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Amber J Phillips

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Central High-- Pt.3-- 2nd Chances
By Amber J Phillips
Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rated "PG13" by the Author.

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The seniors plans for the future come together. Is shaquasha having second thoughts? Jenaisha and sam's relationship stays strong. What happens when trey expresses his feelings to someone else? Jumarion maybe doing something that might jepordize his future in basketball.


******** The Next Day ********
-- Wednesday -
~~~ First Period ~~~
Jenaisha::(comes in smiling) Heyyyyy!!!!!!
Ciareisha:: Hey
Jenaisha:: (sits down) (smiles) Wuts goin on
Ciareisha:: On my way to ISS , i just had to come pick up my work
Jenaisha:: Have fun in ISS (smiles)
Ciareisha:: It's our last day
Jenaisha:: (laughs)(smiles) Thats right it is (gets out her notes)
Ciareisha:: (looks at her) Yeeeaa Why you sooo happy
Jenaisha:: Had a good night (smiles)
Ciareisha:: Doing what
Jenaisha:: (laughs) Nothin
Ciareisha:: Yea sure nothin got you dis happy?
Jenaisha:: (laughs) Well maybe i did a lil somethin
Ciareisha:: What you do
Jenaisha:: More like who
Ciareisha:: (screams)(jenaisha laughs) What??
Jenaisha:: (laughin) Tell you more later (smiles) Your gonna be late
Ciareisha:: (looks at da clock) Oh shit i am but you bettah tell me
Jenaisha:: I will (ciareisha walks off)
Teacher:: (bell rings) SIT DOWN and Where is jumarion (looks at jenaisha)
Jenaisha:: I dont know
Teacher:: POP QUIZ
Jenaisha:: Dammit
Teacher:: What was that
Jenaisha:: (fake smiles) I just love pop quizes
--- In The Hallway Before Third Period ---
Sam:: (walks up to jenaisha) Hey
Jenaisha:: (smiles) Hey (they kiss)
Sam:: (holdin her waist) How are you
Jenaisha:: Tired (they look at eachother and laugh)
Sam:: Hmm i wonder why
Jenaisha:: It's your fault
Sam:: (laughs) It's our fault
Jenaisha:: (smiles) Yeah
Sam:: (walks jenaisha to class) You goin meet me at the tables
Jenaisha:: Why dont i meet you in the gym
Sam:: You wanna see me play dont you
Jenaisha:: Yeah
Sam:: Alright (kisses her) See ya in da gym
Jenaisha:: (smiles) Ok (walks into 3rd period)
Dorrian:: She still in ISS
Jenaisha:: (looks at him) Why do you care?
Dorrian:: Nevahmind
Jenaisha:: No for real i would like to know why you care, you not together, and you hate her for doin that to you so (looks at him) why do you care?
Dorrian:: Cause i care
Jenaisha:: Well she has enough people who care about her, she dont need your drama!
Dorrian:: I'm not trying to push my drama on her, but we were really good friends before we got together and i'm trying to get that friendship back
Jenaisha:: (looks at him) Really?
Dorrian:: Yeah (looks at her)
Jenaisha:: (gets her notebook out) Yeah shes still in ISS but she'll be back tomorrow
Dorrian:: Aight thanks
Jenaisha:: Welcome (she puts her head down on the desk)
~~~ After School ~~~

Ambreesha:: (runs towards jenaisha) HUUUNNN!!!!!!!
Jenaisha:: (smiles) Hey hun (they hug)
Ambreesha:: I'm out!!!!
Jenaisha:: You're out
Ambreesha:: Thank god
Amanasia:: (listening to her ipod)
Ciareisha:: Ok tell us why you sooo happy
Jenaisha:: Huh?
Ambreesha:: Oh yeah, why you sooo happy Hun??
Jenaisha:: Ummmm
Ambreesha:: Oh my god did you and sam..ya know??
Jenaisha:: (nods) (ambreesha screams) (jenaisha laughs)
Ambreesha:: Oh my god how was it??
