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Tia T Walker

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Break Through Me
By Tia T Walker
Monday, January 26, 2009

Rated "PG" by the Author.

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A girl falls in love with a musician

 Chapter 1


My mom was sitting on the edge of the couch, drinking her usual Mocha. I walked over to her and sat beside her. Her head was buried between her novel, A  Chance for Romance. Her golden hair was tied in a ponytail that hung over her shoulders. She was a beautiful woman and I sort of inherited some of her traits. My mom was an author, a famous one to tell me. She had written 7 books in a her lifetime. A Chance for Romance was published 1 month ago. Even though she  knew she wrote it she still read it continuously like she was a fan of her own writing. She looked up and smiled, showing her beautiful pearly teeth. 

“ Can you give me a refill please hon,” She smiled again as I chuckled and got up. I walked over to the sink and poured out the cold coffee and rinsed it. I picked up the coffee maker pot and poured the brewed coffee into the mug. I poured the Mocha flavor mix into the coffee and stirred it with a spoon. I walked back over to her and handed her the warm mug. She took a swig and smiled.

“ Just like I like it.” She said and caressed my cheek. Her skin was always cool and smooth. She sat her cup on the table next to her novel and stared at me.

“ What would I do without my Erin. Every since your dad died I’ve never been happy, but you made me change. Erin, sweetie soon you’ll be going to college and I want you to promise me you will find someone to love you in every single way.” 

“ Mom, I don’t really care about finding love anymore, well it would be good to, but I got you. Enough love.”

“ Sweetie your a amazing, beautiful, intelligent young woman. I love you and care for you so much. Its time you find that special guy out there.” She said and picked up her novel and buried her head between it again.” I chuckled and stood up to walk to my room. I walked up the stairs halfway and peeked out at my mom, and said, “ Over my dead body.” She smiled and I walked up to my peaceful room, which I called “ Erin’s Paradise.”



The aroma scent of raspberries and vanilla filled my room. I laid on my big, white canopy bed and turned on the radio. I picked up my cell and was about to call Jesse--one of my best friends, but a song came on the radio that I’ve never heard. It sounded familiar though. The song started off just a strum of a acoustic guitar. Then a guy started singing. He sounded so beautiful. The music was so soothing.


Sit there on the phone,

You can talk about us.

You can tell me your sorry,

A thousand of times.

But I’m not gonna fall,

I just don’t know how you do.


There was a pause, and then there was an crescendo. The electric guitar came in and then the drums. The song was so stunning. It ended like it started, with the acoustic guitar coming back and with him saying the same words again. 

“ There you have it folks. That was Everlasting Disasters playing their new hit, One last time, It’s over. That band is new to all the fame and will be performing at the Jodi’s Bar here in Cali on June 16th, one more day from here. Well back to the fun and music, This is Dillion and your listening to 160.9. The Fross.” 

I punched in the number of Jesse’s phone and she picked up after the first ring. 

“ Hey Erin, what’s going on?” She said.

“ Hey Jess. What are the girls doing tonight?” I asked and turned down the volume of my radio. 

“ Uhhh...I think Chloe and Jadden are going on a double date.”

“ Cool...Are you and Jake going?”

“ Yeah of course.” she coughed.

“ I think I’ll go for the fun of it. Where are they going? The movies?” I said and sighed. 

“ Yeah, and then to a party over at Cray’s Lake. Hey you should come over at 6, and look your usual. I got a special surprise for you.” she said happily.

“ Sure.” I mumbled.

“ Hey I got to go, Jake’s coming over in 24 min. and I haven’t picked out the perfect outfit. Bye Erin.” She said and hung up. It was now 5:03. I laid my head on my pillow and thought about my dad. He was a young man and maybe because him and mom had me when they were 16. I looked nothing like my dad but I had the same personality as he did. He had blue- green eyes and dark russet skin. Dad had died from a car wreck when I was 8. I missed him so much. He was my hero, my dad. My eyes opened and I realized that I had felling asleep. I jumped up from my bed and went to my closet. I grabbed my favorite halter top and skinny jeans. The halter top was orange and was sparkly, and the jeans were skin tight and was a dark black color. I hurried and threw my makeup in my bag and tied the back of the shirt. I ran down the stairs, said bye to my mom and hoping I didn’t forget anything. The sun was scorching hot outside. I got in my bright red convertible and drove to Jesse’s house with One last time, It’s over in my head.




