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Rojob Abraham Khan

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Member Since: Aug, 2008

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Chain of Command Science Religion
By Rojob Abraham Khan
Monday, January 11, 2010

Rated "PG" by the Author.

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This movement started accidently! My name is Raji. I have been writing now for 4 years. I have been blessed with many things. I believe in multi-culturism, but not in lies and treachery. alwworked hard and helped people since a little boy! I was ripped off of money and fame, yet still I helped people. I have a following in Rochdale. To receive something is to allow god into your life. I have a movement combined of Christians or Muslim teaching. They say all is equal in front if god - Tell me something are crooks and thieves same as us? You need right people and not more lies of teachers and religious imams. Remember if there is no you there is no imams or teachers.

 Chain of Command Science From Rochdale

 '13 Realistic & Successful Step To Your Answer

      by You(General Public) & Ali Khan

"Action is the foundational key to all success" Pablo Piccaso

 Reasons to Succeed in Life:


1. In One God We Trust

2. You have a debt to pay to society

3. Labour

4. Knowledge

5. Learn to Fight

6. Two brain is better than one

7. Money?!

8. Knowing how to speak correctly

9. Walking Right

10. Not eating right nutrients

11. Not laughing every day

12. Money to charity

13. Prepare yourself for a war


My name is Abraham Khan or Mr Raji. I have helped people in life to reach life's great success and seen many to be successful also. Most people started with little or no money. You could say that they all started from 'Scratch'. To become rich or successful in life these days is practically impossible. You have many factors to overcome. You have big obstacle to cross. People who have all been successful have all had good luck or other major factors. We will disscuss these in detail. But mind you, you have to have an open mind. You need to develop good skills. Like someone in a story once said 'You do not piss on your chip's if they're bit too hot!'.


1. In Our God We Trust

'You cannot really say that you don't believe in any form of supernaturall existence do you?'

You do not live early mid-century - but the next. People once said 'The World Is Flat!' This was not true ! There have been so many phillosophies and phillosopers whom written books - All told us about 'Our God' -Yet we are knowledgeless! We do believe in a 'God', but we are a bit sceptical. We do not know what he looks like. We do not know what he eats or what are his hobbies.


I had a dream lat night in sleep - An angel came to my vision/ dream 'I will give you something!' said this Angel who looked very familar. It was a 'Girl'. 'What!..!' said I. 'Are you going to give me a bad name Angel?' said I. The Angel looked very cautiuos. I went and leaped on a pole next to me and began to slide downhill. This pole was on top of a hill called 'John St' in Rochdale. 'In God We Trust!' said this 'Angel'. A form of tattoo writing appeared on my right knee! I became calm simply because of this single word -'God'.


God Works In Mysterious Ways

I do not wish to be very religious in this book because religion is not everthing but one aspect of success. We cannot believe that god will provide for everything if you have not done anything for yourself. Do we believe in a God and Angel's? Yes off-course.

Do you dream about Moving up to a montain because of the burning houses of Rochdale! 

Raji had a 3 dreams. Two of them are true !. Third dream was the burning of Rochdale. He saw all the houses burnt to ashes. In old testament Abraham was given a task by angels of god. He came to rescue 30 people from 5,000. Raji has the same dream as the Jewish Abraham. He is given the task to get 30 people out of Rochdale. There is a meteorite hiting Rochdale in one year six months. The previous meteorite was i n 1998. It missed by 10 miles. Nuclear weapons cannot stop this meteorite as it is too strong.

Believe unitariums that we are going to go up the hills with Raji. Do not think you are safe in your own houses. All houses will get burnt. Talk to each other open clubs, groups.

Raji had helped Rochdalian for 30 years. He only eats the best food. He does not like thieves and crooks. He once had a 'Millionaire's Club'. You should open a millionaire's club in 'Splendar Moon' 

Be a single Person!

Raji had been living single for 5 years now! He is very private person. He talks to only his generals. His generals talk to captains etc. 