Jenaisha:: (dips low) Sooo good
Ambreesha:: (laughs)
Jenaisha:: Sooo damn good
Ambreesha:: Thats good (they both laugh)
Jenaisha:: MmmmHmmm
Ciareisha:: Wow
Ambreesha:: (looks to jenaisha) She dont understand (points to ciareisha)
Jenaisha:: (laughs) Nope
Amanasia:: (takes her headphones off) What are yall talkin about?
Ciareisha:: (they all look at amanasia and laugh) Nothin go back to yo music
Sam:: (comes behind jenaisha) Hey
Jenaisha:: Hey
Sam:: You ready (jenaisha nods) (sam waves to the gurls) (they all wave back)
Ambreesha:: Bye hun
Jenaisha:: Ok (hugs ambreesha) Love ya bye (she waves to the gurls and walks off)
****** Later on at Dorrians ******
--- Knock Knock ---

Dorrian:: (opens the door)
Shaquasha:: (crying)
Dorrian:: Hey
Shaquasha:: (crying) Hi
Dorrian:: Wuts wrong
Shaquasha:: (crying) (shrugs her shoulders)
Dorrian:: (he takes her into his arms) Are you okay?
Shaquasha:: (crying) No
Dorrian:: You wanna talk about it
Shaquasha:: Just wait ( she buries her head in his chest, he holds her while she crys)
--- 10 minutes later ---
Dorrian:: (she sits down) (he looks at her)
Shaquasha:: I cant do this anymore
Dorrian:: Do what?
Shaquasha:: (points to her stomach) This
Dorrian:: (sits next to her,takes her hand) Why
Shaquasha:: Because i got to thinkin and it's like is it worth all this pain that i'm going through? and is it worth throwing my life away
Dorrian:: (looks at her) So what are you thinking
Shaquasha:: Abortion is out of the question, i'm thinking of carrying it full-term, giving birth, but putting it up for adoption
Dorrian:: (lets go of her hand) Thats a big decision
Shaquasha:: I know but its the only decision besides keeping it
Dorrian:: Are you set on not keeping it
Shaquasha:: I was reading on adoption and they have this thing called open-adoption, the baby would know me as it's birth mom but be raised by another family
Dorrian:: The families are okay with that
Shaquasha:: Yeah
Dorrian:: Have you told Rijon
Shaquasha:: (looks down) No
Dorrian:: What if hes not okay with this
Shaquasha:: He has to be
Dorrian:: It's a good decision cause it's not like you wont see the baby ever again
Shaquasha:: I can see the baby whenever i want
Dorrian:: Thats good
Shaquasha:: (tears up) What if i change my decision last minute
Dorrian:: Then you change it, you can't help that
Shaquasha:: (starts crying)
Dorrian:: Why you cryin now babe
Shaquasha:: (crying) I'm Emotional, I'm Pregnant,
Dorrian:: (holds her) It's ok
Shaquasha:: I dont know (crying)
******** The Next Day ********
--- Thursday ---
~~~ First Period ~~~
Ambreesha:: (laughin) I missed this class
Ciareisha:: Have you seen Jumarion?
Ambreesha:: No
Jenaisha:: (looks) There he go
Ciareisha:: (looks at him) Why he look like that
Jenaisha:: Like what
Ambreesha:: Spaced out? a little tired? wobbly?
Ciareisha:: Yeah (he comes over)
Jenaisha:: Hey boy
Jumarion:: (nods his head) (he sits down)
Jenaisha:: You can't speak? (he shrugs his shoulders) (she looks at ciareisha)
Ciareisha:: (looks at him) (leans over to him) Whats wrong with you
Jumarion:: (mumbles somethin) (laughs)
Ambreesha:: (sniffs him) (whispers) Are you high??
