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Patrick P Stafford

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By Patrick P Stafford
Thursday, May 08, 2008

Rated "PG13" by the Author.

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MIAMI RUNS RED: Vampire/Horror Drama - Completed Treatment.
An evil cloud descends over Florida and the descendants of Count
Dracula set up shop in Downtown Miami Beach. While engaged in spell
and incantation at Miami's National Museum to resurrect their infamous
father, the vampire siblings are thwarted by the museum's young
curators whose adage for crosses, stakes and garlic is: they never
leave home without them!

" M I A M I R U N S R E D "


Patrick P. Stafford

Synopsis and Treatment for

A Vampire Horror Story
For Film or Animation
(Approximately 95-110 Minutes in Length)

Patrick P. Stafford
1775 Southgate Way
Grants Pass, OR 97527
(541) 479-4032



Jardy Knowles Steven Boston
Clifford Samatha Tellson
Judy Jones Draco
Hanoftis Clodius
Detective Dryer Sergeant Miller
Captain Heinstein Bernardo
Mrs. Knowles Mr. Tellson


Police Station Officers Taxi Driver
Other Vampires Other Police
Miami Firemen Museum Janitor
Citizens of Miami Other Extras

SETTING OF STORY (suggested)

Miami Beach, Florida.


The present.


The City of Miami Beach is hit hard by Hurricane Crimson. It is a dark and foreboding October night and the hurricane has brought more than wind and storm with it.

For over three hundred years the vampire inhabitants of the red, cloud-like center of the storm have travelled the earth in search of the remains of their leader and creator, Draco, the last of the great decedents of Count Vadimere, son of Count Dracula.

Count Draco's remains lie among the relics of a Romanian exhibit in the city museum which are to be displayed during the last week of October when Halloween falls. Steven and Jardy, the young curators of the museum, on the night of the storm, drive to the museum to insure the exhibit's protection and safety during the hurricane's passing. Inside they are joined by friends and employees who, all plan to stay the night and wait out the storm.

As the hurricane descends upon the city, an arm of the red centered cloud follows Steven and Jardy to the museum and inside where, from out of the red mist emerge vampires Hanoftis and Clodius, the son and daughter of Draco.

The two vampires have come to the museum to restore their father to life but cannot do this without the Count Vadimere Talisman which is also among the relics of the exhibit.

Jardy is captured by the two vampire siblings and held as a gift of nourishment for their father when he is restored to life. The other humans in the museum are either killed or transformed into vampires while Steven escapes from the museum with the talisman. He flees and eludes his former friends and colleagues and other vampires through the streets of the city until he safety arrives at a nearby police station.

During this entire time the entire city is under siege from the all the other vassal vampires who have journeyed with Hanoftis and Clodius through the red storm. And as the citizens of Miami combat the vampires as well as the hurricane, Steven and the police offices at the police station wage a battle of their own against the vampires Hanoftis has sent to retrieve the talisman which Steven still has in possession.

"Miami Runs Red" is a story about the ultimate battle between humans and vampires and takes place entirely during the evening in question. All the familiar weapons of vampires are at hand and a nominal amount of special effects and horror is required and presented to create the unique nature of such a grand-scale war between man and his most frightening monster.

When Steven and the surviving policemen battle their way back to the museum, they are able to defeat Draco and his children by destroying the talisman and freeing Jardy. When this is done the ominous red cloud reclaims the dying remains of all the vampires and slowly rejoins the center of the storm and drifts out to sea. Miami Beach, though ravaged and seriously damaged from the storm and war with the vampires, embraces the first filtering rays of morning with a sense of victory enjoyed by all its residents who had united and together fought and defeated the elements of nature and powers of evil.


In October of 2000, upon an extremely dark and foreboding evening, only a few days before Halloween, a devastating hurricane is about to ravage the Southeastern coast of Florida.

The fierce storm and tumultuous winds of Hurricane Crimson--so named for the reddish colors emanating from its cloud-like structure--is seen swirling and bellowing near the shores of Miami Beach where the eye of the storm is centered.

It is a sinister and unearthly October night, and some of the inhabitants of the city are still busy fortifying against the havoc and destruction the hurricane is soon to wrought. In a condo near the ocean front, residents Jardy Knowles and Steven Boston, curators of Miami's Eastern European Museum of Art, have boarded and secured their residence as best they can, and quickly flee the area in their automobile at the very moment the worst of the storm unleashes its wrath upon the ocean front.