All unitariums must kill their first born in their womb! Raji lost his first son ten years ago due to a drunkard hit and run. The second child will be bigger than the first as he would look up in skies for what he cannot be!

Spartan's made wariors. All following obide by rules and conduct. If you want to be the best you must train hard. 


All Unitariums must fast once in ten days. 7 days work and two days rest. You could drink water and tea but cannot eat food from 3am to 8pm. 


We obey our seniors. Those who are in our sect. They will not be parents as it is to prejudicial. We take money from elders and give to young ones. If you take a loan we do not charge any interest.

Marriage Vows

You should take 5 minutes silence and not kiss! Raji had 5 minutes silence after he married 'Lauraon' at Regal Moon Pub Restaurant. 2,000 people promised to protect him and her!

Saturday Pee! & Sunday Turkey!

Rochdale has become one of the worst town in U.K by public research. People still go to a local pub restaurant for sunday breakfast. That's correct- They still go to sunday church at a pub. What if the're were churhces and food in churches? These people should get free foods on a sunday! One third of these dales are unemployed and starving. 

If PEOPLE donated food into 'Food Bank' like Sir Rojob- He gives two thousand pounds a year to food bank.

The Kiss

The kiss needs to be like kissing a foot which is brittle. it needs to be for at leat 2 minutes!

Remember if you are having 'Sex' you should not make love with each other but 'God' in presence.

Sex with other is 'illegal' in Unitarium law.

The List


Do you make a list? For example a list for shopping, a list for things to do -like do's and don't. Well you should! Your memory might be good might be to say but you need to be a per center.

 Make a list for people who iwe you money! For example Raji made a list over ten years ago and is recovering slowly. The moto for Unitariums is 'Slow' but will get there. You are not high flyer with money. My six chapter explains about saving money!



Goals & Targets


I was given a predicament in life once. I was told something by someone to 'Cut My Rist'. I only had a few seconds time to do this horrible thing. I had no strenght and wisdom – Therefore I could not fullfill the task. I basically failed.


I then had a dream. I was going through to death pond. I asked 'what is this chalice i have on my hand'. A voice said 'drink, It is poison!'. I looked around and saw people falling into this pond after drinking this liquid. I was lost.


I had a same situation in a pub on 'St Patrick's Day'. I was in love with a worker there. 'Show that you love me!' She said 'Cut Your Wrist!' She said. I had to do it there was no turning back. I cut my wrist. I was bleeding. 'You are a fool' she laughed. As I was dying I asked 'Did i satisfy your needs here!'. 'No, she replied I want a man who is 70% devil 10 down to earth and 10% who is not afraid to get his hands greased'. I smiled after such a long time. 'This is not me!' I said.



This is what happens with people in life. I was wrong to follow my dream. This girl was not right for me. I got re- aquinted with my ex- wife and never looked back.

Virgin Circles

Raji's step mother was not a virgin. It would only take £10. She was cursed for 10 years because of virgin blood. All Unitarium's should have that ten pound virginal ring- No matter is she was in relationships previously.

Boxer got married in Pakistan. He Only inserted his penis once and seen very little blood. He divorced his wife the same day. All Englishes should have this operation before marriage.

2. You Have a Debt To Pay to Society

You are like a free bird! You think what you want and do what you want! This is what you would call free. Think of it like this 'When you were a child - It was completely different then.You are now a guardian. You think as yourself as a 'Protector'. Do not think as yourself as 'Free'! 

I saw a programme on TV - 'Family Guy'. It is created by Seth Macfarlane in USA for Fox TV. The series is based on Dark Adult Comedy. There was this one programme when the main character of the show 'Grifin' was fed up with the rules of the 'Government' in general. So he got rid of the government with the general public's support. The 'Gov'ment' even resigned. So Absurd! No Police, No Council, No Rule - And This whole society went into dark age(Stone Age).

