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Encounter with Q
Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rated "R" by the Author.

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A straight female co-worker has been intrigued by a lesbian who has showed interest in her and before it is all over with she will succumb to her own hidden desires.

Someone was tapping me on my left shoulder, “Roni, the phone in the lounge is for you.” I removed my ear piece, looked at Will and asked, “Who is it?”

“I don’t know; it’s a female,” Will whispered. I got up from my cubicle and walked into the lounge, grabbed the receiver connected to the phone on the wall and hit the line that was flashing.

“Who dis?” I said when I picked up the phone.

“Don’t you know, Roni?” The voice was soft, familiar and flirty. Still, I drew a blank. Unable to do anything else, I played a long.

“Sup girl, how you feelin’?” I needed the mystery woman to talk a little more and then maybe, I could link the voice to a face. Whoever she is, she sounded damn good.

“I’m feelin’ you, Roni.” Did she say she’s feelin’ me? Man, who is this girl. “I didn't have your cell number so before I left work last night, I got the lounge number.”

There was a short pause and then it hit me.

“Aw shit, Q is that you?” I asked unable to conceal my excitement. I continued talking, “Sup Ms. Lady?”
I pulled the phone away from my ear and jumped up in the air like I was the “WoMan.” Damn, she called me at work. She was feeling me. I can’t believe Q is on the other end of the line. I had been checking this girl out since she started at Bellevue & McGuire Associates. Guess my lasting stares, casual conversations coupled with being persistent finally convinced her that I wanted to get to know her.

“Roni, are you there? That’s a shame; you didn’t even know who you were talking to.” Here I was, reminiscing about her that I completely forgot I was still on the phone.

“Come again? Yeah you got me; never imagined it would be you.”

“I Bet.” Q laughed in the phone.

“What are you doing when you get off work?”

I want to be running up in you—I was thinking to myself—kissing those soft full lips, caressing that pretty chocolate skin, and teasing that body from head to toe. Any plans I may have had, were out the window. A woman don’t just call you out the blue asking you what you’re doing after work unless she has plans she wants to interest you in.

“Not a damn thang, why what’s up Q?” I waited for her response.

“I want you to come over.” Rewind, did she just say what I think she said?

I pulled the phone away again, did a little dance, doing high 5’s to the air and bouncing my head up and down. Shit, shit, shit!

I’m about to be all up in that honey pot. That’s all I could think about. I couldn’t wait for 11pm to come around. I looked at my watch, ten o’clock.

“You want me to come over?” I asked with a big ass smile that she couldn’t see.

“Where do you stay Q?” Excitement poured out of my words.

“On Market St, 1224...the house with the blue porch,” she retorted.

“Alright, I’ll be there around Midnight, is that a good time, Q?”

“Yeah, that’ll work. I’ll be waiting Roni.” Then she whispered, “And Roni, make sure you come see me with what I’m accustomed to.”

The dial tone buzzed in my ear. Q had hung up. I stood in the break room for a moment, letting what just took place marinate. Damn, I have to get out of here. There’s no way I’m going to finish my shift tonight. I only had an hour to go and I’m sure I could make up something that would get me out the door in a hurry.

I went to the supervisor and told her that I needed to leave early due to a personal issue. I’m thinkin’ to myself…I needed a shot of Q’s warm nectar and if I don’t get it, it would be a personal issue, in deed. I grabbed my jacket and left the building.

While I walked to my truck, I thought about how I was gonna turn Q out. I hopped in my black Expedition and headed home. The drive seemed longer than usual.

Q was a 5 foot 4 brick house, chocolate girl, nicely stacked. She had hips for days and a plump, juicy ass that I wanted to see bounce up and down; her ass was definitely going to produce many waves as I hit it from the back. To think, we were just passing notes back and forth last night while at our cubicles. Q is a straight woman and she was quick to tell me she was “strictly dickly.”

Of course, I let her know I could deliver what she was so accustomed to. That definitely drew her in; Q was surely interested in finding out if I could actually deliver. She passed me a note: I’m interested Roni. What do you have for me?

I leaned into her and whispered softly, “You’ll just have to find out, Q.” She let out a soft moan and gave me that look. Her eyes were tellin’ it all. Q wanted to know if I could please her body; she wanted to feel my strokes. Her eyes told it all. Whenever I caught her staring, she would smile.
When I got to my crib, I ran up the steps taking off my clothes, and then jumped in the shower.