“ Come in!” Jake screamed as I rung the doorbell. I laughed and shifted my bag on my right side.

“ Hey Erin! You are very luscious tonight.” he said as Jesse came down the stairs wearing a cute tee and a pair of black skinny jeans like mine. 

“ Can I leave my car over here for tonight.” I said and put my keys in my bag. I walked over toward Jesse and suddenly remembered the surprise.

“ What’s the surprise?” I smiled and there was a knock on the door. 

“ Just in time.” Jesse said and opened it.

“ This is Jay, Jake’s friend from his old school. He was in town. He’s single and he thinks you cute.” Jesse said a pulled the red headed guy in by his arm. He was cute, I had to admit. He came toward me and shook my hand. I smiled and there was a knock on the door again. It was Chloe, her boyfriend Drake, Jadden, and her boyfriend Jackie. 

“ I need to do my makeup. I’ll be back you guys.” I said and walked up the narrow stairs. I could hear them in the living room with the music up loud as it could go. I put on the final touches of my lip gloss and I turned around to see Jesse standing in the doorway.

“ So what do you think about Jay? Isn’t he cute?” She said and grabbed some eyeliner from my bag and looked into the mirror.

  “ He’s okay, you know my type.” I said and put up the rest of my make up in the small pouch of my Victoria Secrets bag.  

“ You guys hurry the movie is about to start!” Jadden screamed upstairs.

“ Here we come.” I said and grabbed my bag.

“ Just be nice to him.” Jesse said as we went down the stairs.


Chapter 2

“ What is your favorite song?” Jay asked as I sipped down my cherry coke. We were sitting in the middle of the theatre, waiting for the movie to start. I was staring at the happy couple in front of us and was zoned out. They seemed so in love. The way they looked at each other made me feel jealous of what they had and what I didn’t have. I suddenly snapped out of it and answered his question.

“ Well, I heard this song playing on the radio, it was a good song.” I said and smiled. He had curly red hair, with shining green eyes. He was a okay guy. 

“ You heard that too. I thought it was a alright song. I heard they are gonna be in cali tomorrow night. Do you wanna go?” he said and a couple of guys behind us shushed us because the movie was about to start. I thought about and knew that it wouldn’t be a big deal. 

“ Sure,” I whispered and ate some of his popcorn. He chuckled lowly and smiled. I had to smile on that one too. The movie had went alright and we decided to go over to Cray’s Lake which where we partied alot. Most of the people there were college students, but we had sort of connections. We pulled up to the big boat house and got out. Jay was already into the mood, while I was like I always was when I went to parties. We walked up the bumpy path which led to a big mansion type house-Jake’s college friends house. We finally made it to the house and ringed the doorbell. Tyler Ashley answered the door and invited us in. He was Jake’s friend also. We walked into the crowded house and Jay and I were hand in hand. (How romantic. Kidding) Since he knew everyone here he introduced me to some.

“ Nice to meet you.” a pink headed girl said, “ You can call me Cherry.” she smiled and finished her beer. I smiled and said, “ Nice to meet you too.” 

We walked away and he wandered off to go get us some drinks. I was standing in the corner by the wall. I was always the different one. My eyes caught a glimpse of my friends all having the best time of their lives. Some guy with a Grey hoody pushed me against the wall on a accident, causing me to hit a blonde headed girl I knew.

“ Excuse me!” she yelled and wiped the beer off her legs. I remembered her so well. Heather L. She used to be my best friend. We were friends up to 9th grade. She met Ronnie Steven's--the star football player and had left me. 

