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Felix LeRoy Perry

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Little Davy's Christmas Miracle
By Felix LeRoy Perry
Monday, October 08, 2007

Rated "G" by the Author.

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Hope you all like and though long, I think it is worth posting...Fee


Little Davy’s Christmas


By Felix L. Perry


Little Davy’s Christmas Miracle

Chapter 1


Little Davy, not yet five, curled up a little closer to his mother as she read he last few lines about the Baby Jesus in the manger….

His young eyes sparkled with the reflection of the Christmas tree lights and the clock struck nine as his mother took him by the hand to lead him to his bedroom down the hall. Davy’s father, Jed, was out driving taxi trying to make up the extra dollars they’d spent to make little Davy’s Christmas a special one. Jed had called around seven to tell Wanda he would be only working a few more hours then he’d be home. Wanda, once she had helped Davy with his prayers tucked him in and lightly closed his door leaving it open a crack so light would filter in to keep him from being frightened. In the hall she paused and checked the thermostat and raised it up another five degrees, the temperature outside had dropped to 22 degrees already and it was only just past eight.


          Wanda smiled knowing all was ready for the morning, his presents were hidden in the attic, the cookies and milk he had helped her prepare earlier were left on the kitchen table, and her hubby should be home any time for the night. Lying back down on the couch she flipped through the channels till she came to a movie with Henry Winkler playing scrooge and managed to watch for all of ten seconds before her eyes took her off to dreamland. That was where her husband would find her about an hour later when he finally parked the cab for the night. She didn’t hear Davy’s light footsteps across the carpet not did she hear the back door being opened as he slipped quietly into the night…


          At the foot of the North Mountain range in Nova Scotia on the edge of a small town almost forgotten in time is what we have always called the North Wood Forest. Not a real forest but about twenty or thirty acres of pine, fir, spruce and elders with bogs and marshes scattered about as well. Davy shivered as he tumbled along the sidewalk in his Sponge Bob pajamas and hugging the two stuffed Care Bears in one arm and his sookie blanket in the other. He knew he was doing the right thing, he would find the Baby Jesus just like that little drummer boy did, he would give him one of his Care Bears and maybe sleep in the barn too like Jesus did. Davy shivered a bit as he pulled his sookie blanket a little closer round his shoulders, just like Batman he liked to wear it like a cape. Davy smiled when the first snowflakes fell and made a game out of trying to catch them on his tongue. He hardly noticed that when the sidewalk ran out and he stood at the path leading into the forest but the darkness or the cold or perhaps a combination of both made his young body shiver. He wanted to turn back and almost did but when he thought of the little drummer boy he stood up straight and ended the dark woods…


Little Davy’s Christmas Miracle

Chapter 2


          Wanda awoke with a small start as she heard the key turning in the lock. Glancing at her watch she was amazed to see it was almost an hour had passed since she lay down on the couch. Stretching and yawning she greeted Jed at the door with a hug and a kiss and he joked about the mistletoe having a great affect on their love life. Noticing the snow on his shoulders and hair she asked: “How is the driving?”

“Well not to bad yet but there is already about two inches down and coming down heavy, think it’s going to be one douser of a white Christmas Wan, I’m glad we got Davy that sled now. Speaking of which how was my boy tonight?”

Remembering the sweet smell of him curled up beside her as she read him the Christmas story before bed she smiled with that smile that only parents can share when they think about their children: “Oh he is soooo excited, but surprisingly he went to bed and quieted down around sevenish and haven’t heard from him since…mind you, I crashed on the couch so I think an explosion wouldn’t have woken me tonight.”


As Jed took off his coat and boots and hung him in the closet, Wanda asking if he wanted a cup of hot chocolate, headed for the kitchen to put the kettle on knowing that Jed would do as he always did when he was working late. Sneak into his son’s room to see his boy and gently give him a kiss on the cheek. He wouldn’t do it if she were there but she had seen him when he didn’t know she was there a few times so now she just let him have his couple of seconds with Davy. Filling the kettle and plugging it in, she pulled down two of the fancy Christmas mugs from the cupboard and began making the hot chocolate and almost dropped them when she heard Jed scream her name…

Jed met her halfway down the hallway “Wan where is Davy? I have looked everywhere and I can’t find him…this isn’t some new hide and seek game he talked you into is it?”