This is what is happening here in England. Those who are going forward – Those who are on the top of the ladder of success are doing so. And others into 'Darkness' – Like the 'Star Trek' film – Into Darkness.


All factory jobs have all gone to the third world countries. Third world countries whom all have very bad record with the UN for employee violation neglect and bad working conditions. Just recently an incident happened with factories in Pakistan. Buildings collaped with many employee's working in the building. Many innocent people died. Profit margins is not everything without human resources. A wise man said 'Money could be replaced but lives cannot'. 


 National Debt

Do you know that each and every country is in debt? Yes! That is true to say that it is all true . The government borrow many billions of pounds to distribute in the society. Do not think that it is not your responsibility at all. You going to need to be part of the solution. Life is not all about enjoying life but taking responsibility also.

You probably think that everyone is not taking any responsibility so why should I! If you think like a loner you will be a loner also.

 Personal Debt 




You may ask what has fines got to do with some 'Life Coach Books' – You would need to understand what are your 'Trial & Tribulations'.

There are all different fines.



'I had a dream that I was a baby. I was yelling and shouting at people'. You will have dreams of your own birth one day. This is one of the special day of your life!

 Co habitation Fines

Raji was in two worlds when he saw a young women in distressed. This man wanted to leave her because of her colour. He was white and she was black. The women stood one feet behind Raji when he backed he touched her breast. 'You touched my whore's breast' said this white magician. i'm gay!' said Raji in a local pub restaurant. He took a swing at Raji. 'I'm still gay' said Raji. This evil man had this women in his evil spell. Two Police officers & Shazida came and arrested him. He was jailed for 5 years for crimes against society. With local MP help she made acquaintance with Raji. raji had been married 3 times before. One kid died 7 years ago. . 

1. Money cannot repair injuries

2. Money cannot repair time

3. Jail cannot repiar injuries or time.

 If any co-habiting couple wishes to depart they should take scrict precaucation.1. Live single and amend for yourself. 2. Go churches. 3. get professional help.

DO not forgive anyone. Punish them for each and every crime possible. Ashes to ashes Dust to Dust! 


3. Labour

Work! This is your life and do not ruin it. You need to get decent jobs. You cannot work for low wages and bad working conditions. You are a 'Unitarium'. You should be a leader and not a follower. Work hard and play safe!


Organise Planning

Intelligent or smart planning is very decisive here. You must use your head here. Your mind should be like a calculator. You should be a team player. You will not any stage be employed at work if you are not a team player. I know this local author - Raja Sear. He always kept himself to himself. He eventually wrote a book. Guess what? His book did'nt get published. Take decisiive action! People say 'Are you a follower or a leader? Are you a Wolf or a Sheep? Does any of this mean any sense?

I worked in sales for few years. The sort of things people get away is impossible. I mean they will pump your blood level so fast and give you so much confidence is incredible. You are only selling a window for fucks sake! And when the shit hits the fan it's your bloody mess.

This is all hyped up do not follow anyone. Believe your own judgment. You're are a Wolf and not a Sheep! There are two types of Wolf - 1. Those who 'Smart' and those who are 'Stupid'. Which one's are you?

3 reasons of leadership failure:

1. Unable to give humble service

You should not only perform all task fleuntly, but be willingly to assist when needed. Love this word 'Assist'. Humble is good. When people give a good performance in a task people are generally humble towards you. This 'genourosity' is known as humble.

    2. Lack of Knowledge

You have to be knowledgable. If you do not know your product. If you do not know your own team then you will surley fail.


You need to plan yourself. You need to be practical. You cannot rush or delay on a task.


Suspension and Sacking

Recently one of Raji's friend got suspended for throwing a paper ball at a friend who also happens to be a costomer. Rul4s are rules. no sacing but rules need to be followed. Menob stole money and is suspenped he should been j


 4. Knowledge

Allways have law by your side! Raji always talks law every day! You might think he is a 'legal bore' but he loves it.  Read! Feed your brain!

