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Michelle R Kidwell Power In The Pen

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A conversation between Sarah L Tagert and I, we wanted to give insights, into how we interact together, and how our stories come together...I hope you enjoy, again Karen Vidra we dedicate this to you...





shadytrails1982: howdy

Mickyjo28: howdy

shadytrails1982: what's up?

Mickyjo28: not much here, what about with you

shadytrails1982: not much

shadytrails1982: just kind of tying up loose end on school

Mickyjo28: thats good

shadytrails1982: no, it's not that bad actually

Mickyjo28: ugh \

Mickyjo28: sorry to hear

shadytrails1982: it's not bad

Mickyjo28: oh ok

shadytrails1982: does legolis feel like talking tonight?

Mickyjo28: I dont know can you log on to MSN?

shadytrails1982: not on this computer

Mickyjo28: ugh

shadytrails1982: yeah

shadytrails1982: it comes and goes, but not enough to have a conversation

Mickyjo28: thats not good, why don't we work on Live and Uncensored?

Mickyjo28: that was a great idea you had yesterday :D

shadytrails1982: sure

shadytrails1982: glad you thought so, can't wait to put it into action

shadytrails1982: I think Karen liked it too

Mickyjo28: kewl I havent had a chance to read her review yet, but I will get there in a minute

shadytrails1982: Hey, I sent you something, btw

Mickyjo28: okay i havent got to my email yet either I am a little slow tonight

shadytrails1982: it's no big deal

Mickyjo28: I am headed there, but I was busy tormenting poor Sari LOL

shadytrails1982: lmao

Mickyjo28: I got the lessons for childrens church ready today

Mickyjo28: I hope the kids actually listen tomorrow

shadytrails1982: awesome

shadytrails1982: I guess I'm not the only person on top of my game today

Mickyjo28: nope

Mickyjo28: :D

shadytrails1982: other than the problems w. MSN, I am really starting to like Trillion

Mickyjo28: kewl I havent had a chance to download it yet,

shadytrails1982: it's alot easier than having everything in a different program shadytrails1982: and I can still get into my yahoo chat too, so that's awesome

Mickyjo28: where did you send the email?

Mickyjo28: I am at my account and all I can see is the email from yesterday, when Audrey wrote Louie?

shadytrails1982: I thought I sent it to michelle_kidwell

Mickyjo28: you may have sent it to

Mickyjo28: I am hoping tomorrow the kids are better behaved than they were last Sunday

Mickyjo28: sometimes I feel like I am reaching them and at other times I feel as if I am falling flat on my face

Mickyjo28: if you know what I mean

shadytrails1982: yeah, I do know what you mean

Mickyjo28: this concept of Live and Uncensored was great

Mickyjo28: It gives others an insight on to how we interact

shadytrails1982: I've thought about it before, just didn't mention it

Mickyjo28: I am glad you did now

shadytrails1982: :D

shadytrails1982: btw, no offense, but I'm getting real sick of people, not you or I wouldn't be talking to you

shadytrails1982: but my sister. I've about had it w. my sister. She want to rub her new stuff in my face and then have me to happy about it

Mickyjo28: ugh

Mickyjo28: that's not good

Mickyjo28: are you still there?

shadytrails1982: yeah

shadytrails1982: I had to help my sister w. something

Mickyjo28: oh

shadytrails1982: she's fighting w. her new computer

shadytrails1982: she's fighting w. her new computer

shadytrails1982: and she wants help, but she doesn't want me to do what I need to

Mickyjo28: then how are you supposed to help?

shadytrails1982: I haven't yet figured out

Mickyjo28: It would help if she actually let you do what you needed to do :S

shadytrails1982: yeah

shadytrails1982: sorry about the delay, again, "helping" the sister

Mickyjo28: I am trying to stay awake LOL

Mickyjo28: I have felt drained for the last couple of days

shadytrails1982: I bet, I know the feeling

shadytrails1982: now you're quiet on me

Mickyjo28: sorry

Mickyjo28: I was working again :D

Mickyjo28: And turning the air off

shadytrails1982: lol

Mickyjo28: It gets stuffy in here, but you dont need the air on for more than a few mins or you freeze LOL

shadytrails1982: lol

Mickyjo28: I won't be on to long tonight btw, if I have any hopes of having the energy to deal w/the kids tomorrow

shadytrails1982: I'm finishing up writing this assignment, so I might be slow for a moment too

shadytrails1982: or trying to rather

shadytrails1982: wb

Mickyjo28: ty did I get booted?

shadytrails1982: yeah

Mickyjo28: oh

shadytrails1982: Susie is itching to talk, btw

Mickyjo28: I dont have the energy right now, I am afraid :S

shadytrails1982: darn

Mickyjo28: I am going to have to go soon, because I have to be up early in the morning, if the kids were like they were last week, I am going to need all the energy I can muster, not to mention patience