Wanda didn’t even take the time to answer him, she pushed him aside and was into his bedroom screaming his name and when Jed caught up to her he realized by the tears on her cheeks and the way she began to tear the room apart that it was not a game.

          After tearing his room apart and screaming his name over and over, they began a room-to-room search of the small bungalow, no closet, nook or cranny was overlooked but when they came to the back door and found the door unlatched Wanda collapsed in a heap in Jed’s arms fearing the worst. Patiently but firmly after holding her for a few minutes he took her arms and made her look up at him.

“Wan…Look he said pointing at the boot tray by the door, I am going to go look for him, you call the police now and stay here in case he returns. Oh and call your sister tell her we need her help here.”

Wanda could only nod as she watched him run to the front door, grab his coat and boots and quickly donning them he grabbed a flashlight and a blanket and stuffed them into a small kit bag that was hanging from one of the hooks by the back door. He kissed her quickly on the forehead and his last words as he headed out the door were:

“We’ll find him Hun, I promise…”

          Jed pulled up the collar of his coat and quickly searched the whole area around the house screaming out Davy’s name. The snow was falling so heavy now he couldn’t see more than ten feet or so in front of him, he tried to search for any tracks that Davy might have   made but it was useless…there was almost six inches of blowing snow on the ground now and any tracks were long gone. Checking the garage first, Jed hoped with all his heart that maybe he had left the side door open and Davy would be there snuggled up in a corner on the old cot near the radiator. That hope quickly vanished as only silence and empty space was all that the garage offered.

          His neighbor, Billy Boone, hearing all the commotion and yelling came out on his deck to see what was going on and when Jed told him he immediately said he would get dressed and go get some of the other neighbors to help search. They had no longer said that when the flashing light of the police cruiser rolled down the road flickering eerily in the gloom of the snowy night.

Billy putting his arm on Jed’s shoulder hoped to comfort him by saying: “Look Jed, go talk to the officer and I will gather up some men and meet you at your place. We’ll find him if it takes all night.”

Ted only nodded the shock of losing of Davy sinking in as he walked, still calling his boy’s name out as he neared the door to the house that he always felt him and his family were safe behind.


Little Davy’s Christmas Miracle

Chapter 3


Davy was cold and he tried not to cry…big boys don’t cry, that’s what daddy told him just the other day when he bumped his knee and ran to his Daddy to get his boo boo kissed.

“Hey champ, that’s just a little bump and you are getting too big to have your boo boo’s kissed, and besides big boys don’t cry…” So Davy wiping his tears off on the sleeve of his jacket had made a smile and went back to playing on the swings.

Now he wanted to be a big boy and find the baby Jesus so he wasn’t going to cry here either. He was sitting on a log that nestled in the shelter of a huge rock, his young legs were growing tired and he was no longer sure where the path was or wasn’t it was sure pretty with all the snow but so cold. His fingers and little face were numb and now and then he would hold the two care bears up to his cheeks to keep them warm, at least until his hands got to cold and then he would pull them back under his sookie blanket cape.

          Davy tried not to think of the stories he had read of monsters and wolves in forests and dragons…he knew some dragons were good but others breathed fire and were green and had sharp pointy tails.

“Please baby Jesus if I meet up with any old dragons make them be nice ones like Barney.”


The North winds howled like banshees and to the frightened cold little boy they must have seemed like all the monsters and ogres he had ever seen or heard about in his young years and perhaps in a way it was a good thing. In his fear he tended to almost run forward which might have kept him dying there of Hypothermia. Sadly his footsteps filled in quickly behind him leaving scat traces for anyone to follow.

His little mind still thought of finding the manger and the baby Jesus but now he also dreamed of fairy princesses, genies in bottles and leprechauns all coming to his rescue or a magical kingdom of sunshine and candy appearing somewhere ahead of him.  By the time his tiny body collapsed beneath an evergreen tree so covered in snow that it was still dry beneath his mind was finally into that magical kingdom and he began the long sleep that usually preceded death by hypothermia…


Little Davy’s Christmas Miracle

Chapter 4

          Inside the house at 26 Evergreen Road chaos seemed to reign. A lady police officer sat with Wanda on the couch making notes as she questioned her about the events of the night. Another office had Jed to the side speaking with him in a rather one-sided conversation; Jed nodded mostly with his mind only on getting back out and searching for his son. They had all went through the house and determined that he must have left wearing only his PJ’s and Bob The Builder rubber boots and his sookie blanket was also missing, she had also noticed his favorite care bear that was always beside him in his bed was gone…not much to go on the officer thought.

