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Don Juan Amante

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Together Again
By Don Juan Amante
Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Rated "R" by the Author.

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After Ten Years

Together Again
By Don Juan Amante

I noticed her from across the room. Dozens of people were milling around between us but she stood out in a crowd.

Was it really her? No it couldn’t be! Not after ten years.

She turned and spoke to the woman in front of her giving me an unobstructed view of her eyes. There was no mistaking those eyes, clear, ice blue, wide ovals framed with long, dark lashes. Dressed in a royal blue suit and high heels to match, she was tall and stood with perfect posture. Her flaxen hair was caught up, pulled back into a chignon.

She looked so different than I remembered, when she had worn blue jeans and her curly, blond hair tumbled below her waist. The girl had grown up to be a woman, and what a woman. Amazing how different she had looked ten years ago at twenty but now I was sure that the sleek,enchanting creature across the room was Sunny. Sharon was her real name but I always called her “Sunny” because of her smile and her blond hair.

What the hell was she doing here at a middle school dance and did I want her to notice me or not?

I was there as a chaperone for my son’s valentine dance but what was Sunny doing there? Was it possible she had married, had a child and was also a chaperone?

Chaperones! Oh. the thought of that was so deliciously funny in light of all the completely debauched and entertaining activities Sunny and I had so often enjoyed beyond the prying eyes and restrictions of chaperones.

I had to muffle a laugh so as not to draw attention to myself. Being six foot three made it hard most of the time not to be noticed and now I knew I must make a decision to either leave the dance or run the risk of being spotted by the gorgeous blonde I had such mixed feelings about. Then there was Jason, my son, to think about. Should we stay or leave?

As I stood pondering the right action to take the question was answered for me. From across the room she moved steadily toward me. Weaving through the crowd with such grace and beauty, calling to me above the noise when she was close enough that she knew I could hear her….

“Juan, Juan, is it really you?”

Closer still she came, flashing that melting smile. Her face was the face of an angel, her body that of a goddess made for sin. She was not as slender as she had been ten years before and the extra weight accentuated the voluptuousness of her curves. She came so close I could smell the scent of her perfume; a blend of forest and flora that suited her. It so quickly and completely aroused me that I was forced to hold the evening‘s program page over the front of my pants.

Soon I found myself gazing into those blue eyes I remembered so well as she stood right in front of me. Rising on tip toe, she threw her arms around my neck and kissing my cheek, whispered “I’ve missed you.”

My heart beat as if it would escape my chest, her scent, her touch, her warm breath against my neck was an emotional overload as all the memories came rushing back into my mind like a runaway train with a load of explosives.

Snatches of memory …. a bottle of merlot, eating cold pizza and making love in front of the fire and nights on the still hot sand of the beach grabbed my senses. I remembered passion unleashed in my cot and even in the little supply closet at the hospital where I was doing my residency; how she screamed in pleasure and the head nurse tired to open the door. We managed to escape before she returned with her key. Sunny was always excited by an element of risk and we made love in some very unusual and often public places. I felt my shaft harden like a landscape timber with the memory of that time on the sofa in the doctors lounge when anyone could have walked in and the time on the university library steps!

I could almost feel her legs tighten around me as I pounded into her wet, tight walls and hear her demanding in that soft, sexy voice, “Harder Juan, harder Baby.”

Finally my thoughts returned to reality as my arms slipped around her waist and I drew her close to me. I wanted to bury my face in her hair and inhale its sweet scent but since we were in a room of middle school students and their chaperones I didn’t. Instead I let her go and stepped back to get a better look at her.

“Yes Sunny it’s me and you are more beautiful than ever. What on earth are you doing here tonight?”

“I’m here with my niece. My sister is in the hospital having another baby and I’m taking her place. Juan, where is Jason? They told me you two had moved to San Juan and I had no idea you were back. Where is he Juan?”

“I’ve only been back since the start of the school year. Jason’s here Sunny, don’t see him right now. You’ve been gone ten years you know. You won’t hurt him will you, go too fast and hurt him?”

“No Juan, I’d never hurt him. I’ve dreamed of this day, seeing you again, and Jason. I’ve thought of you every day for ten years. I made some terrible mistakes and I’ve paid Juan, I’ve paid a high price for them. Do you think you could ever forgive me?”