While they are seen driving through the innermost section of the city toward the location of the museum, an ominous, cloud of swirling mist juts out from the center of the storm and moves rapidly to follow their car as it travels at high speed along the deserted highways toward their destination.

Inside the Eastern European Museum of Art, located in Downtown Miami, lies the three-hundred year old coffin remains of Draco, decedent of the House of Count Vadimere--last of the great vampires of Northern Rumania.

Both Jardy Knowles and Steven Boston, hasten to reach the museum and insure the safety of the Rumanian Exhibit that is currently on display therein. Moments after entering, they find themselves locked inside the museum with a handful of other Miami Beach residents (Clifford, Samatha Tellson, Judy Jones, Bernardo, Mrs. Knowles and Mr. Tellson) who have gone there to seek refuge from the hurricane.

Among the other artifacts in the Exhibit, is a Talisman rumored to have been worn by Count Vadimere and his decedents. The significance of this talisman is unknown to Jardy and Steven and their companions. And when Jardy and Steven enter the museum, a portion of the ominous cloud-like arm (which stretches all the way from the center of the storm to the very steps of the museum entrance) follows them inside.

After Jardy and Steven join the others who have found refuge in the museum, and after they begin to bed down for the night, in another wing of the building the arm of red mist is seen settling in a tornado-like movement around the tomb of Draco where it lies in the center of the Rumanian exhibit.

Slowly the mist begins to coagulate and darken. A strange glow of moonlight gleams through the glass ceiling overhead, and suddenly, from out of its cloud-like mist, the vampire son and daughter of Count Draco, Hanoftis and Clodius, materialize.

For a hundred years they have been concealed and entombed within the dark, swirling winds of Hurricane Crimson, waiting until the gigantic storm should carry them--from its infancy as a cloud to its epoch as a hurricane--across the Atlantic Ocean and perhaps even beyond--to wherever may lie the resting place of their father, Count Draco.

The two vampires immediately begin descending upon the human inhabitants in the museum, transforming all whom they sink their teeth into, into vampires--creatures of living death doomed to walk the earth forever in search of human blood and force to do the bidding of the vampires who transformed them.

Hours pass and all but Steven fall prey to the two vampires evil. Unable to save Jardy who has been seized but not harmed by Draco's siblings, Steven narrowly escapes from their clutches, and ripping the talisman from Hanoftis' grasp, he rushes from the museum and out into the storm still waging outside.

Hanoftis and Clodius order the newest members of their fraternity to go out into the tumultuous night to find him and spread the ravages of their vampirism among the general populace.

Hanoftis and Clodius bind Jardy near the coffin of their father and, with other relics from the exhibit in hand, they begin the black magic ritual required to restore Draco to the living dead.

It is early in the evening, and a long night awaits Steven, who, struggling against the elements of the hurricane and storm, manages to elude his former friends and other vampire pursuers who have emerged out of the storm's red cloud. They pursue him on foot and in flight as he frantically drives his automobile through the city until he reaches a small police precinct in the nick of time. It is from there that the real battle for Miami is about to begin.

Though at first the police authorities believe him to be mad and immediately lock him in a cell (while they must avert their main attention in dealing with the storm), soon thereafter, a groups of vampires begin attacking the police station, which quickly convinces the police to release Steven so he can join them in defense of the police station. They quickly put together make-shift crosses and forge wooden stakes from their nightsticks and are able to ward off the attacking vampires who have killed all but Jardy and ten remaining police officers. Jardy formulates a plan to return to the museum after he deduces that the vampires have been more interested in obtaining the talisman than in merely killing him and the others in the station.

More crosses and stakes are made and garlic is gathered. The surviving police offices--their captain and chief now dead--rally behind Steven, are able to win freedom from the confines of the police station, and quickly follow their new-found leader through the streets of Miami, battling vampires and the storm alike, as they hazard their way toward the museum.

Therein, Hanoftis is seen placing his black cape over the skeletal remains of Draco. A huge lightning bolt crashes through the glass ceiling and the body of Draco begins to reconstruct itself into living flesh!

