expect you. Please, the less said the better."
"Who am I?"
"Mr. Matthewsí secretary. The chief called in a favor. He was pretty miffed at me for picking on his pet publicity grabber. Are you at all squeamish?"
"Only with mice and bugs," she thought she was clever until she saw the look on the manís face, "no, Iím not at all squeamish, not even with mice or bugs. Iím sorry." She added quickly.

"Alright, if you come with me, you can view the bodies."
"I thought that they were already at the morgue."
"That would be really quick wouldnít it."
"I thought so at the time. Detective Jarius gave me some information he received from the coroner."
"Well, heís been here of course. Is this your first murder, miss?"
"No, I just seem to be tired. What can you tell me about what happened?"
"Nothing, not legally. Legally, youíre not suppose to be here."
"It should be alright legally since I did know the victim. I could be a material witness."
"Did you murder her?"
"No. Nor did I have reason too."
"So you say, however Iíll believe you for right now. Still I canít give you privileged information."
"True, can you at least tell me who the second victim is?"
"Itís the pool boy."
"Why would some one shot the pool boy?"
"He got in the way."
"Who was shot first?"
McInclock said grudgingly, "the pool boy. But that doesnít change my thinking."
"I understand. Should I meet the detective in charge before proceeding?"
McInclock gave her a look that made everyone around scurry away. He answered with his teeth clenched, "I am the Detective in charge. I thought we established that."
"All you said was that the Chief told you who I was. We never established who you were," really this little man was getting to Camilla. She decided to prod him more, "who besides Linus had reason to kill Anita."
"Possibly her son,"
"Anita had a son?"
"Thatís privilege information. So was the last thing I said. I would thank you not to mention it again."

"Why am I here if I canít know anything? Can I speak to your chief please? I would like to know what Iím entitled too!"

"Woman, you are entitled to finding the front door and leaving through it!"

"Um, sir," came a nervous young man waiting by the bodies, "I donít mean to interrupt but the bodies are ready for transport."
Just then Camilla realized she was standing right next to Anitaís body. She actually jumped a little bit away. McInclock gave her a knowing grin. "Iím not squeamish," she thought to herself.

"Here are the bodies. That is all you may observe," McInclock growled then walked out to talk to the driver.

Camilla leaned over the bodies to study the wounds. The pool-boy had one gunshot on his arm and the other one looked like it just nicked his neck. Was he really dead? Camilla reached over and felt his pulse. Yes, he was definitely dead. But how? His gunshots didnít seem consistent with death. She looked closer at the neck. Yes, there was an actual hole, but it was small in diameter. She checked his arm, that hole was small too, but there was more blood. Meaning, it was first and that he died soon after the second shot. How did McInclock know that he was shot first? That did not make sense without doing a projectionary. She went over toward Anitaís body. She looked at the gunshot wound. She was shot in the temple. The shot was clean through with burn marks around the wound. She looked over the rest of Anita. She looked at her huge rings on her fingers. Obviously, the motive was not robbery. She looked closer at the yellow diamond on her right index finger. She never really understood the attraction to the yellow diamond. She felt they looked sort of dirty. Then all of the sudden, she noticed that Anitaís finger looked blue. She lifted it to have a closer look. There was a needle size hole that looked slightly swollen with a bluish tint. That seemed strange to Camilla. She was mystified by the whole scene. Why didnít the detective think this was a murder/suicide. She would have asked him but she already knew his response would be Ďthatís privileged informationí. She took out her cell phone and took pictures of the bodies. She gave a mischievous smile to the young police officer standing near her. She then stood up.

"I know you might get in trouble if you answer this question, but Iím wondering if suicide is even an option."

"McInclock thinks that since the gun is missing, that no itís not an option," was his quick response.

"What do you think?" she asked him narrowly looking at him.

"Well," he squirmed looking around, "I donít like to second guess him, but I donít trust the housekeeper."
"In what way?"
"When asked if she saw anything she said that she saw Mr. Linus Matthews and it looked like he had a gun. Iíve met Mr. Matthews before and I heard about his arrest this afternoon and I donít believe he was responsible. Plus, she paused before answering."
"Like she was trying to think up a story."

"Yes, in a way."

"Thank you. Where is the housekeeper now?"

"She went to the hospital."

"She seemed to get ill all of the sudden. She couldnít move her arms, seeing double and couldnít breathe."
"That is strange. Thank you again. Iíll see myself out. Give my regards to Detective McInclock."

She made her way out and headed to the station. When she was half-way there her cell phone rang. It was Linus.

"Iím at the office. Meet me, will you?"

"Iím on my way."
When Camilla got to the office she told Linus all she learned. Then showed him the pictures.

"Does the housekeeper have something against you?"
"Not that I know of. I donít even know if Iíve met her."
"She called Tucker and asked for you. Then she told the police you were on the premises."
"I know about that one very well. Because of it, I am not to leave town anytime soon."

"Iím sorry. What do you think?"
"Itís another boring story. Domestic again."
"So, why did you murder your ex-wife?"
"Not me! Camilla, do you really believe I could have murderer her?"
"Honestly, no."
"Maybe the pool guy was the target."
"That reminds me, McInclock says that he was shot first. How would he know that?"

"I have no idea. Maybe he was purposely misleading you."
"But he really didnít want to admit it."
"Why would you ask knowing that he couldnít have a correct answer?"
"I donít know. I asked all sorts of things that didnít make sense. Did I remember to tell you that the housekeeper is in the hospital?"
"No, call Tucker to see if he can learn anything."

"I did already after talking to you. He says they think she is suffering from a strange insect bite. There was a little puncture wound with a tooth-like object inside. Heís trying to get a match for me."
"What do you mean a match?"