“ Sorry...I was pushed,” I said shyly. 

“ Well watch out! Just because your dad died doesn’t mean you can push and get away with everything.” she screamed and I could tell that she was drunk. I stopped smiling and felt my fists ball up. I felt fresh tears in my eyes and someone's hand was on my shoulder. I turned around and it was Jay. 

“ Don’t let it get to you. She’s a shrew.” he said and smiled.

“ What you say?” Ronnie came to Heather’s side. Jay chuckled and said it again so that he could hear it.

“ What you gonna do about it? You don’t wanna start something you can’t finish, we both know that.” Jay said and grabbed my waist. I went into his arms and we walked outside for fresh air.


“ I’m sorry that your dad died. I know how you mom and dad are gone.” Jay said as we walked to the boathouse. We sat down on the deck and I put my feet in the water.

“ I’m sorry,” I said and patted his back. He smelled of aftershave and peppermints. He was beautiful.

“ It’s okay...I’m kinda over it and all. I just wish I could have said bye before they died. I was only 13.” he said and I could see his smile vanish. I felt so sorry for him. I scooted over closer to him and did something that I haven’t did in years. I laid my head on his strong shoulder and wrapped my lithe arms around him and we sat there watching the moon. He turned to face me and his soft cool lips touched mine. I wondered was this love or was this what it could be. I didn’t know, but I hoped it would.





“ You and Jay are cute together. You know you have to admit it.” Jesse said as she stared into the mirror with me. She had her short hair in a ponytail and her skin was brilliantly tan. 

“ Let’s just hope we get through tonight and see what that leads us next.” I said and put on a plain tee. I jumped into my blue jeans and slipped on my Holister jacket. 

“ So how do I look.” I said and let down my hair. 

“ Too plain, here let me fix it.” she said and walked over toward me. 

“ Take off the jeans and shirt.” She said, “ And put this on.” I grabbed the black dress and put it on. It was a slinky black evening dress. It sparkled where the light hit it. I turned to look in the mirror. I saw the improvement. I looked more elegant and supple and just a hint of sultry. 

“ Thanks Jess,” I smiled and went to the closet to get some shoes. I grabbed ballet flats which went good with the dress. I slipped them on and glanced at the clock. It was 8:30 and the concert started at 9. I heard Jays car pull up in the driveway next to mine. I darted down stairs and went to go get my purse that was at the coffee table. 

“ Tell my mom I’m gone.” I said to Jesse who was sitting at the bottom of the steps. I walked over to her and hugged her briefly. The doorbell rung and I knew who it was. I opened the door and he stood there holding 2 tickets in his hand. He smiled and handed me one. I smiled also and said bye to Jesse again. We walked down the driveway to his car and he opened the door for me. I got in and grinned. 

“ You look stunning as usual.” he said and got in. I chuckled and he backed back carefully. 

“ So have you ate or anything. If you want anything we can stop and get something on the way.” he said and turned another curve.

“ I’m fine, thanks,” I said and our eyes met like last night. He smiled shyly and put a CD in the CD player. 

“ I see you listen to great choice of music, I guess.” I said and stared at his CDs. He smiled.

“ Yeah I listen to Rock, Metal, and sometimes Hip-Hop.” He said and turned onto another street. We were getting close to Jodi’s.

“ Cool.” I said as we pulled up by a sidewalk close by Jodi’s. We sat in silence for awhile and he cut off the engine. We had made it just in time. He got and I got out too. I realized he didn’t open the door for me this time. I grabbed my waist and we walked to the bar. The bouncer and another security guard scanned for IDs.

“ I’ll handle this,” he whispered in my ear quietly. He shook hands with the bouncer and said something in his ear. The bouncer laughed and looked over at me. A couple of guys pushed me forward and I tripped and almost fell. I caught my balance and gave he guys a look. Jay grabbed me by my hand and led me to the bar. 

“ Here sat here,” he said and stood behind as I sat down on the bar stool. 