Mickyjo28: They were contradicting everything I said, and disobeying the rules last week, and I only had three kids, it was the two older ones that were misbehaving, the three year old was acting more mature than the nine and eleven year old :S

Mickyjo28: go figure

shadytrails1982: :S

Mickyjo28: I need a double dose of energy

shadytrails1982: ugh

shadytrails1982: maybe you need to take tomorrow off

Mickyjo28: fraid not

Mickyjo28: I am the only one to teach them and they need to be taught

Mickyjo28: I think I will be fine after a good nights sleep

shadytrails1982: You need to take care of yourself first

Mickyjo28: I am believe me, that is why I have been spending more time resting,

Mickyjo28: I am believe me, that is why I have been spending more time resting,

Mickyjo28: I also gave myself wedensday off spent the day resting,

shadytrails1982: what does "resting" mean to you?

Mickyjo28: laying around

shadytrails1982: ok

shadytrails1982: just wanted to make sure

shadytrails1982: as active as you are, I thought it might mean going to the gym

Mickyjo28: actually I dont go the gym :P but thats an idea maybe I need to join one :D

shadytrails1982: oh yeah, you need more exercise :P

shadytrails1982: like I need a truck load of ice cream

Mickyjo28: yeah actually I do, if I dont excericise I loose muscle strength and tone, and I really cant afford that

Mickyjo28: want me to send the schwan guy over LOL

Mickyjo28: :P

shadytrails1982: too bad you can't lose weight by not exercising :S

Mickyjo28: lol sorry does not work that way unless you believe some of those stupid infomercials

shadytrails1982: yeah, I know

Mickyjo28: I will probably miss church tomorrow night too, so I really cant afford to miss it in the morning

shadytrails1982: well, one assignment down, one more to go for this week

Mickyjo28: thats good that you got one down

Mickyjo28: when I get done with these trips to the MD clinic every three or four weeks I am going to prolly go back to school

shadytrails1982: but I won't have a day off, I have a test to take tomorrow

shadytrails1982: and then time to start all over again Monday

Mickyjo28: ugh

shadytrails1982: did I tell you I don't have to go back to my dr until Feburary?

Mickyjo28: Btw Solomon turned a year old today, my Boxer

Mickyjo28: thats good, I go every three to four weeks,

shadytrails1982: happy b-day Soloman

Mickyjo28: I go again at the end of Oct

shadytrails1982: a friend of mine has a b-day tomorrow

Mickyjo28: and Abby and Solomon has lost it they are barking at the cat using the litter box LOL

shadytrails1982: lmao

Mickyjo28: thats kewl about your friends b-day

shadytrails1982: yeah

shadytrails1982: I sent her an E card, which inspired your's

Mickyjo28: kewl for some reason I am not getting my email at least not that :S

shadytrails1982: Susie is going to think RR has abandoned her

Mickyjo28: no R.R will make up for it tomorrow

shadytrails1982: since you're usually late on Sundays, I probably won't talk to you tomorrow night

Mickyjo28: she will be very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very talkative

Mickyjo28: Okay well then Monday, but I prolly will be on earlier tomorrow, I may not even go to evening service, we live farther from the church now, and Mom doesnt always feel like driving me into Jamestown for services, especially when it is more than once in a day

shadytrails1982: Monday, I'll be late, class

Mickyjo28: will you be on?

shadytrails1982: if all goes well

Mickyjo28: ok

shadytrails1982: oh, you know what, my team is playing Monday night, so I might not be

Mickyjo28: okay then can we plan on Tuesday if not tomorrow night?

shadytrails1982: you don't want to talk to me while I watch football, talk about zoning out...

Mickyjo28: Tuesdays are good for me

shadytrails1982: Tuesdays are the best for me

Mickyjo28: me too actually

shadytrails1982: I'm winding down from class and this week's reading in the online classes is nothing like last week

Mickyjo28: thats good

shadytrails1982: yeah

shadytrails1982: hopefully, I'll be able to take a bath more than twice a week :S

Mickyjo28: I am going to be starting some reasearch on the Byzantine period I think, and also on the Christian Crusades, I want to write a couple of historical novels, but it is going to take alot of research

Mickyjo28: Ugh I have to everyday or I feel funny

shadytrails1982: I don't have time when I am studying

Mickyjo28: not to mention the fact that if I dont spend time soaking in warm water my muscles have a major fit

shadytrails1982: well, my body hates me regardless

Mickyjo28: believe me I know been there done that

Mickyjo28: mine doesnt seem to exactly be in love with me

Mickyjo28: Will you be on at all tomorrow evening?

shadytrails1982: and to boot, the hip I hurt when I propelled myself out of bed a few months back is still acting up, plus I rammed my hip into the door latch last night

shadytrails1982: I won't be on late, and you don't usually get here until 11:30 or 12:00 my time, so I don't know if I will see you tomorrow night or not

Mickyjo28: I am going to call you grace if you dont stop that LOL

Mickyjo28: of course I am ate the lawn today, taking Solomon out

shadytrails1982: what am I doing?

