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Lee Cushing

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By Lee Cushing
Saturday, July 03, 2010

Rated "PG13" by the Author.

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A teenage girl tries to convince her friends that her new neighbour is a vampire


Turning off the light to the classroom, Emily Pyper began walking along the school corridor towards the exit.
   Pushing open the door and stepping out into the cool night air, she headed towards her car on the school parking lot.
   Hearing heels on the concrete of the path leading back to the school entrance, she turned back to face whoever it was.
   Emily was grabbed by the throat and her back slammed against the side of her mini. She screamed when she saw the fangs between the lips of her attacker.
   Her screams continued as her attacker ripped open her throat.
Karen Shelton saw the light come on in the bedroom of the house next door and quickly shouted to her friends.
   “Come on quick.”
   Lisa Barnes hurried to the side of the window as Sharon Jameson turned out the bedroom light. “You know this is crazy?”
   “Listen, last night I saw her bring some poor guy up into her bedroom and rip his throat open with her teeth. I’m telling you the truth, she’s a vampire.” Turning back to watch a woman enter the bedroom, Karen held up the mirror she was holding. “Look for yourself.”
   Taking hold on Karen’s hand to position the mirror towards the window opposite, Lisa saw just the woman’s bedroom. Glancing back to the window, she focused on the woman still visible near the door. “It’s got to be a trick, it has to be.”
   Karen looked both of her friends, “Remember what happened to Miss Pyper a couple of nights ago and that rumour that her body vanished from the morgue. Don’t you get it?” She turned her gaze to the woman in the bedroom opposite, “She must have attacked Miss Pyper and turned into her into a vampire. It explains why her body vanished from the morgue, she got up and walked out by herself.”
   “None of this makes a scrap of difference.” Sharon continued looking at the woman in the bedroom, “It’s not we can do anything about it.”
   Karen watched the woman leaving her bedroom, “I say we wait until she goes out and we get inside to have a look round.”
   “I think you’ve been watching too much Night Slayer.” Still crouched by the window, Lisa looked up at Sharon standing behind her, “We can’t going breaking into someone else’s house.”
   “We have to.” Karen walked to her bedroom door and flicked on the light switch, “I saw what she did to that guy last night and we know what she must have done to Miss Pyper. How can we not at least get enough evidence to convince someone else about what she is?” She grabbed a bag off a small desk and opened her bedroom door, glancing back at her two friends as she slung the strap over her shoulder. “So are you coming with me or what?”
   Exchanging glances with each other, Lisa and Sharon followed Karen to the top of the stairs. Beginning to descend, they stopped when the front door opened, recognising Karen’s older sister, Kate.
   Closing the front door behind her, Kate looked at Karen standing on the second step from the bottom. “Going out?”
   Karen glanced back at her friends, “We’re just nipping round to Megan’s for an hour or two.” She smiled at Kate as she approached the front door, “Don’t worry, Sis, I’ll be back before Mum gets home.” She turned back towards Lisa and Sharon as they reached the bottom of the stairs, “Ready.”
   Stepping past Kate and through the open door, Lisa and Sharon glanced back as Karen closed it.
   Crossing the lawn, Karen stopped by the hedge seperating the garden from the driveway of the neighbouring house. Focusing on the front door, she ducked down behind the hedge when it began to open.
   Emerging from inside the house, the woman that Karen and her friends had been watching from her bedroom climbed into her car.
   Watching through a small gap in the hedge, Karen saw the car pull out of the driveway and head away up the street.
   Hurry to the end of the hedge, she stepped onto the driveway and glanced back at her hesitating friends. “Come on.”
   Following Karen up the driveway of the house, Lisa and Sharon unbolt the metal gate at the side and hurry towards the back garden. Taking their time in going after her, the two teenagers reached the garden to see her opening a window.
   She looked at them, “It was already open.” Gripping the side of the frame, she pulled herself up and disappeared inside the house. Dropping down into the dining room, she hurried through to the lounge and unlocked the patio doors.
   Watching Karen opening the patio doors from inside, Lisa hesitated while Sharon entered without stopping. “I think someone should stay out here, just in case she comes back early.”
   Karen took a step outside, “She won’t be coming back early, we’ve got plenty of time to take a look round.” Grabbing Lisa’s arm, she pulled her through the patio doors and into the lounge.
   Sharon reached the open door leading to the hall and looked back, “Where do we start?”
   Entering the hall, Karen looked towards the stairs. “Upstairs.” Rushing up to the top, she disappeared from Lisa and Sharon’s view.
   Seeing the light at the top of the stairs come on, Lisa and Sharon hurried after Karen to find her already in one of the bedrooms.
