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Mark Elan Gasser

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Second Hand Glabal Warming Ways
By Mark Elan Gasser
Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rated "PG13" by the Author.

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This is an unedited version of a very important chapter form my book. I tells of the system that controls our politicians. But best of all, it tells how to change it!


Chapter 10 Second Hand Global Warming Ways

Global warming, It's the same as second hand smoke. It's how we and our government, hide the obvious issues. I hate smoking, but let me give you an example of the real problem.

Imagine driving along on a motor cycle that gets forty miles to the gallon, on a hot desert day. You pull up to a tavern for a refreshment, full of people smoking. It is one big cloud of smoke, as you walk into the door. Pissed about all the smoke, you go out and get your bike. Locking the door to the bar as you return, you make this announcement to all. "If all you can smoke in this bar, then I can too." With that said, you start the motor cycle!




No one dies, only because they broke out just before they suffocated. One more minute, they would all be dead. Still, the second hand smoke they inhaled, will cause them death and illnesses to come. Just like the second hand smoke of the cigarettes, may of done to the guy with the bike?

My point being, our car exhaust is much more deadly, than cigarette smoke! So why do I see all these laws being passed, tax dollars spent, and all these commercials about cigarette smoke? Where is all the debate about air pollution? Tied up in global warming that's where! To be honest, I don't care if global warming is normal or our fault, I could care less either way. It doesn't matter anymore who's fault it is. What I do care about is air pollution! There is lots of damaging evidence of air pollution. You can say global warming is a natural happening, but don't you dare tell me that yellowish brown baby poop colored cloud I see over the valley is a natural happening! Mother nature doesn't have a baby! Don't you dare tell me all the mercury poisoning in all the lakes in Sheboygan County is a natural happening either. I don't care about what they say global warming is or isn't, I'm pissed I can't eat the blue gills anymore that I catch! I'm not the only one either, ask a Canadian what they think about our global warming? Shania Twain doesn't care what you call it either, she's pissed she can't eat the fish in Canada now, because of all the acid rain they get from our east coast. Acid rain and rock bottom lakes, makes Mercury poisoning. Most of Canada has rock bottom lakes! Just like the lakes in Sheboygan County.

Yes, second hand smoke is bad, but use some tax dollars to deal with the real issue, air pollution! Stop wasting our money trying to decide if global warming is real, and start working on the real problem, that cloud I'm breathing! You can deny global warming, you can not deny what we say caused it. Global warming is only one problem of air pollution. There's many others no one can deny.

It did not have to be this way either. We knew about air pollution since us raised in the 70's, when we saw that Native North American, in his canoe on a polluted river, with a single tear in his eye. We knew about air pollution long before that even, and we could of stopped it too.

I'm so tired of hearing about second hand smoke and global warming, I could just throw up. It's a way to keep from having to face the real issues of air pollution. Something our government likes to keep as quit as possible? They would rather blame a smoker for air quality issues than themselves. When far more people die from pollution than second hand cigarette smoke! Or make all the news and debate about one particular effect of air pollution. Instead of focusing on the real problem, they focus on global warming!

Yes our government could of stopped all the air pollution problems we have, but chose another approach instead? To understand how this could be possible, you have to understand what choices our government had. To understand what their choices are, first we have to understand who is running our government?

Many are going to say, the government is ran by the people? But what people? All of us, or just some of us? We are lead to believe it is all of us who run the government, but that couldn't be any further from the truth! True, all of us get to elect our politicians, but most of us don't contribute to their campaigns? Who are the people that do contribute, and why do they do it? Do you believe we get something for nothing? I don't. Do you believe the people who make election contributions are doing it for nothing? I don't. So what is it they get for their money? Is it what the rest of us want too? Sound like some good questions to you? Lets see what we see, when we ask these questions? The simplest and purest answers is what we want. You will see things in them, you never thought about. I think I found a solution to the problem. It may not be fun at first, but if we can fix it, it won't be just fun, it will be good fun too! Many of you may not of understood the title of this chapter right away. I can assure you, some know exactly where it is leading. About twenty percent of us, I would say. The majority of us, are about to know exactly why, they never told the rest of us?