Reminiscing about Q and her fine ass, definitely made me wet. I dried off, rubbed lotion all over my body, sprayed some men’s Curve and quickly got dressed. Before walking out the door, I grabbed my black bag where I keep my strap and I got back in my truck. I pulled up to a wine and spirits liquor store located on Derry Street to pick up a bottle of Cask & Cream. I had over heard Q tellin’ one of her co-workers that it was her favorite drink.

I got back in my ride and drove two more blocks, making a right turn on Market Street. I turned my headlights off as I crept up close to the house. Before I got out the truck, I looked in the mirror to make sure my hat was lookin’ right and also checking my lips. I grabbed the backpack from the passenger seat and the bottle, and then I started walking up to the crib. I extended my hand to ring the bell, but Q was already opening the door.

“Wow,” my mouth dropped, “You are lookin’ damn good, girl.”

My eyes were drawn to what Q was wearing: a see-through baby blue teddy with some baby blue thongs. The soft color accentuated her chocolate skin. She was looking real fuckable right now. Q reached for my hand and escorted me into the living room. She had the perfect ass; I wanted to touch it and let my hand sink into it.

“You have a nice place; it’s very cozy.” I said as I admired the paintings that hung on the walls. She thanked me and smiled. Jodeci’s “Freek’n You” was playing in the background; the lights were dim and the mood was set.

“Here you go Ms. Lady.” I handed Q the bottle.

“Good choice Roni.” Q said then walked over to a bar in the corner wall of the living room where there was a bottle of Captain Morgan’s Rum, a bottle of Absolut Vodka, a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream, a bottle of Butterscotch Schnapps and a bottle of Peach Schnapps. She opened the Cask & Cream and poured two glasses. She handed me a glass then took my hand and guided to the couch. I could hear the crackling of the wood in the fireplace which also added to the mood.

“I’ve never had creamy, dairy liquor before. Taste pretty good; sweet and creamy.” I licked my lips after the statement. Q stuck her thin tongue out at me and I noticed a silver tongue ring.

“Sexy.” Are the words that flowed from my lips. Q took the glass out my hand, placed it on the coffee table, and then straddled me.

“You’re wearing Curve,” she whispered as she began to nibble on my earlobe. Her warm tongue brushed against my ear lightly then trailed my neck.
“Roni, I want to feel you inside me. You’re always watching me at work. I want to tell you something; can I tell you something Roni?”

My eyes were closed and I whispered.

“Yes, tell me something good, Q.” Her warm breath on my neck made me tingle.

“I’ve been checking you out too, and I already knew you could deliver whatever I desired.

“Oh really,” I said with a look as if I didn’t already know her position in this journey she was looking forward to take part in.

“Yes, Roni,” she responded.
She placed her hands on my face and gently, she kissed my lips. Her warm tongue entered the slit of my mouth and our tongues began to dance at a pace that would eventually build up to more moistness between my legs and I’m sure the same reaction was taking place between hers. Q pulled her mouth away, looked at me and guided my head to her breast. I licked my lips making sure they were fully moist then I opened my mouth as wide as I could to fully devour her size C cups.

Her scent was calling for me as I licked and sucked her left nipple causing a release of soft moans. Arousing her and pleasing her deep pussy is all I craved at this point. I was there to turn her out; have that ass still feeling my extension hours after the
invasion of her chocolate pussy.

“Roni, your lips and tongue feel so good tracing my nipples; the way you’re sucking and teasing me lets me know you’re an expert in eating pussy. ‘Wicked Tongue’ is what I’m going to call you.”

Q grabbed my hand and placed it on her navel; this was her way of letting me know I could explore her more in depth. She was ready to feel more of me. I followed the path from her navel to her most vulnerable place; a place where a stud had definitely not had the pleasure of exploring. Q continued whispering in my ear, and biting me gently.

Prior to touching her with my hand, I slid my index and middle finger inside her mouth; her tongue knew exactly what to do. She circled my two fingers with her warm tongue and sucked them softly.

I looked deep in her eyes as I followed the path once again. Her eyes slowly closed when she felt my fingers slide deep inside her walls. Q’s body reacted the way I knew it would. Gyrating and sliding up, then down and throwing her head back. She was enjoying me, and begging me not to stop.

