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michael ahmad

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A Daughters Love
By michael ahmad
Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Rated "R" by the Author.

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A family in counseling with too much to share.

Hi my name is Stephen,Stephen Goodman. In 1993 my crew an I came across a shipwreck. The story that was told to me was quite horroriffic.

"Dammit man!" "Answer me?" "Have you ever slept with your daughter?!" The room grew loudly quiet. The reverend,and Henry and his wife. Anticipation melted as tears fell onto Sarahs blouse waiting for Henry's answer. Henry paced the room. The small office  in back of the church dimly lit with old brown pseudo wood wall paneling. A few desk a few chairs an a small love seat. The size of a large closet in present circumstance seemed even smaller than that.Henry lay flush against the wall with all eyes fixated upon his slightest movement or twitch. Henry looked at the reverend and his wife circling his eyes slowly to meet theirs. Henry then stated with absolute certainty. "No!" "Thank God!" Sarah Henry's wife leaned her head back raising er hands to heaven in a large sigh of relief. The reverend went and sat behind his desk looking at Henry with a great degree of uncertainty. "Henry all the counseling I've been through with you and your family. "You all need yourselves a vacation."


"Thank you reverend I do believe your right." "Can I have a hug sweetheart?" "Dang on it Henry hug your wife!" "Yes reverend." "I think maybe a camping trip in the wilderness would be a great family relaxtion." "Taking the time to accomplish small tasks outside of your daily routine home and community environments." "Well tell me what do you think of my idea," said the reverend with great anticipation bright eyed and smiling.


"Well reverend it sounds nice,but we've already been camping dozens of times,"answered Sarah with a monotonous lack of enthusiasm. "Rev,I'm thinking maybe uh Disneyworld!" Yelled Henry excitedly. "No no no no no no!" "Hey yous two that is way too many people around.Taking focus off of yourselves relating directly to one another," said the reverend. "I want yous all to be alone somewhere anywhere,but alone!" "Do you here me?!"


"I've got it!" "Yes reverend." Sarah and Henry both asked in child like anxiousness as they sat up in the love seat directly in front of the reverends desk. "What ?!" "What?!" Sarah exclaimed. A small silenced brief pause stirred the air with more excitement. "A boating trip! The reverend blurted joyusly. "Fly out to Fiji pick an islet take a whole bunch of supplies and do her up!"


"Henry that sounds wonderful!" Sarah remarked turning to Henry with tremendous excitement. "Ok reverend," replied Henry. "It sounds like a good idea." "What you are doing is tapping into your inside seeing what you are made of." " Seeing what each other is made of." Family bonding delving into your goodness your love and survival its quote a "Soul Tap." "Soul Tap," questioned Sarah and Henry. "An adventure seeing what your limits are and surpassing them going beyond your own norm a Soul Tap,"reponded the reverend. "Ok Rev can we call the kids in now?" "Martha?!" "Stewart?!" "Come in children." The door slowly opened. "Please please children come in and sit down with your parents,"said the reverend calm and tenderly?


In came Stewart first.A shy handsome humble boy 12 years of age. Stewarts hair was red his face freckled. He was a smiling bright and happy boy. Next came in Martha. Martha the beautiful 17 year daughter. Martha dressed in all black. Gothic in appearance black makeup, eyeliner, lipstick and even black nail polish.Her clothes were leather black jackets spiked and a black dog collar. She also had freckles upon her face with glowing green cats eyes on her  fully developed 120 pound frame. All the men adored her even her own daddy. She kept her head down unwilling to make eye contact and hardly ever spoke at all.


Sarah and Henry were church going people that were blessed in a successful storage business that afforded them to make such a trip. Sarah stared at the children bursting in excitement until she could not contain herself  anymore. "Kids were going to the islands!"

"Yeah!" Stewart jumped up and down happily screaming. "Martha?" "Martha?" "Are you ok sweetheart," asked Sarah?" Martha stared at the floor leaning over doodling her shoes. "She'll be all right," mouthed the reverend in a low whisper. "Well I'll see all of you again soon ok." The reverend said calmly. "Yes reverend,"replied Henry as they reassuredly shook one anothers hand. Henry walked out of the door with Martha and Stewart. Sarah hugged and thanked the reverend.


The MacDonald family drove home anxious for their trip to Fiji.All except for Martha who continously stared at the floor. The children went to bed while Sarah and her husband Henry stayed up excited making the trips arrangements that night. The next morning the MacDonald family boarded an airplane flight direct to Fiji.

