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R A Beeman

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By R A Beeman
Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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I have this novel nearly two thirds finished and just thought I would share a few chapters today.

     Savannah slept the sleep of death on the very day her soul was about to be challenged by a man whom she had never met.  The summer’s night filled her room and her mind.  The ocean’s breath filled her sleeping senses and placed her back to the beach where this man moved her like no other.  Her mind forced her back into that powerful dream as he laid her down and brought her to the precipice of her life.

     “Those eyes, those blue eyes pierced the very woman that I am she thought, “As she struggled to wake herself up.

     “Oh, how I never want to get up from this moment, “she could feel her thoughts forming in her awakening mind. 

     Her heart churned with a desire and a need that she knew would consume her.  A warm feeling began to wash over her like the warm gulf waters as his words turned her into his desire.  Slowly, very slowly she moved to his rhythm as the dawn broke over the very waters that she loved. Her fingers slowly searched for that special spot as her wetness overtook her.  As her dream moved him within her, Savannah probed his secrets.  With each passing moment he filled her with a sense of power that she had yet to experience.  Her chest rose rapidly as she reached the point of no return.  She toppled over the edge as she felt him release himself into her.  His body shook as the pounding on her door broke one of the most blissful moments she had ever experienced. 

     “Mom, “yelled Megan.  “It is time to wake up and we are supposed to go the beach this morning and look for more shells for my school project. 

      Savannah began to try and sort out the most wonderful dream that she has ever had.  So real, so alive were his words.

     “God, I love dreams like that. “  No man ever did what he did to her she thought.    

     Maybe it was some sort of joke her mind was playing on her. “I think I would like those types of jokes more often, “Savannah thought as she moved her shaken body out of her bed

      Megan was already dressed and ready to go as Savannah dragged herself out of bed.

     “Megan, honey it is still very early and I need some coffee and a shower.  As she moved from her bed, she could still feel herself aroused and in need of him again.  “This is crazy she thought.  This only happens in the movies or in those romance novels.  Never in real life does fate bring people together like that. “ 

     “Mom, why are you smiling like that? “  Megan asked.

Savannah just smiled and told her precious little girl.  “Meg, I had a wonderful dream last night and it made me very happy. “

      Megan slyly grinned and wrapped her arms the only person she ever loved. 

     “Dreams always make me smile too mom. “

Savannah rubbed her daughter’s hair as she turned toward the Gulf of Mexico and closed her eyes as the ocean’s salty fragrance filled her.  


     The drive down Bayshore was wonderful.  She always liked to drive or walk along this part of Tampa.  Bayshore Blvd is a beautiful place in a beautiful city.  As the music danced around inside her car, Megan was mimicking her mother’s moving head as she was tried to sing along to the music that was playing.

“Mom, you are really happy this morning. “

“I told you honey that dreams can make you very happy if you believe in them. “

Savannah could tell that Megan was thinking and she probably knew what that was.  She quickly replaced that thought in her mind and concentrated on the music that was playing and on what she was really thinking about.  Megan never said too much as they crossed Gandy Bridge and headed to St. Pete and the beach that they both loved so much.  She would stay here in the morning and then go to Sarasota to meet her client this afternoon.

“Meg, don’t you think it is going to be a great day?  It is always best when you get up early and then you can hold onto the day and never let it go. “

“Mom, it is better to get to the beach early so we can have the best spot you silly. “

Savannah smiled and knew her daughter was back from that dark place in her life. 


    Even at eight in the morning, people were coming onto the beach and setting out their towels and umbrellas.  Savannah and Megan carried the beach gear to their favorite spot.  They always tried to get the same spot each time they came here.  Megan couldn’t wait to get into the water.  Dropping off the bags that she carried, she darted for the water.

     “Honey be careful and don’t go out far.  You know about the rip tides and I surely wouldn’t want anything to carry you way except me, “as Savannah snatched at her daughter up and walked to the waves she knew so well.

      The smell of the gulf always brought back the memories she both loved and hated.  It was on this very beach that she got her first kiss.  She lost her virginity on this very spot years ago as she first fell in love with Thomas.  The thought of that brought to life again the pain of her doomed marriage.  