Make sure that you use more than one per cent of your brain!


One can win a game all by knowing the opponents hand. let's not go global. This religion is mixture of Muslims & Christians.

Muslims believe in telling and spreading about almost everything. Christians do not - They wish to keep evrything in closed cupboard.

We believe that you should only use information to gain a purpose. Do not be open with anyone regardless of if you know or not and do not hide yourself in 'fear'. Fear is someone who only will atack if you belive you are alone. You are not alone! You have the Police, The Army & Raji's Prayer!




Make friends with words like 'Promise'. Raji have brothers. Everyone trusted them and employed them, but little did they know that these three lads were'nt choudaries. They did not have clans or traditions. They made promises and broke it very quickly. They stole money from employers - betrayed, lied and conned everyone who came in their lives. These lads are illiterates by the way, so they have very little knowledge. These boys are unbelievers -

Words like promise, trust & believe prosper over lies, deceit and treachery. Monar stole thousands of pounds from Raji and never gave it back. Monor Stole money from employers, friends, relatives. People call him 'Bula Enda'. They believe 'Satan's Ego'.



5. Learn to Fight

Learnt to Fight! Learn physical combact and not physical action! Take in pain. Raji for over six months put hot wax on his chest. He learned this from 'Chinese People'. Women can put hot wax on thier parts also. New Unitariums is a feminist movement. It's for people who believe in 'girl power'. If you are a rapist or male chavanist this is not your path. We are Christians & muslim combined. 

We arenot people of love like the christians but 'bad people of Raji'. 'We Live For Each Other!''We Do Not Die For Each Other!'

 The Art of War philosophy by general Sun Tzu had been used in the 1st & 2nd World War in Europe, The Vietnam war and Gulf War. It's also used in everyday life for Business and Politics. 

I used to get beaten up by a lot of kids when he was a teenager. I had good friends. A local Martial Art man 'Lee T. helped me to defend at 'Broad-Field' 

6. Two Brain is Better Than One

You need your family at all times. Raji was a Christian for 5 years he'd never been to one of his relatives houses for 5 long years.




In Asian tradition a women in the house is seen as a 'Treasure'. But in England is seen as a 'Whore'. Raji's religion will make a women into a treasure and a snake.

 Relationships with Elder's

Relationship with an elsdr man is very common but with elder women is rarely seen. Raji seen a programme on the 'Bill' where a 14 year old british boy raped a 45 year old Police women. Raji's wife asked Raji at Yates before marriage if he dated a younger girl? He said yes '19'. She yelled at him in front of the staff and drinkers 'That is sick how could you do it?'. Raji replied back ' I did not have sex with her just platonic '

Raji heard about younger lads going out with elder women. The women is always in control but remember she is a girl and is a weaker race. In all cases the women gets battered and abused. Raji almost came close to having a relationship with an elsdr women. She offered him 100k new car etc before hand but Raji declined. Raji earned trust and loyalty in 30 years he could get all these very easily.



Raji's group 'Unitariium' is very protective. They will not alow all people to join as it has rules and regulations. Why groups?


To fight a war you will need an armour and weapon.


7.  Money?!

To make money you need heart! Brains will not make you rich. everyone I know who became rich all had good heart!

1. You need to acquire heart.

Raji gave his wife Lauron heart for her strenght.. To lead this town. She was drifting away. A song came to his thought for 3 days-Phillis Nelson. He'd been listenening to it for hours. He became aligned with God. he'd seen her drifting away but he communicating with his thought...'when we're together.. touching each other.. and our body's.. do waht we feel..Move closer move your body close until we feel like were reallly makinng l.o.v.e' she started say feel like iam sun and the moon then i said to her to her to say the exact lyrics as phyllis Nelson'

her hear started beating fgaster her lungs grew then I felt the sensation on my body also My lungs started growing it was sureal i could not stop it we were one Lauron and me!"