Outside on the steps of the museum a life-and-death struggle ensues between the living and the dead! Steven, with two of the offices, Detective Dryer and Sergeant Miller, makes his way into the museum. Elsewhere in the city, other vampires in human, fog-like and animalistic forms, are seen attacking, killing and/or vampirizing Miami residents caught inside unprotected barricades or left wandering outside in the storm.

Hanoftis and Clodius confront the two offices who, holding crucifixes, stand their ground before the two malevolent vampires. Draco is seen rising from his coffin, screaming exultantly at his restored life. He then immediately gazes upon the bound, writhing figure of Jardy below him. Steven rushes to Jardy side and drops the talisman on the floor. The incompletely formed body of Draco falls upon the floor and grabs the talisman in its skeletal hands. Suddenly, its body begins to more fully reconstruct and attain the rest of its flesh and skin. Draco stands to his feet and screams an exultant cry of triumph as its body almost completes its metamorphosis.

At that moment, Steven rushes up behind the senior vampire and drives a stake through his back.
Draco, immediately screaming and squirming in agony, with incredible strength suddenly pulls the stake out from the front and slowly--with glaring vampire teeth and a sinister expression--slowly turns to confront the puny human before him.

Jardy is able to unfree herself and, just as Draco seizes her boyfriend by the throat and lifts him off the ground with one hand while crushing the cross Steven holds before him with the other, she rips the talisman from Draco's neck and throws it to the floor.

Hanoftis and Clodius turn and rush to retrieve the talisman. Dryer leaps upon Hanoftis' back and presses his cross over the vampires forehead. Miller rushes up behind Clodius and runs a stake through her back. Almost simultaneously, both vampires scream in agony and begin writhing about the room. Hanoftis tosses Dryer across the room, while Clodius falls upon the floor and struggles to remove the stake from her heart.

At that moment, Jardy picks up a chair and slams it down upon the talisman. In the same instant it is smashed, all three vampires scream in excruciating pain. Overhead, through the shattered glass ceiling, an swirling tentacle of reddish cloud drifts in and descends upon the scene. It swirls around the three vampires until, in unison, they burst aflame and begin to slowly melt. Steven is thrown from Draco's grasp and stumbles over to Jardy. Dryer, his neck broken, lies slumped and dead, his body impaled upon a Rumanian spear.

Outside, throughout the city, all the recently and not-so-recently transformed vampires are seen stopping dead in their tracks, falling from levitated flight and/or retransforming from whatever animal guise they had chosen, and now returning to human form. The huge cloud of storm begins to rise from over the city. From inside the museum, the burning Draco is seen crawling along the floor toward the shattered talisman. Hanoftis and Clodius scream out to him and are then suddenly swept up by the red cloud and sucked up through the glass ceiling.

Draco's body ceases to burn, and it is a black and tarred figure which finally reaches and lays a burnt, skeletal hand upon what remains of the talisman. In an instant, a beam of red light begins to filter from the talisman and travels up Draco's hand and arm. In that instant, Steven stomps his foot upon the vampire's bony hand and crushes it and the talisman into bits.

The vampire issues a last death-curdling scream and is suddenly thrust upward into standing position. For a moment, he stands in the center of the swirling cloud, cursing the humans around him with a last breath of revenge and vindictive. A moment later his body bursts into flame once more and he is pulled upward into a tunnel of red mist and out of the top of the museum.

Outside, the funnel of red cloud moves at incredible speed from the top of the building and is seen receding from the city back to the center of the storm still situated a mile off-shore from Miami Beach. The instant the arm of red cloud joins the hurricane, the entire conglomeration begins to swirl and shrink into one slender, spinning funnel which quickly is drawn down into the ocean where it completely disappears.

Steven and Jardy rush into each other's arms. Miller picks up a wooden cross from the floor and places it against his lips in a reverent kiss. Above them, sunlight streams through the ceiling aperture.

Outside, among the wreckage and along the rain-drenched streets of Miami, the burnt, skeletal remains of vampires still lay smoldering. Throughout the city are seen the bodies of other Miami residents--slain by either storm and other unearthly elements-- being collected and carried off.

Throughout this panoramic view, the many survivors of Miami are seen dauntlessly though reluctantly emerging from their barricades and shattered homes into the resurgent daylight. Their task is formidable, but they are certain to reclaim and rebuild whatever the power of nature and evil had not taken or destroyed.


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