      “Mom, what are you doing?  Come on in the water is warm.   

     Savannah couldn’t resist her daughter and into the water she walked momentary forgetting where her mind was taking her.

     “Shit, this water is cold, “as she felt her skin tighten against her bikini. “ Ah, now that is better, “she thought.  As the water worked its way up to her neck, Savannah sunk down to meet the cleansing power of the waves.

     As she surfaced and blew the salty fresh taste of the water from her mouth, her auburn hair sparkled in the rising sunlight. 

     “Thanks Meg for wanting to come to the beach. “She thought.

     Megan made her way next to the shore to look for shells as Savannah savored the quiet time that she had.  With her having to take on more responsibility within the investment group and the loss of Thomas’s income, she needed more clients to make all the ends meet.   She still deals with his death every day.  A million unanswered questions still fill her mind.  Cops by the dozens stopping by always asking the same dozen questions was a monthly ritual for almost six months.   Life was slow returning to some semblance of order for her but she was making progress.   Megan really doesn’t understand the how and why of the death of her father.  However, she has grown much beyond her ten years.  Her curly blond hair lifted through the morning breeze as if little fairies held each lock to meet the sun and wind. 

    “Hey Mom, I am going to walk down the beach to see if I can find some whole shells, “Megan yelled at her mother. 

     “No problem there Megan ole girl, “Savannah chuckled.  “That kid will never grow up and I really don’t want her too anyway.  This world is a hard one for kids like that.  She is the stereotype blond I do believe. “She thought. 

     Savannah used every mother’s gift in keeping an eye on her carefree daughter. 

     “That eye in the back of my head surely comes in useful, “She laughed.

     Megan worked the beach like a pro.  There were several other kids where eagerly looking for those precious little treasures people like to collect and take home.  It was only seconds before she was trading shells with a small group of kids who had gathered near a small sandbar just off the beach.  Savannah continued her to enjoy the water basking her with its power and strength.  She began to swim just outside the breaking waves to test her-self again.  For the last six months she had damn near killed herself with physical exercise just to help her deal with the pain and loss she felt.  Today would be no exception.

     With each powerful stroke of her arms and legs, her lungs grabbed hold of the salty air and help propel her faster and harder through the ever motion ocean.  As her muscles began to burn, she could feel the lactic acid build up coming on.  Her mind, once again, began the quest to conquer her body and push her harder.   Savannah slowed her pace and allowed her mind and body to join once again.   She finished her cool down and felt for the comfort of the cool sand between her toes.  She felt alive and re-born again.  She quickly brought herself back to earth and peered across the sand for Meg.  As always, Meg was just playing with a bunch of kids.

     Megan always kept an eye out for her mother as only a child can.  Her mother was her world and she was worried about her.  She never let her concerns, however.  She just knew she had to be the best kid she could be for her mother’s sake.

     Savannah glided toward the beach and arose from the wet depths.  The water glistened over her taunt, golden body.  She was proud of her body, but she knew that was what most men were interested in. 

     “Ready to make the move Meg?  It is going to be another scorcher and I don’t need any more sun.  Help me gather up our gear and we can get out of here.  There is already going to be a crowd today.  It is funny how many northerners come to the gulf to fry themselves for a few days and then go back home and be miserable. “

     “Yeppers, that seems just the way it is. “ Megan quipped.  “I wouldn’t have any idea at all why people love the beach mom. “ Megan said as she tossed back her head in such a flippant manner.

     “Alright smart aleck.  I get the point.  Now let’s get going.   We still have to drive to auntie’s house to drop you off so I can make my meeting this afternoon.   

     “Alright already, I can’t believe we it is already almost lunch time.  Why does time go by so fast? “Megan said.

     “Just another part of life we all must get accustomed to honey.  That’s all.  After all, time waits for no one or so someone once said. “

     Savannah lost herself in the moment and realized that for some reason she seemed to age a bit in that brief second.  It was as if it was only yesterday that she sought a greater understanding of life from this beach.  Now over 20 years later that understanding was revealing its true nature.  She never even thought for a moment that she was nearly 40 years old. 