The people who knew the meaning, are also the ones who pay eighty percent of the governments income and property taxes. That is who our government listens too as well., the minority who pay the majority of tax money, not the majority of the tax payers. There's a huge difference between the two. I had a hard time believing that concept at first. Only twenty percent of all the tax payers, make up for eighty percent of our income and property tax money! That twenty percent of the population, is also the richest people here. Some of their income tax bills, for one month, will be more than what ten of us pay in our life times! Those are the people that contribute to elections and those are the people our government is obligated to paying back? At least they owe them more than the other eighty percent of us right? They pay more taxes, the government should listen to them more too, right. Sounds good and fare doesn't it? It's not what I thought our government was about, but you can clearly see why it is. They have more power over our government than the majority. The majority can pick there Cana dates threw election, but we can not afford to control there decisions with money! Only the rich man can, and it is the rich who our government is set up to listen to. Sad or sorry to say, but that is as pure and simple as I can put it.

So is what the rich want, the same as what the majority wants? Sometimes, but not all the time. If there is something that is benefiting them alone, and not the majority, they will find ways to keep it from us. Air pollution its self, does not benefit anyone. So if no one benefits from it, why do we have it so bad? Some benefit from what they produce while making air pollution. The owners of factories, people like that, the rich ones. We have pollution, because it is a bi product of production and growth. But do we really have to be in the shape we're in now from it? No! not even close! Yet if you ask our government, they will tell you they are controlling air pollution, the best they can. They do not want us to see the truth, so they find ways to prove they're point. Either by pointing the finger at some one else all together, or finding ways to hide the real problem, behind one affect they can argue about. It's not just done to hide air pollutions realities, it's done in almost all government issues. We will just look at air pollution, but our solution will work for all government problems!

We need coal burning power plants, we also need them to comply with government policies to control their emissions. That is what the majority expects to happen, our government to keep them from polluting any more than possible. Does that really happen in real life? Let me tell you what happens when a coal burning plant, doesn't comply with government regulations? Our government gives them a huge fine, which they will get paid. The next inspection, if the plant doesn't comply, they will get another huge fine! This can go on from the beginning of the plant, to it's last day of operations? It will cost the plant owner millions of dollars in fines, which they pay to our government. The reason they pay the fines is simple. The cost to keep their emit ions to government standards, cost them far more than just paying the fines! It is much better business sense to pay the fines, than paying the cost to keep the emit ions to government standards? The fines should have been higher than the cost of keeping their scrubbers running right, but they're not, the fines get paid instead!

Good for business on all ends? The government doesn't get paid by mother nature for keeping the air clean. They are paid by the power plant, for the right to make the air dirty. Good for business, good for the government and they both say, it's for our own sake too? By keeping the cost of electricity down. That's the choice we made about coal burning plants. We got what we paid for too, mercury poisoning and bad air!

The worse thing about power companies, is solar has gotten forgotten? Just over a year ago, they found a much cheaper way to produce solar panels. They use paper now, instead of expensive pure silicon cells. They said that the paint on our house, will be our solar panels soon! Do you want to know why you haven't heard about the new solar technology or even the old? If half of the houses here get solar panels, we would have no power companies? One house with solar today, produces enough power for two houses, day and night. When we realize the power of solar, the power companies are all gone! Yet have you seen it on the news? Nobody is telling us, do you see why now? The government looses the taxes and fines, and the power companies loose all that money they make us pay, if we get solar for free! We could of powered this country with solar, since the 70's! Instead, us and mother nature pay for coal and other power plants, that only the system and the rich needed. It sounds so hard to believe, doesn't it? Yet it is all true facts, we have the technology now, and always did! Way before global warming! But the system never said?

The power plant is far from the only reason our air is bad. Almost ninety percent of air pollution comes from mobile transportation. That includes anything that moves, like trains, planes, semis, bulldozers, but most of all, our cars. Yes, yes we need our cars, I love mine. That has nothing to do with the problem we are all being used in, but we aren't all benefiting. Most of us are spending four times more on gas, than what we have to be? When we the majority doesn't benefit, there's only one thing left for the system to do, don't tell us! "What the majority doesn't know, won't hurt them," is the approach they have too take. There's no way for us to find out about it either, is what they let themselves believe? Becoming so arrogant, they end up putting there own foot into there own big gas tax hungry mouth. Let me give you some good examples of just that, our governments saying too much, to keep their little secret, a secret from the majority any longer!

