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Carson Deeds

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The Ring
By Carson Deeds
Friday, August 08, 2008

Rated "R" by the Author.

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In Progress -- This is about a woman's struggle with the idea of committment ...

Started: 21 July 2008 ... Last Edit: 03 August 2008
Hoping that my collaborator will write more and help to inspire me ...


Heather had been away for over a month with the book tour. She was glad to be home. After putting her bags in the bedroom and her briefcase in the study she went to change for a swim. Heather always liked to go for a swim before tackling the mail and messages. After her swim and in her bathrobe she poured a glass of red wine.
Margaret, who looked after the house while she was away, had opened and decanted one of Heather's favourite reds - Baron de Rothchild Merlot. What was odd was that a glass had already been poured. How had Margaret known exactly when she would get home? Taking the wine Heather went back to the study and started to go through the mail.
Another curiousity - the mail had been sorted into piles. No junk mail, a pile for business, a pile for book requests and interviews and an unopened pile of personal mail. As Heather started to go through the request pile - it hit her.
There were carnations and a single yellow rose on the dining room table, the glass of wine was poured, bathrobe was on the edge of the bed and the mail sorted into specific piles. There was only one person she knew that would take the time to do all that, and it was not Margaret or Augusta (the cleaning lady).
Heather got up from her chair and went across the hall to the 'writing room'. This was a room Heather had designed and built herself for Alison. It had not been used or entered for over 6 months. The last time was before the Keg dinner and the ring box. Alison had not been at the house since, had she? There had been no contact of any kind since the ring had been taken, yet refused.
Heather opened the door slowly ... a briefcase on the floor, an open book on the desk, and a laptop on the chair - all not her's.  As she turned to leave, Heather's eye caught the date on the desk calendar - it had been turned to today's date. Very curious ... Heather closed the door and turned to go back to the study almost bumping into Alison in the hall.
"Hi, welcome home" Alison said. Alison sounded a bit nervous. "I let myself in ... can we talk awhile?" Heather, a bit stunned to see her, automatically took Alison's hand in hers.  She missed Alison's touch.  She could feel Alison's physical reaction. Her reaction to Alison was just as strong as Alison's was to Heather's, however, Heather was just better at hiding it when she wanted or needed to.  So that hadn't changed - for either of them, she thought. Heather lead Alison towards the livingroom planning on figuring out exactly how responsive Alison still was to her charms. 
Heather put her glass on the bar and went to the fireplace to add wood to the fire and adjust the grate covering. She bent over, intentionally not bending at the knees, knowing that raising her bum in this way drove Alison into wetness and anticipation.

The fire was lit. Heather poured Alison a glass of white wine and took her own glass from the bar and motioned Alison towards the couch. As they sat down she handed Alison her glass of wine.
"Well, this is a surprise", Heather started the conversation. "I will not ask how you knew that I would be home today. What is it that you would like to talk about?"  

Heather did something that she knew would put Alison over the sexual edge - she opened her legs, letting the bathrobe fall open providing a clear view almost to the top of her legs.  She got the response she was looking for and closed her legs tightening the robe around her waist making sure to leave a nice view of her cleavage. This was fun.  Alison was definitely still interested.   

Alison was stuck in a haze of lust, staring from Heather's eyes to her robe opening and not being able to say anything. Her brain had disconnected and her body was reacting to Heather's obvious attempts at arousing her -- it was working -- she flooded and was angry at herself for reacting. Heather knew exactly which buttons to push and she was going all out to make it clear that she could. Alison thought she was over that, or at least could control it ... guess not. Alison started to say something and had to settle for a sip of wine -- she was still too unsettled and shaky.
There was an  awkward silence for over a minute. Heather reached over and took the glass of wine and said: "perhaps this is best on the table for now. What is it that you wanted to talk about?"
The only thing Alison could do was get up off the couch and go to her knapsack. She reached in to get the box. It was still intact from the Keg night. She came back over to the couch and sat down again, this time a little closer.

Alison looked into Heather's eyes. Was that anger or disappointment? Well, she thought, best get this done. You're here, she's here, the mood is calm and quiet.

The air in the room grew tighter with tension. Alison was hesitating. She thought she had this all planned until Heather turned from the 'writing room' and took her hand ... that was all it took to send Alison back into the world of lust, want, ache and need. Need winning out over all the other emotions hands down.
Heather had heard from one of their close mutual friends of Alison's exploits over the 6 months that they had been separated by Alison's choice, not Heather's. 

Alison had tried dating other women, even getting in touch with her old flame.  None of it felt or even came close to all the range of emotions she felt with and for Heather. Alison was not sure whether or not Heather had anyone in her life at the moment. The circle within the circle was not able to find out or would not tell Alison what she wanted to know. Alison suspected that part of that was a conspiracy to see what would happen between the 2 women. Fortunately for both women their mutual friends were in the circle before they started to go out. This really helped over the past months as no one had to pick sides or feel bad.
Alison reached for her glass of wine. Heather put her hand out and stopped her. Heather repeated her question, "what is it that you wanted to talk about"?

