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Carson Deeds

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Something Needs Fixing
By Carson Deeds
Thursday, August 07, 2008

Rated "R" by the Author.

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A woman needs her jacuzzi fixed ... then she realizes that maybe, just maybe something else can be fixed.

March 2007


It was a blistering hot summer day ... I'd already been in and out of the pool a few times enjoying being able to swim and sunbathe in the nude ... the pool area had an 8 foot fence surrounding it ... more than high enough to keep the voyeurs at bay.

I love the sun beating down on my naked body. I had spent the afternoon lounging and reading my new book "Best Lesbian Erotica 07" edited by Tristan Taormino -- I had been enjoying the various stories immensely. I was hot and very horny.
Damn ... the jacuzzi wasn't working ... it wouldn't fill up properly. I called the company to have someone sent over. They promised to send someone right away. 

The doorbell rang ... I grabbed my robe and wrapped it around myself. I answered the door. Wow. An absolutely gorgeous woman was standing on my doorstep. She looked at me expectantly. I just stared at her. She asked me my name. I told her. She asked me if I had called to get my jacuzzi looked at? I think I said yes. She asked me where it was. I just waved my hand towards the back of the house. 

I led her through the house to the backyard. Behind her I gave my forehead a slap ... man, I needed to get fucked! Geez. I'm drooling! Get a grip girlfriend. She's probably straight anyway. 

She took a look and said that she would be right back with her tools. Hmmm ... tools ... maybe she was a dyke ... oh yummy!  One could only hope! She was going to be a dyke in my fantasies.

She said she would need to drain the jacuzzi to figure out what was wrong with it. I said to go ahead and do what she needed to do. I would be around. I went inside to grab something cold. I needed to be far away from her ... I'm sure I was absolutely vibrating with lust. I called out to her to see if she wanted something. She said sure -- water would be fine.
I opened the door and walked out onto the decking and just watched her work for a few minutes. She turned and looked at me. She had the most beautiful blue eyes and the most amazing smile. Our fingers touched when I handed her the glass. Electricity ran through my body. Now I was totally aroused. I wonder if she felt it too. I didn't wait to find out. I quickly turned around and headed back into the house. I hadn't felt a rush like that in a long time. And I thought I was distracted before! My book was just the warm-up. Now I was totally distracted. 

I kept looking out the kitchen window, watching her work. Liking what I was looking at. She had rolled up her sleeves and I could see her strong arms. Her shirt was sticking so I could see the muscles play over her back. Delicious. I bet she was strong. I wonder if she had stamina ... Would she be able to go a few rounds before getting tired? Or would she tire me out first? So many questions! I really wanted to find out if she could use those hands on more than just mechanical equipment. She called me to come out. I came out and she was leaning over the edge. 

"Can you come over here a second, please?" she said. 


"Just stand here, beside me ... I want to show you what I found." 

I went over and stood beside her ... our shoulders were touching. We both leaned over the edge. I asked her what I was supposed to be looking at.  She said, "there is something wrong with the drain ... it appears to be bent so it's not sealing properly. I'll replace that and your Jacuzzi should be fine."

"That's great. Thank you."

As I moved back up my robe caught on something and I ended up yanking it off ... she had the robe in her hands almost before it hit the ground. She helped me put it back on but not before I felt her hand slide across my naked back. I shivered. I moved away from her before I did something stupid. I quickly headed towards the house to pull myself together. 

She came in about 20 minutes later to say that the jacuzzi was fixed and working properly.  I thanked her and escorted her to the front door. She put her sunglasses on and said "no problem." She gave me her card and told me to just let her know if my jacuzzi needed fixing again. I smiled and said "sure". 


A couple of weeks later, I had that same robe on and pulled out her card. I decided to have a "problem" that required fixing. This time it would NOT be a mechanical one! I figured that she was the woman for the job! I'd had a lot of time to fantasize about her and wondered if she was as good in my dreams as real life. Her arms and hands looked amazing. I hope she needed a work out because I certainly did. 

I called her around 3 pm ... knowing that it would be the end of her day and hoping that I would be her last call. She answered on the second ring. She recognized my voice. She said, "oh, hello". I could tell she was smiling ... I know MY grin was wide ... I couldn't help it ... I was pleased that she remembered my voice. 

I said that my jacuzzi was acting up again and I needed her to come over right away. She was reluctant as it was the end of her day. I said that it probably wouldn't take her long and that I really needed it to work -- tonight. She finally agreed to come over. 

I was over-the-top excited. She was going to come over! I ran out to the jacuzzi and pulled the plug. I didn't actually want to wreck it. I wanted to use it that evening with her! I had already filled it in hopes that she would be my guest! Now to set up the place. 