Jumarion:: (laughs) (mumbles somethin) (puts his head down)
Jumarion:: (puts his head up) Yo why you da that (slurrin his words)
Ambreesha:: Are you?? (they all look at him)
Jumarion:: (looks at them) (laughs) Theres like 4 of you
Ciareisha:: Theres only 3 of us
Jenaisha:: (kicks him) ANSWER THE QUESTION
Jumarion:: Aight just stop kickin me and lowah yo voice , yeah (laughs) i am
Ciareisha:: (smacks him across the back of his head) Are you stupid
Ambreesha:: You got a game tonight (smacks him)
Jumarion:: Stop smackin me go sit down
Jenaisha:: Wut you trying to do
Teacher::(comes in) Sit down so we can fill out your future forms
Ambreesha:: (smacks him across the back of his head) ( he looks at her) Whoops my hand slipped (the girls laugh and sit down)
--- The teacher passes out the Future Forms ---
Jenaisha:: Wut you puttin down for colleges
Ambreesha:: Umm MSU, U of M, Detroit Mercy, and Washtenaw
Jenaisha:: Wut about Eastern
Ambreesha:: I dont wanna go there
Jenaisha:: Oh! I'm puttin MSU, Eastern and Detroit Mercy
Ambreesha:: And occupation?
Jenaisha:: Umm somethin in childcare
Ambreesha:: I knew you would , I put RN
Ciareisha:: I put Criminal Justice
Ambreesha:: Alright now
Ciareisha:: I'll be bankin
Jenaisha:: We all will
Ambreesha:: Helll yeaaaa
~~ Second period ~~
Amanasia:: I'm crushin on shaun
Ambreesha:: Shaun is cute
Amanasia:: Bump cute , the boy is fine as hell
Ambreesha:: (laughs) Does he like you
Amanasia:: I think so
Ambreesha:: Uh-oh
Amanasia:: (laughs) You so stupid
Ambreesha:: But you love me
Amanasia:: Yeah
Ambreesha:: Wut about romel?
Amanasia:: I like his sexy ass too
Ambreesha:: Oh lord
Amanasia:: He be tryna be all up on me in first
Ambreesha:: And let me guess you let him
Amanasia:: Hellll yeaaaaaaa
Ambreesha:: (laughs) You fill out your future form
Amanasia:: Yea i filled out that shit
Ambreesha:: I found it helpful
Amanasia:: Of course you did
Ambreesha:: Oh jumarion came to school High
Amanasia:: For real?
Ambreesha:: Yep
Amanasia:: Dumbass, He just askin to be kicked off his scholarship
Ambreesha:: Sho is
~~~~ At Lunch ~~~~
Trey:: (walks up)
Ciareisha:: Hey boy (kisses him)
Trey:: Hey , how are you
Ciareisha:: Good, you
Trey:: Good, could i steal ambreesha for a minute
Ciareisha:: (ambreesha looks up) Why
Trey:: I need her help on somethin
Ciareisha:: Ok
Ambreesha:: Wut you need help with (gets up)
Trey:: See ya in a minute
Ciareisha:: (smiles) Ok
Trey:: (looks at ambreesha) Come on
--- In The Senior Court ---
Ambreesha:: (trey is pullin her) Wut is it
Trey:: (stops) (turns and looks at her)
Ambreesha: What trey damn
Trey:: I like you
Ambreesha:: (sits down) What
Trey:: I like you alot
Ambreesha:: You're with ciareisha, my friend, remember
Trey:: Yeah
Ambreesha:: So you can't like me
Trey:: Well i do
Ambreesha:: Well dont
Trey:: Why not
Ambreesha:: Are you seriously askin me this? Do you like ciareisha?
Trey:: Yeah i do
Ambreesha:: Good so wateva you have for me needs to stop
Trey:: So you sayin you got no feelins for me
Ambreesha:: We're friends thats it
Trey:: I thought we had somethin
Ambreesha:: Oh my god, No we didint nothing at all
Trey:: (looks at her) You gonna tell ciareisha about this?
Ambreesha:: Theres nothing to tell, cause this is nothing
Trey:: Ok
Ambreesha:: I have to go , But if you break ciareisha heart or lead her on for no reason, i will kick your ass, you feel me
Trey:: (nods)
Ambreesha:: (looks at him) (shakes his head) (walks off)
-- Back In The Cafeteria --
Jenaisha:: (ambreesha walks up to them) We're gonna go to the gym
Ambreesha:: Ok to see sam play
Jenaisha:: (laughs) Yep
Ciareisha:: Wheres trey?