We or at least people my age on up, remember all the stories in the 60's, 70's and early 80's, about the oil companies buying the Paton to an invention of a carburetor, that would give us great mileage, 50 miles to the gallon! We all fantasized how nice it would be, but never really believed it was true ? I dismissed it as being false for one big reason, our government would never allow that to happen. Or would they? I guess it would depend on who our government listens to? The majority or the rich minority. It turns out my first beliefs of our government, are the exact opposite now. Our government will listen to the rich first, the majority is second. The rich pay most of the taxes, they come first in our government eyes. If the majority will be unhappy with the decisions of this system, then they can not ever tell us right?

Sometimes they screw up, and tell us all by mistake? Then hoping we won't ever see there mistake, or at least that the majority of us won't. Guess what, I'm one who saw right threw there biggest screw ups, that more than proves the story, about a car with good mileage since the 60"s! The latest screw up, I only saw on the news once, they knew how bad they screwed up, it has not been talked about since! To understand it's a screw up, then you have to understand all the tax money our government takes in from the car companies, billions of tax dollars! Our government would never make the auto industry do anything that was impossible, right? Yet the government announced, they are going to set a higher minimum miles per gallon standard, for all new cars. "What? How could they, what if our cars can't get the mileage standards our government sets?" The government knows, they can get better mileage already. They would never tell them to do something that would put them out of business, or something that is impossible. They prefer we get worse mileage, yet they need to do something to quit down us majority. We are getting wiser to there ways, by the time you are done reading this, you will understand why it is, they are the way they are? You will completely understand why our cars suck at least three times as much gas as they have to? There is huge reasons for it, taxes and profit!

We know our government doesn't get paid for clean air from mother nature. So who's all paying them for the right to pollute and why do they let some pollute, at least twice as much as they have to? Excessive pollution does not benefit my blue gills or our children. But it's a huge part of a huge profit for the oil companies, and allot of tax dollars for our government? They both benefit from our fuel usage, the more we use, the more they both will make! If the oil company has a record profit month, then the government has a record profit fuel tax month too. The more fuel we burn, the more money for both of them, at a direct cost to us and earth! There's no saying we benefit this time, like they say we do from cheap electricity, when we should have solar for free. This time it's all our lose. The rich will get richer, the rest of us will get poorer, and the air will get ten times worse than what it should or could be.

I have no right to bitch, without a solution. What you are about to discover, is going to make you very upset. There is a couple of ways to deal with this anger and bad thoughts. The quickest or easiest way of dealing with what you're about to read, is to convince your self it's not true . We do this all the time with things we can't change or understand. To keep anyone from doing that this time, I made sure I had an excellent solution to the problem, before I started bitching. As huge as it is, we can fix it. It turns out fixing this problem, will fix allot of problems with our government of today, no matter what party is in control. With the knowledge and technology, we the people have, we can take our government back to the majority. If we are the ones, who fight the battles for this country, then it should be us who chooses what to fight for too, not just the rich. It's time we make it right, for the majority too. Before we can have a solution, we have to understand the problem. You will not like what you are about to discover, but we will fix it together, together we have the power!

It's clear our government uses the amount of fuel we use, to determine how much taxes we pay. If cars come out getting less miles per gallon, like they did when Jimmy Carter left office. Our average fuel mileage way back then was 28 to the gallon! It's the same as a tax increase! Our average mile per gallon on new cars, dropped! The government made more gas tax money off these vehicles. We the majority, don't even know there was a tax increase. The oil company had higher sales from the bad mileage cars too. Higher sales is good and a must for all good business ethics.

The exact opposite will happen, if all our cars get better mileage? It would be a huge tax cut for the government, and a huge profit lose for oil companies. Profit lose is bad business ethics. They need to sell fuel to make money. Not have a car that could cut there business in half, loosing half of the fuel tax as well for the government! We seen the average miles per gallon drop, But how much should it of gone up? My friend Bob said his three ton 1957 Ford, got him near twenty miles, on one gallon of gas! That was over a half of century ago, when we only had wasteful carburetors. Now we have precise fuel injection and air mixture, yet even my diesel doesn't get that good of mileage, it too weighs three tons. We get the same mileage on our big cars now, as what we got a half century ago on our big cars! So why even have this high tech stuff, if it does the same as the old stuff? I can't believe they won't let us have better mileage , than what we did over a half century ago!