     “Mom, I could use your help you know, “as Megan shook her head like 10 year old can only do.

     Savannah snapped back from the place she was at and was instantly reincarnated back to the present.

     “Ok, Ok, man, always in a hurry. “

     I don’t have any meetings to attend and I would much rather stay at the beach. “Megan said as she turned and smiled at her mother. 

     The sand was getting hot even with sandals on.  Savannah noticed a family lugging beach gear through the sand and chuckled as they ever so tenderly bounced down to the water’s edge.  It was interesting to just sit and watch people come and go on the beach.  Savannah loved to study people and their actions in almost any situation.  Her friends often made the comment that she should one day write a book describing her life. 

     “Yeah, like that is going to happen. “ Savannah thought out loud. 

     “Mom, you’re talking to yourself again. “ Megan teased.

      The parking lot was nearly full as the sun reached the center of the day. 

     “Damn, that is hot! “ Megan yelled as she leaned on the hatch of their Tahoe.

     “Megan Rose! That is enough of the potty mouth for today. “Savannah said as she turned away to smile.

     The truck was loaded and they began the trip east toward Tampa and her darling little sister Sarah.



     Savannah was a true native to the Sunshine state.  She was born and raised in Tampa.  Her father worked at MacDill AFB.  He was a twenty-five year army veteran who could never stray too far away from the military.   He was now retired and living in the Carrolwood area.  Her mother had died of cancer several years ago. 

     Steven Shutters was a powerful man in all regards.  He was awarded a Silver Star for valor and received a Purple Heart for his efforts.  Savannah’s father was the typical military man with the typical military family.   A faithful and devoted wife and three children; Savannah, Steven Jr. and Sarah filled his world.   The triple S threat, as they were known.  Mess with one and you mess with all three. They were all within five years in age, but life sometimes kept them at odds with each other.  Sarah was thirty- four and considered herself the glue that held the family together.  Jr. followed in father’s footsteps and is currently in the Middle East.  All three were college educated and had budding families their own to deal with.  Mary Shutters was a powerful woman in her own right.  She was a typical military woman who put up with long separations and being both mother and father to three kids.  Although Savannah had been somewhat aloof with her mother, she did miss her dearly.


      Savannah crossed the Gandy and decided to take the expressway out toward Brandon on the east side of the city.   The air was hot and the sun was at its zenith as they drove so carefree.  Savannah was just an ole 80’s rocker, but she was slowly getting into the music that Meg was listening too.  It was in the car that mother and daughter grew together and shared with each other.  Any subject didn’t embarrass Savannah, and she held nothing back on her answers.  She didn’t believe in sugar coating any question her daughter asked.  She had promised herself that she would always be honest and truthful to her daughter no matter what kind of questions she asked. 

     “Meg, do you think you have enough shells to finish your project? “

     “I do believe so.  I still have that bunch left over from Lido beach.  I could use some shark’s teeth, however.  I think that would put me up into the A category. “

     “Ok, Meg I get the hint. I guess that I could swing by Lido on my way home. I just have to give myself enough time for my presentation that is all. 

     “Mom, you know Lido is one of your favorite places.  Take your book and watch the sun go down before you come back.  Oh, and of course you can pick up some teeth for me too. 

     Savannah knew what her young daughter was trying to do for her and she could not help but think how much older that little ten -year old girl had become because of her.  She knew Meg would be having a wonderful time with Sarah and the kids and she also knew that she needed some quiet time just for her. 

     The girls got off the end of the expressway in Brandon and then hit route 60 out toward Valrico.  Sarah and her children Melissa, David, and Kristen were messing around the small yard as Savannah drove up. 

     “Hey sister, how was your daily beach trip? Sarah chided.

     “Oh, yes of course I go to the beach on a daily basis.  You never give up do ya sis? “

     “Ok, you know I am just busting you is all.  I know you love the beach more than most people do.  Maybe I am a little jealous of that.  “Sarah laughed.

