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Nolan J Hargrove

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Free Write A Humans Adventure Towards Evolution Story
By Nolan J Hargrove
Wednesday, July 24, 2002

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Mindset Revolution

Part One

Personal Log: July 7th 2002AD

It was just another Sunday and I was on a walk along the Nooksack River near the tall trees of Washington State. It was a bright sunny day, and a bit hotter then I liked, yet I can’t complain sense most of the year is drizzly and cold out. I noticed that it was quieter out then normal and I looked around to see if there was any birds about, but found none. On a sunny day like today the birds would have been out in droves, well maybe not in droves, yet there would have at least been a few chirping here and there. I had gotten to the end of the path to where I usual turn around and head back when I was suddenly struck with sleepiness. So sleepy that I stumble and fell then lost conciseness right there in the path.

When I awoke it seemed lighter then before, as it the trees had parted to let in the sunlight. As I looked around I found I still lying where I fell earlier, yet was surrounded by ten Amazon looking women all wearing lone cloths. They looked as though they were of all types races. Some with their hair up, some down. It would have been a nice little fantasy for one such as myself who has not even seen a naked woman in over seven years, yet they all had wicked looking spears pointed right at my face.

“Hello there.” I said, yet I might has well had said ‘stick me in the ass with your big nasty stick’ from the look on their faces. They looked to one another in wonderment as I scanned from face to face. None of them seemed to know what to think of me. Then one, who looked as if she had all the races on this earth in her, spoke in a language that was unfamiliar to me. Which is to say that they could have been speaking in any language other the English and I would have had no idea what the hell they were saying. I guess they figured that out by the look on my facet because none of them tried to communicate with me in any other fashion except to pull me up off the ground and push me into a genial direction away from the path that I was on.

I don’t know about anyone else that would find themselves in my position, I found it quite weird. I was walking down a path along the Nooksack River and now I found myself in the company of ten ‘tens’. All of them dressed up for some kind of native garb that looked like a badly done Tarzan movie. I did not question it sense there was spears involved and most of them too close for my comfort. Was it a good day or a bad one? Still was still too early to tell.

The trail that we took walked was more like an animal trail then one produced by humans and I stumbled from time to time on underbrush that we traveled along the winding trail. There was still no birds or other animals about and it still had that early quiet. The only sound was me stumbling thought the bush. Not a word was spoken as we made are way deeper into the forest of large cedar trees. I guess that they decided that talking would have done no good and they seemed to had done their talking done between each other where the found me. As for me, well what the hell was I going to say? ‘Take me to your leader?’ As it was I was hoping that I wasn’t going to be on some menu or some kind of sacrifice. Some guys may think of some kind of sex ritual, yet I knew my luck and I was thinking I was dinner or pleasing their deity.

Finally we reached an open glade with a huge tree in the center of it. On it was what looked like a large elliptical archway. I don’t want to make it sound like something sexual and I don’t want to sound like some kind of pervert, yet I have to state this as how it looked and that was like a large female vagina. For all you female reader out there I hope you don’t take offence by this, yet that is what it looked like. It was a large oval knot, with moss that covered it and what looks to be a pathway in. I looked around to see that there was no sighs of a village, just this big tree sitting out here in an open glade. The tree must have been at least twenty feet in diameter, yet that could not be possible sense most of the big trees of such size had been cleared away long ago. I looked up yet all I could see were braches that were the size of the large trees that I was most comment around this part of Washington State.

The tall woman with dark tanned skinned who spoke before, the one who looked as if she could have been any if not all the races put into one human, walked up to me and pointed to the large doorway shaped knot. She then spoke to me, and this time it sounded almost animal like with a combination of growls, hoots and cheeps. I was taken back by this sense I had never heard sounds like that come out of a human as if it was a spoken language. What seemed even more strange to me was that I the understood what she was saying to me as being “Step inside. Mother is waiting for you.”

“My mother?” I said to her as I pointed to myself. Yet a poke in my back from a spear told me that it was not the right thing to say. “Hay, watch it with that damn thing.” I said turning to the tall blond woman who held a menacing look that was more treating then the spear. I decided to turn and look at the moss cover oval knot. Looking closely I could see that there was room for a human size person to walk in, as if it was a well-concealed cave entrance. I then looked from side to side at the women who made a circular around the tree and me. “Well then, I guess I will be going in this tree now.” I said thinking that this was some kind of joke a bunch of women came up with to make a fool out of some guy they found sleeping in the woods. Ya right. If this was a joke then they were very good at keeping a straight face.