But look what would of happened if our cars kept up with the times? Our government would of lost huge tax dollars, trillions and trillions of lost taxes. How could they ever make it up. Not with a tax increase, when all we say is less taxes, less taxes, we want tax cuts, not increases. So we pay the tax increase, and don't even realize that it's gone way up! Our government and the rich know why are cars suck gas, they know exactly what's going on. They got away with it for over a half century, why would they think we'll find out now. Placing there big foot, into there big gas tax hungry mouth. They always knew some of us would figure out how the system works. Yet they had little to fear from that small group. But it's been how long with no average change in mileage per pounds of the vehicle? That small group is growing. Over fifty years now, give me a break!

So to look like the knight in shining armor, to us the majority, before they took the time to think it threw, the government announced to the public, "to help our dependency on oil, we're going to make our automobile companies, make cars get better mileage." Finally some one made them realize how stupid that was to say, for there are people like me out there, that will realize they must know our cars could get better mileage, and the government wouldn't do something that would cause car companies to go out of business, if they couldn't comply with government regulations. They haven't said anything about it again, just once before getting told by the rich to shut up! Why won't they leave our government alone once?

About two years ago, the government really screwed up. Only one time did they say this one too. Before someone made them realize how bad they screwed up by saying it. I could not believe my ears, convincing me completely, our government wants us to drive hungry cars! They said it to slap a certain car buyer right in the face, but soon realized how stupid they were to say it, not daring to say it again! It was a direct attack on hybrid car buyers, the ones that get 50 miles to the gallon. Because they were getting better mileage, the government said they are considering taxing all cars on the amount of miles they drive, rather than how many gallons of fuel they burn! Oh my god, I couldn't believe my ears, they admitted they want cars to get bad mileage! Not in those direct words, but what else could it mean? They didn't touch the system for over 50 years, now that we got some hybrids, they wanted to change the system? They want that tax money they're going to loose from these hybrids getting great mileage. Now they have to change the system for all? They said it once, then shut up about it, realizing what some of us will see. They won't say it again I'll bet. They won't try to slap hybrid car buyers again soon, but I did notice this though, our hybrid cars aren't getting any better mileage than what they did two years ago! Just like Bob's Ford and my truck!

That was the latest, wait tell you hear the most obvious proof. Remember saying, "the car companies and the oil companies are owned by or ran by the same people?" I don't know if they are the same owners, but they are one corner of the triangle plot, against the American majority? Not the people, the rich are people too, just the majority. So if it's not against the people, the ones who pay the election contributions, then it is good government. But not for the majority, just the people who are rich. At a huge cost to us, and a huge cost to the bluegills I once ate. The car companies, control how much fuel is sold, by the mileage of their new cars, which controls how much profit oil companies make. The mileage of our cars also directly affects the amount of tax dollars for the government. A tax we will never know how much it has really gone up. It has not been forced down with better mileage, in over 50 years now! In reality, most of us don't give it a second thought or compare it to a normal tax cut or increase. It stays well hidden from the majority. We are blind to the tax decreases we should of gotten with better mileage. So our suspicions are correct, the auto industry is a huge part of the oil companies, with our government the third corner. "Hey, it's just good government right?" Not for the majority and my blue gills it's not. "Don't worry, I figured out a solution, but let me get you good and pissed first, with the obvious facts! The solution will mean so much more then!"

It's one thing to get 30 miles to a gallon in a puddle jumper, but to get 38 to the gallon in a Lincoln? Our government wouldn't or did not stand for it long! Taking it off our roads, once and for all. Before they stopped them, some got out to the public, pissing off the ones who know about it. So what though, most of us don't know, and most won't believe the ones who do, unless it happened to them. It's impossible to believe, yet it is very true . In the mid 80's, Ford crossed over the triangle lines. Thinking the other two corners wouldn't say to much about it. They stopped crossing that line shortly after they found out what the other two corners said. The exact words, I don't know, the message, "knock it off!" The engine went out of production, but not before some engines got into our hands?

It's a diesel engine, Ford must of thought it would be ok, because it was diesel and not a gas engine. They put it into their full size vehicles in the mid 80's. Not for long, it got 38 miles to the gallon! Look at the huge loses if we all went to that diesel engine! Our government and the oil companies, must have been in a huge panic! Desperately trying to figure a way out of the mess Ford got them into, with the fuel saving engine! Finally getting Ford to take it out of production! Pissing off all the people who planned to get another one! Yet the other 80 percent or more of us, never heard a word about the triangles huge stress? How do they keep stuff like this a secret from us all? Do they have a secret society that controls the interest of just the rich? Why do so many of our Presidents belong to the Free Masons? A secret society, made up of rich people and politicians. They can't say what they do there, it's a secret!