Ambreesha:: He stopped to talk to some friends
Ciareisha:: Ok
Amanasia:: Can we go now
Jenaisha:: Ms.attitude over here
Amanasia:: Watever ( they laugh )
---- In The Gym ----
Jenaisha:: (they sit down) (she smiles)
Ciareisha:: Awww look how happy you are
Jenaisha:: (smilin) I know
Ambreesha:: Which one is she
Jenaisha:: She got da black wife beater on, lookin sexy
Ambreesha:: (looks) Damn she lookin like a dude
Jenaisha:: (smiles) I know
Amanasia:: Look at shaun sexy ass
Ambreesha:: (laughs)
Jenaisha:: (sam sees her and waves) ( jenaisha waves back and smiles)
--- They watch Them play ---
~~ After School ~~
Ambreesha:: (laughin) He does do that
Jenaisha:: (laughin) Yeah
Ambreesha:: I'm sooo tired
Jenaisha:: Here comes ciareisha, she looks pissed
Ambreesha:: Oh shit
Jenaisha:: What
Ciareisha:: (comes up) What he say to you
Ambreesha:: I't wasn't that bad
Ciareisha:: Tell me what the hell he said to you
Jenaisha:: Wut is goin on
Ambreesha:: Trey took me to the senior court at lunch and told me he liked me, i told him that he was wit you and i only think of him as a friend and that would never change and i told him if he led you on or broke your heart i would kick his ass and then i left
Ciareisha:: He told you he liked you
Ambreesha:: Yeah
Ciareisha:: Alright
Ambreesha:: ( ciareisha starts walkin away) CIAREISHA ( ciareisha leaves ) Shit!!
Jenaisha:: I can't believe he said that
Ambreesha:: You think she mad at me
Jenaisha:: It wasn't your fault
Ambreesha:: I know but still
--- In The Parking Lot ---
Ciareisha:: (walks up to trey) You told ambreesha you liked her? and don't lie to me
Trey:: (looks down) Yeah
Ciareisha:: What??
Trey::(looks up) Yeah
Ciareisha:: Why?
Trey:: Because i did
Ciareisha:: Did?
Trey:: After my conversation with her i realized i like you more
Ciareisha:: Cause you can't have her, so i'M A BACK UP TO YOU
Trey:: (looks at her) No why would you think that
Ciareisha:: Gee i don't know trey
Trey:: I had to know for sure before i led you onto somethin fake
Ciareisha:: Is it fake?
Trey:: (looks at her) No it's not
Ciareisha:: (looks at him)
Trey:: Come here (he pulls her close to him)
Ciareisha:: (looks at him) What?
Trey:: I like you
Ciareisha:: (he still holdin her) It's hard to tell
Trey:: Well i'm tellin you here that i do and i wanna be with you
Ciareisha:: (he still holdin her) (looks at him) Ok
Trey:: (smiles) Ok
***** At The Basketball Game *****
-- On da Sidelines --
Jumarion:: (sitting on the bench)
Jumarion::(looks up) What
Jumarion:: (wipes his head) (goes out on the court)
-- Up in the bleachers --
Ambreesha:: Oh no
Amanasia:: What
Ambreesha:: (points) They put jumarion out
Jenaisha:: (laughs) This should be good
Amanasia:: (screams) GO SHAUN!!!!!
Ambreesha:: (watching jumarion) Wut the hell is he doing, dancing
Jenaisha:: (laughs) Where is ciareisha
Amanasia:: She couldnt come
Ambreesha:: Shes avoiding me
Jenaisha:: It wasnt you're fault
Ambreesha:: I know but still, she hates me
Jenaisha:: She doesn't hate you
Amanasia:: PASS THE BALL
Ambreesha:: (watching) (busts out laughin) Jumarion dropped the ball
Jenaisha:: Wut the hell he doin?