Alison replied, "I have missed you, I would like to talk to you about whether or not we have a chance of being together again".  There, it was out.  She'd said it. 

The box in Alison's hand had somehow ended up near her glass of wine. She does not remember putting it there but then again she does not remember taking the box from the car when she got out to go into her apartment the night it was offered to her at the Keg.
Heather let Alison's question hang in the air for a few moments.  "Is that all there is?" Heather asked. Alison just nodded her head.  Heather stood.  Alison's body tightened with tension.  She was waiting to hear Heather ask her to leave -- ready to leave the ring on the table.

Heather started for the stairs and as she started to climb them, she stopped about mid-way on the stairs and took a sip of her wine.  She dropped her robe on the bannister, twisting to show off her profile.  With a huge knowing grin, she said "Why don't we talk about this in bed ... I am ready and I am most certainly sure that you are.  Are you coming? Never mind, you probably already have ... come up if you want to and I will see if I can do it again." 

With that said, Heather climbed the rest of the stairs, not waiting for Alison's response. Heather knew that Alison would have to try to get her emotions under control.  It was gratifying to see that she still had that effect on Alison and was looking forward to teasing her some more before giving in to what they both wanted -- to reconnect.  Heather had missed Alison too -- far more than she thought.  Heather hoped that Alison had taken the next day off because she was definitely going to be tired ... Heather had chosen to be celibate for the last 6 months so planned on keeping Alison very, very busy. 


Alison watched Heather head up the stairs - sans her bath robe.  Alison let out her breath.  Her underwear was soaked. Oh my god!  Did she just invite me upstairs?  To her bed? Heather still knew how to get Alison's attention and boy was she really, really good at it!