“Already forgave you Sunny. I’m just not sure how to handle seeing you again after so long. The thing is, I don’t know if Jason will forgive you….if he can. He‘s twelve now and he doesn‘t even remember having a mother. Maybe we should not introduce you here, publicly. It could be quite a shock to him. Why don‘t you come over to the house tomorrow night around seven for dinner, it’ll be valentine’s night and I’ll cook something special. Here’s the address,” I said as I wrote it on the back of my program and handed it to her.

“Thank you Juan, you won’t regret it,” she replied as she once again kissed my cheek.

She turned and I watched her gentle sway as she walked away, feeling the old desire kindled once again. She was the kind of woman that you never forget, that you never want to forget, even if she did break your heart. She did break mine, shattered it to pieces when she became involved with someone else and with drug addiction that took her away from me and our son. I had wanted to marry her but that was not to be.

The next night I decided to send Jason to spend the night at a friend’s house. I needed time with Sunny to understand the situation and comprehend where she really was now before I introduced her to our son. She would just have to understand, I had protected Jason all these years and I wasn’t about to stop now.

The doorbell rang a few minutes after seven and when I opened the door my body trembled with the fire of desire. She was dressed in a short, brown leather skirt and jacket and soft butter-colored suede blouse. Her long blonde hair hung in curls below her shoulders, and God…. she looked and smelled good enough to launch a thousand ships. She reached up and kissed me lightly on my lips.

“Hi Juan, sorry I’m a little late. I’m so nervous about meeting Jason again,” she said as we moved into the living room.

“He’s not here Sunny, I hope you understand. You and I need to talk to get reacquainted before you see him.”

“It’s ok Juan and I do understand, I’m not the same woman who left you so long ago. I have my head on straight now and I’m ready to try to be a mother, even if it is ten years too late.”

Our eyes met and lingered and I felt the same old fire leap between us. Dinner was on the table but it could wait. Suddenly I was overcome with the same feelings of love and lust, as though she had only been gone a week or two.

“You have a comfortable home,” she said as she turned her back to me and looked into the dinning room.

I could not resist the her neck when she pulled her hair to the side and over one shoulder and I stepped close behind her as I nuzzled and kissed the nape gently. My arms slipped around her waist as hers moved back around my neck. Oh she smelled so good, it was driving my senses wild with desire. I was hard and aching to possess her.

“Mmmm Juan that feels just incredible,” she purred as her slender fingers entwined in and played with the ends of my longish, black hair. “Your moustache tickles.” she giggled, “just the way I remembered it.”

I had planned on a nice dinner and conversation, making love was certainly a pleasant thought that had crossed my mind but not one I expected to act on that night….until now!

I knew she wanted me as badly as I did her, her breathing was deep and her skin flushed with desire. Almost as though they possessed a mind of their own my hands slid up and down her sides then under the round swell of her breasts. Soon they were filled with the sweet weight of her fullness as my fingers sought out and pleasured her awakened nipples, hard with desire.

“Oh yes Juan, yes, I’ve dreamed of, waited for this moment,” She sighed as her hands moved down from my neck and rested on the back of my hands, pushing them hard against her breasts. My hands trembled as I fumbled with the buttons of her blouse but soon I had her bra exposed, the beauty of her cleavage peeking above the white lace. My hands moved over her breasts and teased her nipples through the filmy fabric.

“I will take you My Sunshine, if it’s what you really want but you must tell me now or it will go too far for us to stop,” I whispered in her ear as I sucked lightly on her earlobe while my hands toyed gently with her breasts. “I still love you Querida, there have been many women in ten years but you have always been embraced within my heart and thoughts.”

“It’s what I want Juan, I want you to make love to me the way you once did, like you cannot live another moment without taking all of me. I want to feel your hands, your kisses all over my body and your manhood filling my depths. I never stopped loving you Juan, never stopped thinking of you, wanting you. No other man has ever touched my heart and body the way you can.”

I picked her up in my arms, she seemed as light as a child. Her head rested on my shoulder as I moved toward the bedroom.

“No,” she said, “not the bedroom. Somewhere more unusual, more dangerous. Hmmmm…how about the dinning room table, or, the kitchen counter? And Juan, leave the blinds open please.”

“Sunny the kitchen is on the street side of the house and anyone walking by could see in, are you sure?”

As soon as I asked I realized I should not have needed to ask. Sunny liked it dangerous and public. After a brief thought of what would the neighbors think, I moved with her in my arms toward the kitchen. After all, who was I to deny a Lady’s desire?