I turn back to the so-called opening and stepped up to it. After carefully pushing the moss aside I made my way through. It was a bit of a tight squeeze for me and reminded me to go to the gym after this weirdness was over with. I feel odd moving into the tree. The strong smell of cedar filled my nose, as I got closer to what seemed like a room of some type. What was even more odd was the soft indigo glow that I saw as I stepped into the small wood room. There I was inside a tree standing on a wood floor, of course, and a ceiling that glowed indigo. Looking around I could see the well polished wooded walls, yet nothing else was there. Looking behind myself I could also see that the doorway was also gone. “Great, no exit. What next?” I asked myself out loud.

I stood there for a long moment then said. “Hello there? Anyone at home?” Ok so I did sound like some dork, yet if you were in my shoes I don’t suppose you would think of something cleaver to say at a time like this. Face it, I missed that sigh post along the trail that said ‘twilight zone’, so don’t expect me to act as if anything was abnormal. Then again maybe everyone has stood inside a tree and I am the only dumb ass who admits it.

My name was called from all about and I quickly looked around to see who was there, yet all I could see was wood walls bathed in an indigo glow. The voice was that of a female, soft and beautiful like that of a songbird, yet had a tone of authority. I knew what they meant by mother, for this was the voice of a mother.

The voice spoke again and I felt sure who this mother was. “I have been watching you for sometime now.” I felt calmed by her voice as if all my worries had pasted though me, yet I did feel embarrassed as if I had done something wrong. It is not every day, at least for me, that I have a conversation with Mother Nature. That’s right, and I know it sounds crazy, yet I could feel it. Deep down, like a blushing of my heart.

But then again, I am who I am and could not help to reply with the following. “Watch me do what?” They way it came out must of sounded as if I felt she was peering in on my masturbation habits or something. Hay, it’s not like I go out and screw a bunch of women or something so don’t give me that gross look.

With out a comment to my statement she continued. “When the time comes you shall know.” The voice stated with out changing pitch or tone as if it was a perfect voice, if there is such a thing. “You shall keep the fire of the future alive and speak of the things to come.”

“Speak of what?” I begin to look around as if this person was standing closer, yet there was nothing but a round wooden room. I then thought about my research that I was getting into. There was a lot of strange things going on in the world, and you thought this was strange, yet there are things much stranger then this out there.

As I thought about my research her voice echoed out from all around me. “It has begun. Life as known by the children of the father and mother shall change.” This was now getting way too weird for me. What the hell was she talking about? Was it my research? There was something going on out there, yet was that it? I felt as if I was in some kind of strange dream and as I thought of that I began to loss conciseness once again.

I then awoke where I had passed out earlier and thought to myself the same thing I always think after a strange dream like that. ‘What a strange dream.’ Which is the standard response for something like this, and I am sure that you have thought the same, yet I wouldn’t be writing this if I just had a strange dream. There is just a little more weirdness to this story then just that. First off, as far as many of my dreams go, I forget them moments after I had them. This dream was locked in my memory as if it was a memory and not some kind of strange R.E.M activity that one has to keep the bran from going nuts. As for the other reason… Well like my mother always says. “All in good time.” So I shall continue on and see what you think.

So that was a week ago and I decided not tell a soul about it. Well who the hell would care? After all it was just a strange dream, right? I will state for the record that I am a naturalist who believes in the Gaia theory of a living plaint. If that was Mother Nature that I was talking to in my dream then there might have been more to it then just a dream. That dream did not dissipate like many other dreams that I had and it is still clear as a bell after about a week. This must have meant something, yet what? The strangeness of it is that I can’t get the memory of it out of my head. I could still smell the large cedar tree I stood in and when I close my eyes I can seen the inner sanctum of the huge tree. Later on I did walk back and searched the woods, yet found nothing. Not even an animal trail, which seemed strange sense they were all about the area except in the location that I had my vision. All that was there was think black berry bushes that would cut a person to shreds if they tried to walk though them.

I am starting to believe that it was a ‘vision’ and not some strange dream. It has been gnawing at me like a splinter in my eye. I know that there is more to this story then just that, yet as of know I am not sure what it is. I am just going to have to keep up with my current research I have started out on and see what happens next. Ether I am heading towards madness, which would not surprise me if that is what will happen, or maybe there is more going on in this world then I am aware of at this time. I guess I have to wait and see what happens.

Personal Log: July 14th 2002AD

I have found that if I ask a question I usually, if I listen for it with an open heart and mind, will get the answers that I seek. This time was no different, yet it came about in a most strange way, which seems to be the case with me these days. As I have stated before I don’t think that I had some kind of odd dream, yet a vision. This vision, regardless if it was from my own mind or in the form of a Mother Nature speaking to me, is not all that relevant to me. It’s the message that is and what happen to me on this day confirmed that there was more to it then all this then a wild dream.

I was sitting on my favorite rock looking over some of my writing. It is the one about human mindset and how humans are programmed not much different then computers. I was engrossed in my reading of what I had already written a few days back and did not notice her at first. I then looked to my direct left to see this beautiful oriental woman who appeared no more then twenty. She was looking over the river as she sat on her own rock.

