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Carson Deeds

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The Builder
By Carson Deeds
Friday, August 08, 2008

Rated "R" by the Author.

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In Progress -- An Architect and Interior Designer -- a match made in Heaven??

Started: March 2006 ... Last Update:  December 2007 -- In Progress


Debbie and I got free tickets to the baseball game -- an afternoon game -- it was great.  Our team won.  I was feeling very excited. She kept pointing out all the dykes ... like she'd never seen any before!  Geesh!  She wasn't even gay! 
"Oh look at that one ... isn't she cute?" Yes ... I nod my head. I wasn't there to look for women, I was there to enjoy and watch the game.
We started to head out of the stadium, when I hear a woman behind me talking to a little kid. The kid was disappointed. She was explaining why the game was over.    She was really good with him.  I turned and looked at the two of them.  I wondered if she was his.  Then I saw what looked like family come up beside them .. a woman and a man.  The guy hooked his arm around the woman who spoke to the child and held the little boy's hand.  Hmmmm .... nice looking couple.  

I grabbed my friend's arm and off we went to the restaurant.  We were celebrating my birthday -- 39 again!  My friend said that she had a special treat for me ... oh boy ... I wondered what that meant! 
Last year she dragged me to a women's bar and proceeded to introduce me to every eligible woman in the bar -- well, that's what it felt like anyway.  I must have danced with 10 women that night -- kissed about 6 of them and got felt up by at least 3 -- all attractive and all very drunk.  I did not go home with any of them.  I went home with my friend -- way more fun.
The line up for the restaurant was brutal -- thank goodness we had reservations.  We are able to go through the line fairly quickly.  We are seated by the window and I notice the family that was at the game.  They are going through the line to our restaurant. 
I look at the woman again and our eyes meet.  I smile at her ... she acknowledges my smile with one of her own.  She's distracted by the little boy tugging on her shirt.  I turn away.  
My friend and I are having a great conversation.  She mentions that she has invited someone to dinner with us.  Someone that I might like.  I just look at her .... I love her, but she bugs me.  I do not need to be set up.  I start to get up when she stands up and says hi to someone stopping by our table.  I look up ... hmmm ... very attractive -- just not my kind of attractive.
"Alex, this is Sharon."  I nod hello and shake her hand.  I notice a lot of heads turn when Sharon sits down.  Hmmm ... she is beautiful ... 5'8", athletic, slim without being skinny, medium blonde hair and dressed to attract attention. 
Debra leaves to go to the washroom.  I begin to ask all the normal introductory questions ... I'm just not into it.  I'm polite without being rude.  Debra comes back to the table to say that she has to leave. I groan inside. I so don't feel like entertaining.  Besides, Sharon is getting a bit too friendly. I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable.  I feel like I'm part of some show that she's putting on. 
I start to look around and notice a woman staring angrily at me.  Oh boy -- an old flame -- not mine this time!  I turn back to Sharon and ask her if she has recently broken up with someone.  She looks at me in surprise.  I say that her ex is sitting at the bar and I think she'd like to speak to you?  She quickly excuses herself.  Phew!  Time to myself.
I order a beer and start to look around. I see the woman from the baseball game sitting across from my booth.  I can easily overhear their conversation.  She's talking animatedly to the little boy. The little boy is absolutely hilarious.  He's looking up at her with complete adoration. I'm beginning to feel that way too! 
She's quite attractive -- in a soft butch sort of way -- she looks like she could hold her own ... however, she doesn't have the attitude that a lot of "butch" women seem to have ... I always think that they must be insecure and I am immediately turned off by that ... I love "soft butch" women ...  they exude that "butch" persona but they don't go over the top in the butch attire or attitude. Confidence without the attitude is a real turn on.  I am not going to be anyone's "bitch".  Although in bed, that could be interesting as long it doesn't go outside the bedroom .... She reminds me of someone ... just can't recall who ...

I start to laugh out loud at something the little boy said -- she turns to look at me.  Our eyes meet.  My smile is friendly ... her smile is friendly too.  I say that I just couldn't help myself.  Kids and what they say sometimes just crack me up. She agrees.  I pay my bill and head out.