“Roni, your touch is driving me crazy. Don’t stop, this shit feels so damn good! Give me that tongue, Roni. I’m ready.”

“You sure you’re ready girl?” I asked with a soft tone.

“Yes, Yes, Yes!” She begged.

As she straddled me, I picked her up and took her to the bedroom, laid her down on the platform bed. Q had some nice taste. Her bed was made up with burgundy satin sheets and there were six plush pillows. To the right of the room there was a beautiful marble bureau with a long mirror trimmed in the same design as the bureau. And in the center wall I noticed another fire place. Damn, this chick got a fire place in her bedroom. I loved this.

Q was getting anxious now, grabbing my head. I began my path to that vulnerable place again, tracing her belly button with my tongue, kissing her inner thigh, and running my tongue across her hidden treasure. Q held me steady as I began to kiss her spot. I licked her up and down and used my tongue to separate the lips; she began to move her hips with every movement of my tongue.

Q held my head tighter as I began to stroke her, taking deep strokes with my tongue. Moans were becoming louder and louder, then my name began to leave her lips. She was fucking me back with her pussy. Holding my head steady and thrusting her wet opening into my face, letting my tongue enter her with every thrust. She was enjoying this; screaming my name over and over again.

“Roni, Roni, Roni!” she gasped, “Do that shit Daddy, do that shit!”

“So sweet and creamy.” I whispered.

“Don’t stop Roni, please don’t stop.”

Her sounds and the scent of her juices flowing from her beautiful slit had me wanting more but I needed to excuse myself first so that I could put my extension on. This is the part of being a stud I detested; having to stop in the middle of the mix to put my strap on. But this is my life and this is how I choose to pleasure my women.

“Q,” where’s the bathroom? I had looked up at her as she laid there spent.
“Where are you goin’ Roni? You leaving me now? Shit, you ain’t leaving me tonight. My pussy is so wet and there’s a void that only you can fill, do you hear me, Daddy?”

Q was lying on her back grabbing her ankles, spreading her legs wide apart. This girl was running her fingers all through her soaked pussy then sliding them in her mouth as if she were feasting on some ribs and sucking the sauce off her fingers.

“Baby, give me two minutes.” I walked to the bathroom with my black bag and shut the door. I looked in the mirror and smiled, smiled, and smiled. I can’t believe this shit. Can you believe this shit? I asked myself. I opened the bag and pulled my strap out and started talking to my shit.

“Listen here, you’re about to be all up in Q’s twat and she’s going to love it. We’re goin’ to work that pussy real good, real deep with some serious strokes.”

I set the strap on top of the bag then I stepped out my jeans and boxers. I grabbed the strap and I pulled a wash cloth out of the bag and soaked it in soap and water and washed my strap from the base to the tip of the head. It was already clean but I wanted it to be fresh. You know since it was in the bag wrapped in a silk scarf. After I washed my extension I loosened the harness, stepped into it like I would a pair of boxers, pulled them up and adjusted the small belts, pulling them tight so my dick would stay in place. I slid my boxers back on and left the bag in the bathroom.

“Baby, what are you doing? I’m tired of playing in my pussy. I need you Roni.”

“Here I come girl…I’m not going anywhere.”

I had tucked my extension between my legs so Q couldn’t see it. I crawled in the bed with her and began kissing her. I grabbed her by her neck and kissed her gently at first and she pulled away and demanded I penetrate her. Had she seen a bulge or maybe felt the hardness when I crawled in the bed with her? However she knew, she wasn’t trying to wait another second. Q slid her hand passed my stomach, then stopped right at the base of my shit. She let a moan as if she were relieved or something; as if she had found what she was looking for.

“Can I rub it, Roni? I want to feel it in my hands.” She didn’t wait for a go, Q began to rub my extension; massaging my shit while it was still confined; hidden from her view. She cupped her left hand around the head and ran her hand up and down the shaft. I could here her taking in deep breaths and saying “mmm.”

“Roni, it’s feels real thick. I can feel the veins through your boxers. It feels good in my hand; feels real. I want to see it. Can I put it in my mouth? I want to suck it for you.”
Q was playing in her pussy and stroking my dick at the same time. Then she pulled my shit out and placed her head on my chest watching as she stroked me. Yeah, I said stroked me. My extension has become a part of me. Once she pulled it out, looked at it and began stroking it, my strap came to life.

Tonight, Q would become another notch under my extended belt.

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