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Jeff Brown

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I'm an Illegal Immigrant in America Because I Have No Choice
By Jeff Brown
Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rated "PG" by the Author.

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This is not opinion. This is a story based on a compilation of testimonies from family, friends, and students.

I know about your laws against us. I know about your 700 miles fence. But they can't keep out starving people. You can build your wall into the ocean, we'll swim around it. You can build it a mile deep into the ground, we'll dig under it. You can build it a mile into the sky, we'll climb over it.

I've been across that desert so many times after coming here and being sent back I know each stone and mound of dirt. Sometimes dirt is my best friend. On the worst days I've sucked water from it. Eaten bugs and dead animals to survive, getting so sick one time I threw up blood.

In my country, if you have a job you're lucky. If you loose it, you might not get another one. And if you loose your job and you're over thirty you'll never work again. I don't have enough money to bribe officials and business people to keep work. At the boarder, we'll run between your cars selling whatever we can get our hands on. Even a few of your dollars can feed us for weeks.

Here I've seen your kids complain that they are sad, everyone's got an iphone except them. In my country, on special occasions like my birthday, my mom would give us a couple eggs. She'd dress 'em up nice, but seeing the want in my sister's eyes I'd always share. Your kids get Ring Dings and Yoo Hoos for snacks. We'd get fruit that was laying around so long it was starting to change a rotten color. Just having shoes was a treat for us. I don't ask for much.

To get across the boarder, I've spent thousands of dollars on men who squeeze money out of you like they're racing to skin a jack rabbit because they haven't eaten for weeks. I've had your lawyers take thousands of dollars for a green card they knew they'd never give me, explaining weeks later that the money was gone "Because that paperwork is expensive."

I've worked in your factories where companies make lots of money off us as we sweat all day without air conditioning or fans. We pay your social security and Medicare without ever a chance of getting any of that money. We pay your gas tax, food and clothing tax, but I don't know where that money goes. Don't know. Don't see it.

I know your president wants to work some amnesty deal where we admit we're illegal and we go back to our country to wait for a visa. I'll never turn myself in because I'll die before I ever see that promised visa. Even family and friends who have their green cards have to wait three, five, ten, eleven years to see their kids. One time when I was back in my country, my neighbor came home to get her daughter who looked at her mom stranger than a stranger in the street.

I know you want to control us. You want to protect your country. But you took what was ours long ago. You forced us to come back illegal. That ain't nice but I'm not angry. I just need to get some work and send money back to my family. I only wish I could get my story out to more of you. I know what I'd say. I know what I'd show you. Pictures of my kids with tears in their smiles. They're brave but if they wake up scared at night or don't know why they get so sad and lonely I'm not there to lift them with my arms and heart. And that hurts. I know you know that's true .

I don't want you to give me much. Just let me work, send money home, and know that I'd do just about anything to keep doing it. And I don't even want to stay in your country. I've got nearly enough money sent home and saved to buy a little house and some land. That's all I want. That's all I want. I hope you understand. Look in your kid's eyes and if they reflect back to you any hope, that's all I want. Some of that reflected hope shinning on me and mine. Nothing big. Nothing much.

God bless.

An Illegal Immigrant, a human, just like you.


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Reviewed by Mickey Mantle Fortin 2/25/2008
Tell me why it's OK for me to defend my home if an intruder should break in undercover of darkness or stealth. And yet, if a perpetrator breaks into my country I cannot defend it. I am expected to grant this "illegal intruder" shelter, a job, medical care, sustenance, some even say immunity; the list goes on and on. What is wrong with this picture?


When did we start rewarding individuals who break our laws?

Since when have I been responsible for this greedy corruption, and misuse of resources, natural and physical, that have plagued your nation for centuries? WHEN?

If a starving person broke into your home and ravaged your pantry in search of a meal this should be accepted in the name of humanity? What right does that intruder have to your supplies, peace and harmony? NONE!

In this article the illegal claims to have spent thousands on "green cards" and men to get him across the border. Why not spend your money on food so you won't be hungry? Why not start a "legitimate business" with that capital?

No, you just have some sick delusion that somebody better off "OWES" you something.

Picture a life boat(USA), equipped with just 100 seats being over run by a desperate mob of illegals numbering in the thousands who can't swim and have never paid, nor contributed for one seat on that boat and yet try and think they have a right to climb in. Eventually the boat sinks, taking everyone on board to a watery grave.

HEY ALL YOU ILLEGALS CATCH MY DRIFT... build your own boat!
Reviewed by Andre Bendavi ben-YEHU 2/25/2008

"I'm an Illegal Immigrant in America Because I Have No Choice"... This story is very sensitive and hamane, as we look at the human needs and the lacks of oneís life, but there are prior situations to be considered here too.

An ILLEGAL visitor is the one that applied and received a VISA, arrived in the country under the immigrationís laws, and remained in the country after the expiration of her/his VISA.

It is a serious violation, not only of the immigrationís laws, but also the violation of the Vianna Convention.

When a person applies for a VISA to come to USA, she/he signs it after declaring that she/he is financially capable and that will never seek employment or depend on public welfare. Such declaration is a commitment under PENALTY OF PERJURY, (It says so there!) DULY ATTESTED AND SIGNED BY THE APPLICANT.

To host a violator of such or employ her/him is a serious offense, for which a FINE of ten thousand Dollars, ($10,000.00) is applied; plus the party will have to respond to several criminal offenses, which include NATIONAL SECURITY violations.

Those that enter the country without a VISA, are not in the same category as the ILLEGAL. Here we have INVADERS. Any person that enters the country without authorization, (VISA) is an INVADER, and therefore, subjects to NATIONAL SECURITY AND MARTIAL LAWS.

