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Michelle R Kidwell Power In The Pen

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A Light In Darkness Chapter Three Part Two Co Written with Sarah L Tagert
By Michelle R Kidwell Power In The Pen
Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Not rated by the Author.

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"We need a break in the case...






“The officer was wrapped in a blanket in the trunk of that car. When we tested the blanket for blood, it was positive, but not his. The blood matched the sample the parents of that missing girl brought in. I can’t tell you if she was alive when she was near this blanket, but I can tell you she was wrapped in this blanket. All the samples that did not burn were soaked in her blood.”

“I had a feeling something was not right, that she was hurt.” Marishka admitted reluctantly. “I hope she’s alive.”

I can’t tell you if she is still alive. I will tell you this, if the blanket covered Ricky’s body, and if Sandy’s blood was all over it, then she has lost a lot of blood. That does not mean she isn’t alive though. You and I both know a person can lose a lot of blood and survive. If she is still losing blood, Sandy won’t be able to survive long. The trunk of the car also was positive for blood and it matched Sandy’s DNA. Other biologicals were also found inside as well. I would almost say they had locked her in there and not let her out for any reason.” The technician paused before continuing. “I’m not sure how to tell you this, but there was also evidence of semen in the trunk, three different men. From the location, I would say it came from Sandy. There was a lot of it, which indicates she is being raped, I would say repeatedly. 

Marishka sat with her mouth agape, shocked at what she was hearing. She knew about being raped, that was what Jay had done to her and her sisters repeatedly, but it always hurt to hear it was happening to someone else.

“I hated to tell you because I know you are working so hard to find her. At the same time, I knew you would want to know what I had found. This must be next to unbearable for you.”

“You have no idea how unbearable this is to me.” Marishka told the Coroner.

“As much as time was key in finding her, consider that doubled now. If you don’t find her soon, she is going to bleed to death.”

“We’re going to key up the search now.” Marishka said, as she headed out the door.

“Marishka, what are you doing here at this hour? I thought I was the only one who came in this time of the morning” The coroner asked as Marishka made her way to the door.

“A dream I had this morning is actually what brought me here.” Marishka explained.

“Marishka, something else you should know. Sandy’s DNA matched someone in the department. It was another reason the result came back faster.”

“Who?” Marishka asked, having a feeling she already knew.

Nothing in the world could have prepared Marishka for what she would hear next. As soon as the words left the technician’s mouth, she felt dizzy and almost fell out of her chair.

“Who?” Marishka asked, having a feeling she already knew.

Sandy is your sister. All of the markers match. I ran the test three time to make sure.”

It took a little time for Marishka to recover from the shock. She thought she would be prepared for it, because deep down she had had a feeling that Sandy was her sister since Emily had pulled her aside that day months ago and told her that Sandy was adopted and when she put everything together she remembered that was around the time her Mother came back from her trip as her Father had put it. Now she knew what that trip was though.

“The cop they found in the truck of the burned car also came up a match to both of you, but not all the markers were the same in that case. You only share one parent with him.”

“Ricky was my half brother?” Marishka asked unable to believe what she was hearing. She felt bad for being so hard on him. She was hard on all of her workers though, but they knew she cared, it seemed Ricky did not like listening to her though.

“It sure does put things into perspective. I think you need to be careful, Marishka. Whoever is behind all this might come after you next.”

Marishka did not like entertaining the thoughts that went through her head. She had this feeling that she could not shake, that someone her Father was behind this. It was to hard to think that he would kill his own children before, and now that she thought about Ricky, she could not forget his face, and how much he looked like her Father. Now she knew that it was her Father’s son. He looked to much like her Father to be her Mother’s son since only half of the markers matched.

“Marishka, are you okay? Why don’t you let one of the guys take you home. After all you’ve taken in tonight, I don’t know if you need to be driving.”

“I have to keep looking for Sandy.” Marishka said. She was not going to have anyone else drive her home while she needed to be out looking for Sandy, her sister.

“Please let me call Jacob. You look pale and I don’t think it’s safe for you to driving.” She begged.

“No please don’t. I will be fine, I just need to find Sandy. He’s already killed Ricky, I can’t let them take Sandy too.” Marishka pleaded.

Sandy began having a very disturbing problem. During one of the beatings, one of the kidnappers kicked her in the head and ever since she had not been able to hear. This put her more on edge since the kidnapping.