Arriving the next day Henry used his American boating license and renting the boat came with ease. The family loaded supplies for one week. Henry did not take a chartered cruise or take a scenic guided tour. He set out on his own only renting the boat and finding his own destination to go to. Henry mapped out a course to a small islet 250 miles off the coast of Fiji. An islet with no name no animals and no natural supply of food. Fresh water must be brought. They brought no radio only an international calling cellphone in case of  an emergency.


The night came and it was cold and they were nearly upon their destination of relaxation. "Dad!' "Dad!" "We're sinking!" "We're sinking!" Screamed Stewart in extreme panic and fear as the little boat began to take on water. "We've hit a shallow reef!" "We are not sinking yet son we're stuck on the reef!" "I don't know how long she'll hold!" "Wake your mother and sister gather up as much a you can!" "We are going to have to swim ashore!" "Henry whats happened ?!" Screamed Sarah in a panic. "We're bottomed out onto a reef and we are taking on water!" "Son loop this rope through all of our bags and supplies so that we bring everything." "Everyone to the back of the boat!" Henry yelled.


Outside the sky was dark night and the stars shone bright. The waves crashed fiercely and crashed into the boat by the night wind. 

Martha and Stewart were in pj's and robes. "Dad." Dad." The air is very cold out here,"said Stewart shivering badly. Henry gave his family a reassuring look to let them even in this bad situation everything would be all right. "I know son, Martha, honey we got to do what we got to do...ok." Henry took a great big breath and sighed closing his eyes briefly and then looking at his family," everyone into the water!" The family splashed into the freezing water an immediately began shivering. The wind whipping and faces cold,"hold on to the containers everyone!" "Kick together!" Henry yelled to keep his family  focused.

"Mother I'm scared," mumbled Stewart. "I know baby keep kicking toward the island." Into the darkness the MacDonald worked together reaching the island. They fell asleep on the shore until the heat from the sun woke them. They arose that day on the islet which was scarecly a half of a football field long in any direction. There were only a few clusters of bushes  and a very small forest of palm trees at its center.


All sides were beaches. It was truly beautiful. The boat had dislodged itself with the tide and sank leaving the family absolutely and completely stranded. The rental boat company had no record of where they went only that they were due to return within one week.Waking up tired groggy and extremely worried. Everyone got their supplies together and formed a circle. "Let us pray." Sarah said exhaustedly. "Heads bowed please?" "Lord thank you for letting us make it here together safe,well,an alive." "Amen,"said all.The family appeared raggedy yet alive. Henry taking charge looking around to obseve an assess the situation.


"Dad is anyone coming to help us?" "No son I am terribly afraid not." Henry said reluctantly and depressed."Why not dad we have the international calling cell phone." "They can satellite our postion."  "Were saved,yeah,dad woohoo!" "I was almost worried for a minute,"said Stewart rationalizing outloud."Sarah and Martha were both relieved to remember about the cellphone also.Sarah and the children smiling and happy.Henry looked at the ground like he just lost his best friend."What's wrong honey?" Sarah asked with extreme concern."Yeah dad...whats...wrong?" "No dad." Stewart said in horror looking around at the endless looking ocean." I messed up." Henry said still looking down at the ground."Don't...don't say it dad." and lost or left the cell phone in a rush getting off of the boat." "I told you not to say it dad!" Yelled Stewart. "Fuckkkkkkkkkk!!!!" Sarah screamed. "Dad?" "Yeah son." "So you mean we are all just stuck here?!"

"Ahhh hell no!" "Fuck dat are you fuckin serious dad?!" Martha and Sarah now felt the panic and desperation of their futile situation and began sobbing immensely. "I mean what the fuck dad," screamed Martha with tears running down her face looking to Henry for help,but knew he could give none! The reality of dying there on the small islet was now absolutely real. "Calm down children." "Fuck off mom!" "You stop that Stewart!" "What are you gonna do send me to my room punish me take away tv?!"


"Dad!" You are a fucking idiot I hate you!" Stewart screamed walking away." "Stewart Stewart,come back!" "Let him go honey I mean where in the hell is he going anyway?" "We are stranded on an islet that doesn't even have a name." " How da fuck could you lose the cellphone?!" "I ought to kick your ass!" Sarah screamed. "Yeah fuck you daddy you dumb ass!" Martha exclaimed. "You freakin Moron!' Stewart yelled from a distance "But...but...honey,Martha.Stewart?" Henry curled up into fetal postion and wept like he had never had like a baby.Everyone walked away. Hoping to all get away from each other for the moment. The islet being so small they could all still see one another no matter where they went.


