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Leonard l Brunk

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Prophesy In Afghanistan
By Leonard l Brunk
Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rated "PG13" by the Author.

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A conversation between an angry prophet and an American Soldier in Kabul; the discussion is on upcoming events the world has in store. The focus is on the great Harlot, and what humanity can do to prepare for the punishment she's bringing upon herself. The prophet in the story doesn't expect the listener to take his word alone, so he uses logic and expects those with eyes to see and with ears to hear to face reality. For everyone despite their belief should be able to see the changes in the seasons.





The soldier was invited to a tent situated in the back of the Bazaar, where the locals were selling their products to the soldier’s on base. This soldier was offered a steaming cup of tea, and then he sat down before an old man who was dressed in white garments, with skin the color of bronze.



Prophet in Afghanistan:

I asked my son to find you today. I told him to look for the name on your uniform.

Tell me what you know of the Great Harlot, who is like a parasite. I am speaking of today’s Rome of course; your home.



(The soldier was offended and started to grow nervous. He was holding his weapon close and he scanned the area he was in, without moving his head.)



I am not a fool, young warrior. I just want you to speak your mind. I know you have much to share and no one to share it with. I only want to listen.



I don't feel comfortable speaking with you about anything political...



Oh, don't worry young soldier I am not from this land. I am your friend. (He smiled before saying,) I am from Pakistan, your long time American Ally, no?



(The man saying he was from Pakistan struck a nerve with the soldier. He didn't hesitate a moment longer and started speaking on issues he had addressed earlier in the day with a fellow soldier.)

You say, my nation is a parasite?!

Well Russia holds a large amount of U.S. bonds and treasuries.
Countries like Russia and China hold a significant part of their reserves in American securities. There should be other reserve currencies.
The euro has served as an "alternate dollar" up until Europe's sovereign debt crisis decreased its value; further it's possible that the euro may be discontinued. So, if we are a parasite and they are banking on us... this makes them leaches!

Seems to me it is the same old story, our economy cannot stabilize until we recoup the jobs we have allowed to go overseas. You know the jobs young people would have normally held while going to college, like call centers and assembly line work. Maybe the US should go bankrupt like Russia did in the late 90's and then some other country will come bail us out like we did for them!



I think you're right. They are leeches, and your leaders know they are, yet they still make deals with their enemies and then pretend to be pious. America stands tall and proud and the rulers; the kings of the earth, commit adultery with her. (She is meant to be one nation under God, yet like Israel did long ago before Babylon took over; America now worships false gods above the one they claim to be under). The inhabitants of the earth grew intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries. She trades with the nations of the world, for all the nations have drunk the maddening wine of her adulteries. The kings of the earth committed adultery with her, and the merchants of the earth grew rich from her excessive luxuries. And now a voice from Heaven shouts "Come out of her, my people,’ so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues; for her sins are piled up to heaven, and Allah has remembered her crimes. "Come out of her", the angels’ voice said.

Give her as much torment and grief as the glory and luxury she gave herself. In her heart she boasts, ‘I sit enthroned as queen. I am not a widow; I will never mourn.’ Therefore in one day her plagues will overtake her...
Then a mighty angel picked up a boulder the size of a large millstone and threw it into the sea, and said: “With such violence the great city of Babylon will be thrown down, never to be found again." Only two times in the Book is there the mention of a millstone as a metaphor. The one other time before this one was when the Nazarene said, "If anyone causes my little ones to stumble, it is better for them to tie a great millstone around their neck and jump into the sea." The distractions in America, the false American dream the middle class have of wanting to be so rich, and flaunting it; this along with the many other distractions is keeping God's children from maturing. America was once meant to be the land of the people of the book, yet she is a harlot now who gives herself to everyone, even the most corrupt King's in this world... Have you not watched the news in recent days or read about the relationship between my homeland of Pakistan and the whore? The harlot is still funding my nation, and it is my nation who funds the terrorists who kill your comrades in arms; such a circle of hypocrisy and violence. Watch how when she falls the world falls as well, because of her adulteries... 