A few weeks later, I'm talking to a friend of mine who's hired an architect to build their dream home out in the country.  We are going over the plans when there's a knock on the front door. 

My friend says "that must be McKenzie".  I'm not paying much attention ... too fascinated by the design of the house.  I hear voices in the hallway.  They are coming into the kitchen. 

My friend calls my name.  I look up -- it's the same woman from the baseball game and the restaurant.  I'm surprised and delighted.  Not sure why I'm delighted ... will put that away and think about that later. 

She's wearing a blue "killer" business suit ... jacket, 3/4 dress with 2 inch heels ... very nice ... oh my, her legs -- they look very strong ... I love women in heels ... She takes off her jacket and I catch my breath .... her arms and shoulders ... I am really trying not to stare and drool ... I can see her biceps bulge ... not unpleasantly ... she has worked out before and keeps it up to some degree ... probably not as much as she wishes ...

He introduces her.  "She's the architect and will also be involved with building the house," my friend says.  Hmmm ... I shake her hand.  Oh my ... strong hands and a strong grip.  She looks so familiar to me ... not from the restaurant ... I wonder if she has a brother?

She is looking directly at me.  I look directly at her and give her a warm smile. She also recognizes me -- and smiles warmly at me ... holding my hand a bit longer than is probably necessary.  Oh boy ... my body is humming ... I want to flirt with her.  Bad, bad, bad ... I don't even know if she's with anyone -- Damn, do I care?  Hell no!  That just makes it more interesting ... besides, flirting is harmless as long as it remains just flirting ... evil thoughts run rampant in my head ... 
I ask whether anyone would like something to drink ... yes's all around.  I head over to the fridge and get everyone a drink.  I bring them back to the table.  Dan and McKenzie are in a heated discussion about one of the rooms. 

I just stand off to the side and look at another part of the plans.  McKenzie looks over at me and asks me what I think.  I look over at her and swallow.  Damn ... think?  Who's thinking?  I had been busy daydreaming about her ... how she keeps herself in such good shape ... those arms ... and, oh yes, naughty thoughts too ... like, what exactly is she hiding under that dress and how long will it take me to find out? 

I take a sip of my drink to get a minute to pull myself together and try to recall what their conversation was -- I say that I would have to agree with her on the plan for built-in bookshelves and entertainment centre.  I also said that I would also add doors to enclose most of it.  I like clean lines.  She smiled her approval.  Dan said that was a great idea.
She asked me what I did for a living.  I told her that I was an interior designer by education and training.  I worked for myself and sometimes for my friends!  I stuck my tongue out at Dan and smiled. 

He laughed and said that I was a great interior designer.  He hired me because he liked my work and that I was famous!  I just smiled and said that he was exaggerating my abilities greatly.  Now I felt embarrassed.  I liked to keep a low profile.  I did well and was now in a position to be choosy about which jobs I took. 
I was doing this for Dan and his soon to be husband, Steve.  They were getting married in a year and he wanted this to be a wedding present.  We had been talking about his plans for awhile.
McKenzie just kept looking at me intently while Dan and I were bantering back and forth. Dan said that he wanted us to work together on the house -- McKenzie would design it and then build it. Alex would be decorating it.  A match made in heaven, don't you think?  I just looked at McKenzie.  Hmmm ... a match made in heaven, huh?  Who wants to take a bet?
I asked what firm she worked for -- she smiled -- her own. I slap my forehead -- I am such an idiot ... I didn't immediately recognize her as "the McKenzie" from the biggest architectural design firm in town.  She looked a lot like her older brother. She normally kept a low profile too -- much preferring to allow her brothers to take the limelight.
I told her that I did an internship with her company a number of years ago -- then I worked with one of her brothers for two years -- I learned a lot there. 

She looked at me a bit more closely -- "are you the one who won three awards for excellence for interior design while interning and working for us?" 