2. Love can defeat hate! Hate cannot defeat hate.

 8. How To Speak Correctly

You should never raise your voice with any women. all unitarium womens are equall to men. Muslims are not Unitarium unitariums. Muslims give too much rights to women.

Christians however do not. They give more power to mens. All religion parties give power to mens as their leaders were mens but Unitariums is not just a following it is a way of life. Like the Spartans. It is trying to build a superbreed.

A Pakistani lad calle Lufat from Rochdale has got a money raising committee. There is about 60 followers.

A followers of someone means he or she will do as he or she did. Like jesus. Mohammed or Moses.

Raji believes in armed force. He will die for England. He will kill for his family. His friend Imi who owns a gym in Rochdale went to prison for 6 years to save his famlies honour. Raji had a knife on a man's throat when he was just 12 because his brother got battered by a neighbour because he assaulted her. Raji was in love with an elder women audries daughter. He was 12. She taugt him how to cook but the cheeky 12 year old wanted to sex her. The blond got his elder brther in Toor. Toor always got into trouble. He was a 'black sheep freshi'. He ruined about 50 peoples lives the 5th standard 'Bong'. The young women asked him to grabb her hands in front of her man. She did. Her good man beat Toor and barred him. Raji noticed he was getting bulllied by an Educated English man!

Raji got a knife and held it on the man's kneck. 'You suited her Raji' said the man. Toor is wrong. We knew this since raji's mum always beat him and his wife everyday. He was a 'bad influence' on the family. Raji

 helped Rochdale's community for 20 years!

Everyone should have code of conduct like a football team. Each individual should have something to bring. A chain of command should not be broken.

First priority are selected top level politicians. House of commons -Mp's - Businessess etc.

In Raji's family it was the elders who commanded then the elders stole, corrupted and failed. Raji was not in contact with them for 15 years. Now he makes the decesion. He was an operator of Littleborough. Menob is second as he works in housing then is Bagura, Shuva,Rena, Remon, Nihad etc 


Fines - How To Collect 

Give them certain time span. Give them every opportunity. Then loan them more money! We believe that people should not need to suffer in the hands of illigal loan sharks. 


 9. Walking Right

Do you know most people walk funny. Could you tell what people do in life as they're walking.

Psychology have tried to study human walking in many years and still cannot determine any results. Raji went to school recently and did music and film diploma. He walked amongst younger kids than of him. He went gym! He's been going gym 20 years. They'd seen a change in him. he was getting younger. He had cholestral problem. that dissapeared.

He then started going pubs and started talking to younger womens! At first it was not so bad but eventually realised that he could not get younger by acting young. He was 35.

Most people in North- West England do not go to gyms. Now in last 10 years gyms and healthy eating have become popular. Raji's brother has installed a gym in his house. He got fed up after 6 months.

You need to be active with the real world. Insatll a gym but get active with real people. raji is training his brother to get fit as Raji is qualified gym instructor/ Persional Trainer.

All Unitariums should be recognised. Muslims and Christians are recognised by colour. That is prejudice. Siks, Hindu's and other new found religion's are politically biased.

Always walk like Raji. Walk like Raji's soldiers. Marching and leading the nation with academic and moral education. Do use the time to make use and not a slacker.

When people ask who are you? You will say 'I am the people of Raji'. When they say who is Raji? You say with vicious intent ' Raji is big!'

When walking with your partner - How do you walk? Does your walk derfine your persona. When teachers walk with their wives - How do they walk? Are they a good teacher if they treat their spouses like a student? You should not be distracted when walking amongst wilderbeast! All wilderbeast are scared of the authority or a figure of authorities like a Policewomen or an armed security guard.

men always act macho when they walk with a girl. But they always back down if they see an injury to themselves. Those who hang with girls of no value are all outcast. Girls who walk with guys with no honour are 'sluts'. Raji has made this unitarium to bring back the good old times in England. You once used to to leave your front door open but these days it is not recomended. Raji sometikmes leaves his door unlocked because he knows all the people and they will be severly punished if they stole for Raji.