   “It’s too obvious.” Karen sat on the edge of the woman’s bed, “If there is anything that proves she’s a vampire, it’s going to be hidden, isn’t it?”
   Her gaze fell on the long pole resting against the corner of the room near the door.
   Grabbing it quickly, she returned through the bedroom door and looked up, seeing the closed panel giving access to the attic.
   She smiled when she looked at her friends.
   Opening the panel with the pole, Karen stepped back as a ladder dropped down.
   Lisa and Sharon watched her once more take the lead and disappear into the darkness of the attic.
   After a few moments, a light came on and they heard Karen calling to them. “Both of you get up here, you better see this.”
   Waiting for Sharon to be far enough up the ladder for her follow, Lisa began to climb up to the attic.
   She saw the coffin in the corner as soon as her head popped up through the square opening.
   Ignoring that Lisa had stopped coming the rest of the way up the ladder, Karen approached the coffin and paused, her hand almost ready to open the lid.
   Watching Karen begin lifting it, Sharon took a step back.
   “Empty.” Karen dropped the lid of the coffin and turned, “What about that one?”
   Sharon took a look behind her and saw a second casket a few inches from her ankles.
   Heading towards her, Karen gripped the sides of the casket and pulled open the lid.
   The sight of Emily lying peacefully on the satin interior made Sharon back away. “Everything you said, it’s all bloody real.”
   Karen looked back at her, “I’m going to need some help.”
   Glancing across at Lisa still standing on the ladder, Sharon turned back to Karen. “Don’t you think we better tell someone about that?” She pointed to Emily sleeping in the casket.
   “I can’t have you getting squeamish now.” Karen looked back at the casket, “We have to stop her killing someone.”
   Sharon saw Karen grab a discarded hammer off the floor, “What are you going to do?”
   Placing her bag on the dust covered floor, Karen unzipped it and removed a sharpened stake. “What’s it look like?”
   Watching Karen positioning the stake, Sharon screamed as she saw Emily’s eyes open and the long fangs between her lips as she snarled hungrily at them.
   Grabbing Karen’s wrist, Emily torn the stake from her grip and tossed it away.
   Pulling herself free, Karen scrambled across the floor towards the ladder.
   Reaching the ladder, Sharon glanced back to see that Emily was fully out of the casket and almost close enough to Karen to stop her escape. “Come on.”
   Feeling Emily’s hand grip her ankle, Karen pulled a small crucifix from her pocket and pressed it against Emily’s skin.
   Snatching her hand back, Emily screamed in rage, displaying her fangs for both Karen and Sharon to see.
   Scrambling down the ladder, Sharon saw that Lisa was already down the stairs and had the front door of the house open. Glancing back to make sure that Karen was coming down the ladder, she raced down the stairs and out through the front door.
   Rushing after her friends, Karen caught up to them at the end of the driveway and glanced back at the door of the house. “She’s still coming.”
   Running across the lawn towards her front door, Karen hastily unlocked and opened it. Dashing into the hallway, she looked back as Sharon and Lisa followed her inside.
   Karen slammed the door shut and turned to face her friends, “I hope it’s true that they cannot enter without being invited.”
   “It was Miss Pyper, wasn’t it?” Sharon looked at Lisa, “She has become a vampire.”
   Lisa hurried to the window at the side of the door and looked outside, “I can’t see her. Perhaps she’s gone.”
   Shoving her hands in her pockets, Karen removed another two crucifixes and handed them to her friends. “These should help. If she is still out there, use them to keep her away from you and both of you go home, we talk about what we’re going to do at school tomorrow.”
   Lisa continued looking outside, “I think she’s definitely gone.”
   Opening the front door, Karen looked at her friends. “Go home and I’ll see you at school.”
   Taking their time venturing outside, Lisa and Sharon walked to the end of the path at the side of the driveway, looking back as they reached the pavement to see Karen closing the front door.
   Staying together until they reached the end of the street, Sharon and Lisa exchanged glances before heading in opposite directions.
   Walking at a brisk pace through the next few streets, Lisa reached the house where she lived and opened the gate. Heading across the paved path surrounded by gravel, she got to the front door and unlocked it.
   Stepping into the hallway, she closed the door and approached the lounge door, needing to tell someone about the things she had seen in that house.
   Pushing open the door into the lounge only lit by the light from the television, she saw her father in his favourite chair. Getting further inside, she saw that he was not sleeping.
   She screamed when she saw the torn throat and the blood soaking his shirt. Afraid to look anywhere else in the room, she forced herself to turn towards the couch where her mother’s body was stretched out.
   The door to the dining room opened and Emily stepped out of the darkness.