It is far easier to say our government would never do that, but we can not look at the evidence and say that at the same time. "It is not true , when you shut your eyes to the truth." That is exactly what our government is hoping we keep doing, just close your eyes and say it is not so. Just don't say it to the guys that drove that Lincoln, they're more pissed than I am! There's thousands of these engines out there, yet millions of us never heard about them? When we do, we don't believe it. "If it's true , why wasn't it on the news?" Many will think? I guess that would depend on who the news listens to, us the majority, or the rich owners? "Want to here more, or are you pissed enough? Nothing like lots of proof, let me piss you off a little bit more with some good facts, you never saw I bet!"

If you compare the same American vehicle, sold in the United States, and the same one sold in Japan, they don't get the same mileage! Japan's auto makers, have to meet a higher mile per gallon government standard, which they do! So I guess our government knew what they were talking about, when they put there foot in there gas tax big hungry mouth recently, when they said they're going to make the car companies make their cars get better mileage. They saw it in Japan, along time ago? Japan's government is in the same kind of triangle as ours, just not as greedy as our triangle. Their cars too, can get much better mileage than what they do.

We have other proof right here in this country, I talked to a well driller about this same subject, he told me this. "We have to run a diesel engine water pump all day long sometimes, the same kind the military uses. That thing runs all day long off a couple gallons of fuel." Hearing that just made me madder, but didn't surprise me one bit. If that's not enough to piss you off, this will for sure. I was watching my news channel, "The History Channel" You can learn so much about things you will never see, on what we consider our news channels. Things like this, which I only saw one time, but the evidence is used everyday by our military? If anyone ever needed good mileage, it was Hitler. All his tanks ended up running out of gas. Important for the German army, important for all military vehicles, even ours. Lucky for the world, his tanks got bad mileage, but we don't want our army to ever run out of gas, do we? Of course not, we want good mileage. It could mean life or death for a soldier. Yes our tanks suck allot of fuel, but not all our military vehicles do? One cheap running vehicle our army uses, according to the History Channel, is a two wheel drive military dune buggy. It carries three soldiers, a 50 caliber machine gun mounted on top and all there ammo and supplies. Off road it only gets eighty miles to the gallon! It must run cheaper than that diesel engine on that water pump? How can that be true , but it is! If they can do eighty off road, they should be able to do 100 miles on a gallon of diesel, on pavement with that thing? I never thought we should get 80 to the gallon with our cars. I did know we should of all gotten 38 to the gallon back in the 80's. The fuel tax paid to the government by the majority, would be 80 percent less than what it is today, if our cars kept up with the technology of today! It's just the military vehicles in this country, that are staying with the times. Having no more of Hitler's gas sucking tanks in the army, they're just for us on the streets now.

I know what I am about to say next, you will find impossible to believe? Yet it is all facts! In Germany, since the 80's, they have diesel powered vehicles, that get 80 to 120 miles to the gallon, depending on how hard you drive it! They are like Ford's diesel engine, back in the 80's. Except in Germany, it gets over twice the mileage back then! At this very moment these engines are driving in Germany, getting 4 times the mileage we get, in our fuel sucking tanks we are forced to drive in America! Had it not been for the fuel tax and government policies for oil, there wouldn't be any debate over global warming today! We wouldn't have air pollution even close to what it is today, had our engines got the mileage they are capable of! We should be getting four to five times better mileage, and our air and water, should be clean! Bad mileage for oil profit and fuel tax, is the route America chose! Is it what the majority wants and expects our government to do? I say no, and lets change it! I want good mileage too, not just our army vehicles getting 80 miles to the gallon off road!

"How mad can we get, before we demand change?" Is a question, all governments need to know, even ours. Our civil war is a good example of the people answering that question, in a very negative way. That's the last thing any government wants or what the people want. It's no way to answer anything and it's very out dated as well, at least in our country? The people of today, that would of started a civil war of yesterday, have a far greater power over the government than civil war. It is called the internet! Lets step into the Free Masons, senior members only meeting room and see what all the panic is about. "Hey there's the president of the United States! He looks very worried and scared." He should be too, his and all the other politicians jobs, are at a greater risk than ever before, to be solely controlled by the majority, and not just the rich minority?