     “Well if you would stop popping out kids by the dozen, then maybe you would have time.  Ouch, you didn’t have to hit me you big Meany. “Savannah said.

     “Come on and have some tea before you have to go.  Meg will be just fine.  Look, those kids are already gone.  Just hope they don’t mess with any stray gators. “

     “Damn woman, they know what they are doing. “ Savannah noted.

     “Here’s your tea sis.   Sweetened of course. “

     “You’re such a hostess and a good little sister.  I need a quick shower and then I need to get going and I really don’t know what time I will be back.  Don’t wait supper for me.  I will pick up something while I am out.  I have to stop by Lido and get some teeth for Meg and her project also. “

    “There we go again, the beach.  I just don’t see what you see in the beach all the time. You’re just like Dad.  He would have lived on the surf if he’d been able to.  You two guys are just alike in almost everything. “Sarah said.

     “Gee Sari, honey; I thought I was just like our mother.  Maybe that depends on what I am doing at the time.  Hey I must get going or I will never make it. “

     Savannah let the water steam off her copper toned body.  Even though it was very humid outside she loved the feeling of hot water basking her body.  She was pleased with the body that she was blessed with.  Even though she had Meg, you could never tell she even had a child.  Her skin was taut and her breasts were full and firm.  If you had to ask her what her best feature would be, she would have to say that her ass was what she liked the best.  She had guys gawk at her all the time.  She was beautiful woman inside and out.  However, she only wanted others to see what she had to offer on the inside.  She was a very deep soul who dwelled near the edge of darkness.  Guys she knew didn’t even bother asking her out even on a friendly basis.  She had fried so many of them that most were gun shy.  Now that she has time to reflect on her past actions, she might have treated some of those guys a little different.  Alan was the only one who even tried to keep her in perspective.  He wasn’t afraid of the front that she put up.  In a way, she respected him and what he stood for.  They had worked together for almost five years now.  He was divorced with two grown kids.  They had coffee a few times and shared a lunch but that was the extent of it.  She didn’t know if he wanted something more or not.  She didn’t even know what she wanted.  Savannah dried herself off and got dressed.  She did a quickie on her hair and got dressed.

     “Vanna, ya better get moving or you will be forever getting back. “ Sarah said.

     “Ok, I will see ya sometime this evening.  Call please and let us know what you are doing. “

     “I’ll do that little sis.  Wouldn’t want ya to worry about me now would I. “

     Savannah pulled out and started her jaunt down to Sarasota.  She picked up 75 and headed south.  She enjoyed driving this part of the gulf coast.  It has grown so much since she was a kid.  Snow- birds have come south to buy property and spend the long winters here.  They’re being here makes a huge difference in the local economies of all the small towns along Interstate 75.  The air was warm and the music was sweet to her.  She put the truck on cruise and found that special place she was so looking for.  Her mind was racing a mile a minute.  She wanted so much to find that special someone to love her just for her.  More importantly, however, she needed to know that she could love again.   The dream she had last night filtered back into her mind.  It was like she wasn’t driving at all.  Savannah was a dreamer at heart.  She only portrayed that cast iron exterior as a way to protect herself.  She was tired of waiting for someone to just jump out and sweep her off her feet.  Before she knew it, she had passed Bradenton and was still heading south.  She was making great time.  She had met this client several times in the past.  She had invested a small fortune for him in the market and with several mutual funds that she thought would suit him.  Mr. Grey was in his early 60’s and just this past winter he decided that he would stay in Florida all year round.  He was widowed and his wife had left him a substantial amount of money.  She generally tried to keep in touch with her clients by meeting with them in person as much as possible.  As she pulled off to refuel, her cell rang as she was inside paying for her gas.

     “Hi, Ms Wicker this is John Grey.  I just wanted to ask you if we could change the meeting point for today.  I know this is a last minute thing, but it is such a wonderful day and it would be a shame for me to leave this beach while the breeze is picking up.  Give me a call back as soon as you get this message.  Thanks much, John. 

     Savannah picked up a bag of chips and a bottle of water before she left.  She loved chips and she didn’t care much what anyone said about her eating anything.  She earned them and she would eat them is the way she thought.  She just needed to work a little harder at the gym.  She saw that she had a message and she knew the number was her client’s.

