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Body Stories From Within-What a Body Knows
By Lonnie Hicks
Posted: Friday, May 27, 2011
Last edited: Saturday, October 13, 2012
This short story is rated "PG" by the Author.
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Every Body Has A Story
1. Updated 5-28-11 "What is a Body Anyway?
2. Updated:5-29-11 "The Body Map And the WMAP"

3. Updated: 6-1-11 Can the Electrical Energy in the Body be Measured?

Updated 6-2-11 Techniques for Damaged Sites in the Body-Harms and Benefits From Operations

Updated: 6-6-11 The Body Electric and Healing

Every body has a story, stories involving hurt and harm to the body and therefore the mind and the actual physical structures in the body.

Body stories are the way in which the body reacts to trauma both physical and mental.

This is a companion piece to The Whole Body Orgasm on this site.

But here we want to focus on actual body harms and the tensions which result in the muscles and tissues of the body.

What kinds of body harms and tensions are we talking about?

Well first we want to be able to do an assessment of the walking around person because that is the first visual evidence of the bodies history in these regards.

I walk and sit with a left bias. That is, I sit on my left buttock, from an accident but like most men also from years of sitting on my wallet which is not good for the vertebrae. I now have scoliosis..

I have a habit of squinting my eyes and that has a cause and a history.

Few things in the body are incidental. If you pay attention you can spot the tell tale signs.

Visual clues include hunching, bad posture, the ability of some people to fade away in a crowd. These are all familiar to us as part of body language. But here we want to have a close look at some more serious body involved issues.

Let's give a few examples of what impacts the body greatly.

1-Operations-The body has been cut into. This is traumatic and the body doesn't forget just because we leave the hospital. After care for the body is virtually unheard of in this country. We go home and the body is on its own to deal with knives, scalpels and the violation that surgery is.

2-Childbirth is a trauma. Let's face it. What is the bodies long term reaction to childbirth? Some bodies remember it and don't want to go through it again. Upper middle class women have a choice and don't have more than two kids. There are other reasons, of course, but body trauma is one of them, a trauma which the body remembers.

 3-Physical injuries of various kinds: what happens is that we get injuries and once we can walk again or whatever, we simply ignore the body after that point. This not good. The body part injured can easily become isolated in our mind, or we might see it as defective, or as something to be hidden and not talked about and importantly the body part in question needs attention. 

 Moreover, an injury affects other parts of the body as the injured part compensates. For example a leg injury causes the person to walk with a slanted gait and this affects the back, the vertebrae, even breathing. And those compensations have to be dealt with as well. And then we introduce drugs into the equation seeking relief from aches and pains and now we have yet another complication.

4-Being over-weight is another body image issue but those parts of the body can become tense or a source of embarrassment. We tend to hold those parts rigid or try to hide them.

5-The eyes record what we see, have seen, or what we don't want to ever see again. Tension can settle there in the eyes and last a life time and become embedded as a matter of habit.

6. Ears believe or not. If what we have heard is our lives is a source of trauma, guess what, we can shut down our hearing under stress or learn not to hear things which bring up that previous hearing trauma.

For example, the expression, 'We hear what is want to hear' has truth to it. With a person we have stress we can learn to shut them out and not hear or isolate what they are saying to protect our selves from further hearing stress. We tune them out.

That goes for many hearing experiences. For example if a certain politician comes on television, my ears tune him out and I can't remember what he said or is saying. If we ask people about their experiences some individuals can only remember what their eyes recorded but cannot remember what was said.

7-Chronic aliments change the body map and the musculature responds and adapts to that chronic ailment and carries the tension of it.

8- Physical assault such as rape is an obvious body trauma yet most often body work around that physical event is related to as if it were purely a mental event; we talk to the victim and offer, 'counseling' as if it were the mind that was assaulted.


What do we do for the physical assault involved? Very little.

9. Miscarriages too are physical events. Therefore...

10- The physical traumas of war are treated with drugs, not as bodily injuries on their own.

11-Speaking carries with it lot of stress and that stress can come directly from tension in the throat where the person is literally unable to speak of a given traumatic incident. Stuttering comes to mind as does the movie 'The Kings Speech.'

But there are many unspeakeries that we encounter in our lives and cannot and will not speak of them- this fact creating such tension affects the voice, the throat, and indeed the mind.

Many many veterans cannot and do not speak what what they have seen in war. This has bodily repercussions not just mental ones.

So see there are millions of body stories out there, but most are not recognized as such.

If you are living with, married to, or otherwise relating to another human being, best to be attuned to what their bodies are telling you not just their minds.

More body stories and their remedies tomorrow.

5-28-11 What is A Body?

But first lets step back a bit and ask the question what is the body?

Religion teaches us that the body is a temporary vessel on our voyage to heaven or some other destination. For some it is the seat of all sin and the body is tempted by the devil.

 The body has had bad press.

But let us take a different look at this marvelous vessel we all have.