I turned on the BBQ and started preparing some skewers that had various vegetables with chicken, shrimp and chunks of pinapple. Yummy! I also prepared skewers with just chicken and veggies together. The green salad was done. The white wine was already on ice. 

Now the table. I set it to look like I was having a very special guest for dinner -- well, I was -- her!  She just didn't know it yet. 

The doorbell rang about 4 pm. She was there. She looked great. She had a bit of a tan on her face and arms. I couldn't see her eyes because of her sunglasses so I'm not sure what she thought of my outfit. I was dressed casually, but very nice casually. I had on a silver necklace with a beautiful silky dark green shirt that covered my bum down to about mid-thigh ... sort of like a dress shirt ... and a black lacy bra that you could just make out in the light and black lacy underwear. Nothing else. 

It had been another blister of a day and her shirt was noticeably sticking to her. Sweat was dripping off her face. She was wearing shorts this time. Very strong legs. Oh my! I bet she could lift me quite easily. Mmmm ... now that brings some naughty thoughts to mind. She was talking to me. 

"Hmmmm ... what did you say?"  

"Finished checking me out? Shall I go take a look at your jacuzzi now?" She said this with a devilish grin.  I had the decency to blush. I just nodded. Damn! She's observant.  I walked with her through the house again to the backyard. Lovely ... what a walk. Confident, controlled, strong ... very sexy. She briefly looked at the table on her way. 

She mentioned that it looked nice. I just nodded, not really trusting my voice at this point. On our way out to the deck I touched her back and again a bolt of electricity went through my body ... oh my! 

I led her over to the jacuzzi. She asked me what was wrong. I told her that it just stopped working and I didn't know why. She asked me if it was plugged in. I shrugged my shoulders and went back into the kitchen. About 2 minutes later, I heard the sliding door open. I felt her behind me. I wondered if she knew. I felt her hands on my waist ... oh she knew! She turned me around and kissed me, hard. I melted into her arms and moved in closer. Then she leaned back and smiled at me. 

"Unplugging the jacuzzi was the best you could do? That wasn't even hard." I smiled and laughed. "I didn't want to make it hard ... I wanted you here and I didn't want you spending your time fixing my Jacuzzi ... I have other things I need fixing and I wasn't sure how to do that."

"Well, I'm here, now what?" 

I brought her towards me and said that she could continue kissing me.  Her voice became husky and she whispered in my ear "What else needs fixing? This can't be the only thing ... I shivered with anticipation. Her voice was deep and very, very sexy. Her tongue was doing things to me that I thought only happened in my dreams. God, I was melting!

You stopped doing what you were doing and I just looked at you and said "hmmmm? I'm sorry, I know you said something but I have no clue what you said."  You repeated what you said and this time I looked at you with anticipation and hunger ... so you wanted to play ... well hopefully you had some time because I like to play long and hard.

I grabbed your hand and said "not before you have a shower and get cleaned up ... I'll take you up to the bathroom and you can have a shower." What I'm thinking is ... get her naked and wet and in that order! 


I led her through the house to the stairs ... the master bedroom was on the second floor ... walking up the stairs was a bit tricky for me ... I was ahead of her and her hands were not idle ... her hands were under my shirt going between fondling my ass to touching my back ... she couldn't know that these are hot spots on my body ... my body was humming by the time we reached the master bedroom. 

The master bedroom had a king sized bed with an ensuite bathroom and a walk-in shower stall. She whistled when she saw it. I handed her a towel and asked her if she would like a demonstration of the shower ... she just smiled and raised her brows.

I moved in towards her, pressing myself against her body. She was against the bathroom wall ... nicely trapped ... Bliss ... I took her hands in mine and brought them to my lips ... I wanted her to know that I wanted her and that she was mine, for now. 

I was becoming impatient ... I wanted to rip her clothes off ... I wanted to get her naked so that I had full access to her luscious body ... Instead, I put my hands on her waist just under her shirt and slowly drew my hands up taking her shirt up with them and exposing her breasts. I couldn't resist ... my mouth found the hollow in between and I sighed. I love that part on a woman. 

My hands quickly removed her bra and her breasts were in my hands. My lips soon followed and I had one nipple in my mouth while my other hand was busy with her other breast. So lovely, so firm, so warm. So responsive! Lovely sounds were coming from her throat. I lifted my head and realized that her shirt was still on ... I quickly remedied that. Her shirt and bra hit the floor. Her pants and underwear came next. Naked at last!

Our lips met again and her hands started to wander across my chest looking for my buttons. I slapped her hands away. "Not so fast, sweetheart", I said. "I've waited weeks for you and I am not rushing! Into the shower with you, now!" 

You step into the shower, somewhat reluctantly ... looking at me ... encouraging me to join you ... oh no, I'm thinking ... you'll have me coming in no time ... I'm almost there now and you've hardly touched me!

