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Mitzi Kay Jackson

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Dual the play
By Mitzi Kay Jackson
Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Rated "R" by the Author.

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Some of you seen this before, added script re-worked


A Play by Mitzi Kay Jackson

Conscious – knowing what is going on around one because one is able to use bodily senses and mental powers; awake

Mitzi (subconscious) – Of or concerning the thoughts, instincts, fears, etc in the mind of which one is not fully aware but which influence one’s action

(Mitzi (subconscious) is sitting on the floor, in a puddle of blood, in the corner of her upstairs duplex with her knees to her chest naked from her waist down except for socks looking outside her patio window)

Enters Conscious

Conscious: (in a low calm voice) Mitzi, what happen?

Mitzi:  (without looking up or expecting an answer) Can you please open the window…so I can feel the breeze, look at how the wind is blowing’ the trees, they almost touching the ground.

Conscious: Mitzi what happen?

Mitzi: That’s ok you don’t have to open the window I can feel the wind anyway.

Conscious: (stepping closer while trying to place her hand on Mitzi’s shoulder, she doesn’t notice her nakedness) Mitzi, baby, where did the blood come from? Is this your blood? Mitzi

Mitzi: Get away from me! Don’t you come any closer! I am waiting on the dawn to come…the sun! You hear me?

(Her voice going back to normal) Don’t come any closer. I am waiting on the dawn. I am going to sit here until the sun comes, and if you smart, you find a corner and sit too.

(conscious looking around noticing footsteps in blood, blood on the walls, conscious runs into another room picking up the phone she dials 911)

Conscious: help, send police, an ambulance, come please, come quick, I don’t know what happen, she won’t tell me anything. She’s just sitting in blood! Blood is everywhere! She won’t let me touch her! She won’t tell me nothing! The address?

(Conscious startled by the thought of someone possibly still being in there drops the phone and goes back where Mitzi is crouching down to be on her level)

Mitzi baby please tell me what happen

Mitzi: (looking down at the blood that she touches with her fingers on one hand and a hanger in the other) I was scared. I was tired of being scared…You remember when they came into our home? You remember when they tied us up with duck tape. After bending us over the tub removing the pillow case that they covered our heads with when waking us with knees to our throats. I sometimes can still feel their hands on my skin, still feel the duct tape tracks cross my face from covering my mouth, and around my wrist and ankles. You remember how they tried to steal my soul. (Looking up from the blood directly into the eyes of consciousness) hey tried to take my soul, you remember. I can’t protect me…I got to protect me. (Mitzi eyes drifts back outside the window

Conscious: Mitzi, what have you done? What have you done? Give me the hanger

Mitzi: I can’t… I couldn’t do it. My insides felt like that leaf (pointing smearing blood on the patio glass window) see how that leaf twist and bend in the rain? Pain that only Mother Nature herself knows. Sh…listen to their screams. Can’t you hear em’? Trees crying out in pain, can’t you hear em’? Thunder beating the rain? Can’t you hear em’? I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t be held hostage again (Mitzi rubs her stomach) Nobody is ever here for us…nobody. Nobody is ever here to see or know. If a tree falls in the forest

Conscious: (interrupting) Mitzi what are you talking about?

Mitzi: if no one is around to hear it, doesn’t it still make a sound? In fact doesn’t it scream the way we did scream, cry out and pray for the sun? Isn’t that what saved us, the sun, isn’t that normally what saves everyone kept in the dark? The light.

Conscious examine the hanger chunks of matter and blood falling off, the smell a horrible odor, she sees her nakedness, she looks around the room, spotting first the Jake Daniels bottle almost emptied out, pills not to far near an empty pill bottle, she notices her nakedness, and her mind begin connecting.

Conscious: (shaking her head no, in a whining voice) what have you done? What have you done? (Putting her hands on our heads) Mitzi what have you done?

Mitzi: No-one was going to be here, no one. Who was going to protect us? Me, you? You can’t protect me, how is you going to protect us? I’m tired, I’m tired of this place, we should of never been here, what is it about us that everybody wants to take our soul? Want to take all the life right out of our body, suck us dry like vampires. You know they out there, vampires. That’s why I am going to wait on the dawn, the sun to come…we will be alright in the sun, they don’t and won’t come out in the sun. The sun kills all evil, you no that? I couldn’t bear down like she do

every morning, bear down and let the sun come out, birth the day every morning? Isn’t that what it is birth and re-birth, no matter what be going on round her at every dawn she bears down and give birth, but I ain’t her and she’s not me and it is far too many vampires here sucking us dry, just trying to steal our souls. And who going to protect us you? You? No you’d protect them against us…

Conscious: (with her hands covering her ears, almost in shock) Shut-up! Shut-up! No no no

Mitzi: Yes you, who just for a little attention from her, for a little love from her, took and swallowed our entire childhood, you can’t remember  too much of anything about our childhood can you? Why is that, huh? You want me to tell you? Do you really need me to tell you? You don’t remember because everything they didn’t suck from you… (saying sarcastically) and you allowing yourself to be sucked cause you thought they needed you, never wanting to hurt anyone no matter they were sucking you, taking all the sweetness they whatin’ s’pose to take, knowing that nothing good was coming for you, not with what they were doing to you and did that stop them? Did that stop you? And what they didn’t suck away you swallowed and forgot! And anytime pieces of what you swallowed came up, cause you kno that just ain’t natural, you kno this!?! You pull a Lucy, and slip away. I can always tell when you about to slip away.

Conscious: Mitzi you a good person, with a good heart. I have always protected you. I always put you first. We have been happy (ashamed that she didn’t kno about the pregnancy). I knew you were strong, stronger than everybody else. I knew there could be nothing that could or that I would let hold you down, no matter what anyone showed or didn’t show (thinking of Her). How could you doubt that I would put Her before you?

