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Mr. Shannon L Clements

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A Kings' Whim
By Mr. Shannon L Clements
Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rated "PG" by the Author.

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A man discovers that he is related to royalty only to uncover a plot to take out him and his family.

It was a Tuesday morning that the king of Great Britain awoke in a cold sweat from a nightmare that he was having. Quickly he sat upright in his bed with the satin sheets falling from his shoulders. Drenched in sweat his matted unkempt hair resembled the banzai tree sitting on the table across the room awaiting its royal pruning. As he always did when plagued by dreams of such magnitude, he rolled out of bed and briskly walked on slippered feet to his desk to write down his dream. Unwilling to forget one detail he made record time in crossing the room.


     Quickly he dismissed the darkness and etched every detail of his dream, in literary form, onto parchment with ink and quill. His dream told a story of him having a room full of uncounted and long forgotten kinsmen in front of him wanting recognition of ties to the throne. There were stories, yes, of such philandering by his forefathers with royal concubines. These concubines, however, were of such a lowly nature that their children were reared as such for both King and Queen's pleasure and the parents sold off to a foreign nations for profit. Nothing was ever thought to ever come of this dallying around, nor was it ever thought possible that there could ever be a chance of their ascension of the throne. In deed it is also true that there are stories of people born of such lineage ascending the throne. And history was proof enough of his own claim to royalty descended from such a line. Only marriage of close kinsmen allowed for purifying of the royal line and is the main reason why the European kingdoms have the purest royal lineage throughout the whole world.


     But in this day and age DNA testing allowed for people to trace their lineage and know the full heritage in which they have extended from. These newcomers to the kingdom were an unseemly bunch and, never the less, an embarrassment to the throne. Their claims to royalty could be considered trivial, but then there was the validity of his own ancestor's claim to the throne as well. What made these newcomers so unwanted by the throne was the mere fact that they were of African descent and also unwanted by all other races, including some of their very own.


     Descendants of a conquered land, children of concubines and slaves, and now possible heirs to his kingdom should his line cease to exist. This was something that he, King Starwell II, couldn't have come true . And so the parchment of his dream took a turn towards becoming a royal decree to cleanse the royal line.


     I, Mr. Lejuan Beers,  awoke to the sound of my alarm clock sounding off. It was playing "A King's Delight" in a low tone that was just loud enough to awaken me. Laying there in a zombied out state, I stared at the ceiling until the song went off. That's when I came to life. With a shake of my head and the flinging of my blankets I jumped out of bed and hustled to the bathroom to relieve myself. When finished listening to the droplets I flushed the toilet and turned on the shower. Steam filled the room and water splashed everywhere as I showered. Upon finishing I brushed my teeth, gargled, and then dressed in a pair of tan slacks, button up Hawaiian shirt, and a pair of brown casual boater's shoes. I grabbed my car keys, unplugged my cellular phone, and stashed them into my pockets. Stopping only long enough to pick up my backpack, I left my apartment and headed for work.


     I was running behind schedule already and the traffic cop behind me was undoubtedly going to make me even later since he was signaling for me to pull over. When the officer reached the car he tapped on the window and said, "Do you know that you were doing close to fifty miles per hour in a thirty five mile per hour zone?" I looked over to the officer nervously because I knew that I was speeding. "I'm sorry officer, I didn't know that I was speeding. If I had've known then I would've slowed down." "Well I'm afraid that you were and I'm going to have to ask for your license and registration please." I sighed audibly and complied with the request. After several minutes passed by the officer came back to the car and handed my information back to me right along with a big fat ticket. The officer then spoke again. "Now I'm suggesting that you be careful and drive under the speed limit  so that this won't happen again. You hear?" "Yes sir, I promise that it won't happen again. Probably because I'm going to lose my job for being late." I said trying to gain some type of sympathy without any success. "Well you should've thought about that before you left the house this morning. So, again, my suggestion to you is for you to be careful and drive under the speed limit. Try timing yourself for a change so that you'll know exactly where you need to be and at what time. Take care." The officer said and then calmly walked back to his vehicle, cut off his lights, and pulled off in search of other violators.