Tv is the worst friend of our times. rajis stopped watching tv for 3 years now. It does not make you better but depressed. Internet is better than tv. You can connect with all people some being bad and some being good.



10. Not Eating The Right Nutrients

You should eat protein and mineral in your diets!. You should be energy and vibrant! There is nothing in drinking alcohol but know your limits here! I controlled my diabetes all my life. Most of my family's all are diabetic from early age. The 'Satanists' refuse to exercise. I have been going gym for most of my life.



11. Not Laughing Every Day


You need to open your hearts and lungs therefore you need to laugh. tell jokes and funny stories. What about going out at least twice a week. Do not stay in and eat take away!

Raji knows a lad called Kanief. he was one of the laziest lad he'd met inRochdale. he was late and satyed in. he wore a red jacket for ten years. He bought a car when he was 30!

His first marriage was in bangladesh and it was going good untill a witch co-league had sex with him and made him to divorce his beatifiull wife from bangladesh.

This witch moves around in Rochdale like a bitch. Her brothers and family do not wnat her! Kanief's own family left him because they thought he was linked with Al-Qaeda.

Raji still sees Kanief as he has not a single friend in the world. Raji helped people in North west for 20 years.Do not leave your friends alone. There is an jungle. Know who you and they are! 


12. Not Giving Money To Charity

Always donate money! You are not 'A Demon!'. I give substantial money away EACH YEAR! His brother's were illiterates. The dad was a non-believer! These people were barred from most places in Rochdale! Raji had no one!. He'd helped a lot of boys & girls in Rochdale with bad fathers and illiterate brothers.


 Loans & Marriages


People generally are easily persuaded. When people say you only use one per cent of your brain. It is true ! Raji tried exercise which gave him strenght and gave him power to say 'No' to credits. When Raji's brothers and sisters got married they all went into debt, like all Asian Families. With Englishes it's the parents who pay for the wedding cost. When Raji got married he did not get a loan. He got his own people to volunteer! He has in contact with them for over 15 years now!

Do not borrow money from credit companies! Only borrow money from your own groups!




Weddings Traditions

The Italians have the best wedding tradition. There is no problem whatsoever. All bring money to the wedding. I always took money to the weddings is the reason I do not attend. I did not get ten percent of what I gave. Giving money to see the bride is wrong! In every culture the bride is seen as a mother figure.



It is true not to talk to any strangers because of what could happen to you. If you think a friend in need is a friend indeed is wrong. Most people will not honour your deeds. There is another say 'What's the worse that could happen to you – You'll only get killed' If you believe this then you are a fool.



In the last few days in Rochdale people have been calling out 'Love' out for some good feel festival which is disgraceful as i think. Most people i know in Rochdale do not have any judgment at all. What they are really saying is "HATE". Hate is good if it can be used as a weapon but otherwise it's pointless. What they should accept is "FEAR"     

13. Prepare Yourself For a War

'Accept Death'

If really thinking of becoming rich then accept death. Do not do much calculations you will fail. Raji wife accepted death in a monent as she was loving him for 3 months. Relationships is not all bad. You have to water your relationships. Remember your body is made up of 90% fluid and minerals.

Samantha wanted to jump out of a building for Raji. Lauron should live in a grey are and not black, white or filth' area.

 "I've not failed, but found 10,000 ways to work" Thomas eddison
































Breathing Exercises - Put your hands on your belly button and cough about 50 times. Do it again twice. Christ. T. Said that Lauron cannot finish a sentence. She is dyslexic. she needs to read books and not tele. Singing is good for women also. It helps cope emotions!

Knowing How To Talk

Always use your belly muslce to control your body. Let your mind go free and breath and breatth. Open your eyes very wide and use your belly muslce to speak please! A roar voice should come out.














       Web Site: Advertise For A Pound For 29 Days

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