How can we do it with the internet? First let me say this, "are you ready for a change?" I think my will is strong enough to put in the small required effort, what about the rest of you? The reason I ask is simple. If you have the will to make the change, then we have all the power we need! What more will, do we need, than 5 times the mileage and clean air for all our children, and no more debate over global warming! We are the majority, we have the most voting power. We elect into office and we can remove from office, with impeachment. Only the majority has the power to do both. When the constitution was written, they had no idea what technology will come? They wrote into our constitution, a way for us the majority, to take control of a corrupt government? It says, "if the majority can come up with enough votes, they can remove any politician from any office of the government." In the 1700's, when this was wrote, they had little to worry about, like our politicians of today. To get a president out of office back then, short of a well placed bullet, it would take a two thirds vote of the majority, of the entire population. To get everyone to vote the same way on the same issue, was near impossible to do back then. There was no way to communicate to the majority of the population. Unless it was an act of war, it would never get the majorities attention. For a politician to be removed with a two thirds vote, was not going to happen, when they wrote it into the constitution. George Washington, went to his Free Mason meetings, with no worry of ever being impeached. In the last ten years, the politicians are starting to shake in their wing tipped shoes, over the possibilities of being impeached nowadays!

Now we have the technology to make it possible. Still it will take the majority of us to make any changes. Without the majority, we will have less power. With the majority, not the riches man, or most powerful man in the world can stop us! That is how our government is set up to work. If we could be a fly on the wall at the Freemason's meeting room, with our politicians, we would hear and see the panic they're faced with. They're hoping we will never use the internet, to take our government back. They're looking for ways to stop us from using this power. They can't believe no one has done more about it sooner, than right now! Now is far from to late. We have the technology to talk to everyone at the same time in the entire population, with the internet! Now it's allot harder to silence the small groups of people, that figured out the systems. We can tell everyone, what is going on in our corner of the world! Our government doesn't know how to stop it either. How can they keep us from talking to each other, can they? Not anymore they can't, the internet is here to stay! They know it's only a matter of time, it is a race between us and them, to make the change before they do? They will have to go against America's constitution to stop us now. It is for the good of America and the rest of the world, for us the majority to take control of this government, before it destroys us and the rest of the world! It says, "for the people, by the people," lets make it our reality! Now that we have the power, first a "will" then a little bit of effort, we can take this government right down to the water! And make it do what it claims it does! If we all know the facts about our politicians votes, then we can all vote to remove the politicians, that don't serve the majority of the people!

The system has to keep doing what they always do, keep us from knowing what they are doing exactly? If we don't know, we can't impeach them either right? There is only one thing left for us to do, to put this country into the majorities hands, once again! Something they're already afraid of happening, that's why the president is scared at his Free Mason meeting. This is what they might be talking about lately, at there meetings. "So Mr. president of the United States, how are you going to keep your stupid Americans, from using the internet to watch your every foot step?" Spoke the leader of China. "We're hoping they're to stupid to figure it out." Replied our stupid president. That may sound harsh, but what else is our government calling us, when now they first want to raise the average miles per gallon, on our vehicles? When they know for a fact, we could all be getting over 80 miles to the gallon right now! Do they really think we are that stupid? No they don't, but they do know we're not educated to all their ways. If the majority doesn't know the truth, they have nothing to fear from the minority of the majority like me. I can't impeach them alone. What they fear the most, is that we will figure out we need more ways for the majority to control our government policies. What's even more scary for them, they know we can do it with the internet. By watching there every foot step threw the internet, if one did go against what we want, we would be able to impeach them with ease. That is what they're afraid of happening, but can they stop it? Let me give you some ideas of how it can work, the same ones our government has been worried about for over ten years now!

Politicians have many ways to keep the public from knowing what they do. When we do find out about a vote that we don't like, they have many excuses for us, as to why they voted the way they did. "No more excuses," is the first step into taking our rights promised to us! The only way we can ever have a right to complain, is if the politician knows exactly what the majority wants? The present system, gives them the excuse, "I didn't know the majority felt that way?" The internet takes that excuse away from the politicians! It will also loosens the restraints our rich public has on our politicians! Now we can insist, before any one of our politicians place their vote on any issue, we will tell them what we the majority wants. After they hear what we want, the excuse they like to use when we see a vote we don't like, has been taken away for good! They will know exactly how we feel before they make there vote!