     “Mr. Grey, this is Savannah.  I don’t have a problem with meeting you at the beach at all.  I think that would be something that I would enjoy anyway. “

    “No problem then honey, I am at Lido beach reading a good book for a change.  I would presume that you are somewhere on 75. “

    “I should be there in a little while as far as that goes.  Since you are at that beach it will save me about twenty minutes of travel time.  I needed to go to Lido anyway to look for some marine teeth for my daughter’s school project.”

     “Well then, I am glad that I was able to allow you to kill two birds with one stone then.” John noted.

     “Yes that you did. I will let you get back to your book and I will see ya in about 45 minutes. “ 

     “I will be here waiting for ya.  Oh, I hope you got the papers that I faxed you yesterday.  I would like to go over some options that I had in mind. “

     “I glanced over them and I don’t see any major problems with them.” 

     “Great, then I will let you go.  Bye for now, Ms. Wicker.”

     Savannah was always amused with her names.  As Savannah Shutters, she was always the talk of her high school.  The guys just couldn’t help but try to make Savannah “Shutter “it was amusing to her.  She always held her reputation in high regard.  She had no choice but too.  Her father was strict with his pretty little angels that he tended to squash any rumors that may have crossed his ears before they even realized that he knew.  She became Mrs. Thomas Wickers soon after she graduated from Florida.  Thomas was her dream man comes true she thought.  They knew each other since high school, but she wasn’t really interested in him. She thought he was cocky and arrogant.  He was the type of guy who always had to have the prom queen draped all over him.  Somewhere, he changed and became a sweet guy.  She enjoyed searching his soul through his eyes.  That was a special trait that she knew she possessed. 

     Her father had always told her, “Honey, a man’s eyes can never lie. Always look them right in the eye when you talk to them.  After all the eyes are the portals to a man’s very soul. “


     Thomas had asked her for her hand soon after graduation.  He was going on to law school and that suited him. Savannah said yes but she wanted to finish her MBA before they got married.  They never made it that far.  They were married in fine fashion just the next year.  Thomas continued his quest to become an attorney and Savannah only went to school part time now.  Even though they’re parents helped them out as best they could, times were not always perfect for them.  As time went by, Thomas’s past idiosyncrasies began to show again.  He was never abusive or mean, but he knew just how to shut her out of his life.  His life would be just that, his.  That changed on morning when Savannah told him that she was pregnant.  At first Thomas was thrilled, but then reality set in and he knew that his lifestyle would have to change.  Savannah was content with her marriage, but her intuition always held her in check.  She maintained just the right amount of protection against anyone getting too close.  She didn’t know how to feel about having a baby.  Thomas finished near the top of his class and soon passed the bar.  His father helped him get into a flame- throwing firm that had a reputation of giving clients the best representation as long as the money flowed in.  Thomas dived deep into his work and put in sixty to eighty hours a week.  He soon lost sight of what was really important in life and Savannah began to feel the first shocks of loosing someone she never even had a chance to know.  She busied herself with getting ready for the baby.  She lost herself in her dreams and her writings.  Keeping her journal was a way for her to express her deep feelings and her hopes.  She only had a few close friends and her siblings, but none of them would take the time to understand where she was coming from.  Even though Thomas wasn’t all that she needed, they did love each other dearly.  Thomas took care of her and Megan.  He was even starting to come around concerning his feelings.  Savannah even thought she was falling in love with him all over again.  For the next six month, Thomas became a different person. He no longer stayed at work more than necessary. He began to do all the little things that Vanna had loved. Fresh flowers for no reason. A latte delivered to her work or the house. Little notes were left in her clothes or car telling her how sorry he was and how much her truly loved her and Megs. His behavior got her off guard at first, but she soon realized that this man was totally reaching out toward her. Her feelings for him overcame even the most dreaded and horrid thoughts that she had. She knew now that she would love and honor him as he is loving and honoring her. However, that feeling was soon crushed.   Thomas never made it to work that early May morning.  His car caught on fire and he crashed out on Interstate 4.   The car crash that killed her husband is still under investigation.  Investigators made it known that a small incendiary device may have caused the crash.  No one would give her straight answers.  So for three years now she was on her own with just Meg and her family.  She threw herself into her job and her lifestyle as a means to cope with life.  The last six months she began to feel that she was finally coming back to the world of the living. 