Mickyjo28: ramming into doors

shadytrails1982: oh, ok

shadytrails1982: I thought it was something I said

Mickyjo28: no LOL it was just a joke

shadytrails1982: if you are here by 10:00 or 10:30, you'll probably catch me

shadytrails1982: I can't promise after 11:30 or so though

Mickyjo28: if I dont make it to church I prolly will be but if I do, then I doubt I can be here that early considering we dont get out until around eight my time

shadytrails1982: yeah, that's ten my time

Mickyjo28: And my aunt is due to call from San Diego again, she called at like six thirty this morning, she goes to bed and gets up with the birds

shadytrails1982: ugh

Mickyjo28: her and Mom are still trying to get things figured out with Nonna's will, my uncle and cousin apparently did not exactly follow my Nonna's wishes as were stated in the will and now they are dealing with that

shadytrails1982: ugh

Mickyjo28: yeah you got that right, just what Chris needs too, she has been battling cancer for sixteen years, she really needs more worries NOT

shadytrails1982: yeah

Mickyjo28: I dont understand her though, I love her but I dont understand her

shadytrails1982: lol

shadytrails1982: join the club

Mickyjo28: She worships Buddha, that I do not understand more than anything, not to mention the fact that whenever she comes up, I have to spend sixteen hours making sure everything is spotless, because even before she got sick she was a neat freak

shadytrails1982: relatives are great, huh?

Mickyjo28: I am afraid she is going to spot dust my notebooks, and order them by color next time I see her LOL

Mickyjo28: Yeah they are

shadytrails1982: lol

Mickyjo28: as I said I love her, but I dont understand her she did have us cracking up the other day when she told us what happened to her though,

Mickyjo28: even she laughed at it

shadytrails1982: what happened?

Mickyjo28: she was downstairs and one of her friends were upstairs using the restroom, and when the person flushed the bathroom floor started to come down, and apparently she got soaked, she said it would have made a great comedy or something for AFV LOL

shadytrails1982: lmao

Mickyjo28: yeah I would have loved a pic LOL

Mickyjo28: UGH I hope we get DSL or Cable internet out here soon, this dial up is slow :S

Mickyjo28: Well Sarah I think I am going to call it a night, I may talk to you tomorrow if not plan on Tuesday, but if you have any entries or letters you wanted posted just email them to me and I will post them okay?

shadytrails1982: ugh

Mickyjo28: ttyl, GBU, good night, and I look forward to Susie and Legolis talking soon

shadytrails1982: take care, good night

Mickyjo28: I will post this conversation tomorrow because maybe we will talk then and I will have more to add to it okay?

shadytrails1982: ok

shadytrails1982: ok

shadytrails1982: I was thinking it was too boring to be read anyway

Mickyjo28: I dont think so Karen seems to like our conversations

Mickyjo28: and we said Live and Uncensored LO:

shadytrails1982: yeah, she does

Mickyjo28: Have a good night

shadytrails1982: they never bore her it seems

shadytrails1982: you too


shadytrails1982: hey

Mickyjo28: hey

shadytrails1982: sorry about that, I was out helping mother milk

shadytrails1982: we just got back in

Mickyjo28: thats okay

shadytrails1982: I'm surprised to see you here at this hour

Mickyjo28: I made it through church today, we stayed later because we were having a going away party for two of  the members who are leaving our church, moving to Texas

shadytrails1982: oh

Mickyjo28: No church tonight because we stayed late today for the party

shadytrails1982: oh, ok

Mickyjo28: so I decided to come online for a little bit then I am going to soak in a bath

shadytrails1982: I need a bath myself. Since I don't have any school work to do tonight, I actually have time for such luxaries

Mickyjo28: kewl

Mickyjo28: Solomon's b-day is today, I had the date wrong,

Mickyjo28: :S

Mickyjo28: our friend who has Solomon's brother reminded me it was today not yesterday

shadytrails1982: oh

Mickyjo28: yeah I am backwards LOL

shadytrails1982: that's ok

Mickyjo28: I did something very stupid too, I put vinegars on my veggies, and forgot about my cold sore that is until I started eating them UGH

shadytrails1982: ugh

Mickyjo28: Can you log on to MSN yet?