I blushed ... I said, "yes, that was me.  However, if I remember correctly, your name was on the bottom of all three architectural drawings ... I wouldn't have won those awards if those drawings weren't as good as they were. They were absolutely inspirational -- and if I recall, those drawings won some awards too?  Your brother actually submitted the applications.  I had no idea that he was submitting my work.  It was a very nice surprise. Your brother was instrumental in launching my career. "
I continued, "Your brother and I worked together on a number of projects ... We worked together in his office ... it was a huge workspace with a number of drafting tables ... we often had 2 or 3 projects on the go ... as I recall, he had a number of awards and pictures lining the walls ... In fact, I think most of the awards in his office had your name on them ... "

"What was the name of your company again?" McKenzie inquired. 
Interesting ... I felt like she was trying to change the subject. She's modest ... that's a lovely trait ...

I told her.  That got an eyebrow raise.

"Dan, you sure know how to pick your friends ... your house will be absolutely beautiful by the time Alex is done with it -- Alex IS very good at what she does."

"Thanks McKenzie -- but you're no slouch yourself," I said. "The design is truly innovative and I have to say that this house really inspires my creative side. I love the way that you have incorporated the natural hillside and rock into the house -- it is truly spectacular. The gardens will look fabulous ... I love the way that they surround and incorporate the swimming pool.  I am really looking forward to working with you."
I turned to see where Dan went ... he's disappeared and left the two of us alone in the kitchen with the drawing. 

Dan comes back to see our two heads together in animated conversation.  We have been talking, laughing and arguing about the design for over an hour.
"How are you two getting along?  Are you both playing nice?" Dan says with a laugh.
We both look up -- my face is flushed.  It has been great talking to her.  I have really enjoyed the bantering back and forth.  It's nice to meet someone that is confident and relaxed.  Too many people try to "prove" how much they know when they meet me ... It's my job to "know" that's why they've hired me.  She really knows her stuff. 
Dan looks at me intently.  I look down at the drawing and divert his attention to the bathroom decor.  He quickly gets into the discussion with me.
McKenzie asks me if I would like to take a tour of the property to "see" where the house will actually sit. I say "sure -- I would love to."
She's already changed into a pair of jeans and a shirt --- which nicely outlines her body ... We change our shoes to more practical ones -- more for the rugged terrain.  We say bye to Dan and head out to the area that the house will be built.
We spend the next two hours walking and talking about the house.  We walk all the way to the end of the property which backs onto a conservation area.  It also has a creek running along the back of the property.  Very pretty and restful. 
I ask her a ton of questions about the design and where she came up with her ideas and she asks me a ton of questions about how I was going to decorate the various spaces. She had some good ideas which I gratefully accepted. 
There were a number of times that we ended up touching shoulders or she ended up grabbing my arm or hand to steady me over some of the rougher spots -- I was used to being inside houses not outside!  She was quite charming.  

The time passed quickly -- we both loved the work that we did and so our conversation was quite animated and punctuated with lots of laughter. She seemed to appreciate my opinions.

She had known Dan & Steve for almost as long as I had ... I was surprised that I'd never seen her at any of their parties.  She just looked at me and said that she had seen me.  I was stunned.  I can't believe that I would have missed this woman in a room.  I told her so. Damn ... I was definitely flirting with her now.  
She just looked at me and gave me a big grin.  She said that I was always with some woman or another ... she thought that I always seemed distracted with whomever I was with.  Yes, I thought ... they were mostly clients and most of them wanted my full attention.  Of course, some of them wanted a lot more than just my professional services ... I often didn't have the time or the energy to be looking around at the parties.  Too bad ... McKenzie certainly would have received more than just a quick pass over if I'd seen her.

I had a feeling that my face showed what I was thinking so I quickly turned away and began talking about the backyard and the plans for that.

Dan wanted to have a very large master bedroom that was on the top floor -- absolute privacy with a walk out deck.  I looked at McKenzie and said that I really liked that idea a lot.  The bedroom would overlook a vista of trees ... very private.  The master bedroom would have a very uniquely stylized 2 person jacuzzi tub and a large walk-in shower.  The bathroom would have two sinks with matching cupboards for the boys. 