Whether you believe the verses I quoted from Revelation speak of America specifically or not, doesn't really matter, because the verses apply to her none the less. And I'm leaving out many other examples from history.

(The prophet smiles and says),

Google how many people have said, "America is Rome", and the Bible says Rome is Babylon. Where is, or was the World Trade Center? Where does the United Nations gather? All roads lead to Rome, young soldier.

I have seen firsthand the way things are ran in the politics of this war; I am out here seeing it now. If there is a Babylon today, there is no doubt, America is she... And she sure as Hell is a whore.

Now I still care for and will stand for humanity in my country, in your country, and in the world. But just like the Germans in Nazi Germany should have done more to take a stand against what their country was becoming during WWII, your people need to do more also to prevent America from falling further. Are the good American's, or even the Christian American's doing more to save their country? Or are they just in denial like many of the Germans were during the reign of Hitler? Oh, and before Hitler came into power the youth in Germany grew up in the most fatherless homes in history at that time, and had the most uneducated children post war. (Germany was raped after WWI); America has no such excuse. Now proud America has beat Germany's old record when it comes to fatherless homes, and the lack of educated youths in this present generation. The scary part is your children have the education available to them, and their father's did not die in war like the German fathers’ before WWII. The father’s in your country just choose to not be fathers. The next generation has chosen foolishness and they glorify the fools on T.V, like the reality stars who contribute nothing of value; American’s idolize them. The parents in general don't care as much as they used to, and they are still dreaming the “American dream”, which has proven to be a false dream.

Hitler became the father figure in Germany back then, and he almost took over the world. Islam is the fastest growing religion in popularity now in America... Who will be this generations' father...?!

Now I realize how Christianity is the most hypocritical religion in the world. I know that even before white invaders came to America and started slaughtering the original inhabitants of your land "under God,” they had killed and tortured many other people in the name of Christ. I realize this all, and more. But I mention the verses from the Bible above regarding the Great Harlot, and do the comparing I did because, like any scholar, I look for truths everywhere; in all history and literature. My own personal faith is not going to be discussed here. And whether or not I believe all that I have left for you to think about here-doesn't matter. What matters is what you think. Does the comparison apply? And for those of you who do have utter and complete faith in the Bible, you have even more to think about now, don't you?


You have found more answers then I have... I look at people that pass all day and wonder; sheep without a shepherd, and wolves in many forms waiting to devour them. I agree with what you have said; Fathers and Mothers in the U.S who have left their kids to be raised by grandparents, so as to pursue pipe dreams. I hardly know of anyone that is middle class now days; most are paycheck to credit card and hopes in winning the lottery. Hard work; forget it! Everyone wants the quick rich American dream.


That's how I see it.

Please check out an article titled, "Meaning and Purpose in America”. The focus is on the American Dream, and how the problem was not the dreaming, but the waking up.



 Rome comparison is a real eye opener for me also. The level they reached right before their complete destruction. What a shame when history can repeat itself. I wish people would get off the antidepressants and demand back the right to live with morals. They don't have to believe in my God. But without the heart of one nation under God-what is really left? Or, without a united people believing in one cause, or in the least, believing in purpose for themselves, what hope is there?



 Right, right... We make the same mistakes over and over again. It's funny because one of the least liked classes in school is History. People always say things like, "Well it's boring...The past doesn't interest me. I look to the future." What the Hell?! The past is repeating itself because people are not learning from the mistakes made then. You have to understand your past to make a better future.

People have to believe in something greater than them selves. They have to believe they are not limited and that they can have true purpose. People live now like they exist by chance, and they have no clear purpose or direction in life because they don't believe they can be greater in a world of chance. And there is no clear purpose and direction if there is none greater than self. Those who live for only themselves add to the current mess we are speaking of.



I read that the next generation is, or has become the most narcissistic generation to date. If one is so consumed with their needs then they can be easily bought, sold, and deceived; for a moment of gratification. What a way to lose the heart/soul of a nation. To think ones self is the only one that matters; contributes to the lack of balance in this world. Christianity may be the most hypocritical of world religions, but the Sheppard whom set the character, integrity, and moral precedence never said to follow a religion. If I recall, we were to follow his example... Imagine that?!