     I threw the ticket onto my backseat, buckled up, and headed to work knowing that my boss was going to be upset with him. Unbeknownst to me, I was being followed by a blue minivan. When I pulled up to the Copy Mat copy shop I was met at the door by Marie, my boss. "You know that this is the umpteenth time that you've been late Lejuan. What is going on?" She said peeved by my late appearance. "The reason why I am late is because I was stopped by a police officer two miles away from here." "That's no excuse Lejuan." "Yes it is because not only did he make me late by pulling me over, but I also had to listen to a long drawn out speech about traffic safety." "And that's supposed to mean?" "That I'm only late because some cop was behind in his quota." "Well I'm sorry Lejuan, but I just can't stand all of this tardiness and not to mention the fact that you were insubordinate two weeks ago. So, therefore, I am going to have to let you go." "But Marie I need my job. How else am I going to take care of myself?" "Try the unemployment line. They're always accepting applications." "Unemployment takes forever to go through." "Well, that's not my problem now is it Lejuan? Bye," Marie said and then closed the door in my face.


     Unable to do anything but leave the premises, I jumped back into my car and headed home. When I got there I cut the television on and plopped down onto the couch while trying to figure out what to do next. I flicked the channel one by one and saw that there wasn't anything on but a wildlife show and so decided to watch that. They were researching up on a panther when suddenly the segment ended and he found out that he was watching the minute-by-minute show. They introduced a lady by the name of Vivian Richardson and started the next segment on her family lineage. It was said that she had a DNA test that showed her true family line. Her DNA results traced her roots all of the way back to the western coast of Africa and other various places there also. It was strange enough though that they also told her that her roots extended from the British Throne itself. That piece of information shocked me because I knew that that my blood father was a Richardson. Although I hadn't spent much time with my father's side of the family and that is what made them alien to me. My mother's side was all that I knew and even they were strangers to me too. I thought long and hard about the possibility of having Royal blood flowing through my veins. Of course it was from generations passed, but it was possibly there none-the-less. Immediately I jumped onto my computer and looked through the DNA testing sites that did DNA testing. I searched them all and found that the lowest price was three hundred dollars. The name of the site was Connect The I really couldn't afford that amount of money and so therefore I decided to search for an alternative means to trace my roots. I thought about the different colleges that taught the courses and decided to try one of them. The nearest college was a University of Michigan located a little over a twenty-minute drive from my apartment.


      Checking the time, I saw that it was only nine in the morning. I wrote down the name of the professor, a Mr. Sorenson Creonditz, and left my apartment in search of him. When I got into my car, I looked over at a man sitting in a blue minivan bobbing his head to the music wafting from his radio. Thinking that he was waiting on someone, I dismissed him from my mind and pulled off. It only took me twenty-five minutes to reach my destination and I then walked into the lobby in search of Mr. Creonditz. The information desk told me to take the stairs up to the second floor. The trip up the stairs was quick and the professor's classroom was located only two doors over from the stairwell. 