Amanasia:: Hes fuckin up thats wut he doin
Jenaisha:: Did he fall
Ambreesha:: Yeah
-- On the Sidelines --
Jumarion:: (comes and sits down)
Coach:: Wut you doin out there, this aint ice skating this is BASKETBALL
Jumarion:: My head not in da game tonight
Jumarion:: You puttin me back in the game
Coach:: NO you out for the rest of the game
--- Halftime ---
---- In the Locker Room ----
Shaun:: Wuts wrong with you
Jumarion:: I don't feel so good ( runs to the bathroom)
Dorrian:: JUMARION!!
Jumarion:: Go away (falls on the floor)
Dorrian:: You ok
Jumarion:: (layin there) (laughs)
Shaun:: (throws some water on jumarion)
Jumarion:: Wut the hell
Coach:: Wuts wrong with him
Dorrian:: (grabs a water)
Jumarion:: (coughs) (goes in a stall)
Coach:: 10 MINUTES (goes in his office)
----- Second Half -----
--Up in the Bleachers--
Jenaisha:: He has never been benched
Amanasia:: (romel comes up) Hey
Romel:: (hugs her) Wut up
Amanasia:: (lookin at him) I thought you played
Romel:: Football
Amanasia:: Oh
Romel:: (holds her waist) (whispers in her ear)
Amanasia:: (laughs)
Ambreesha:: This game is sooo damn dissapointing
Jenaisha:: At least shaun and dorrian makin some kinda shots
--- On the Sidelines ---
Jumarion:: (looks up) Yeah
Jumarion:: What
Jumarion:: (gets up and goes on the court)
--- In da Bleachers ---
Jenaisha:: He in there again
Ambreesha:: Damn! look at amanasia all up on romel
Jenaisha:: (laughs) I thought she liked shaun
Ambreesha:: She does
Jenaisha:: Wooow
Ambreesha:: Thats what i said
Amanasia:: (takes romels hat off) (puts it on) (strikes a pose)
Romel:: (laughs) Lookin hot
Amanasia:: (laughs) (puts his hat back on) Wut you doin after this
Romel:: (lookin at her) Chillin with you
Amanasia:: Thats whats up
-- 5 minutes later --
-- Jumarion is running to get the ball and he passes out --
Gurls:: OHHH SHIT (they scream) JUMARION (they run onto the court)
--- The game stops and jumarion is carried out by a stretcher still passed out-- The ambulance takes him to the hospital --
-- Outside --
Ambreesha:: We goin to the hospital (jenaisha nods)
Dorrian:: You goin to the hospital
Ambreesha:: Yeah you?
Dorrian:: Yeah
Ambreesha:: See you there (he gets in his car)
Amanasia:: I'm goin with romel
Jenaisha:: Aight see you there
***** At Da Hospital ******
--- They run in ---
Nurse:: Can i help you
Jenaisha:: Jumarion Boyd
Nurse::(looks in the system) Hes in room 213 but hes not stable so it's gonna take a minute for you to see him
Ambreesha:: Thanks
---- They sit in The waiting room by room 213 ----
Jenaisha:: (sittin with ambreesha) I hope he's ok
Ambreesha:: He will be
Shaun:: (runs in) What room
Dorrian:: 213 but we can't see him yet
Shaun:: Why he play if he was like that in the locker room
Dorrian:: Coach put him in
Ambreesha:: How was he feelin
Dorrian:: Light-headed
Shaun:: Throwin up , weak
Dorrian:: Coughin
Jenaisha:: Damn! he shouldnt of played
Shaun:: Nope
----- 20 Minutes Later -----
Doctor:: (comes in) (they all stand) Any family members here
Shaun:: I'm his cousin
Doctor:: Ok (looks at the chart) Your cousin overdosed and thats why he passed out
Shaun:: Overdosed on what
Doctor:: (looks at his chart) Marijuana and oxicoton
Shaun:: (shakes his head) Is he ok
Doctor:: He's stable, i wouldnt go in right now, we're gonna have to pump his stomach to get all that out of him
Shaun:: How long is that gonna take
Doctor:: Could be a couple hours, he won't fully be stable until tomorrow morning
Shaun:: (points outside the waiting room) Those his parents (the doctor leaves)
Jenaisha:: Weed and oxicoton
Ambreesha:: We knew he was high this morning, but oxicoton
Shaun:: (shakes his head) Wut the hell are you doing jumarion
Dorrian:: Doesnt oxicoton have to be prescribed
Shaun:: His mom is on it cause of the back pain she has
Jenaisha:: (watchin outside the waiting room) His mama cryin
Ambreesha:: Awww
Jenaisha:: (leans on ambreesha shoulder) I'm tired
Ambreesha:: You wanna go
Jenaisha:: Lets make sure he ok
Ambreesha:: Aight, wheres amanasia?