"I went to see if she has a mark on her, like the one Anita had," she said while pulling out her cell phone. She found the picture of the mark on Anitaís finger.

"What in the world," Linus exclaimed after looking at the picture.

"I know. Iím trying to figure it out myself. Listen, I think that Anita shot herself. Is that possible?"
"Suicide or Accident?"
"What do you think?"
"Knowing Anita, accidental suicide."
"Exactly, I would hazard to say she shot the pool boy."
"Keep going."
"Are you going to acknowledge I help you in your cases?"
"Camilla, please, Iím the prime suspect."
"Chill out, itís not like youíre the prime rib on sale tonight. Anyway, I think that Anita was bitten by something. It caused her to panic when the symptoms started to manifest. Thatís why she emailed you. She thought someone was trying to poison her."

"Okay, so how did the pool boy and her end up getting shot?"
"I donít know. Did Anita own a gun?"
"Yes, I think so. I know that if she thought she was being poisoned she would panic and do something stupid."
"Possibly, when the pool boy came into the room she had the gun in her hands."
"Waiting for her nemesis."

"Then she shot him. He moved to try and grab the gun and got shot again."
"No, there was no blood trail."

"But I canít think of why she would shot him twice. Once she saw who he was, she would stop shooting."

"Where is the gun now? That is another problem."

"Why would the housekeeper blame me if she was innocent in all of this?"

"True, but then why would she have the same wound?"

"Maybe she didnít do the deed, but knows who did."

"This is all speculation. After saying that, I say we call Tucker. Heís able to move around a little bit now right?"
"Yes, he uses his wheelchair. He is only allowed to walk with help."

"Great, go call him."

Camilla called him and told him about what they speculated about the murders. She told him that they needed him to visit the housekeeper. He took it from there.

"Come on Linus, Iíll buy you dinner," she said motioning towards the door.

They had to wait until the next day before hearing back from Tucker. Apparently, the housekeeper wasnít telling everything. She did admit that she lied about seeing Linus.

"What about the gun?"
"She is saying she thinks Anita killed herself and the pool boy. She wanted to inherit her small amount from Anita so she didnít want the police to say it was a suicide."
"How much does she inherit?"
"I have no idea. Itís too soon to know."
"Oh, right. Do you think she is still holding back?"
"Iím positive. She acts all squirmy and guilty. I used my best charm and still she didnít get comfortable. Sheís definitely hiding something."
"Great work for an invalid, Tucker."
"Thank you for asking for my help. It makes me feel useful again."

"Did you hear what caused the bite?"
"No, but Iím sure the police will."

With that they had to wait for the police report. Linus got some of his inside snoopers to notify him as soon as they heard anything. The report came a couple days later. She had been stung by a Cone shell snail. They were poisonous but rarely deadly. Linus called Detective McInclock and told him their theory.

"Thatís very pretty. However, in the real world, we need a thing called evidence. Besides, I still like you as the prime suspect."

"But the housekeeper gave up the gun."
"Sheís lying and you know it. Good day, Mr. Matthews."

After Linus got off the phone, he looked towards Camilla. "We are still not closer to what happened. If it was as we think, we may never prove it."

"True, say where did the snail come from?"
"Oh, Anitaís usual pet owner. She gets all her fish from him. I must say he makes quite a lot of money off her."

"Letís go visit him."

"I donít know. Lack of having anything else to do, I suppose. Maybe he can tell us why she had the snail and didnít protect herself when handling it."

When they got to the store, the manager took one look at Linus and ran.

"What in the heavens? Why is he running?" Camilla asked.

"I donít know, but if one of us donít start running we may lose him."

Both looked at each other and then ran after the store owner. Since Camilla was younger and in better shape she caught up to him first. They dragged him together back into the shop.

"It was an accident," he kept crying out.

"Okay buddy, explain!" Camilla demanded. Linus looked at her strangely. She shrugged her shoulders and smiled. She figured since she caught the guy she could be theĎbadí cop.

"I just wanted to teach her a lesson. I couldnít stand the needless death of these beautiful fish. I figured once she was stung she would lay off the buying and killing of them."
"Did she ask for the snail?"

"No, it was expensive but I figured worth it. I told her he was an innocent tank cleaner. I knew her habit of touching stuff inside the aquarium."

"Yes, thatís usually how she would kill the fish. I kept telling her they arenít to be petted."
"Then you understand. That woman drove me nuts, too much money not enough brains. I didnít kill her though. I just gave her the snail."
"Come on man, you just admitted that you knew what she was like. Think about how she would react once the symptoms started."

"I know. Iím sorry."

They left him there in his guilt. They were never able to prove the true story, but the police to mark the case a murder/suicide. Detective McInclock was a bit wary of Camilla and Linus but he could never charge anyone, not even the pet-shop owner. A couple of days later, Tucker was released from the hospital and they all went back to their normal routine of domestic disputes. One day, Linus received a registered letter informing him of his inheritance.

"What about her son?" Camilla asked.

"Anita never had a son," Linus replied confused.

"I really donít like Detective McInclock."

"You should have met Sergeant Wiggle. Well, we did prove that the maidís not bright."
"Because she will inherit a small fund from Anita. We couldnít receive the insurance because of suicide, not the actual inheritance."

"Why did she act so secretive with Tucker?"
"She still wonít say anything. I think she believes the same we do. She was actually in the house and heard the shots. I think she must have been up to something she shouldnít have been. Iím sure it will come out sooner or later."

"Well, did you appreciate this case? It was different."
"Yes, except that I was the prime suspect."
"Please stop saying that."
"All the same, I donít think I will think up the perfect unusual crime."
"Iím glad. Now about this inheritance. Will I be expecting a nice bonus?"

The End

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