 First a simple point. The body is alive. I mean really alive. It is a community, not an individual possession. Ideas about the body often my make no sense biologically.- often discussed as if it were mechanical.

Our bodies, in fact, are communities of genes, working together, communities of bacteria, upon which we depend for life. It is a massive defense system against environmental threats. It houses the brain, perhaps our greatest achievement and it produces all that we have achieved on this planet.  

 So we are not individual bodies, although each body is unique. A trauma to this body is responded to by millions of our bodily fellow travelers and mark this--bacteria and viruses communicate with one another chemically in doing so. They talk, identify an invading germ or injured site, marshall a plan, move to the site and begin to repel an invader, communicating all the time, chemically.

Birds and fish flying in flocks, bees swarming also show this kind of group thinking and deciding.

So this body is truly alive and interacting internally as well as externally.

However, this marvelous alive thing was designed to live only about 30 to 35 years, the average age of the cave people. We have extended our life spans with medical technology but in doing so have exposed the body to ills, traumas and diseases we would not have encountered a mere 200 years ago because most of us would not have lived long enough to get or encounter those traumas, diseases and ills.

 So our body, evolutionarily speaking is encountering new challenges it had not had to face before.

 It is touch and go.

 The body is on the defensive because in addition to all of the above we, in the past never left our small group or traveled more that 300 miles from the site of our birth.

 Today we travel all over the planet and therefore our bodies encounter germ communities they would have never encountered in the past and therefore, have few immunities against those foreign germ communities.

 The entire Indian nation in North America was likely more impacted by germs bought by the Europeans than by conquest. Millions died from lack of immunity and millions more from the loss of men and women providers to disease

 So we need, in this modern era, with these kinds of body challenges new weapons in the fight, and to become aware of ways to combat these challenges which do not involve drugs, drugs and more drugs.

In summary the body is its own person seperate from the mind. It and its parts exist in a community of entities and is alive and basically electrical in nature.

It has it own "thoughts" and needs and in the end is more powerful than the brain. It operates on a more viseral level where its major concern is for the survival of its various parts. The Brain can be distracted, often neglects the body throught diet and abuse, but the body cannot afford to neglect itself since it is the whole and not just a part, like the brain.

The "aora" of the body can and has been photographed in Kirlian photograhy and interestingly some of the more fasinating art work is being done currently where plants, leaves trees etc, are being photographed with clear electrical patterns coming off the plants, trees, human, virtually everything.. 

The electrical nature of life is becoming more and more apparent.
 See the link below for more info on bioelectricity or google Kirlian photography which harkens back to the experiments of Tesla, who complicated Einstein's investigations of light and radiation.

So tomorrow lets have a look at the question of what is a body to do under these circumstances.

5-29-11 The Body Map

Clearly the body must be seen as a whole entity in touch with itself both chemically and electrically. Amputees still feel the amputed limp to be in place. Kirlian photos show electrical outines of the missing limps in photos.

Therefore, the body can be seen to generate it's own measurable electrical field.

This unity of this electrified body extends to the cells (cells have an electrical charge, all of the organs do as well and the brain is an electirical field jammed with neurons making electrical contacts both internally and externally.

Now what, we want to know, happens when these  finely tuned electrical connections are interupted or pinched off, or damaged.

 We want to know what is the body's response electrically and what is its way of reparing that damage, seen in these electrical bio-plasma terms.

We often hear and discuss remedies such as surgery, drugs, meditation, bio-feed back, chemical remedies, physical rehab, artifical limps etc.

But we see very few remedies focused on impairments where the brain for example,  or other vital organ are injured or have shut down  bio-plasmically in terms of relating to the rest of the body.

Shut downs and impairments matter given this construction of the human body.

The unity of the whole has been impaired. What does the body do?

So in the next few days lets look at specific cases and specific remedies using this bio-plasmic model rather than the usual remedies outlined above.


The Body Electric has a Frequency And Also the Food We Eat

The first step toward seeking remedies is to have a closer look at the proposition that the body is electric. The above blog site goes into detail about the body electrical field and the organs within the body.

This is the result of work which goes back at least to Tesla and incoporates the notion that each part of the body has a frequency and that stress disruptes these frequencies and lowers our ability to ward off disease. Foods too have a frequency and when we eat these foods their benefits are closely related to the freqencies they impart to the body.

This ideas has the advantage of being measurable and on the above pages the frequency of hundreds of food ittems is given.

Now the point of this view, however, is that disease and stress lower the frequency of organs, and specific parts of the body as does stress. The higher the frequency the better since in this theory, high frequency bodies, or organs in the body can defeat diseases which have lower observed frequencies. In death body frequencies lower gradually until, of course, these frequency emissions cease.

Take a look and see what you think.

For our purposes we want to take injured and tense sites in the body, where injury has occured and work with some of the ideas above in mind, but focus on the physical manipulation of the muscles of the body to effect a realignment of this physical energy, from that of stress to higher functioning.

I know all this sounds a bit far out. But the proof is in the pudding.

Tommorow lets have some pudding.