Marishka knew she needed to get to her sister and she needed to get to her soon, she had already lost Anna, she couldn’t loose another sister one she just found out she had. As she thought about it she realized now why she had gotten along so well with Sandy, why they seem to click right off.

Sandy wondered if anyone was still looking for her or if she had been given up as lost. She had lost track of time and Sandy wondered if the new year had started yet. It was after the Christmas party at the courthouse she had been taken. Sandy wondered how her parents were holding up, neither of them were in very good health and she could imagine the toll this was taking on them. Scott was probably desperate by now. She knew if the search was still on, it was taking a toll on Marishka. Sandy felt pangs of guilt over having taken Marishka from her family on Christmas and if it was not already past would likely keep her away from them over New Year’s.

This was wearing Marishka down, but she was going to find Sandy, if it took all her energy she was going to fight until she found Sandy, and she would pray, that she found her sister before it was to late, she felt so helpless but at least she could pray.

“My dad is a businessman and my mother is a teacher. I don’t know what you want from me. I can’t tell you anything. My parents are good people. They have never been involved with the Mafia, not here or in Russia.” Sandy said through clenched teeth since her jaw had long since frozen shut. It was one of the evening’s torture and interrogation sessions. This time they were actually allowing her to talk between tortures.

“I guess your parents never told you anything about your real roots. You were adopted. It would seem they would have told you by now.”

Adopted? Sandy felt dizzy from her injuries as well as hearing this news. Could it be true ? She always wondered why she did not seem to have any of the traits of her parents or why her natural interests were not even remotely the same as theirs.

Marishka could not understand why they would want to hurt Sandy, she was a good person. She loved everyone and went out of her way for people, she didn’t deserve this. Marishka found herself wondering how much more her family would have to endure before people left them alone. It was as if they had a vendetta against anyone who was even remotely connected to the Tanya name.

“Guess they did not want you going looking for your roots and finding out your dad has ties to the Russian Mafia. He’s the whole reason you were here. That detective in the wheelchair is your sister and she was getting awfully close to finding out the truth about you. The cop who helped pull off this is your half brother, or he was. Ricky burned up in one of the stolen cars he helped us get.” The kidnapper sneered.

At the moment Marishka could not spend the time speculating though she needed to spend the time looking for Sandy. When she found her youngest sister then she would have time to straighten things out in her mind, but right now what she needed to focus on was getting her sister back.

“Lord help me through this, I just don’t understand what’s going on and I need your help through this, I have so much to let sink in right now, but I don’t have the time for that until Sandy is found, please, please Lord lead me to Sandy before they kill her, let me have the chance to have a relationship with my sister.”

After praying Marishka decided she needed to pull over, grab her cell phone and call her sister. She would have her sister meet her at the Heart Rock Café and they could talk their. Marishka needed coffee to wake her up anyway.

“Isha what did you need? You sounded winded on the phone.” Sophia asked, before she even sat down and started sipping on her cappuccino.

It is urgent Sophia, and it’s shocking.”

“What is it Marishka?” Sophia asked looking concerned.

Sandy is our sister, and remember the rookie cop, he was killed and he was our half brother. He was Dad’s son Sophia.”

“Are you sure?”

“I am positive, all the DNA samples match up. Remember when Mom went away when we were younger?”

“Yeah.” Sophia said, and a light flickered in her look. “It wasn’t a vacation was it?” 

“No she went to have Sandy, she came back around the same time Emily and Rob adopted her.”

“I’ll be praying that you find her soon, Isha.”

“Thank you Sophia.”

“Are you sure you are up to the search?”

“Yeah I am sure, I can’t just give up now, especially knowing what I now know.”

“Just don’t put yourself in anymore danger than you already are.”

“I’m trying not to Sophia.”

“Okay.” Sophia said excusing herself, she needed to get back to Jelena, they were going to go that morning and look for a few things she needed for school.

After Marishka said goodbye to her sister she headed out for the squad car, and she would drive back to the precinct to see if there was any more news there, and assign another officer to follow her on the search, and one to ride with her.

Back in the solitary confinement of her prison, Sandy thought about what the kidnappers had said. Could Marishka and Sophia actually be her sisters or were her captors lying to her.