The bedroom would also be large enough to hold a very nice entertainment centre that would hide Steve's 50" flatscreen HD TV ... it would also have space for Dan's books and his various miniature collections.   I was also going to suggest putting in a sitting area so that when they had guests over, they would have a space to themselves -- this was meant to be a surprise for Dan and Steve.
There would be 2 more good sized guest bedrooms -- both Dan and Steve had siblings and they both wanted a place for their family to stay when they visited.  Each room would have it's own ensuite bathroom and lots of storage.
The kitchen/living area was going to be open concept.  I didn't want any walls separating the kitchen and living area.  This was one of the discussions -- the original plans had the kitchen separated from the living/dining room ... I suggested that the plans be changed to make it open concept -- way more friendly ... then the cooks could be part of the discussion in the living area ... besides most people would congregate in the kitchen anyway ... might as well make it easy to visit.
The kitchen would have a large pantry. There would also be a separate space for the washer and dryer off the kitchen. 
I looked at McKenzie -- I loved the basement -- half of it would be built into the hill -- solid rock. We talked about the basement for awhile -- I suggested a cold storage room -- she suggested a wine cellar ... we decided to talk to Dan once we got back to the house.

It started to get a bit cooler so we headed back to the main house.  Dan wasn't there ... the note he left on the counter suggested that we make ourselves at home ... dinner would be at 7 pm.  We both looked at our watches -- not believing that 2 hours had passed since early this afternoon.   I just felt so comfortable with her -- and I was excited ... she was very charming, attractive, funny and attentive.   

I had already arranged with Dan to stay over for the weekend.  I didn't want to be driving back and forth.  I told McKenzie that I would be heading upstairs to have a shower before dinner.  I didn't wait for a response. 

I headed into the bathroom for my shower.  I finished up and put on my oversized shirt doing it up on my way back into the bedroom.  I got to about the third one from the bottom before I noticed McKenzie sitting in the big oversized chair facing the bathroom.  "Shit ... was I covered before I came out?  How many buttons did I have done up?"  This must have been written all over my face because the next thing I heard was McKenzie laughing and saying with a big smile "None and from what I saw, you have nothing to be ashamed of".  I gulped.

I look at her while she slowly undoes her buttons and then takes off her top ... staring at me the whole time ... watching my reaction ...  I lick my lips nervously and just stand there staring at her in her bra and jeans ... waiting for more ... wanting more ... she stands up and asks if I would mind if she had a shower too.

I give my head a mental shake and say "sure, be my guest".  She walks up to me, stops and then reaches for my shirt ... "let me help you with your shirt, shall I? -- you seem to have done up some buttons incorrectly". 
She brushes my hands away and takes the two sides of my shirt ... she is a bit shorter than I am ... I am looking at her hands and noticing how strong her fingers look ... I am having a hard time standing still ... she undoes all the buttons and then straightens my shirt over my breasts ...
I'm holding my breath hoping that she will just leave them undone .... or better, takes the shirt off .... she does up the buttons slowly and as she passes by me I think I hear her say "oh, I hope so ..." and then I hear the bathroom door close. 

My heart rate must have doubled when she took off her shirt ... god, she really knew how to tease ... Damn, she's good!  I was totally aware of her now ... shit ... might as well not have had a shower at this rate!

I quickly finished getting dressed and headed back downstairs to see what I could do to help with dinner -- I needed something to distract me from thinking about McKenzie being in the shower, naked. Damn!

McKenzie came in the kitchen awhile later while Dan and I were busy with preparations.  I was turned towards the stove when she came in.  Dan whistled.  I turned around. 
She was absolutely stunning.  She had on cowboy boots, a soft looking mauve silk shirt, unbuttoned so that a very nice "v" could be seen, tucked into very tight fitting black jeans and topped off with a very nicely western stylized belt. 

"Going to the bar tonight, McKenzie?" commented Dan.  "Hoping to get laid, I see."  My eyes were glued to her.  I was so wishing that it was me she was dressing for.

"One can only hope, Dan" McKenzie commented dryly.  "Although, all I really like to do is tease the girls, anyway."  She looked directly at me and grinned.  "I find most of them a bit lacking either in skill or intelligence. Most of them also take themselves way too seriously.  So maybe I'll just stay home tonight ... what do you think, Alex?  --  shall I stay home or would you care to join me at the bar tonight?"








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