How? From us first, being informed about the issue on our web site. A web site that takes no lobby money or contributions! Second, we the people can vote on our web site first and send the results to the politician. Third, the news papers will tell us all how the politician voted, along with the results posted on the internet. Forth, if we see one of our politicians, that keeps voting against what we the majority said we want, then we can have them impeached, with a two thirds vote from the people in that district. The politicians that keep voting to help the rich minority, against what the majority wants, will loose there job! We have the power to fire them, lets use it! No one wants to get fired. When the rich minority tells our politicians what to do, they can say there hands are now tied by the United Majority of America! We will fire the ones that go against us. That's what the constitutions says, I say lets do it!

It won't matter if the politician is a republican or a democrat, the internet will keep them all voting for the majority's wishes, instead of the rich man's wishes! Our politicians are not all bad people helping just the rich. Many want what we do, but are powerless, against our present system. We will help the politicians do their job fair, with the internet watching there every foot step. It will take a huge burden off our politicians, and unite this country again! We seen what happens to the ones who try to buck the present system. When president Kennedy said to the American public, he was going to reveal a plot against the American people, he was allowed to be the first and last president to ever ride in a convertible! After he was killed, the first words out of President Johnson's mouth were, "stop the presses!" Kennedy had changed the government currency from the federal reserve to the governments control. He never got to reveal the plot against us, our money was changed back to the Federal Reserve by president Johnson. We are the only country on earth, who's government does not make our money? Kennedy bucked the system, but was murdered before he could change it!

Never again, should a politician have to die for us, not with the internet. It's time to take the restraints off our politicians hands, that the rich have tied so tight! The rich will be powerless, against the majority, when we the majority takes control! When they no longer can come up with secrets, to keep what they are doing from us, we will have our government in our hands once again! Freeing our politicians hands once and for all! Doing it is the easy part, figuring out we could do it, was the part most of us over looked? Now when we vote, we must vote for the politicians, that will listen to us! If a politician does not want to do this, we simple won't vote for them! We elect them and we can control them too, with our internet watch dog! We don't need a third party that will fall into the same system we have. We need a new system to watch the party we have. We have good people in both political parties. Now we can make sure the rich don't make them do something they know is not going to benefit the majority and our country. If they go against us now, we can vote them out. There's no more reasons for them not to do what we want!

If none of the parties want to comply with what we need, then we start a party that does! I'd rather have a third party, I never heard about but can control, than what our present system is doing to this world! If you are a politician, if you listen to us the peoples, to free the restraint our present system has on you, we the people will be voting for you! Not the politician who refuses to let us watch there every foot step. If you are a politician that will let us watch you and listen to the majority, let us know, we will be voting for you, and not the one stuck in the oil control past!

Back in the day, we may of needed the electoral college to vote, that was before we all could be informed. We didn't even have telephones, when they set up the electoral college. The electoral college is out dated. We are not dumb and uninformed Americans any more! We are smart and can decide for our selves, what we know is right for us. As long as our government stops fooling us, we don't need an electoral college any longer. It's a waste of tax dollars too. We not only have telephones, we now have the internet, and we can watch all place there votes with it. If that is what we want, it is ours for the taking! Lets take it, ok? Lets all vote for the politicians, no matter what party, that are willing to let us help them be honest, with the power of the world wide web! With it, the majority for the first time ever, can rule for real. I know we won't do any worse than the present system, there is only room for improvement left! We should do it, before there is nothing left to improve!

There you have it, the problem and the solution! It will work for all government policies, not just pollution. We are not dumb Americans, we just have been blinded to what our government does, for way too long now. Now we can see everything that happens in our government and all that is talked about in secret, won't be a secret anymore! If we don't get the majority on line, we only need the voters, to vote for a party that will serve us!

President Kennedy's voice, can still be heard, if we're willing to listen to the constitution, "for the people, by the people." We the people, will be more united than any war could ever do, if we are willing to see President Kennedy's dreams, come true !


A United Majority of America!  Copy write,  2007 Mark Gasser





       Web Site: The United Majority of America

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