   Making a desperate fumble for the crucifix in her pocket, she held it in front of her.
   Emily continued walking towards her, eventually getting close enough to reach out and take the crucifix from her.
   Lisa was grabbed from behind and she screamed again, watching Emily begin to smile as she felt another set of fangs ripping into her throat.
Walking up the pavement towards Lisa’s house, Sharon reached the door and knocked on the door.
   Waiting for a few minutes, she stepped across the gravel and reached the lounge window.
   She only just managed to stop herself from screaming when she saw the body of Lisa’s mother, easily seeing the torn flesh of her throat.
   Backing away from the window, Sharon glanced rapidly as a car went past the house. Hurrying back through the gate, she ran the rest of the way back to Karen’s house.
   Hammering on the front door, she waited until Karen opened it.
   Karen looked at her friend standing outside, close to tears. “So what’s Lisa’s excuse for missing school?”
   Stepping inside, Sharon remained silent for a few moments, her voice trembling with fear. “I think she’s dead. I think the vampire and Miss Pyper got her.”
   “Then we end it, we fight back.” Karen headed into the lounge and to her father’s gun cabinet in the corner. Opening it, she pulled out a small revolver and handed it to Sharon, “I’m hoping that will slow them down if we don’t get to them before they get up at sunset.”
   Staring nervously at the gun in her hand, Sharon slowly looked up at Karen. “Then what do we do, run like Hell?”
   Heading to the couch, Karen reached inside the school bag on it and removed a pair of stakes. “We put these into their hearts.” She looked at Sharon, “We’re doing this for what they did to Lisa.”
   Sharon nodded, “Okay.”
   Heading into the hall with Sharon following her, Karen opened the front door and glanced at the driveway on the other side of the hedge, seeing the car still there. “She’s still at home.”
   Closing the door, Sharon followed Karen round the edge and to the gate leading to the back of the house. Reaching the back garden, she saw Karen pause by a window.
   Checking that the curtains were drawn, Karen ran along the wall of the house until she reached the back door.
   Watching Karen remove a set of keys from her pocket and push one into the lock of the back door. “Where the Hell did you get those?”
   Karen glanced back as she turned the key, “Snatched them last night.” Pushing open the back door, she stepped into the kitchen with Sharon following her.
   Remaining in the kitchen, Sharon watched Karen continue into the hall.
   The lounge door opened and the woman stepped out, stopping directly in front of Karen.
   Raising one of the stakes, Karen attempted to plunge it into the woman’s flesh.
   Catching Karen’s hand, the woman pushed her away.
   Karen turned rapidly towards Sharon, “Do it.”
   The words made Sharon fire the gun repeatedly, several rounds slamming into the woman’s body.
   Sharon dropped the gun as soon as the woman fell, blood streaming from the wounds on her chest and the single hole in the front of her throat.
   Rising from the floor where she had fallen, Karen looked at the lifeless eyes of the woman staring up at her and turned towards Sharon. “Did I please you, Mistress?”
   Sharon turned.
   Kate and Lisa were standing just inside the back door of the house, both of their lips parted enough for Sharon to see their fangs.
   Moving up behind her, Karen picked up the gun from the floor and smashed it down over the back of Sharon’s head.
Her eyes flickering open, Sharon saw the five caskets scattered around the attic as soon as everything came back into focus. She tried moving, but the chain from the manacles on her wrists went behind one of the roof support beams.
   Karen detached herself from the shadows, the dried blood from the two wounds on her throat visible as she approached. “About time you woke up.”
   Sharon’s mouth was dry when she spoke, “Why?”
   A smile appeared on Karen’s lips, allowing Sharon’s eyes to focus on her newly formed fangs. “That bitch had been tracking my mistress for months, I came up with the idea of making you kill her so my mistress wouldn’t need to risk herself. It was easy enough for my mistress to arrange for the house next door to be available for the bitch to rent, since she owned it to begin with.”
   “She’s not your sister?”
   Karen continued to smile, “I never had a sister. And my mistress has given me what I wanted, to be just like her.”
   Sharon pulled as far away from Karen as the chain would allow her, “We were friends.”
   “We still will be.” Karen looked back at the nearest coffin, “That’s for you.” She turned back to face Sharon, “We’ll be friends forever and ever.”
   Beginning to struggle against the manacles binding her wrists, Sharon felt Karen’s fingers on her throat forcing her head to one side and closed her tear filled eyes, screaming the instant the fangs ripped into her throat.

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Reviewed by Nickolaus Pacione 7/5/2010
I didn't think you were capable of doing the PG-13 style horror, but when reading this one you definately someone who doesn't fuck around. I love the ending you're good at the given "fuck you" ending needed in horror fiction.

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