 Jesus Christ is probably most misunderstood by the people who claim to represent him. I agree with all that you said and I'll quote again your words because they are so true ; "The next generation has become the most narcissistic generation to date. If one is so consumed with their needs then they can be easily bought, sold, and deceived; for a moment of gratification. What a way to lose the heart/soul... of a nation”.



Sad truth is the comparison you made is applicable. Can we avoid history repeating itself? Is there a cure for narcissism and rampant antidepressant over use? If the mind was clear and the heart cared... Can one prayer work? What would that prayer be? A prayer to fight for life which has already been paid for, or a prayer for the end? The end does not require anyone to roll up their sleeves and get to work on making things better.



 Nobody, in any belief system can rightfully judge all that Christ did, or said. This is why the atheist simply says "he was only a good man, not a God". But most amazing is how throughout history "Christianity" has used one of the most pious and peaceful individuals to express so much hate in the world at times, and they have even killed in the name of the very one who said, "Love your neighbor, and do good to those who curse you". It amazes me how humanity can turn something that was in no way evil and create world havoc.

People are stupid, plain and simple. Just look at all that is going on in the Whitehouse; all about America's debt ceiling... Even the dumber people in America had their intelligence insulted by the facade. Science has proven that the human brain is actually shrinking now, you can Google that too, kid. Did you know that Homo Sapiens Sapiens means Human Wise, Wiser? We are not Homo Sapiens, Sapiens. We’re Super Homo, Dumb, Dumber, and getting even dumber each generation. It depresses me, as I know it does you... How do you feel, knowing that your government is funding the enemy in my home Pakistan? And then those who rule in my land use this money to invest in the terrorists who kill your brothers and sisters in Afghanistan?! So many turn a blind eye to these truths which are so evident that anyone can find them.

Empires rise and empires fall soldier. Some last long and some are strong, but in the end you can't prolong, for every empire only lasts so long. TheTorah speaks on how Israel was saved by their God, but then they made the same mistakes again and fell again. They were given over to Babylon a couple times, and even became slaves to two different nations a couple times; Egypt and Babylon; America may have to go through the same thing. Who can say for certain? But what I am sure of is this; America will fall, and our world economy will eventually collapse. Money as we know it will become obsolete... Humanity will be more desperate and foolish than the young men and women before Hitler came into power... They will listen to false promises, and who could blame them?



An Empire can be wiped from the earth or it can grow into its next stage of life... Right? I want my children’s’ inheritance to count for something. I have to provide the best I can for them... But sometimes I just feel like the future is hopeless.





 I know we'll do the best we can... I will fight the good fight from my side, and I will finish the race...You tell others, as many as you can, the truths you know. This is all you can do, and the best you can right now.  



I will...


“When Babylon fell, the world fell! When Rome fell, the world fell as well. Now this ages Rome is falling. It's all good though, right? After all humanity survived the Dark Ages; that time of ignorance, perhaps we'll survive the next Dark Age.... Call me crazy in a couple more years, but whatever you do don't try to find me when it’s too late.”

A Soldier







       Web Site: Legatum

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Reviewed by D. Kenneth Ross 1/30/2012
Your attempt at parrable isn't too bad, in fact its damned good. But, have you considered, whether you believe in Allah, or God, or the Trinity, The Creator* always, Iseah 9:10* gives us the choice of the Sycamore or the Cedar. The end will come with either but redemption only with the Sycamore. There are many brilliant thinkers who have made the wrong choice on both sides. As far away as America has turned from Him, is no farther than some have turned from Allah in their zealotry. No? As silly as it may sound, the only solution is to love one another. It is also the hardest without a doubt. Peace. I will fight for patience and understanding.
Reviewed by J Howard 8/17/2011
our view of prophets may differ, but not ideals at the base level. powerful write.
thanks for sharing-

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