Henry gathered wood for a fire.The fire was not for warmth at night only,but also served a purpose for signaling help from passing ships. Night by night the food was rationed out to one meal per evening. The food lasted the course of about a month. Homemade crabnets and fishing proved futile. "Man I haven't seen a boat at all,"said Stewart. Food had been gone for four days now only water was left and the leaves of the trees were bitter and sandy. Cooking the leather of some their gear was of no use. They even tried to eat their own clothes.Stewart began to become weary and bite his own arm and foot.Stopped by his mother.


The fifth day of no food now also without water and no ship in sight.Delusions set in and Sarah began to become so desperately hungry she began drinking her own urine, feces,and fingernails to no avail she vomitted it all up.She tried to stomach eating that too. The family did the same. The six day of no food and water set in.

Stewart Martha Henry and Sarah all gathered on the beach to cry. "Well family I guess this is it." Henry cried tiredly barely having the strength to talk. Stewart laid his head across his mothers chest seeking comfort. Sarah rocked him back and forth singing him a lullaby. "Hush little baby don't say a word mommas gonna buy you a mocking bird,and if that mocking bird don't sing momas gonna buy you a diamond ring."


Sarah lifted her hands to heaven and cried Lord forgive me. She swiftly picked up a stone from the fire and beat Stewart in the head until he died. Henry and Martha looked on expressionless and said nothing. Henry stood up taking out his hunting knife from his side gear and cut off Stewarts head and rolled him onto the fire and roasted him whole. In the next two days Stewart was consumed now they looked at one another and wondered... who was next.Hunger began to settle in again.The repeated redrinking of their own urine was the only freshest water source available.All of their mouths salvated.Sitting around the fire again with no food available at all.Stewarts bones had been picked clean. Martha stood up slowly looking at her parents with tremendous suspicion. Henry moved slightly to scratch his nose and Martha broke out into a full sprint.Henry and Sarah began to chase Martha around the island.A terrible chase with only one conclusion. Dirty raggedy beaten and broken. Pure raw animalistic survival was there only thought. The only food they had was each other.


Martha in front,Sarah behind her and Henry behind then both. Chasing Martha along the beach in circles around the island. "Turn around Henry cut her off from behind!" Sarah yelled in the midst of the foot chase. Martha hearing her mothers plot against her began to go into sheer shock running out into the ocean. Wading out away from the islet watching her mom and dad watching her from the shore.Sarah fixing her gaze on Martha gave Henry opportunity to sneak up behind his wife. Martha began thrashing in the water splashing and flinging her arms and screaming."Sarah, Sarah!" Martha yelled to her mother. "Look out behind!" Sarah slid slowly to the ground falling to her knees,and then flat onto her face. Her blood stained the sand. Martha wept wading back to the shore. She went and sat paitently by the fire.Watching Henry roll her onto the burning wood.So hungry they both began picking her skin as it was heating still  raw.


Now there was only themselves left.They ate slowly ever so slowly.The days went by until the meat was gone.Five days passed as they attempted to stay away from one another.Again the hunger took over.Henry and his daughter Martha now watched each other unceasing.Falling asleep only to momentarily wake up immediately to check and make sure they were still alive. Weariness, exhaustion and sheer hunger, thirst induced insanity was past settled in. Delusions took over to the point that they began talking to themselves. Imagining they were seeing Sarah and Stewart.


Henry lay warm snuggling himself to the fire in and out of consciousness. Martha eased up quietly close then closer and a little bit closer right next to his head. She leaned in right next to his ear. Watching his eyes open and close open and close fighting hard to stay awake. Until he could no longer reopen them.Martha remembered  eavesdropping outside of the the church office door during counseling.Martha whispered into her dads ear. "Daddy,daddy." Henry's eyes reopened again as he felt the warmth of Martha's face on his."Daddy you can have me now daddy." "Mommy and Stew are gone now and you don't have to lie anymore daddy." "You can have me now,are you ready for me." "I'll do all of the things mom wouldn't do to you."


Martha began to slowly suck her finger.Henry sat up staring directly into his daughters eyes. There faces moved closer and closer toward each other until there lips met.Slowly they began to kiss until they became one. Martha quietly silently let him have her anyway he wanted until he worked himself into exhaustion and could not move at all.Henry lay weary at the brink of death,watching Martha digging into the sand.Henry watched her pull out a plastic bag.Martha came back to Henry and began eating his leg raw.Moments before his last breath while he was still yet alive. These are last words he heard before he closed his eyes and died.

"Hello!" "Hello!" "Hello 9-1-1 My name is Martha MacDonald can you GPS my location?" "Yes maam." "Good because I'm shipwrecked my whole family drowned an I am the only survivor." "I need help." "We have pinpointed your location maam rescue will take a few hours by helicopter." "Will you be ok until then?" "Do you have food? Looking at her dad grinning,"yeah I have something to chew on until then."




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