“Please hurry, Isha.” Sandy whispered in the darkness, using the nickname she had heard Marishka’s sister use at family gathering. “I don’t know how much longer I can live like this.

After a grueling thirteen hours of looking for Sandy, Marishka came back home exhausted and made her way to bed. She was hoping to get at least a couple of hours rest so she could be more alert looking for Sandy, but with sleep came nightmares.

In the dream Marishka was thrown in with Sandy in a small enclosed spaced and beaten, and for a horrible few minutes after she woke up from one dream she could not hear, and the whole idea scared her to death. She had never known what it was like to not hear a thing until then.

Marishka stayed awake for awhile after that, afraid of going back to sleep, but sleep soon came and she could no longer fight it off, and with sleep came more dreams. This dream may actually help Marishka in the search for Sandy though, at least she prayed it would.

In the dream Marishka was locked in a trunk of a green Toyota with her sister, and they were parked several miles from Strawberry. This was the most vivid dream she had and it was her greatest hope in finding Sandy.

Marishka believed with all her heart the Lord had given her that dream to help her find her sister.

Marishka woke up Jacob and told him about the dream in one long breath.

“Jacob I had a dream and in the dream I saw where Sandy was, she was in a green Toyota not far from Strawberry, we have to get to her.”

“The doctor wants us to take Emily off the machines, Jacob. They said she has not brain activity and nothing can change that. I can’t believe she could actually be gone. If I lose her, there won’t be any reason for me to live. My wife is all I had left.” Rob said, his voice breaking.

“Rob don’t pull the plug , because they said the same thing about Sophia, and look at how the Lord brought her back.”

“If she is suffering, I don’t want to keep her around for my own sake. I have to do what is best for her and what she would have wanted me to do.”

“I don’t think she’s suffering, if they have her under all these medicines, I doubt


she feels any pain.”


“I know I should not make this decision rashly. It would be best to give myself a


few days to see how things go and then decide what is best for her. This is not the kind of


thing that can be taken back.”


I have to agree with you. That is a wise decision on your part, because you never


know what changes can come in a few days.” Jacob assured Rob.


“I just want to do what is best for Emily. Thank you for coming, Jacob. You have


no idea how much your support means for Scott and I right now. I wish someone could


reach him but he seems to have shut everyone out.”


“I am here for you whenever you need me Rob, and I believe Scott will come


around, everyone deals with grief in their own way.”


“He still feels like he failed Emily. Scott left the party early because he didn’t feel


well. If he had been with her that night, then Scott thinks he would have been able to


prevent her being taken.”


“I think in time he will come to realize that this was not his fault.”


“If she doesn’t come back, he will spend the rest of his life blaming himself, so


will I.”


“You can’t think she’s not coming back, Marishka would move heaven and earth


to get her back if that’s possible. Have faith in Marishka she’s a great cop.”


“I have no doubt in Marishka’s abilities as a cop, but there is only so much she


can do, especially if they have already killed her. I know that if I can be done, Marishka


will do it, she is the best cop on the force. That is clear in her being promoted, she would


not have been promoted had she not been the best.”


“Don’t give up on hope of finding your daughter Rob, it won’t do anyone any


good you giving up.”


“Nothing I do does anyone any good, Jacob. I’m the most useless person in this


situation. I can’t do anything for Sandy, Emily or Scott.”


“You need to hold on to hope Rob in situations like this hope and faith is all that


you have to hang on to those two things, because without them you really will feel


horrible. I know you already do, but its worth without hope and faith.”







            “We need a break in the case.”  Marishka told Jacob, as just the two of them were


sitting at the kitchen table for a cup of coffee, it was only five a.m and everyone else was still asleep.


            “I know Marishka.”  Jacob said.  “I’ve been praying for a break in the case.”


            “So have I.”  Marishka said, “But it still feels like we’re at a dead end road with nowhere to turn.”


            “Keep the faith Marishka.  You have been telling everyone else to keep the faith, you need to take your own advise.”  Jacob said holding his wife’s hand in his.  She could

 feel the love radiating from his body.













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Reviewed by Peter Paton 5/10/2006
These vivid and compelling dreams are God's way of impressing on our minds his urgent and palpable messages...
Well crafted and diverse story
Love and Blessings
Reviewed by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado 5/10/2006
Powerful and compelling story, Michelle; very well done!

(((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in Tx., Karen Lynn. :)

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