If we want to change the present immigartionís laws, we will have to consider that those that violated the existing laws should be sent home at once. THOSE THAT WILL CLAIM THE RIGHT OF FAMILY REUNION, should be sent home too, for they are violating the law by hosting the INVADERS or the ILLEGAL.

Most of the ILLEGALS have relatives who are permanent legal residents, and also Naturalized Citizens. Here they should be considered ďundesirablesĒ; (THE ONES THAT DONíT COMPLY WITH THE LAWS) and, if we want to obey the law, they should lose their PERMANENT RESIDENT STATUS, and their Naturalized Citinzenship for TREASON.

It is not a matter of humanity, it is a matter of law. We obey it or we keep acting benevolent tolerators, like we are doing since the sixties, allowing those in CONGRESS and OVAL OFFICE to violate the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

We have over thirty million Americans existing below the poverty line; we need to build seven million low-income house-units. Why donít we ask the candidates how they intend to solve this disgraceful American reality.

I have enjoyed the reading of this story, "I'm an Illegal Immigrant in America Because I Have No Choice", and admire its author for his courage, humanity and writing style

In respect and admiration,

Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU
Reviewed by Flying Fox Ted L Glines 2/23/2008
America ...
America is all about immigrants. Even our American Indians immigrated across the Arctic from Siberia, as early as 27 thousand years ago. All of us came here, stayed here, paid the cost of being here, and "here" is home for us. I am part Yaqui Indian (Mexican to you). Your Mexicano Federales killed my people and chased the few survivors north to reservations where my brothers and sisters lost their history and their sense of culture. I talk to them and they do not know their origens nor me. Do not talk to me about WHAT YOU WANT. Talk to me about what you will give to America. All of the LEGAL immigrants who are AMERICA have brought everything they were to make America great. Do not look for amnesty here. Pay close attention to the messages below. Only come here when you are excited about becoming an American.

Reviewed by Karla Dorman, The StormSpinner 2/22/2008
I don't care if someone comes to our country, as long as they do so legally - learn our language, obey our laws - living in Texas (which is rapidly becoming TEXICO), I have a huge problem with those who come here illegally, who drive nice cars, who have a house, who get benefits denied American citizens - yes, they work, they work hard, but why send the majority of OUR money to their native land, in order to bring more of their families here - women having anchor babies - refusing to learn English - GRRRRRRR A very sore subject with me - as Karen Lynn (below) said, my grandfather came here at age 14 - they didn't cater to him, make it easy - in order to get a job, become a citizen, HE HAD TO LEARN ENGLISH - and what about our own, starving on the streets? No one's reaching out to them - illegals get free medical care, many of our own are underinsured/not insured - our Veterans who served our nation live below poverty level - I know - stirred up a fire with this write - well done!

(((HUGS))) and love, Karla.
Reviewed by richard cederberg 2/22/2008
It has nothing at all to do with the misinterpretation of human rights. This is, pure and simple, an illegal invasion that is proliferating because of American greed.

The NAFTA treaty is an atrocity that belittles and lessens the integrity of every human being that works in those other country sweat shops. I just recently saw a movie with Jennifer Lopez in it called 'Bordertown'; very powerful, and it changed something in me.

Still though, this invasion from the south brings with it just as much corruption as the US is perpetrating in return. I live in San Diego and deal with it everyday. Some of these people are honorable, many are scumbags. The Mexican infrastructure is to blame, and the greedy companies that hire illegals is to blame.

Mixing up human compassion for the Mexican under-privileged, and the lack of honor and integrity and disease that is flowing like sewage over our borders is wrong. 700 miles of fence is more like 24 miles of fence. The US government and local authorities are dragging their feet even though the money is there for the project.

My whole family is comprised of immigrants that came from Scandinavia. They all came through Ellis Island and they did so legally. This invasion from the south is a travesty that has all the insidious earmarks of eliminating the sovereign borders all around the world, a one world economy, and a one world government. I truly believe that a revolution is coming and compassion will not protect you and your family.
Reviewed by Kathy Schultz 2/22/2008
I understand your views on humanity, but not all Americans have Ipods, even insurance, etc. The last part of your article spelled out the trouble in a nutshell, "we don't want to stay in your country." People from the old country came to this country legally, worked hard, learned English, even if was broken. They loved this country and wanted to be Americans. There is something bad about give me, give, but not give anything back, even loyalty to a country and its citizens that are paying taxes to support a lot of the illegals who get emergency care, food stamps, and those who stay in this country for years, pretend they speak no English and then when age 50 rolls around they go and claim disability because they can't speak English,yet they have managed to get around for 15-20 years. It's that give us what we want attitude, and then take a hike. That is the gut wrenching distaste in most American's mouths. Your article is well-written, but it forgets that even Americans are human.
Reviewed by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado 2/22/2008
I can understand why they come to our country, but when they don't learn our language, or expect us to learn theirs, that is where I have a problem. When my grandfather came to America at the age of fourteen from Croatia, they didn't make it easy for HIM. They didn't have the forms half in Croatian and half in English like they do now (half in English and half in Spanish). I also think that when they're talking in front of non-Spanish speaking people (like yours truly), it's rude. Sorry, but I can't help the way I feel.

I worked with people who spoke primarily Spanish, and they expected ME to learn THEIR language instead of learning MINE. It was NOT easy, and I did NOT enjoy it AT all.

An excellent, thought provoking write "from the other side", the side we usually don't hear from. Very well penned and presented!

Signed, a proud American.

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