She moved away and said I could stay and watch or if I wanted, I could just get naked and join her ... this she said with a wicked grin and a wink! I was a bit breathless and eager to follow her anywhere. However, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath ... I wanted to see what she'd do so I just watched her close the door to the shower.

She turned on the shower and just let the water spray over her very attractive body. She arched her back a bit ... touching her hands to the wall ... her breasts were beautiful ... a bit more than a handful with nipples that just demanded to be fondled and sucked. 

I moved closer to the door to watch her rinse her body. She was enjoying herself. She wasn't shy and seemed to enjoy teasing me. Interesting ... very erotic. I wasn't sure if I actually wanted to join her or just continue to watch -- fascinated by her hands and what they were doing and where they were going.

She turned towards me, smiled, opened the door and took my hand ... I ended up in the shower stall with her ... my clothes quickly soaked through. So much for my nice outfit!  I was beyond caring at this point. I was totally focused on her and her lips. She was using them on my ears and neck now. One of my sweet spots. I have a hard time thinking when someone is doing that. 

She helped me out of my clothes. She took her time and seemed to enjoy my discomfort. I was already aroused and this was taking it to the extreme. She seemed to know this. Lovely. 

I reached across her and turned off the water ... one hand on the tap and one hand resting lightly on her hip. My lips were very close to her ear and I whispered: "close your eyes, turn around, put your arms up on the wall and spread your legs ... please" and on the please my lips and tongue were working their way down her neck .. enjoying the sounds she was making ... "it's my turn to tease you and I am going to enjoy it ..."

You comply, wondering what will happen next. You thought that this would be a quick fuck session as per usual ... by this time you would have been almost finished ... about an hour is the usual amount of time with the women ... that's all the women seemed to want from you ... they liked your strong compact body ... they liked your confidence ... they liked your ability to read them ... figure out what they want then give it to them ... not very complicated ... basically come in, take control, play with them a bit, fuck them, maybe you would get satisfied, mostly not ... never a mutual sex session ... 

This was getting interesting ... you were intrigued and getting wet with anticipation .... someone who likes to tease, who likes to play, who also likes to lead ... but does she like to talk? You loved sexual banter ... would she like it too?


I began to scrub your back making sure to take my time over your shoulders, arms and upper back ... I noticed that your body arched in a most sensuous way when I moved over your lower back and bum ... interesting ... my reaction was almost automatic ... I desperately wanted to fuck you ... very intriguing ... I resisted ... so I did it again to see if your body moved in the same way ... oh yeah ... oh my ... I could feel my body move towards you ... very erotic ... can't wait to try that in bed.

I move into you ... brushing my breasts against your back ... your body automatically presses into me ... I move back a bit ... I have to slow down my breathing ... I'm really liking this a lot ... I lower myself slowly down your body liking the slippery feel from all the soap and water ... I'm on my knees ... perfect height to spend some time on your lower back, bum and thighs ... Your legs spread a bit wider in anticipation ... I don't disappoint.

My hands begin to massage your lower back and bum ... I spread your cheeks ... wanting access ... I stick my face up between your legs, exploring with my fingers and my tongue ... I hear some sounds coming from you ... oohhh ... that gets me even more wet ... I love sound ...

My fingers have found your clit and I begin to rub it with my fingertips ... my tongue is busy licking from your cunt to your puckered asshole ... I can feel you adjust your body a bit ... wanting to give me more access ... oh lovely, you arch your back a bit more ... this gives me better access to your luscious cunt ... your body lowers into me, trying to get more of my tongue inside you ... oh my ... a woman who likes to be touched! I moan with delight. 

"Two fingers on either side ... please" I hear you say ... a woman who likes to give directions ... loving this even more ... my fingers slide up on either side of your very hard clit ... I hear moaning now and quite a bit of movement of your lovely ass ... your back is beginning to arch in the most lovely manner ... god, how I want to fuck you ... I have to stand and switch hands ... I need to fuck you.

I'm now standing beside you with my body pressed up against your side one hand busy with your clit and the other one busy playing at your entrance ... you arch some more and I know that you are almost ready for me to enter you. I wait ... I hear you say "go inside me, slowly, with only two fingers" ... I whisper, "as you wish" and do as commanded.

I go in slowly, not too deeply, enjoying your tightness around my fingers ... I groan in delight ... oh how lovely ... "okay, now slowly go in and out, a little deeper each time, please" ... "now add a third finger", I hear a low moan ... my breathing has picked up quite a bit ... you are so tight and oh so very wet.

I'm still working on your clit trying to stay with your body movements ... I'm almost ready to come too ... your body moves more quickly ... your hand is pressed against mine, rubbing more strongly against my fingers on your clit ... "No", I think, "too soon ... I don't want it to be over this quickly ..."

