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Vicky Bowker Jeter

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I woke with a start. The room was soft aglow with the light of an early morning sun. Looking about, I saw that little had changed, if anything, since I last recalled the room--yet I felt something was, indeed, quite different.
It was impossible to tell how long I'd been sleeping. I was wide awake, more so than I had felt since I could remember. A slight confusion overtook me as I realized I wasn't feeling weak or ill. I rose from lying down, intending to call my husband, Hubert. Suddenly it hit me that I had not only risen from lying to sitting, but I had risen off the bed entirely! I felt wonderful! So much
energy--I could see so clearly--the whole room, in fact--in fact I could see myself! There I was, asleep on the bed from which I had just risen, plain as day. Land sakes, I must be dreaming! How could I possibly be there . . .
and here at the same time? Hmmm . . . here? Funny thing, I could not exactly put my finger on where "here" was. I tried to pinch myself to see if it was real, and nothing happened! I couldn't feel myself; nor could I see myself;
some dream. I'll tell you, what a surprise. Then it came to me that to wake from the dream would be to go back and lie down on the bed.

Just then, through the silence, echoed a most soothing, attractive sound. Trying to pinpoint it was like trying to pinpoint me, just the same, absolutely impossible. Next thing I knew I was off and away like a little bird, carried on that sound almost, I'd say. Moving along in such an odd way, yet so very peaceful, it was. I still hadn't the time to piece together what was going on,
when I came upon the presence of many other thoughts. My goodness, it's a blessing my ears were not hearing it; what a racket there would have been.

At about the same time I became aware of the other thoughts, my mode of travel changed. We had come into what seemed a dense fog, brilliantly lighted in blue. It was like floating on an illuminated cloud. As we traveled along I became aware that I was a part of creating the beauty that surrounded me, and although I wasn't absolutely sure, everything was finally starting to make some sense.

In places where the brilliance of the light was brightest, the clarity of the other thoughts increased. After traveling a short while longer there was no doubt in my mind that I, along with all these other folks, had made the journey into a new place of existence--and truly a new life. I also knew that as surely as this place existed, in another space and time the place from which I had come also existed. Knowing that Hubert and my children and grandchildren and all who had touched my life there, dear and dearest to me, would one day find this place made it all the more wonderful to me.

I was floating along sort of just letting everything sink in, when suddenly I ran right smack into someone. What a shock! It certainly takes some doing for one to learn to make their way around here. Anyway, there was this person, right--where I was. When our energies touched it radiated a definite warmth all over me. I was quite pleased to find that a body could at least feel something in this state. At this intimate range communication was much easier to manage, and in a short time I learned that I was sharing with a little boy. He was obviously not dealing with our circumstances as comfortably as I, and I asked him if there was anything I could do to help. His reply was jumbled with confusion and fear. All he could tell me was that he was lost,
(hopelessly as far as he could see) and could I Pleeeaase help him find his mom and dad. I asked him where he saw them last, and he explained that they were in the car on their way to church for singing practice, and the next thing he saw people from an ambulance waking his mom and dad up, and then he was here. I had no idea how to tell him where his parents were, so
I got as close to him as I could and asked if he would like to stay with me until he wasn't lost anymore. We traveled together for the rest of an incredible trip.

Although time was definitely passing, it passed differently here than what I was accustomed to, and I have no idea how it would be measured. Eventually though, there was a new and different light just ahead. All the commotion amongst the enormous crowd of people now within our group settled quickly as we neared. There was beautiful music and soft singing on the air--an amazing thing though--my little friend was keeping time in his steps to the music--dancing to a completely different tune than what I heard--hmmm?

When we had gone the short distance and arrived at this new place, there were no Pearly Gates, but there could have been. It was a magnificent place with no walls, ceiling or floor to speak of, but with the air of a Cathedral (for me, at least). There were people at the edges who were embodies and clothed, although it was plain to see it was not as it had been in the physical world.

We were all met individually by someone with a warm greeting, and a joyous smile. The woman who reached out to me felt uncannily familiar, although I surely had never met. Before I knew it we were laughing. I said to her, "You know, if i didn't know better I would swear we were sisters."

"No, we weren't, " she said. "But we could be! Let's work on it later, and see what we can cook up."