The lights were on in the kitchen and the windows unshielded from the view of prying eyes. Setting her on the floor in front of me I pulled her tightly into the shelter of my arms as our kisses became deeper and deeper, our tongues caressing sensuously. I slowly freed her of each piece of clothing, caressing, kissing, licking her hot skin. Her body was more beautiful than I remembered. Her nipples were dark and hard with desire. I suckled then deeply and breathed in the scent of her perfumed skin. It felt like being home again at last.

Her eager hands unbuttoned and stripped off my shirt and then reached for my fly and soon had me free of every stitch of fabric. Her lips softly caressed my chest and then her tongue lightly moved down my love line into my bush as her fingers teased my pouch. My rod was so hard it ached and I knew I could not control it much longer as her tongue licked my shaft like a lollipop. A few times I noticed the headlights on the street and the bark of the neighbor’s dog but it only served to increase our animal instincts.

Just as I was about to unload in her beautiful mouth I pulled away, “Not yet, not there” I said, mustering all the control I could for I wanted to feel that explosive release but decided to prolong the pleasure for her. I lifted her up onto the tiled countertop and pushed my way between her silken thighs, they opened wide and her moans became deeper as first my fingers then my tongue ran up and down, from the arches of her feet to the joints of her inner thighs. Her taste was salty and sweet and the scent of her unfolding orchid made me thirst to drink of her warm, sweet nectar. As she raised her head to look into my eyes, she looked behind me out the window.

“Juan, there’s someone staring in the window,” she whispered.

“Do you want me to close the blinds Little Kitty?”

“No, she moaned, as my thumbs spread her wet, pink petals and my tongue briefly flicked across her hard clit. “Let them watch, makes it hotter, more interesting, knowing we’re being watched.”

“Oh you are so sexy Baby, so hot. Your scent so enticing, your taste so delicious,” I moaned as my tongue played against her swelling clit and dipped down into her walled darkness again and again. I knew she was close to climax as her hips began to grind and her hands pushed my head harder and harder against her secret place. He open thighs trembled with uncontrollable pleasure. Before she could arrive at ecstasy my lips left her throbbing need and moved slowly up to her heaving breasts. My tongue found her nipples and began to lightly circle them, again and again. I paused just long enough to move the tip of my tongue over the very end of her nipples and then pulling first one then the other into my mouth I sucked them deep within.

“OHHHH, YESS she screamed, YESS JUAN. Her hands entangled in my dark hair and she pushed my face back down toward the place we both enjoyed best. Suck it Juan, suck it Baby." she pleaded as her hips rose off the countertop lifting her sweet, flowing flower toward my mouth. Once again my tongue caressed her folds, dipped deeply into her love tunnel before finding the hard tip of paradise. My tongue circled it, moved slowly around it, against it before my mouth pulled it deep inside, suckling, teasing, pleasing until her whole body arched off the counter.

“Uhhhh YESSS YESSS JUAN, JUAN,” she screamed as her river of passion overflowed its banks and I savored every drop then licked her clean with my tongue.

If I moved quickly I knew she would have one peak after another. I swiftly pushed all the utensils off the kitchen table and with her back to me I bent her forward over the table, her elbows resting there, her feet wide apart. My hands cradled and pleasured her breasts, pinched and rolled her nipples as I buried my throbbing shaft quickly and deep inside her sugar walls. She pushed back against me with each forward thrust I made. We moaned out our pleasure and just as I felt the heat of her wine poured over me, I exploded inside her as all the seed within me spilled out in hot spurts.

I held her around her waist and covered her smooth shoulders with my kisses. “Ready for some dinner now, or ready for the bedroom?” I asked.

“Mmmmm don’t need any dinner,” she purred. “Just carry me to your bed …and Juan, you can close the blinds now.”

“Oh No, Baby, we’ll just leave them open and give the neighbors a return performance in the morning.”

So I carried her to my brass bed, laid her between the satin sheets and then climbed in and curled up behind her. “See you in the morning,” I whispered, “If not before.”

“Goodnight Baby, she sighed, “It’s so good to be home at last.”

“Yes My Sunshine it was a perfect night so far. Valentine’s Night, together again!”

“Mmmm it sure was” she purred, “and Juan, did you leave the drapes open?”

copyright 2/27/2006 Don Juan Amante

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Reviewed by Debra Bateman 5/24/2008

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