Amanasia:: (walks in with romel) Wuts goin on?
---- They fill her in ----
******* The Next Day ********
---- Friday -----
~~First Period~~
Jenaisha:: (comes in) (sits down)
Ambreesha:: Hey hun
Jeanisha:: Hey
Ambreesha:: Tired?
Jenaisha:: Yeah
Ambreesha:: Me too , up all night worryin about dumbass
Jenaisha:: Yeah me too
Ambreesha:: (ciareisha walks in) Uh-oh
Jenaisha:: She doesnt hate you
Ambreesha:: Sure ok (puts her head down)
Jenaisha:: (ciareisha comes over) Hey ci
Ciareisha:: Hey gurl
Jenaisha::: How are you
Ciareisha:: Good, hows jumarion?
Jenaisha:: Doin better, we're gonna go see him during lunch, you can come with us
Ciareisha:: Alright (looks at ambreesha) She sleep
Jenaisha:: No (nudjes ambreesha)
Ambreesha:: (looks up) Hey
Ciareisha:: Hey
Ambreesha:: look i'm sorry for what
Ciareisha:: (cuts her off) M e and trey talked, i'm not mad at you, you didnt do anything , me and trey are fine
Ambreesha:: (breathes) Thats good
Ciareisha:: Yeah
Jenaisha:: Sam might come with us
Ciareisha:: You and that gurl
Jenaisha:: (laughs) What?
Ciareisha:: You really like her?
Ambreesha:: Yes she does
Jenaisha:: (smiles) Oh do you have your notes from third
Ambreesha:: Yeah (gets them out, hands them to her)
~~Second Period~~
Amanasia:: (standin with ronel) Hey boo
Ambreesha:: Hey (hugs her) (waves at romel , he nods)
Amanasia:: You hear anything else
Ambreesha:: No but we goin up there at lunch you goin with us?
Amanasia:: Yeah
Ambreesha:: Alright ( they walk in second and sit down)
Shaun:: (comes in) Hey
Amanasia:: Hey boy
Ambreesha:: Hows jumarion?
Shaun:: His stupid ass just fine
Ambreesha:: Thats good
Amanasia:: I'm mad you called him a stupid ass
Shaun:: Well he is stupid, he overdosed on weed and oxicoton
Amanasia:: True
~~At Lunch~~
Dorrian:: You stayin here
Shaquasha:: Yeah i'm gonna talk to rijon
Dorrian:: Alright (kisses her) see you lata
Shaquasha:: Ok
Dorrian:: (runs) Yo shaun wait up
Shaun:: (stops the car) Get in Hurry up
Dorrian:: (gets in)
--- they drive off ---
~~ At The Hospital ~~
Jumarion:: (they walk in his room) Hey
ALL:: Hey
Jenaisha:: (goes up to him) How you feelin
Jumarion:: Good just really tired
Jenaisha:: (smacks him) What the hell yo problem is
Jumarion:: Yo why you comtinue to smack me
Jenaisha:: Cause you a dumbass, had us all worried (raises her hand) (sam puts her arm down and holds her)
Jumarion:: (looks at her) (looks at everyone else) Sorry
Ciareisha:: Damn right you are
Dorrian:: So why you do it
Jumarion:: I don't know , pressure
Ambreesha:: Pressure?
Jumarion:: Basketball, college choices
Shaun:: We all stressed about that kinda stuff, but we not doin drugs
Amanasia:: And you can talk to us
Jumarion:: I know (looks at them) You think my scholarship gone?