It wouldn’t have been odd except that her face was well to known to me from the vision that I had a week before. I don’t know how long I was staring at her before she noticed and gave me a quick smile before turning back her attentions to the rushing water of the river. I felt embarrassed and turned back to my reading, yet I could not read. All I could do was listen as my heart pounded inside my chest as if I had ran a marathon.

She sat no more then ten feet from me and I sat there wondering how she got so close with out me hearing her. I know that I was engrossed in my reading, yet to miss a beautiful woman coming along. Well all I could say is that I must be losing it. I will state that now I could hear her clearly when she stated. “The river is beautiful this time of year.” She then turned her large brown eyes toward my eyes. “Don’t you agree?”

Now I have heard of guys running into their dream girl before, yet this was a bit different. I quickly looked about to see if any more of my so-called ‘dream girls’ were around, yet its was just her and I sitting there next to the river. She seemed to be there alone. Also she was wearing the out fit of someone form the sixties, which is normal for the 2Ks. She hand nothing with her, such as a fishing pole or picnic basket so I figured she was just out enjoying the day out by the river.

She must have noticed that I was looking about for her next commit was about my bewilderment. “Yes I am talking to you.” She said with a smile. “My name is Kayla, what’s your name?”

In slight shock I told her my name and the two of us moved a bit close. I will not bore you with the conversation that we had, yet I will say that we were very like-minded about are belief systems. She was also a naturalist that believed in the Gala theory. We went on with the conversation till it started getting dark and the two of us parted company at her small 90s Toyota sports like car. Unlike my day and age where we exchanged phone numbers we exchanged e-mail addresses. This was fine with me sense I wanted to send her some of my work that I had been writing for the last May.

Even as I sit here and write this I am still amazed at how much she looked like one of the girls in my dream. This was way too weird and I was beginning to get spooked out about it, yet I was also excited. It’s not every day that a person meets someone in his or her dreams. So with that in mind I think that I will explore this farther.

Personal Log: July 21st 2002AD

Well back to the strange life that I am now living and you people, who have decided to join me in my travels into the twilight zone, get yourself ready for another bit of weirdness. I don’t know weather I am going mad or just that the world has gone mad and I am sane, but all that I can tell you is that I know what I know and if that is the case then it does not matter much. Now that I am done with the usual disclaimers I will get back to the adventure.

She sent me her phone number and the two of us decided to meet at the local coffee shop in down town Bellingham. It was a nice place to sit and talk even if you are not a coffee drinker. I, personally, had at least two cups before she had arrived. I had always made it a point to be early and she had been on time. She brought with her a friend and this is were things get really strange, as if things were not strange enough as it was. The young woman was a tall blond and I can still imagine that damn spear in her hand poking me in the back. That’s right. Another one of my dream girls just walked in, yet this time she didn’t have a messing look on her face. In fact she had a nice bright smile on her face.

I stood up and Introductions were made, as well as a commit from Kayla, “I hope you don’t mind me bringing Tasha with me, it is just that she has the same interests as I do and so I brought her here to meet you.” She looked a bit embarrassed as she summed it up. “I did show her some of the stuff you wrote. I hope you don’t mind?”

“I know you must have taken this as a date…” Kayla started to say; yet I was quick to correct her by shaking my head ‘no’. I knew from the conversation on the phone that this was more of a meeting of the minds then bodies.

I then motioned to the two empty chairs across from where I was sitting, “Please have a seat,” I do have to admit that I felt a bit excited by all this. “This is great.” I then sat down with them and the three of us talked more about my theories on human transformation and the next major step that humans, may or may not be taking in the years ahead. Most of my theories were based on information that I found floating around out there on the Internet.

Tasha commented about just that. “I read your ‘Cultural Mindset’ paper. It was well thought out.” Tasha stated as the conversation slowed a bit. “I like how you pointed out cultural evolution and how that is a part of the overall change in humans.” She gave me a smile and I was taken back by it. I am not the kind of guy to assume what a smile meant; yet it was hard not to read into it. “I do believe that the culture was effected by the aspects of the ‘bomb’ and the impact has brought about a change in the current mindset of the times.” She looked over at Kayla. “It is hard to imagine what the world would be like if the sixties didn’t happen.”

Finally I had the situation well in hand, well maybe not in my hand, but I had controlled my barbaric reaction to the situation and expressed my desire to…smoke. I walked out side and saw a friend that I have not visited with sense this weirdness occurred. He was just starting up a cig when I sat down next to him with my own starting up and ready to go. With the basic pleasantries out of the way the conversation turn to the two young women that I was with. I was not surprised that he had noticed the two with me and couldn’t help commenting on the fact.

Jack was only a few years younger then I, yet he looked older. At least that is what I was told. Jack was more geared for city life then I and had all the gossip of Bellingham down to an art form. “I talked to some friends of mine and was told that those two are lesbians.” He blurted out.