I wanted to ask questions, but she moved away with a twinkle in her eye and and a wink that left the oddest feeling of Home in my heart. Odd especially when in light of this introductory type of affair, no names were used. How we would ever find each other again, I could not begin to guess. And I must admit, although it could not be called embarrassment, I felt strangely awkward to be looking someone directly in the eye (so to speak), and I had no such features on which they could focus.

Taking a gander around the area, I found there were many more people here scurreying about working at quite definite tasks. Most were dressed in terrycloth looking robes of different colors. Everyone seemed happy and purposeful. All the new arrivals were led by some of the greeters to an area rather set apart. When all were present, a man in flowing white appeared before us.

"Is that God?" The little boy who had stayed with me broke the hushed silence with his question. He had been very quiet for some time, and it was my guess that an inquisitive consciousness and the compassion of Spirit had served to settle most of his previous questions. Before I dared begin attempting to answer this new question that hung in all of our thoughts, a hearty but gentle voice from the front of the room filled our ears--ears that we did not have. It was another troublesome puzzle to figure how some things
we could hear and see, and others we only felt.

"Come here child.", said the man sitting comfortably on what what was sort of an alter, yet reminded me of a pit-group type of couch. The boy didn't quite know what to think of this, but moved slowly and surely to the front area. With easy patience the man waited, and when the boy had accomplished the several paces between them and stood close to the man's side, the voice continued.

"Do I look like God to you?", he asked. As the boy pondered an answer, the most marvelous thing happened. Right then and there, the boy took on the figure of a child about seven years old! He was dressed in robes identical to what the man was wearing.

"Hey, look at me!", the boy cried, running his hands across his middle.

"Now as far as I can see, there is not much difference between you and I.", said the man sincerely. "Are you God?", the man wanted to know.

The boy wrinkled his nose and cocked his head. "Wha' d' ya mean?"

The man reached out and set the boy on his lap. "I mean that you and everyone here an expression of the God that you speak of as anything, or anyone else. The power and consciousness of "God" permeates all that exists in any form." Then, with the child still on his lap, he directed his attention to the crowd of us. "You have all met with good fortune. This is not the Heavan or Paradise that many of you are equating to your spiritual teachings of past life. This is merely a resting place--a home base, as it were, where entities can re-experience freedom from doubts about existence, and the individual importance in it. Eventually, to forge ahead on the next path of the journey with the freshness and innosence which is the birthright of all newborns. You are, however, a special group, for you have come at a very special time; it is one of only a handful of periods in the Earth's Solar cycle that these two plains of existence align in thought and action by a majority . The anniversary of the Sacrifice and Ascension of the teacher and prophet Jesus, whom some of you know as the Son of God, is but five days away in physical time. This is an event for which each of you has a special gift to share. You each have specific tasks according to who you are now,
and where you are going when you leave here." He paused, and looked again to the child on his lap, who was gazing up at him in complete wonder.

"Do you not have choir practice this morning?"

"Yes, but . . ."

"Be off with you, then.", the man declared--his eyes dancing. A younger man in a fine gold robe, with red and gold boarder came and took the child by the hand. As he did, the boy's wears were transformed to those identical to the man holding his hand, and off they went.

"I would like to see each of you one at a time, please.", the man called out.

As we formed a single-file line in front of where he was seated, he explained
that this was a time of opening doors to our new horizons, so we would each be granted one question to him, of our choosing. The feelings in the room intensified with excitement, and I too, was quite thrilled as I began to choose what my question should be. As each person talked with the man, they became embodied at some point. Discovering this, everyone became really excited--I truly felt like a kid waiting to see the real Santa Claus!

I was two people from the front of the line, and still had not chosen a question I felt was important enough for an opportunity like this. Then, the woman who was speaking with him asked, "Why are there no names here?"

"What shall I call you, dear lady?", he asked in reply.

Given a moment of thought, I realized, as did she that we were no longer exactly the people we had been, and it was impossible to say who we would be along the way.

"Do you have trouble distinguishing persons here?", he continued his question.

"No.", she said, a little surprised. "Now that you mention it, it's quite a relief that I'm not having to work at remembering who's who!"