6-1-11 Electro Magnetic Fields and Human Health

The health of the body of course can be affected negatively by electro-magnetic, radio frequency, and microwave electric fields that exist all around us from "smart meters", power lines, cell phones, all so strong that hospital equipment read-outs are affected and we are told we can not use our cells phones in the hospital.

So electrical fields can harm us and the dispruption of our own body electrical field can be harmed by the other electric, magnetic and microwave emissions all around us. This is, of course, all the more complicated by the fact that sites of stress and injury in the body are also affected by these electro-magnetic fields.

It is no joke. Some argue that Johnny Cochran, and Ted Kenndy died of brain turmors from cell phones. Now manufacturers, yes that Iphone too, put warning and health language in their cell phone contracts. (Might want to read that thing.)

6-2-11  Cutting Into the Body-Harms and Benefits.

Specific Approaches for Specific Injured or Tense sites in the body

Here we start looking at specfic approaches for healing. Let's start with operations.

I had an operation for ulcers some 30 years ago which gave me an 8 inch scar right up my middle-from my belly button up past my diaphram. The body regarded this as a massive injury and started to react. I started to do breathing exercises and noticed that there was a benefit to this seemingly negative outcome; while the body reacted to the stress and I could do exercise, diet, and breathing around it, the operation, had effectively severed my diaphram.

This was a good thing in that all of the tensions which had resided there in the muscle structure had effectively been re-set. From years of working for rock-hard abs and stomach muscles I suddenly had a marshmellow soft diaphram which made proper breathing much easier. (The same would be true , I am guessing for women who have had cesarians.

 I started to put two and two together in that my sexaul reponses after a time started to became more intense and I became more emotionally open, and I lost a bad temper I had had since my youth.

The operation had broken the muscle and breathing pattern in the disaphram allowing me to re-build that muscle structure on a new basis. I started to breathe keeping that diaphram soft because I was interested in keeping the sexual benefits invovlved. I also became interested in how the body can revamp how it deals with injuries and stress in the tissues. 
I vowed to keep that diaphram soft. This was after the jaw incident I have described above.

So I started to look at other areas of the body to see what could be done in other sites in the body as well, therefore I discoverd by accident through the operation what could be done with the diaphram. I started readiing up.

6-6-11  The Nature of Exercise

Before we move on to specfic approaches to particular parts of the body under stress lets pause to ponder a common remedy often cited. We are told that diet and exercise are the path to good health.

Diet is easy to see but what about why should exercise matter so much?

The normal answers are that exercise strengths the heart, the cardio-vascular system, the organs and has benefits for mood, arteries and the like. We all know those answers. 

But lets just for fun look at it from another perspective, that of the bio-plasma perspective.

The above answers seem to me to be valid but there is another I propose to explore briefly. They are not mutually exclusive.

Exercises exercises the tissues of the body from the bones to the muscle structures. We want to know what is happening biologically and electrically in the body.

Mild exercise helps to rid the body of toxic by-products and they are literally moved on to the liver and other organs for excretion from the body and waste products. Moving around, exercise seems to be a part of this process and necessary to it.

If bones are broken, it is commonly known physical rehabs helps in the healing process.

Long stays in the hospital or in bed after evern a few days show breakdowns in the normal proceesses of the healthy body. 

So what is happening here?

I am thinking that movement in the body actually changes the charge in the cell structure. Each cell has a charge and the body as a whole actually has a postive and negative charge balance. If that balance is disrupted by illness or injury its causes other problems for the body.

This balance is faciliated by exercise.

But note that the process of re-balance has been seldom measured or described except in very general terms.

I propose the following description:

Exercise forces puts the body charge system into motion, in tissues, bone, and brain. In this process parts of the body actually start to communicate with one another both chemically and electrically, each part seeking to rebalance with the other.

Exercise becomes the engine for this in much the same way that electrons in motion generate a magnetic field. The magnetic field becomes the body aora we have spoken of and follows the exact same process and principles we see in place at the quantum and at the galaxy level.

Now that is a wow of of an idea. But intuituively it makes perfect sense that the body processes should match and be complimented by processes in operation at the level of the very smal and the very large.

See my other blogs on this site. For the macro or galaxy level see "More Evidence That Plasma Theory of the Universe"  and also the "What Love Feels Like The Whole Body Orgasm." These two articles spell out the history and rationale for the basic electric nature of the universe.

Also take a look at the Tesla videos in "Plasma." There the practical applications of this electric notion are spelled out.

Here I am trying to integrate these ideas in the context of the human body focusing especially on the process of healing. More on the latter tomorrow.

See "What Love Feels Like" on this site and then the video below


More tommorow.









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Reviewed by J Howard
interesting reveiw of the not so obvious-but perhaps...should be. listening with the eyes is indeed very important.
well done-
Reviewed by Christine Tsen
Love this one!
Yes, we need to take care of and listen to this gift which is our body. There is much wisdom here, and it's a very interesting write.

I had an unexplained tight throat during teen years, which I think now went along with being unable to find my own voice.

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