I took a look around to see if any one else was there, yet it was just the two of us. “What makes you think that I am interested in the two that way?” I quickly commented. Yet I knew that I wore my interest in the two securely on my sleeve so the comment was met with a slight smile from Jack.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am just as much a pig as the next guy with that kind of mindset. Ya, I will come out and say that it would be nice to have two woman at one time, yet that was just part of some program call ‘stick it in as many females as you can so that your genes will go on forever.’ This is normal for a time when the population is low and the amount of men was in short supply do to war or other disaster that cause a decrease in human population. Yet there was no need for such things. In fact I do not even need to bread because of the population that was out there now.

“Damn, Jack” I said with a giggle. “You are as warped as I Am.” Then the two of us went back to our smokes. I would have given him the same speech, yet sometimes it is better to beat your drum when people want to hear it. Jack is an old dog with out much use for new tricks. Besides what’s wrong with a fantasy as long as you don’t push the issue? That was not Jack style. He may bark, yet he ant got much of a bite.

I walked back in to find the two very close talking about something. I could not help, or rather didn’t want to help, thinking about those two. I am not the type to assume, but damn they were very attractive! It wouldn’t be bad thing to be with them both. Yet that was bad thinking on my part and not right. They didn’t ask for me to be thinking thoughts such as that and I felt a bit ashamed. I pushed the thought out of my head for I was above such things as that. Ya, right.

“Bad again.” I said as I sat down in the chair in front of the two.

“I’m Bad again?” Tasha said as she smiled at my Ferdinand slip. Then looked at Kayla and the two snickered a bit.

“I meant back again,” I said as I placed my hands together as if I had nothing better to do with them. I have found that when I say something stupid I notice every body movement that I make, almost as if I am mongering it for sighs that I maybe sending out other signals that I do not what sent out. My hands were among the most watched as I looked down at them. I use to chew my fingernails, yet gave it up when I took up smoking. I always think about things such as that as I am fumbling about as if to lose the moment that I would rather not have had. In moments such as this when I feel like putting a dirty sock in my mouth to teach it a lesion in mind over mouth.

“Welcome bad.” Kayla said as the two began to laugh opening this time. Just great. I am the butt of a joke once again. Damn if I will ever get use to it, yet then again I always set myself up for it. I just sat there, smile and sake my head at the two who giggled on.

The conversation went back to my main passion and no I don’t mean a kinky threesome with the two. My main passion was the study of cultural mindsets and how humans used them to interact with other humans. We also touch on some key point such as JFK and the so-called space race. “I never understood till recently what was meant by ‘space race,’” I stated as I took another drink from my now cold coffee. “It seemed to me that the Russians had already one as far as making it into space, yet I do not think that is what was meant.” I set the large paper cup down and looked at it in disappointment and wondered if I should get another refill, yet if kept it up with the coffee I would have everyone in here socks in my mouth. I really get dumb if I drink too much coffee.

Kayla brown flashed at eyes me. There was a touch of understanding and I think that I may have sent her my thoughts on this.” I know, it was as if he was talking about a race of humans or something.” She then looked to Tasha as if the two were linked in thought. I sat there for a moment and wondered what it was that the two were thinking.

I decided to go out on a limb. If the two thought I was crazy so be it. Maybe some of what came out of my mouth was do to the amount of coffee that I had, yet it came out just the same. “My belief is that the bomb, the demon that was give to the Americans by way of ritual, was the negative aspect of world war two.” I looked at the two with interest as I continued my analogy. “Now there was something that the Germans got from world war two that had a positive aspect to it as well, which seems rather strange in a way.” I looked at both of them and hoped that not only were they on the same page as I was but also reading from the same book.

“Well there was a lot of advancements, but most of that was for warfare.” Tasha kicked in. She was close to what I was talking about, yet I felt by the looks on their face that they still didn’t know what to think.

I smiled as I gave out the answers. “Rockets.” The two looked at me in bewilderment. “It’s true the rockets are used to carry nuclear warheads,” I said, as I looked about the room then return my attentions to them. “But they also carried humans into space. The gem the Germans dug up was that of rocket technology that propelled humans to the next frontier.” I gave up a grin as I do whenever I come up with a clever pun such as the one that was about to fall from my lips. “We now have the ability to boldly go were no one has gone before do to rocket technology.”

Tasha was the one that caught this one. “Yes but it was Germany that got the guidance systems down. They still could not hit a damn thing with them but they produced a guidance system using a gyro.” Bingo!

The two sat there and ran with the idea for a wile as well as spun off with others that were connected to it. I sat back and was amazed at how smart the two were. I am not saying that cute young females are dumb, yet I always thought they were into things such as matching shoes and Mall hunting. Ah, another stereotype flushed down the toilet. Damn I love my life!

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