shadytrails1982: it logs on then kicks me right off

shadytrails1982: I've about given up on using MSN

Mickyjo28: UGH

shadytrails1982: yeah

Mickyjo28: I was hoping it was working so Legoless and Susie Q could talk

Mickyjo28: our alter ego's LOL

Mickyjo28: it's a pitb, having to transcirbe their names into the conversations

shadytrails1982: I haven't figured out how to change my screen name on trillion

Mickyjo28: Ugh well is Susie up to writing a journal entry?

shadytrails1982: I'm trying to answer an email from Gretchen right now

shadytrails1982: btw, I have figured out what the next hurdle for the Jackson family is going to be

Mickyjo28: kewl

Mickyjo28: I got to eat lunch with my favorite mentor today :D

Mickyjo28: I bet you know who that is LOL

shadytrails1982: yeah, I do

shadytrails1982: yeah, I do

shadytrails1982: haven't had it in months, but I do remember what it's like

Mickyjo28: havent had lunch in months?

Mickyjo28: or lunch with your mentor?

shadytrails1982: well, I haven't had lunch out in months, but I also haven't had lunch w. my mentor in months either

shadytrails1982: actually, I consider Dr. Kent my mentor, but Cathy is certainly up there too

Mickyjo28: I didnt have lunch out exactly we had lunch at church and I got to sit with Sister Ruth

shadytrails1982: that's still awesome

Mickyjo28: She turned eighty on the fifteenth by the way, though you would never know it

Mickyjo28: yeah it is

Mickyjo28: brb our friends are here

Mickyjo28: for a min

shadytrails1982: ok

Mickyjo28: back now

Mickyjo28: Cindy was upset, she ended up with an unexpected Bill and they have five kids to care for, so she was in need of prayer

Mickyjo28: her and her husband both were requesting prayer

Mickyjo28: Sarah are you there?

shadytrails1982: I'm gonna let you go. Maybe we will catch up later

Mickyjo28: okay

Mickyjo28: I will ttyl, Gb, bye

shadytrails1982: yeah, I had stepped away to watch the end of Extreme Makeover, Home edition

shadytrails1982: I thought you weren't back yet. The messages didn't pop up until I typed that message for some reason

shadytrails1982: EMH is a part of my new twist for Audrey, btw

Mickyjo28: thats okay if I dont catch you tonight I will Tuesday

Mickyjo28: kewl I cant wait

shadytrails1982: btw, the Cohens aren

shadytrails1982: t aren't very observant

shadytrails1982: it would seem they have not notices Daniella missing yet

Mickyjo28: we will just say that she was missing when we reconvine the series okay

shadytrails1982: what if she was taken this morning from church?

Mickyjo28: that could work I guess, but I was thinking maybe at the restraunt they visit after church

shadytrails1982: that could work too

shadytrails1982: Hey

Mickyjo28: Hey

shadytrails1982: I wasn't planning to still be awake, but I've gotten involved in a movie now :S

Mickyjo28: :S what movie are you watching?

shadytrails1982: It's a Dianosis Murder movie

Mickyjo28: I love DM

shadytrails1982: on Hallmark

Mickyjo28: We dont get Hallmark on the cable that we had here, but we are trying to get Dish

shadytrails1982: oh, ok

shadytrails1982: DM is really about all I watch on Hallmark

Mickyjo28: kewl

shadytrails1982: I watch Little House On The Prairie some too

Mickyjo28: I love that show too

shadytrails1982: my grandmother is obsessed w. it

Mickyjo28: Have you seen Sue Thomas yet?

shadytrails1982: I keep missing it


Mickyjo28: It's great

shadytrails1982: I will, eventually

Mickyjo28: I have seen every episode that they have played more than once

shadytrails1982: I don't watch too much TV during the week, when I am doing school

Mickyjo28: yeah I know how that goes, I am sure when I get back into the swing of things I wont be watching it much either

shadytrails1982: I manage maybe 2, sometimes 3 hours a day during the week

Mickyjo28: I was lucky to get that when I was going to school

shadytrails1982: I watch my favorite shows and spend the rest of my time working on school

Mickyjo28: that's kewl

shadytrails1982: I guess

shadytrails1982: so, I guess RR and Susie won't be talking then?

Mickyjo28: I dont know

Mickyjo28: I didnt think you would be on to much longer its nearly two where you are at

shadytrails1982: I'm watching this movie, I'll be on until it's over

Mickyjo28: kewl

Mickyjo28: multitasking eh?

shadytrails1982: very much so


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Reviewed by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado 9/25/2006
Good collaboration, you two; very well done! BRAVA!

(((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in Tx., Karen Lynn. :D

Was sick all weekend, am feeling much better (thank GOD!!).

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