          Billy had managed to round up and a half dozen neighbor-hood men who stood in just inside the entranceway of the house as one of them was a Search and Rescue coordinator explained how they would start the search…time was of the essence for they all knew too well in this cold the little boy couldn’t survive for long. They would work in pairs and fan out beginning at the start of the street doing a house-to-house search until they reached the woods. All carried flashlights and walkie-talkies were distributed to each team.

          As they began pouring out of the house to begin the search, Jed started to grab his coat and head for the door but the officer who had been talking to him grabbed his arm to try and restrain him, Jed jerked his arm out of the officers’ hand.

“Sir, I think the best thing you could do would be to wait here with us and let the others do the search.” The officer said trying to keep his voice calm and rational.

Jed looked the office square in the eye, and said:

“Officer you told me earlier that you had a young girl about the same age as Davy…if it was her would you be staying in your home?”

The officer took only a second,

“Okay let get my coat and tell my partner we are leaving.”





Little Davy’s Christmas Miracle

Chapter 6


Wanda’s had finally gotten her tears under control and wiped her eyes and cheeks with the warm damp cloth that her sister had brought her from the bathroom. The young lady cop sitting next to her was asking her stupid questions about who Davy’s friends were, did he ever wander off before, was their any friction between he and Jed or between them and Davy…

“Oh my God!”  she almost screamed at the officer “You can’t possibly believe that Jed or I had anything to do with this?”

The officer put her hand on Wanda’s shoulder and said:

“No, I don’t believe for a minute you or Jed had anything to do with this but these are standard questions we are required to ask in every child disappearance case so please don’t think like that. I also need to ask if you have had any strange calls lately or seen any strangers in the neigbourhood and I know it sounds like we are thinking about kidnappers but again it is just another avenue we have to explore.”

When Dawn only shook her head no, the officer continued her questions then quietly closed her book and slid it into one of her breast pockets and gracefully accepted the cup of coffee Beth, Wanda’s sister offered.

“Wanda as a police officer I will be here with you, all night if necessary to follow up any leads and to keep in touch with the searchers I am supposed to tell you to go in and lay down and try to get some sleep but as a mother myself I know that is impossible right now.” Beth came around the couch and passed Wan a mug of steaming coffee, which she took and blew on almost sub consciously.


          “If you are religious I could get a hold of your parish priest or our own station chaplain but…”

Wanda interrupted saying that she just wanted to sit and wait to see if the searchers found anything.

          Minutes seemed to drag on now that there were only the three of them sitting in the living room and they were already on their second pot of coffee when the walkie-talkie crackled to life.

“Officer Riley here” she spoke after snatching the unit from her belt.

“Yea Riley it’s me, Johnson.”

The other two women had both rose and came to stand by the officers side, Beth with her arm around her sister prepared to support her if it were bad news. Wanda stood with her hands clasped together in to her lips almost as if she were praying.

“Roger that Johnson, what you got?”

“Nada on the house to house and no one seems to have seen a little boy but then again visibility is so low I doubt if they could have seen him unless they bumped right into him.”

“Anyway we are at the edge of the woods and are just waiting for Mr. Boone to get back from his house with a few more compasses before we begin searching again in the woods.”

“Roger that, Johnson, we’ll be standing by keep us informed.”

“Well that may not be for awhile for we will probably lose reception once we enter the woods but we will keep trying.”

“Johnson out.”

“Riley out” she said almost as an echo of his final words.

The three women once more took up their lonely vigil each lost in their own thoughts but none as frightened and hurting as Wandas.


Little Davy’s Christmas Miracle

Chapter 8

The little boy laid curled up under the tree. Sleep was deep and his breathing his arms were clutched the two stuffed bears, one he had brought as his own comfort the other as a gift for the baby Jesus. Her eyes took in the scene and tired and cold herself as a mother she knew the child would perish in the night alone in the woods…

She didn’t know what had directed her to this particular tree in this particular section of the forest. It was not an area she frequented, not even a path she had known from some other time but she had heeded her instincts and whatever other higher power that directed her life. Only a week before her own baby had been brutally murdered not more that a few miles from here. Her grief had left her roaming the woods barely eating with the grief of her loss…but here was a child alone.