     The professor was in his classroom sitting at his desk reading over his notes for his next classroom session. I walked into the classroom and headed down the pathway of student desks. When I reached the professor, I tried to speak but was immediately cut off. Professor Creonditz merely held up one elbow patched sweatered arm with one finger raised. Slowly he lowered his arm and continued reading his notes. After several minutes passed he finally spoke to me without glancing up from his paperwork. "May I help you?" "Yes, are you professor Creonditz?" "Yes I am. May I help you?" "I am here to see if I can get a little help from you." "What Kind of help?" "I need help with proving my genealogy." "Are you a student?" "No." "Then I can't help you." "Why? Because I am not a student?" "That's correct." I looked at the professor for a few moments because I wanted to wring his neck good. But instead I said, "I though that this was an institution for learning." "It is." "So why are you refusing to help me then?" "Because you are not a student." The professor said as he let out a long controlled breath. It was probably because he was tiring from the whole entire ordeal. I again looked at the professor for a long moment trying to see how could I sway the professor over to my side. "I need your help professor, but I can't afford to pay for classes. I already owe back loans for classes that I took four years ago." I said trying to win the professor's heart. "That is not my problem." The professor said finally taking his eyes off of his paperwork. "But this is an extremely important matter that involves a discovery that could become worldwide news. "And my interest lies within this classroom and not in some newscaster's telecast." I stood still for another moment and then spoke again. "What if I were to tell you that this discovery would make a good lecture?" Mr. Creonditz left eyebrow raised in question and he spoke his interest. " And how would this discovery make a good lecture?" "Because this discovery deals with a long lost line of the British Empire." "I see, please do finish up." "You see, I was watching the Minute By Minute Show and they had a lady on there going through her DNA test results and she was told that her DNA traced all of the way back to the British Throne itself. Her name was a Ms. Natalie Richardson. After hearing about this I thought about my father's name. His last name is Richardson also. I wondered about this because I don't really know anybody on my father's side of my family. Hell, I barely know any of my family at all." "But the Royal British Line are all caucasian and you are black. How can your bloodline trace back to them?" "Because Ms. Nathalie Richardson is black also and her DNA tells her so."  "This still doesn't prove your lineage you know that right." "That's why I came to you. Like I said, I can't afford to pay for this information, but I can at least help out in a lecture or two in exchange for your services." The professor stared at me for a long time and then asked me, "What is your name young man?" "My name is Lejuan Beers." The professor smiled and said, "Okay Mr. Beers I'm going to help you, but only on one condition." "Whatever it is then you've got it." I said excited that he finally agreed to help me out. He looked at me again and then stated, "I want for you to attend my seminars for the next two months." "Deal, but I lost my job today and that's the reason why I was at home watching television." "Very interesting indeed. Well let's get started then. First thing that I need is a sample of your DNA." He then stood up from his desk, walked into his office for several minutes, and then came back out with a test tube in his hand. "Here, spit into this for me." He commanded as he handed me the test tube. I did as I was instructed to do and the instructor then beckoned for me to follow him into his office.


      The office was spacious and allowed for enough room to be comfortable in. The walls donning their medals of valor surrounded the small desk and it's occupants. The professor quickly grasped a microscope from off of one of his shelves and placed it next to his computer. He then moved a couple of books and some paperwork off of it and then got to work.


     "You see Mr., Beers, when dealing with DNA you have to understand that in order to track it down you must first decode it. DNA runs in sequences of A's, T's, C's, and G's. They reside in what is called a double helix. The double helix is the base and the backbone of DNA that hold together strong enough hydrogen bonds between ademine-thymine and guanine-cytosine." Professor Creonditz looked up at me and asked, "Are you getting all of this Mr. Beers?" I looked at him and said, "I think so." "Well you better because we are actually examining the secret to life itself and this is your life that we are examining. So pay closer attention from here on out." "Okay." "Now, when we take a look into your genetic coding we find a series of over a million ATGC sequences. See..." Hew stepped and turned on his computer. I looked into the microscope while the professor started typing. "All that I see is a bunch of small dots moving around." I said and the professor responded by saying, "That is so true , but take a closer look. You should see division within those dots though. Inside of those divisions is your genetic make up." The professor said without looking up from his computer screen. "Now all that I need to do is locate a sample of the genetic order for the Queen and... presto! Here we go." I looked over to the computer screen and saw a bunch of letters on it. Mr. Creonditz then continued. "Now let me just print this out and ewe can head on over to the lab down the hall." The printer came to life and then died seconds later. We then headed out of the office and noticed that the door to the hallway was closing up. Mr. Creonditz continued walking as if nothing was wrong, but the expression on my face was a confused one.