Mitzi: you know there is a calm, rich and thick before storms. There is an unbelievable silence that deifying you. There is a beauty in the stillness like when the storms leaves~~~after all the fussing and hustling, after all the crying,,,,,full circle yeah before and after the storm and the light comes in like she was just born that way…you know smooth and easy. Her, she has a way of giving us that feeling without going through the storm, it is only natural, cause it is nature. Her, she was born with the gift of shade from an Oak, or Willow or Maple. Her, she was born able to carry the weight of the world tween her shoulders, born the mule of this world, like her mother before her, and her mother before her, long line of healers of others only difference is we inherited more of the other side of it. She knows all she have to do is stretch out her arms and we would be healed, but she just wouldn’t do it no matter how you performed for her, no matter how you let yourself be sucked to the point of almost death… With her barely even looking our way. I think at times it amusing her to see or hear you going through pain, if I didn’t know any better I would think that she hates you.

Conscious: (almost exhausted) Stop, no, no this? This, is no excuse Mitzi, what have you done? (Looking around) What is that smell? Mitzi, baby let me take you to a doctor ok this can’t be good, (edging a little closer to Mitzi) Whatever you think of Her or me doesn’t matter now, I’m here, let me take you away from here now.

Mitzi: Get away from me!!! I am waiting on the dawn to come!!! I will be right here till I can see her, feel her even. You still live in the memory of Her running you bath water the first time an outside vampire pushed his way into your home and tried to take your soul…You still live inside of Her bath water she made for you….still know out stretched arms to be eased in, or healed. That’s what we needed healing, but she denied us that always have. Can you remember a time when she embraced you fully with her arms; can you remember the feel of her breast against you? Can you remember any time you felled, you cried, you screamed, you laughed, you were honored, you performed any time where her healing arms were there for you? Don’t worry I give you a minute…think about the pain of knowing her powers and being denied. We part of that line…what if we just like Her? Do you want to hand down that kind of pain? (Now expecting an answer) Do you?

Conscious: (removing her hands from her head, her eyes full of tears that won’t fall, looking Mitzi in her eyes) No, no I can’t but just like you said of nature, of Mother Nature herself, you are not Her, and Her, she is not you. You have soooo much love inside of you that is why they come. They know the love you have inside of you is free, that is why they come. They know your heart is so big with room even for the lowest of lows that is why they come and suck and steal and take and steal…That is why they come. I try to tell you, I try to protect you so you have enuf too stay on top of concrete, too stay low and keep moving, what you need Her healing for, you got your own, we got it in here inside of us, you said so yourself, we come from a long line of shade bearers, long line of world haulers, long line of spirit lifters and connectors. All in all comes from us, Mitzi don’t you know this? Why don’t you know this? You know the laws of nature, why not the laws of self? We are not the same from which we come we have some of the same but not all the same Mitzi, what have you…why have you

(The threat of releasing a tear stops her from continuing on with the conversation, she stands up with the hanger in her hand and notices that she has no shoes on, or pants. She can hear the sirens in a distance and goes into the bedroom to get a blanket to wrap around Mitzi they can’t find her like that, as she leaves out the bedroom the heavy odor hit her in the face and she looks toward the kitchen, to the stove) Gas?!?

(She looks at Mitzi playing with a book of matches, twiddling them between her bloody fingers. She began to walk towards Mitzi with the blanket laid across her arms)

Mitzi do you remember what pau pau said to us about wings?

The matchbook stops moving

Mitzi: Pau pau?

Conscious: How could you have forgotten about pau, pau?

Mitzi: Yes pau, pau, so much stuff, just so much

Conscious: Do you remember what he said about wings?

Mitzi: But pau, pau was a man, you was just the envy of the world. I loved me some pau, pau. But he was a man.

Conscious: So he was lying?

Mitzi: No! He just didn’t no, how could he know, he was a man.

Conscious: a strong man, a wise man. You mean to tell me you don’t think he know woman?

Mitzi: No I didn’t mean that….I…I

Conscious: remember the stories he told us about where he comes from, remember? The people who flew, you remember? You remember what he said about wings?

(Mitzi eyes drift back to the window because she could hear the head of the sun coming from around the earth, she went deaf to everything else, she could no longer hear the words of consciousness. Conscious looked at Mitzi sitting calm and pretty waiting on the dawn to come, she who could  not hear the sirens coming closer).

Conscious: I know you can’t hear me now, but I am sorry for leaving you for so long. I’m truly sorry for not using these arms for you. I am so sorry for not protecting you.

Car door slams footsteps running

Conscious: I didn’t protect you then, but I will protect you now. (Conscious takes a deep breath stepping right into the pool of blood, she takes the matches out of her hand, open the patio door and Mitzi walks through it and disappear. Conscious kneels and wraps the blanket around herself so the healing can begin).

Sh…I’ll take care of them, the police, the paramedics, whoever enters I will take care of them, you, Mitzi, you enjoy the sun.

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Reviewed by Brenner Whitt 7/28/2009
I love you, as an artist, as a spirit. Your words touch me in places within that I didn't know existed until you touched me there. I don't have words to express how much and how quickly I have come to appreciate you. And this piece is only one example of why I say and feel what I say and feel.

Reviewed by Karen Vanderlaan 7/12/2009
wow--very powerful stuff-so well written thast the reader gets wraapped up in the story and the depth of feeling
Reviewed by Muhammad Al Mahdi 7/10/2009
Powerful, with great dramatic force.
Reviewed by Regis Auffray 7/8/2009
An engaging tale, Mitzi. Thank you for sharing it. Love and best wishes,

Reviewed by Ronald Hull 7/8/2009
Now that's a tale! You don't come often, but you come bearing your literary gift.


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