Her mothering instinct must have taken over as she lay down with the boy, her body surrounding his in a protective layer of warmth that the little boy so desperately needed to sustain life. She stirred once as the sudden ringing of church bells came to her through the night…it was now Christmas day, the day of Christ’s birth. Soon she too slept in the quiet of the deep woods beneath the snow-laden bows the mother without her child, the child without his mother.



Little Davy’s Christmas Miracle

Chapter 9

The searchers knew they were running out of time as they continued to push ahead through the woods calling the child’s name. The flashlight beams split the dark, which was not as bad as it had been. The snow had subsided to just the odd flurry now and then and they knew the sun would soon break and light the sky. Though it was not spoken aloud most of them felt that there was no way the little boy dressed only in pajamas could have survived the freezing temperatures and the snow. The word had been passed down the line but not so Jed could hear…to start nudging any small hummocks that seemed out of place.

Hope and fear seemed to grow with each step forward they took and none wanted to be the one to have to give the call that they had found Davy.

The officer that walked along with Jed tried to keep him talking about anything and everything for he knew the terrible grief that must be going through this poor father’s mind. Billy Boone who had been designated search leader called a five-minute pause and when Jed sat on a log to rest he called him over.

“Billy, give me one of your cancer sticks will you? I haven’t smoked in seven years but tonight I need one…please?”

Billy looked dubious but wasn’t about to argue with the pain in Jed’s eyes, he passed Jed the smoke and held the lighter till it was lit and the gray smoke blurred the sad eyes of his friend.

“How much further till we reach the river Billy?” Jed looked up and asked after he let out the first long inhale of smoke, it had almost made him cough but he managed to keep it down and even smiled at the slight buzz he got but then remembered why he wanted it and the smile quickly changed.


          Billy considered lying to him but knew that would be even crueler than the truth, which he knew was going to be hard for Jed to accept.

This time of year the Avon River ran high and if Davy was not found before then they would have to call off the search and call for full search team with tracking dogs and choppers in the morning.

Billy shook out another smoke, offered the pack to Officer Johnson who shook his head no, and looking off towards the mountain he finally spoke:

“Another half mile we should start hearing the rushing water.” His voice was flat as if he had willed any expression out of it and Jed knew what that meant though instead of commenting he crushed out the cigarette and rising said: “Okay Billy, let’s go find my boy.”



Little Davy’s Christmas Miracle

Chapter 10


Two of the three women, Wanda and her sister Beth had curled up on the couch and as Beth slept Wanda stared silently out the living room window. When she heard the Christmas bells from the Catholic Church she looked at her watch and realized it was twelve and that must be the bells from the midnight service. She felt a spark of hope for some reason as if she knew that little Davy was still alive. She don’t know why but she just knew like she hadn’t all evening that they would find him and for the first time she said a prayer of thanks knowing she would have her Davy in her arms again soo.

All evening long, every thing inside her screamed to be out searching with the men but she knew they were right and that someone should be there in case he showed up somehow at the door. Now more than ever she wished she was with them but contented herself with the fact that he would be okay and once again thanked God.

She almost dozed off now that she felt her son was going to be okay and was in that semi stupor state just before sleep when the crackle came from the walkie-talkie on the table and Officer Riley grabbed for it.

“Hey Riley you there?”

“Roger Johnson, here what have you got?” she said turning her back away from Wanda as if that would somehow soften the words if it was bad news.

“Well we are almost to the river, I think if we don’t find any trace then we will have to call off search till morning and bring in the tracking dogs and choppers with full blown Ground Search and Rescue.”

Riley tried to conceal her disappointment for the mother’s sake but when she acknowledged his last broadcast and clicked off and turned towards her Riley was surprised to see an almost serene smile on Wanda’s face…


“I heard but it is okay, I know my boy is okay and we will have him home with us for Christmas morning…”


Little Davy’s Christmas Miracle

Chapter 11

The doe raised her head with the first scent of man on the air. She could hear their voices through the trees and see the flicker of their flashlights. She knew it was time for her to go. The child was now warm and snug and she took the sookie blanket in her teeth and gently pulled it up around him and noticed the two bears one in each of his arms. Instinct or the same higher power that directed her to this lost child kicked in again and she tugged at the soft bear and with it between her teeth she arose and crept silently out below the branches and in a few quick leaps was gone into the night as the boy watched fascinated from the shelter of the tree.