Dorrian:: Yeah it's gone
Jumarion:: (shakes his head) Damn!
Jenaisha:: You should think before you do somethin stupid like that
Jumarion:: Yeah, thanks sam for holding her (sam nods) You all at lunch
Ciareisha:: Yeah
Amanasia:: You commin back monday?
Jumarion:: Yeah
Shaun:: I would avoid coach
Jumarion:: I plan too
~~ Back at School ~~
--During lunch--
Shaquasha:: Rijon can i talk to you for a minute
Rijon:: (looks at her) Yeah
--- They go to the senior Court ---
Rijon:: Wuts goin on
Shaquasha:: We gotta talk about this (points to her stomach)
Rijon:: I thought we did
Shaquasha:: Something new has come up
Rijon:: Ok (looks confused) What?
Shaquasha:: Ok, i got to thinkin about the baby and how if its worth goin through all this pain to throw our lives away or on hold when we dont have to
Rijon:: What you trying to say
Shaquasha:: I dont want to keep it
Rijon:: WHAT??
Shaquasha:: Calm down
Rijon:: Wut you mean you DONT WANT TO KEEP IT
Shaquasha:: I'm not having an abortion so get that out ya mind
Rijon:: (sits down) So wut you doin?
Shaquasha:: I was reading on adoption and i dont like the fact that i would give my baby to someone and never see the baby again so i'm thinkin of an open adoption
Rijon:: Wuts that
Shaquasha:: Its where the baby knows us as the birth parents but another family raises it, and we can see the baby any time we want, so this way i can go to college, you can play basketball
Rijon:: It sounds sooo simple
Shaquasha:: It is
Rijon:: (looks at her) (thinks) You sure about this?
Shaquasha:: Yeah
Rijon:: (thinks) Alright
Shaquasha:: What?
Rijon:: Lets do it
Shaquasha:: Really?
Rijon:: Yeah
Shaquasha:: (smiles) Thank you
Rijon:: Even if i were to say no you would of done it anyway
Shaquasha:: (laughs) You know me well
Rijon:: Yeah
Shaquasha:: I'm a little scared though
Rijon:: Why?
Shaquasha:: Because what if i give birth to it and become soo attatched that i can't give it away
Rijon:: But you're not giving it away, you can see it all the time and it will know you
Shaquasha:: True
Rijon:: I don't think you will
Shaquasha:: (shrugs her shoulders)
******* At school *******
-- Monday --
~~ First period ~~
Jenaisha:: (laughin) Did i teel you what sam wants to do
Ambreesha:: Do i wanna know?
Jenaisha:: (laughs) It's nothing like that, she wants me to have a dinner with her and her family
Ambreesha:: Uh-oh
Ciareisha:: Meeting the parents
Jenaisha:: I'm nervous
Ambreesha:: You said yes?
Jenaisha:: Yeah
Ambreesha:: Oh no
Jenaisha:: I know right
Administrator:: (comes on the loud speaker) Can coach hudson see Jumarion boyd in his office
Teacher:: YEAH
Jumarion:: Shit
Ciareisha:: Good luck
Jumarion:: Dammit (gets his bag, goes up to coach office)
~~ In Coach Hudson Office ~~
Coach:: Sit down jumarion
Jumarion:: (sits down) Wut up coach?
Coach:: Wut up is you passin out on my court in the middle of a game
Jumarion:: Yeah sorry about that
Coach:: You sorry? wut was goin through your head mr.boyd? you have a full scholarship to MSU and you wanna throw it away for drugs?
Jumarion:: So my scholarship gone?
Coach:: They tellin me to take it away from you
Jumarion:: (looks down) (shakes his head)
Coach:: I'm not sure i wanna do that, you get good grades and you one of my star players, but you did somethin stupid
Jumarion:: Well i can assure you that i wont happen again
Coach:: (looks at him) Well i'm not gonna take your scholarship away but i do have to suspend you from the next game
Jumarion:: (smilin) Oh my god, thank you (shakes his hand)
Coach:: Don't make me regret this mr.boyd
Jumarion:: I wont (smilin) (walks out the office)

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