I slow down, taking my fingers out of your cunt and off your clit ... I know that it would only take a few more strokes before we both came .... I didn't want that yet ... too soon .. the night is still young ... you grab my wrist and beg me to finish you off ... I don't.

I tell you that I will, just not quite yet. You groan ... so close ... I want to savour you ... I want the first time to be special for you and for me ... I want to wait and draw out the pleasure. 

I reach for you and bring your body into me. I love the way your body molds into mine ... we fit very nicely ... I am beginning to shiver a bit from the cold ... you turn the water on and the spray hits us full blast ... we both laugh ... liking the sudden shock and warmth of the water on our bodies.  You just look at me ... "you have a beautiful smile", I blush ... I'm a bit embarrassed ... no one has said that to me before. 

I gently take your face in my hands and kiss your lips ... wanting to explore ... liking what's happened so far ... your lips open for me and our tongues mingle ... it soon becomes clear that we both want more and not in the shower. 

Your smile grows and this time you will not be denied. I laugh and try to leave the shower stall. Not quickly enough ... you press your very wet body against me, grabbing my hands and pinning me to the bathroom wall. Ahhh ... passionate, aggressive and strong ... I like it -- a lot. Your lips move over mine, demanding entrance ... I fight you ... but not for long ... I want to be taken and soon. 

I like it when someone isn't afraid to take the lead. I also like it when my lover lets me lead. I like it both ways ... to lead and to be lead ... no lover I've had so far has been able to do both well. Most like it one way or the other ... mostly to be lead. 

You break off the kiss abruptly ... looking at me with open desire and something I can't quite read ... This is the first time that you have felt lust for another woman .... you've always enjoyed having sex, but this was different. 

You open the shower door and reach for a towel. You turn towards me and begin to dry me off ... spending a bit of time on my breasts ... oh, you are good and I am so wet -- and NOT from the shower! You bend down and your head is at my crotch ... you look up at me and I shiver ... I want you and I'm having a hard time containing my desire for you ... I don't normally make myself wait ... I'm not sure why this is so different.

Your tongue just brushes my clit ... and then your hands make quick work of drying off my thighs and legs. You turn me around and quickly dry off my back. However, I feel light nips near my shoulders and very strong hands grab and fondle my ass ... oh god, I love that ... I can feel myself flood a bit.

"Oh, you like that do you? How about this and this?" You have pressed me into the bathroom wall pinching my nipples and this time biting my shoulder blades ... leaving marks ... mmmmm ... something to remember or to remind me who I belong to? Interesting ... maybe a discussion for later.

I'm liking it a lot ... I can see that this will be a very nice session ... we both like to dominate ... oh yeah, how lovely ... I love a good power struggle ... I'm encouraging you to bite more of my back while I'm rubbing my ass into your crotch ... hoping that you will fuck me sooner rather than later.

You are talking to me ... telling me what you'll do ... oh yes ... I love your warm, vibrant voice in my ear and along my neck ... "Yes ... just do it,"' I whisper huskily.  I feel your fingers at my entrance ... playing, testing. I move into your fingers wanting them inside me ... instead you begin to play with my clit. I can feel my orgasm building ... your fingers stop playing with my clit ... I groan in dismay ... I turn my head and tell you to fuck me, now ... you do, and deeply plunge two fingers into me ... I hear you groan and say "you are so tight and so wet for me ... fantasizing about me, hmmm?" I just nod and spread my legs more ... wanting you as deeply inside me as possible ... you begin to pump slowly ... seeing how much I can take.

"Oh, I can take whatever you can give me ... you don't need to be gentle with me, sweetheart ... fuck me!" You begin to move a bit faster and go a little deeper ... I want more ... you seem to know this ... "Oh my god, you bitch! You've found my sweet spot ... no, too soon!" 

I'm squirming trying to get away from your incredible fingers ... you press me harder into the wall ... telling me to come for you ... going deeper and faster now ... and now you are working it ... I'm holding back and you know this ... I feel your teeth on my back again somehow knowing that this just might push me over the edge ... 

I scream in frustration and absolute delight. I can feel my walls grab your fingers ... you don't stop but keep going ... another orgasm rips through me ... Oh fuck! That was the best orgasm I've had in years ... and the only person that was able to do that and so quickly! Hmmm .... someone with obvious experience ... or maybe I've just found my equal ... my arousal has just gone up a notch ... I want you and NOW! 

We are both breathing hard ... you are still pressed up against me ... you haven't released me yet ... liking being inside me ... not wanting to separate just yet ... thinking that this was it and you would be leaving soon ... once again not getting satisfied.

I lean against you ... liking your body pressed into me ... I turn my head trying to entice you to kiss me ... your eyes light up and you let me turn around ... I bring your face towards me and kiss you lightly then more urgently ... you're thinking, "oh, she's not done ... a lusty one ... this one does like to play ..." 





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