It was also then that Davy heard the sound of his father’s voice, it sounded funny kind of scratchy but he lifted himself up weak and exhausted to call out to his Father…

Within minutes the search party were there and as his father held and hugged the little boy they searchers who could now see by the first rays of the rising sun shook their heads in astonishment. None had really thought he would be found alive and when they saw the impression of the deer that had surrounded the little boy they all shook their heads in disbelief. They tried to reach Wanda but the walkie-talkie was way out of range and when they finally got to the edge of the forest before they made contact with Officer Riley to pass on the good news. The father held the young boy in his arms wrapped in a blanket and held him as they held up the walkie-talkie so his mother could speak to him…

“Mom, it’s okay, I didn’t make it to the manger to give Baby Jesus my other care bear for a present like the little drummer boy in the story did, but Bambi came to take it to him for me…”


Tears of joy fell from all who heard and witnessed…Little Davy’s Christmas Miracle.







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Reviewed by Mary Fallon Fleming 2/22/2008
Wonderful story, very moving. Enjoyed the read!

Reviewed by Rose Rideout 12/28/2007
Felix I wasn't aware that you had posted this story, I remember you letting me read it and the tears I cried, it is very beautiful , thank you for sharing is there a reason we don't get chapter 5 & 7. I have to agree it would be so perfect to have published as a children's Christmas story book for next year. Thank you for sharing.

Love ya face Cuz XOXOXO, Rose
Reviewed by Sandra Mushi 12/28/2007
My seven year old niece would love this story! Delightful story, Felix!

Merry Christmas and God bless,

Reviewed by Patricia Burden-Evans 12/10/2007
I loved your story! I thought it was a bear at first that was keeping Little Davy warm. I was glad it was a doe. Very well written-take it from me- a school teacher- Children would love this and it would make an excellent Sunday School story. Well done!
Reviewed by Sheila Roy 11/30/2007

I like how you stay true to the characters' ages in this ispirational story. Love the creative "Little Davy" parts, with rich detail. You sneak! I was picturing a human mom curling up with Davy! I was yelling at her, telling her to get him to safety! lol! Excellent twist - what a unique surprise. Touching, and a pleasure to read~ Sheila
Reviewed by Julie Donner Andersen 10/11/2007
Oh, Fee.....*passes Kleenex around the Den* This was simply amazing writing. My heart felt every emotion, and I cheered at the ending. Splendid piece! Hope it gets published!

Reviewed by Susan de Vegter 10/8/2007
Tears come freely. This is a wonderful present to us Fee. I do hope you have it published before Christmas season. This would make a remarkable Christmas Eve story for all those who celebrate Jesus's birth. Remarkable is what this is.
Reviewed by Walt Hardester 10/8/2007
There was a very similar story to this that happened in the Smoky Mountains just a few weeks ago. True and remarkable. they had almost given up hope of finding the boy alive.

Reviewed by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado 10/8/2007
Charming write, Fee; very well done! BRAVO!

(((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in Tx., Karen Lynn. :D
Reviewed by Georg Mateos 10/8/2007
Thanks Fee, when one is the blues coming there comes a doe to save the day! Bombarded with all kind of misery by the "news" the story take us to what is really important, to that little one on a straw's bed.
Reviewed by Charles O'Connor III 10/8/2007

Wow this was a truly heart warming story. I was glad little Davy was found safe and sound in the woods. It was funny, in a child's way, and loving how all they want to do and know how to do is give and love; especially Jesus. The atmosphere, with the snow and church, gave this piece a deep richness and I think would make a good children's book.
Just a few missed keys here and there but hardly anything else with grammer. I liked it and hope you like my new fantasy story for my anthology "Voices of Midnight And Other Utterings", the story is called "An Occurrence One Evening". I don't think it is very good but it is the best I can do up to this point. I enjoyed this story very much and you have a great gift at touching the heart.

Take care Fee,

Charles D. O'Connor III

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