     The lab was located down the hall. It had several lab tables in it and some complex machinery as well. Professor Creonditz walked over to one of the machines, turned it on, and put the slide from the microscope on it. He then turned a projector on and began speaking. "This is what your DNA looks like under a 1000 times lens. Here you can actually see the genetic code unravel right before your very eyes." He picked up a long wooden stick and then pointed at each section. "Here is and A, this is a G, this is a C, and this is a T. Your genetic code reads as follows: ATCGATCGATCGATCGATCGATGC and so forth. This here in my hand is the genetic coding for the Queen. It reads like this: ATCGATCGATCGATCGATCGATGC AND SO FORTH. As you can see that there is a match between your DNA and the Queens DNA. If we were to go further then I'm quite sure that we would find a mutation in the lines, but this mutation only comes from your genetic line stemming off from your African roots." "So what you're telling me is that we are related?" "Yes, the two of you are related." I smiled at that and he then continued his explanation. "Now what get's me is how your lines met. I know that history states that we were taken out of Africa as slaves and brought here to America. But how did the Royal line meet up with your since Royalty didn't visit these shores until after the slave trade was over. Of course the British once occupied these lands, but they were chased out of here before the slave trade ever started. The white settlers that came over here were actually prisoners that were kicked out of England. And I know that no parts of the Royal line were thrown into the dungeon. Now that I think about it, I believe that your ancestors were living in the King's castle itself." I thought about this and then asked, "How did we get into the castle?" "Now that's a question that I think that I can answer for you. You see, Caucasians were not the first to take slaves out of Africa. The Arabs and the Chaledeans were. While there, your ancestors more than likely were handmaidens, butlers, serving winches, and concubines to the Arabian kings, queens, princes, and princesses. Your ancestors then were taken out of Arabia and then probably given as gifts to the Kings and Queens of Europe for the very same reasons as stated before to cement relations between the nations." The professor looked at me and then said, "You might even descend from a Pharaoh as well since the northern part of Africa was conquered by the Arabs. And to think that I've always wanted to meet a King and now here you are." He said with a look of wonder on his face. "And then there is the prophecy in Genesis of the Holy Bible that states that God talked to Abram and told him that his descendants should number the stars in the sky. He then told him that his descendants would be taken into a land that is not theirs and entreated with evil for four hundred years. After this time period they shall come out of this land and some of them would be Kings and Queens. The only people here on this earth that fit the criteria are the once enslaved black people from Africa." The professor then took on a look of amazement, snapped his finger, and said, "So that would also probably mean that the people living in Israel are not the real people that are supposed to be there. They don't meet the criteria. So, therefore, they are not the rightful heirs to this land that God gave to the Descendants of Abraham." The look of wonder made me think about the weight of what he said and then I interrupted his thoughts by stating, "Well I don't know about calling myself a King..." "Why not? If your lineage goes back directly to the Throne itself then that would make you a Prince, or Duke, or Earl, but nothing less than a Count. All of these titles fall under the rights of succession. You, my boy, may have a claim to the Throne. Although there are certain laws that might try to prevent you from ascending, but where there is a will then there is a way. History has taught this lesson very well." My smile widened even wider as the weight of his words took its toll. The professor printed out all of the necessary information, gave it to me, and then bid me farewell. Not withstanding making sure that I remembered to attend his classes as promised.


     I was lost in thought while I walked across the parking lot. The professor had followed me out into the parking lot and called out to me just as soon as a set of tires started squealing. Before I knew it I was tackled down to the ground just moments before the minivan had run me over and sped around a corner. We sat up and looked at each other wrought with fright from the near miss. I asked the professor, "What is going on?" The professor merely looked at me with his hands shaking and said, "I think that someone wants you dead because of what you just found out. You and your family need to watch yourselves from here on out." "But whom would want to kill me? I've done nothing wrong." "I believe that you and your family have been targeted for cleansing of the royal line. Is your family a large one?" "I don't know. I hardly even know either side of my family." "Well I think that you need to sit the ones that you do know of down and have a long talk to them about what just happened. I have a friend over at channel four news that can possibly help you out. This discovery will undoubtedly news and will most definitely reach the king and Queen's ears. So where are you going now?" " Well right now I'm going home to call my mom, but I believe that my journey has just begun. The pathway that I am traveling now leads towards the United Kingdom."


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