"So you see," he said, "just a bothersome formality as I see it. Even as many of you as there are, there're certainly not enough to have anyone going around naming people. The woman with him broke into light laughter, and it was actually heard by all of us--she had been embodied just at that moment.
"And, you my dear, shall never find it difficult to remember names, again.",
he promised her, as she was ushered off to the Greeters.

Next, a young lady stepped up. With definite impatience she began,
"Please, please tell me, if you are not the Lord, then who are you???"

"My, my with so much energy we'll have to find something quick and snappy for you to do.", the man told her smiling. She started to ask again, but he stopped her. "Sweetheart, I have lived too many lives to remember. I have been on countless plains, and experienced almost every experience there is in all of creation. To answer your question--again, no one is any closer to the Supreme consciousness, or Lord, than any other. But, indeed, I have been the one to carry out the most precious teachings for the living, in countless cultures and myths, and to help along the way those who have not yet discovered in themselves the process of Truth and the reality of Everlasting

The shock of knowing that I was surely standing close enough to touch the man I had known to be the Son of God caused my senses to draw a complete blank. . . Next thing I knew I was filled with a rush or warmth. Suddenly I realized he had reached out and put his hands on my shoulders--my shoulders! I was standing in front of that alter with all ten fingers and all ten toes!

"I'm very happy to see you here.", he said.

"Well, I'm very happy to be here." The words came out of my mouth before I realized what I'd said.

"And what troublesome question is there that I might answer for you, my Lady?", he asked me without hesitation.

"I'd like to know where I am--not exactly--I mean, I know where I was, on Earth, and per se, I know where I am now. But where is that in relation to where Earth is now? In a nutshell, I suppose I really want to know if it is left to chance that I should meet again those I left behind, or is there a link of any kind between there and here?"

A big smile came across the man's face and he replied, "As the dreamer looks upon the dream, so you shall look upon your loved-ones, and they upon you
until the time they journey to this place, and you are no longer related in the way you were before on either plain of existence. By then you will have all found new roles to play and new lessons to learn from Life, and you must be reunited on another equal plain. Although at times it may require the virtue of patience, all souls who have ever struck a chord together in the eternal heart
are ultimately reunited."

"Thank you so much.", I said.

"Thank you, madam. For now I am priviledged to inquire, how long has it been since you last played the pipe organ?"

"Oh, Good Night, it's been years!", I replied, rather surprised by his question.

"Would you like to play again?"

"Well, I don't know. It would depend on the condition of the organ, and where and who I was, I suppose." Upon my response, he stepped down from his couch and took me lightly by the arm. We walked for a short distance when a grand choir of men, women and children came into view.

"If you were who you are now, and you played here, for this choir on that instrument, how would you feel about it?"

Right there, before my eyes, just behind the choir, stood the most elegant pipe organ I will ever have the honor to behold! As I stood making room in my soul for beauty beyond description, the man continued. "This is Heaven's Organ. And it would be our joy if your playing could accompany us for the celebrations of this time."

"It is absolutely astonishing!", was all I could manage to say.

"Does that mean you accept the offer?", queried the slightly pensive choir director, who had led the little boy away. I had not realized he was standing there, and I wondered how he could imagine I would possibly decline.

"Certainly, it will be my honor, but I need time to practice."

"Here, there is time enough for all things.", the man of the alter assured me, and motioned that I should take may place at the organ.

I sat there and stared at those keys; my whole being was a-tremble with apprehension. As my fingers gingerly began to strike the chords, the sounds of music came flowing smoothly from the towering, brilliant pipes.
I realized with awe then, that the memory I carried with me of all the times I had played, simply for the joy of playing, for my family, my friends and for church had come back to life as a jewel of musical talent for this moment.
I played all through the celebrations with the ease and grace of experience.
I praised Holy Spirit that I had lived on Earth, and now I was here, playing
Heaven's organ, at Easter

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This story is dedicated to my maternal grandmother, Kay Herndon, who made her transition on the Wednesday morning before Easter, 1983.


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Reviewed by m j hollingshead 3/5/2003
well done
Reviewed by Debbie Edmiaston 2/11/2003
What a wonderful story! I think we all, at one time or another, sit around and try to imagine what heaven will be like. I'm glad you put yours into words.
Debbie :)

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