     “Man, I thought I would never make it here.” Savannah thought as she drove out toward the beach.

     Savannah pulled into the public parking area and grabbed her client’s packet and her beach chair.  She was used to meeting clients where they feel the most comfortable.  The beach was no exception.  Lido was a beautiful beach with wooden boardwalks to the beach area.  Savannah slipped into her sandals and made her way to the beach.  Just a hundred yards left of the snack bar her client should be.  Mr. Grey noticed her on the walkway and hurried to catch up. 

     “Savannah, wait up.” He yelled. 

     Savannah turned to see Mr. Grey come up the boardwalk. 

     “May I accompany you to my umbrella my dear? “ He asked. 

     “You surely may, save me the trouble of looking silly trying to find ya. “

     They made their way to where Mr. Grey had settled for the afternoon.  He had a portable table and his beach chairs along with his umbrella.  Savannah set up her chair and retrieved the packet of information for Mr. Grey as he turned toward the figure approaching them. 

     “Ms. Wickers, I must ask you to forgive me.  This is my son Bryce.  He is in town for a few days and thought he would sit in with us while we talk. “

     As Savannah turned from the information that she was getting organized, her mind turned to mush in an instant as her papers fell to the sand.

     “I’m so sorry, “she said as she stuttered all over her words.

     “Is something wrong Ms. Wickers? “ Mr. Grey asked. 

     Savannah was in a momentary trance.  Her first glance toward her client’s son had shaken her to the core.   Her armor was rent as her heart pounded out of her chest. 

     “No, nothing is wrong.  I am just at a loss that is all.  Bryce is it?  Hi, I’m Savannah.  Damn, that was stupid she thought.  I guess you look like someone I had met before.  That’s all. “

     “Well then, I hope that person left a lasting impression on you Ms. Wickers. “ Bryce said as he smiled at himself. 

     “You can’t even imagine what you just said.” She thought.

     Bryce Grey looked just like the man she had dreamed about over and over.  She could not even believe this was happening to her.  As she regained her composure and repaired the tear in her amour, she laid out Mr. Grey’s financials.  The meeting went better than expected and Mr. Grey decided to invest more with her company.  Savannah thanked him for his business and he thanked her for the professionalism and dedication.  Her savvy investments had paid off handsomely and Mr. Grey was glad to continue his trust in her.

     “Well Ms. Wickers, it has been an interesting afternoon indeed.  I trust you will invest well for me. “

     “Have I ever let you down now? “ Savannah boasted. 

     “Eyes are the portals to a man’s soul. “ She heard her father say as she noticed Bryce Grey looking at her.  

     “Ms. Wickers it was nice meeting you and thanks for talking care of dear ole dad. “ Bryce said.

     “Please you may call me Savannah if you wish and I always try to do the best for each of my clients. “

     “Maybe I could use your investment wisdom sometime Ms. Wickers, ah I mean Savannah.  If you would like I could give you my email address and you could steer me in the right direction. “

     “No problem there.  I would be glad to do it.  I love taking a man’s money for any reason. “She laughed. 

     “Savannah may I see you to your car? “ Bryce asked.

     “Bryce, Savannah has to pick up some teeth for her daughter’s school project. “

     “Teeth?  Ok, someone needs to fill me in on this one. “

     “This beach seems to be awash with teeth of all sorts.  You can find quit a collection I must say. “Savannah noted.

     “Teeth, ok then. Got to admit I don’t think I have ever met someone who collects teeth besides my dentist. “Will you be staying long at the beach? Bryce asked.

     “Just as long as it takes me to get some teeth, but I may sit and read awhile.  Can’t pass up a chance to read at the beach and listen to the waves. “

     “Until we meet again then. “ Bryce said

     “Goodbye Savannah and thanks again. “ Mr. Grey said as he placed an outstretched hand to meet hers. 