How were they going to "talk" now?  Heather knew Alison well enough to know that "talking" would not be something that would be happening.  At least not the kind that required coherent thought -- just a lot of physical activity -- she hoped!
Everything just seemed so clear earlier in the day. Alison had called Georgia, Heather's manager, to find out Heather's schedule.  Alison wanted to make sure that Heather would be home for at least a few nights before heading off for another book tour.  So Alison knew that Heather wouldn't be flying out for at least 5 days.
Alison had taken the next day off hoping that Heather would be willing to talk to her about the possibility of dating again.  Well, actually, Alison had taken the next day off hoping that she would be too tired to go to work -- from being up all night with Heather. 
Talking might have been part of the agenda earlier in the evening, that was until Heather took off her robe and headed up the stairs with that look in her eyes and a huge grin on her face that said 'come and get it if you dare' -- leaving Alison with the memory of her profile and her exquisite breasts.  Alison was unable to take her eyes off Heather's lovely ass as she ascended the stairs. 
Alison was just going to say hi and return the ring.  She felt perfectly fine to just be friends.  Nothing more.  At least that's what she had been telling herself for the past 6 months.  The ring had sat inside a drawer beside her bed since that fateful night.  Once she realized that she had taken the ring, she kept thinking that she needed to return it.  However, that would require talking and/or seeing Heather.  Something she just couldn't manage.  She had opened the box every night to look at the gorgeous ring.  Alison would just look at the ring and look at the phone.  She would pick up the phone to make a call to Heather wanting to hear her warm, vibrant voice.  Needing her to say that it was okay.  That they would figure it out together. Heather knew about Alison's reluctance to commit to anyone. A ring screamed commitment in very big, red, bold and underscored letters.
Alison arrived at Heather's place and just let herself in with the key Heather had given her.  She stopped at the flower shop and wine store on her way to Heather's house.  She took the mail that was left on the table and started to sort it into piles. She threw out the junk mail.  Not really thinking about it too much -- not thinking about how domestic that was.  She knew she was smiling.  She couldn't help it.  She was just so excited to be back in Heather's house. 
Once Alison had sorted the mail, she opened the wine, poured a glass, and put the flowers in one of the vases from the cabinet.  Then she headed upstairs.  She headed into Heather's room and pulled out her robe that she liked to put on after her swim.  Heather had a lap pool in the backyard.  It was long and narrow.  Heather tried to use it whenever she was home -- which wasn't a lot.
Then Alison couldn't resist going into the 'writing room' that Heather had designed and built just for Alison.  Unbelievable really.  Incredibly romantic.  Their friends thought that Heather was a great catch and flirted outrageously with her.   Alison could understand why.  It didn't matter where they were -- if there was a woman in the room, the woman always made her way over to Heather.  Airports, restaurants, bars.  It was Heather's smile, confidence and her aura of kindness and caring.  She always made the person feel like they were the most important thing at that moment.
Alison took a look around, touching surfaces, remembering.  Alison had spent quite a bit of time in this room.  It had a very comfortable chair and couch.  The desk was large so that Alison could spread out her research materials while writing.  It had 2 built-in floor-to-ceiling bookcases.  Heather collected knicknacks and had placed some of them on the shelves among all the books. Heather would often find a few of them sitting among Alison's papers.  The desk was in between the bookcases. There was also a huge window that provided a lot of natural light.  Heather would look into the room and see Alison on the chair curled up with a book or research material reading or just looking out the window with her cup of coffee or bottle of water. 
The couch was a good spot for the two of them.  As a break, Heather would come in and pull Alison into her arms on the couch.  They would most often end up cuddling and talking.  Heather would run some of her ideas past Alison or just tell stories of all the women who wanted her attention at the book signings or wherever she was. Alison would interrupt Heather with some seriously erotic kisses during her tales ... it turned Alison on to know that other women found her lover attractive. She loved the look of desire that came into Heather's eyes and her voice when there was a particularly attractive woman who had made it past Heather's facade. She knew other women wanted to sleep with Heather.  Heather liked the flirting and then reliving it with Alison.  She loved how Alison responded. Sometimes Heather would even make up a story to get Alison all warm  and wet.  She loved to tease her lover.  The sex they had after these 'breaks' was amazing.     
Although Heather liked to flirt with the best of them, she wasn't necessarily interested in sleeping with them.  She had been tempted numerous times and just enjoyed the sexual high.  She would bring that home and Alison would benefit from the energy.  Neither Heather nor Alison had promised to be monogomous.  Both were free to explore. Both women had been in long term relationships and had decided that they both needed time not to be "attached" to anyone for awhile.  That worked for them.  Their friends didn't really get it.   Neither woman had gone outside the relationship. Both were content in what they had -- for now.
Sometimes when Heather came in she would actually get some good feedback.  However, if Heather started talking in her low sexy voice or undid a couple of buttons on her shirt, or wrapped her arms around Alison and start playing with her, Alison was toast.  Alison was no longer concentrating on the content of what Heather was saying ... she was only listening to her voice and wanting to kiss her and of course do any number of other naughty things.  That's when Alison would slide down on the couch and pull her lover over her wanting as much contact as possible.
Heather would smile at Alison indulgently because she knew that Alison was no longer listening to her and only concentrating on how to get Heather naked as quickly as possible. That worked for Heather. It didn't take much to ignite Alison's passion.  Heather enjoyed teasing Alison.  Alison responded so well!  So much imagination and so little time to enjoy it.  When Heather was home, they tried to spend as much time together as possible -- their discussions often ended up in bed.     
Alison was growing warm with her memories.  She couldn't wait for Heather to get home.  Six months was a long time to go without the kind of release that Heather seemed to be able to provide her.  Alison had had a lot of time to think about her reaction to the ring that Heather offered.
Alison just lost it when Heather brought out the ring.  It was just too much. Too many conflicting emotions.  Alison wasn't the kind of woman to make any kind of commitment and least of all to another woman. Alison had been in a few long term relationships and had never committed herself to any of the women.  That's not to say that she didn't love those women, it's just that always in the back of her mind, she thought that she could always just walk away.  She hadn't married any of them.  She hadn't wanted to.  She hadn't wanted to be tied down.  She didn't want to be owned and she didn't want to own them.
So, after that night, she did not speak to Heather or see her.  She couldn't.  What Alison couldn't say and couldn't even imagine was recognizing that she wanted to accept the ring.  She wanted to marry Heather.  That was the reason why she ran.  It just wasn't possible. Alison couldn't accept it. She hadn't felt this way before and just didn't know what to do with it.
So, Alison started dating other women, even dating her ex.  Trying to get that night out of her head.  Trying not to feel.  She needed to think.  She couldn't think around Heather.  Her mind kept straying to more erotic thoughts which were not helpful.  The problem was that those other women weren't Heather.  Alison had been spoiled.  She loved how she felt around Heather and she just couldn't capture that feeling with the other women.  She tried -- even kissing a few of them to test out her bodily reactions.  Her body reacted, however, her brain was clearly able to articulate at the most inopportune times that they just weren't Heather and that she should stop before she did something she'd regret.

Alison's guts twisted with anxiety, lust, fear and underneath it all - hope.  Heather was at least willing to talk and maybe more. Alison could barely get her breathing under control never mind getting her brain to concentrate on anything other than how quickly she could get Heather to kiss her. Thoughts of touching, tasting and fucking Heather kept racing through her mind.  Her body was just one big ache of need and want. Alison's body certainly remembered ... she was so aroused, she was shaking.   
Alison finally got up off the couch and finished her wine.  She looked around, remembering the times she had been here before.  Hoping that this wouldn't be the last time.
She started to head up the stairs, looking forward to talking to Heather.  Hoping that Heather would be more interested in making love then actually talking. Alison loved cuddling with Heather almost as much as she enjoyed their sexual exploits -- almost. Right now, her body was screaming for release -- the kind that only Heather could provide.





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