“ Can I get a cherry limeade mixed with a hint of Tequila.” Jay said to the bartender








My beautiful red dress was now torn a bit. I looked down at my cell and was about to call Jesse, but then I heard music. So beautiful and relaxing, so I followed it. I walked up the street to Jodi’s bar with my curls now gone flat and my eyeliner now smeared. I walked into the doors passing the bouncers.

The music drove me into it. It made me wonder what was life and why was I here. It wasn’t like any other music. It started off just a few strums of a acoustic guitar and then there was a voice. The guy’s voice was so beautiful and the music was so mesmeric. I pushed through the crowd of girls and kept following the melody. Tears kept falling down my eyes again and I made it to the stage. 

A black headed guy was sitting on a stool, playing a acoustic guitar and singing. He was even more beautiful then the words he sang. He had pale luminous skin and his eyes were like sapphire covered in gold.. He had a lip piercing that moved every time he singed and he had the most cutest dimples. He stood up from the stool and switched to a electric guitar. He began to jump up and down with the crowd. He had on a Holister button up shirt with Teal and Burgundy stripes. His eyes met mine and began looking through my soul. He smiled and I felt this wave of vertigo shoot through me like a lightning bolt. Standing there, right now, I felt this funny feeling of the beginning of love. He looked away and I looked at the others on stage playing their instruments.  He kneeled down and reached for my hand. I stood there paralyzed as thousands of girls pushed me forward making me hit the stage. He chuckled and finished the song. He let go of my hand and winked at me. The tears went away and a smiled grew on my face.

“ Alright Everyone this next song is called I’m in love with you. For all you romantic couples out there tonight, get on the dance floor and dance along! Whoa are yall ready for this!” The lead singer said and smiled. I looked at the people around me mouthing the words. 

“ I can feel warmth can you tell I love you...” a girl beside me singed but they didn’t feel like I felt. The music had a similarity of my life. All I could think about was him. The guy on the stage singing. I should get home. I thought and walked slowly from the crowd.

“ Alright now, we appreciate you guys coming out tonight to see us. See you guys soon.” The lead singer said. “ We love you Robin!” A group of girls screamed behind him. He turned around and said, “ Love you too guys,” They vanished off the stage. I looked around me again and saw couples dancing and having a great time. My heart started beating even harder and faster. I felt this pain in my chest not physical, but emotional. It felt like a freight train crossing my chest. I took one more look at the stage and bolted out into the fresh air. I walked into the alleyway and took in a deep breath of air. I seriously didn’t know what was going on. I wiped the tears from my eyes and heard a door shut. 

“ Whoa man that was a big one. How many nights are we here?” the drummer with red hair said and loaded the guitars into the van. 

“ More than you think, its time we take a break. We should stay here a little bit longer. I saw this house we could buy, you know I’m tired of sleeping in hotels.” Robin, the lead singer said and put his guitar case in the front seat. He walked back into the back door and grabbed another guitar.

“ Yeah that’d be cool.” 

“ Are we done here?” the other guitarist and pulled his ear phones out his ears.

“ If you would help, we would be.” Robin said and came back to the van.

“ That’s bogus.” the guy said and put his earphones back in his ears. 

“ Alright let’s role, hey whose up for pizza?” Robin said and jumped into the passenger seat. I walked toward the sidewalk and sat down and began to cry. Who was this guy, I thought and wiped my tears as people passed by me. I pulled out my cell and called Jesse.

“ Hey how’d it go, did you and Jay kick it off.” Jesse said as I stood against the cold brick wall. 

“ Not really. He left me, he tried to go further when we were kissing. I used the pepper spray, and he called me a bitch.” I said as some more people passed by and flagged down a taxi.

“ Sorry Erin I should of not have set you up with Jake’s creepy friend.” there was a moment of silence and I stood there watching people come out Jodi’s.

“ It’s okay Jess, can you come and pick me up. I’m on the street where Jodi’s bar is.”

“ Sure, I’m walking out the door right now.”

       Web Site: Erin's Paradise

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