     Savannah watched the two men cross the sand and head for the wooden walkways before she caught her breath.

    “Oh my God, I think I just had an orgasm. “ She thought as her dreams rushed back into her mind. 

“I can’t believe I’m acting like a hormonal teenager again. “  Savannah thought as she closed her eyes and lay back in her beach chair. 

     The gentle breeze blew through her hair as Savannah fell to sleep.  Once again, her mind was caught in a web of unknowns.  Her dreams came and went.  First he was there and then he was gone.   She was restless even in sleep.  Thomas floated into her mind for the first time in weeks.  It was as if he was trying to say something to her.   Her dreams began to mingle one into the other.  Naked bodies in every position and contour filed her mind.  Gasps of pleasure eased from the lips of those in her dream.  She was floating again in orgasmic bliss.  She saw herself in the corner of the room she was in and then he came to her once more to take her to the edge once again.  He was the only one to have ever moved her to the point where she lost total control of her body.  When they were together his spirit was infused into her.  She was now a part of him.  Linked forever in mind, body, and spirit.  Savannah was a creature of lust, but she was never a promiscuous person.  She wanted what most women want out of life.  She wanted to know and feel the difference of love and being in love.  She needed to feel the difference between having sex and making love.  As he moved toward her with his muscles glistening, the heat in the room seemed to be overwhelming.  As he reached out to touch her, once again, reality touched her instead. 

     “Hey, sleeping beauty.  You gonna sleep all day?  Bryce said as he sat down on her blanket.  “I’m sorry that I startled you.  It isn’t every day that I wake someone up as pretty as you. “

     “Man, you sure have a way of trying to get to know someone.  I must have dozed off while I was reading. “Savannah said as she stretched her arms over her head and gobbled down the fresh salty air.

     “Well I just thought I would stroll the beach before I have to go.  I just wanted to thank you again for taking care of my father.  He needs all the investment help he can get. “

     “Your father has done a wonderful job just with his own research.  I only try to direct him and give him advice that’s all. “Savannah stated as she rose from her chair.  “If you don’t mind searching for some shark’s teeth, maybe you could help me find some for my daughter. “

     “I guess I can do that for you.  Can’t say that I’ve ever looked for marine animal teeth before.  I am always up for something new. “Bryce said with a child like grin.  “So, dad tells me that you are a single parent. “

     “Yeah, does that make me so different or cursed? “  Savannah said.  “I am a very independent woman who can make it on her own and with her own mind, not her body. “

     “Ok, ok, I wasn’t suggesting anything at all.  Just asked a simple question that’s all.  I didn’t mean to offend you and if I did then I am truly sorry.   I know it is hard raising children on your own.  I do that myself.  I have two teenage boys myself.  I travel on business more than I should.   They are both in private schools and I tend to spend most of the summer with them.  They’re mother has been in and out of rehab and jail for the last ten years.  So, before you throw me up on the cross I at least can relate to where you come from on that aspect. “

     “I know.  I didn’t mean to bite your head off either.  It is just, well, I don’t know.  I have a hard time with getting to know people sometimes.  I’ve been placed in a situation where I have to succeed.  Failure is just not an option I can afford. “Savannah said.  “However, it is nice to find someone who even comes close to understanding how I feel about certain things. “

     Savannah and Bryce were soon finding the teeth that Megan needed to finish her project as they walked along.  The tide was slowly changing and the sand was giving up its heat to the evening.  The breeze was still gentle as it fluttered through Savannah’s auburn hair.  The sun was beginning to settle across the gulf.  The brilliant cornucopia of colors washed over Savannah as she stood in awe.  She could live a hundred years and never cease to be amazed by the sun setting over the gulf. 

     “It is truly a beautiful sight. “ Bryce noted as he watched Savannah intently.  “I guess you are used to seeing the sun set on a beautiful evening. “

     “Oh, of course.  That is all I ever have time for.  Watching the sunset. “Savannah said sarcastically. 

     “Ms. Shutters, you are such a pretentious woman I must say. “

     “I’m sorry that I am such a smart ass.  I really don’t mean to be like that honestly. “It is just the way I have to be at this time. “  Savannah said.

     “Well, I am glad that you don’t always act like that.  You may never get any new customers. “

     “Why Mr. Grey would you be in need of some financial assistance and advice. “ Savannah said in a flirting manner.  “I could offer you some good choices.  There are some good choices in the market right now and some funds are sure to make you some money.  By the way, and if you don’t mind me asking, just what type of employment are you in Mr. Grey? “

     “You can really call me Bryce.  I am not that formal at all.  I guess that we are now talking a little business.  I guess I can always use some advice when it comes to money.  I would like to set the boys up with something for their future.  I just don’t have time to watch the market nor my money for that matter. “Bryce noted.  

     “Well I might be able to help someone who doesn’t like to watch their money by watching it for them, “Savannah laughed. “  Maybe you could stop by the shop or just fax me the information that I already requested. 

     “No need for all of that right now. The documents that you will need and a cashier’s check for fifty to start off our new relationship is in my briefcase in the car. Oh, and by the way it was a business relationship is what I meant. “

     Savannah grinned and stole a quick glance at this handsome, cut from the stone, man that was gazing out over the Gulf of Mexico. She had learned from an early age to read people just like all the books that she has read over the years and that was what she was doing with the few precious seconds she had to stare without him really noticing what she was doing.

       Well it is time to go and thank you so much for meeting me this evening Mr. Grey, I mean Bryce. It isn’t often that my clients understand that I have to mix business with family.  If you ever feel we need to meet in a more formal atmosphere then we could meet at my office. “

     “My father tells me that you work from an office in your home. “  I think that is more than formal enough if I ever need to be formal, “Bryce chuckled.

     “I am going to walk in the surf back to the car if you care to join me, “said Bryce.

     “Sure, don’t mind getting my feet wet or on a day like this my whole self. “

     Bryce walked her back along the beach as the sun began its eerie approach to a golden showing. The light gulf breeze was filled with scents that only those who have lived there long enough have grown to appreciate.  Vann and Bryce were both lost in the moment and time seemed to edge to a stop as each step drew them closer in some fashion.

     “ So, Ms. Wickers, I mean Savannah, I may have some additional funds that I want invested next week or so if you are so able to take care of that. “

     “Not a problem, Mr. Grey, I mean Bryce. I will be more than glad to take your money, “laughed Savannah.

     “Nothing non-typical there I must say that is for sure. “  Have a wonderful evening and it was a pleasure doing business with you and on behalf of my father I also thank you.  I will drop you a line or give you a call sometime early in the week. “

    “Your welcome indeed and I look forward to your business. Have a good weekend yourself.  “I would have a better weekend with you in your bed is what she was really wanting to say.

     “Shit, I have to quit thinking like that. Next time I might just think out loud and embarrass myself more than I already am. It has been too long, way too long. “She thought.

     The drive back up the interstate was the usual. Rubber Necker’s looking at the accident that caused them to sit in traffic in the stifling heat and even worse humidity.

     “Florida in the heat of summer would try anyone’s nerves that’s for sure. “  Vanna griped to herself.


Bryce Grey walked along the side walk to his car thinking he just may have helped his cause greatly and maybe even earned a few new powerful friends along the way. He never meant to use his own father for anything, but sometimes people have to do whatever it takes to find out what they needed to know.  To him his relationship with his father and his family in general was greatly lacking.  Although he was very respectful of his father, he wasn’t know where near who his father thought he was.

“ Bryce,  how did it go?  Jonathan Hunt asked.

“ Oh, I think I cast the right bait and maybe even managed to set the hook for a change.  “ Bryce smirked as he thought what Savannah would look like naked.


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Reviewed by Andre Bendavi ben-YEHU 12/11/2008
Salutations to Author-Poet R. A. Beeman.

"Savannah" kept my attention and showed me a multi color writng style.

I have enjoyed the reading of "Savannah".

I wish You a vitorious writing career.

In admiration,

Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

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