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Vlane Carter

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BIAlien series book 1 - What is inside of Jupiter's ice moon Europa?
By Vlane Carter
Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Rated "PG" by the Author.

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Cut out scene from chapter 3, Jaden is trapped inside Spaceship/UFO and is about to explore the ocean moon Europa. BIAlien (an alien of two worlds) is a new Science fiction, space, action adventure and romance novel.

"...The first volume in a science-fiction series about a young man who’s abducted by benevolent aliens, bio-engineered to superhuman levels and sent back to Earth years later to stop an alien invasion..."

The spaceship/UFO is flying by itself after Jaden was flying it by pure thought on Earth and lost control.  The spaceship flew at the speed of light from Earth to Jupiter in 30 minutes.  It'squickly approaching Jupiter's ice moon Europa and is about to penetrate the 50 miles of ice covering the surface to reach the dark underwater ocean.

' single quotes is used when Jaden is talking to himself and/or to the ship he is inside of.  His concious mind is still having an outer-body-experience and is feeling, smelling and seeing what the ship does.

BIAlien chapter 3

The UFO accelerates around the side of the huge 11 times bigger than Earth planet. Most of the nanoscanners wait at a large white and grey moon orbiting Jupiter. Jaden doesn’t recognize or remember this moon.

      The matrix plasma beams go online as the ship quickly approaches this obscure, isolated moon the size of Earth, just outside of Jupiter. The moon is light blue with dark tan and red veins that stretch thousands of miles across the surface. A few spots on the surface resemble dunes of ice. Floating debris and rocks that get in the way of the ship evaporate into harmless particles. A nanoscanner locates a slight crack in the ice. The purple molecule shines a bright beam in front of it. The angle of the wings allows the MPBs to aim directly in front of the ship. The ship flies straight towards the surface and the MPBs touch the surface first. Jaden gets a little nervous; he fears whoever is controlling the ship is inside of the moon. He knows this isn’t Jupiter’s moon Io. The blue beams from the wings create a circular hole in the ice as the ice quickly approaches. Millions of small clear pieces of ice float in different directions around the beam’s energy and depart from the surface. The thin beam from the molecule is shining directly into the hole and between the MPBs. The sun can be seen from a distance near Jupiter. Enormous Jupiter is directly behind the spaceship and fills up the entire view over the icy moon. The tail of the ship separates further and floats about eight feet behind the body. Millions of stars are in the background and darkness of space. The UFO dives into the tunnel of the hard, icy crust.

      Jaden is curious to what is beneath the surface of this moon he is unfamiliar with. The quickly spinning MPBs on the wings are destroying miles of solid ice. The tunnel is very dark in front of the artificial light. Millions of pieces of ice are dancing together behind the UFO. The ship quickly reaches an ocean of liquid water. The sound of a car crashing into the water echoes up the tunnel. A loud splashing sound follows the crashing sound. The salty water quickly floods upwards towards the surface. It freezes the tunnel in seconds. The MPB turns off and the molecule glows in the darkness while still providing a powerful beam of light. The wings turn from a pointing outwards position to 20 degrees pointing towards the tail. The tail shrinks slightly in size. The ship moves much easier through the salty, dark water.

      The completely dark water is showing bright as day through the molecule’s front lights. Jaden doesn’t understand the need for the bright lights because he can already see in the dark through the spread out nanoscanners. Thousands of fish come from dozens of miles away seeking out the light. The ship continues to dive as Jaden sees purple fissures creating heat and bubbles. Black smoke is coming from some of the hydrothermal vents. The ocean floor continues to drop as if he is going down into a canyon. There are quadrillions of green glowing extremophile bacteria slowly moving around the vents’ geothermal energy. The uneven floors dip down miles below like a cliff. The invisible thrust from the wings turns the water into a slightly pinkish color.

      Hundreds of small alien fish the size of a man’s hand swim up looking at the UFO, but they stay away from the bright light. Most of the animals get out of the way of the light since they have never seen anything so bright. Jaden’s is stunned at what he sees. He could never imagine underwater life on an alien planet in the solar system. He has never heard about this in school or anywhere in science books. The fish form a circle around the ship. They are emitting a green light around their body simultaneously as if they are trying to communicate. The grey fish have two spiky, white, long fins on each side of their bodies that helps them to swim. The fins resemble sharp Q-tips and carry small gills on each of them. They resemble parrotfish with two eyes on the side of their faces, and a third eye in the middle. The UFO is collecting samples of the rich mineral saltwater with seventy percent oxygen in it.


                        Jupiter’s Moon Europa

      ‘This is amazing. I didn’t know there was an underwater ocean on a Jupiter’s moon. This is crazy! My know it all astronomy professor Dr. Samuels should be here to see this.’

      Jaden switches between different nanoscanners spread out in different directions. There are plants, fissures, algae vines, and miles of underwater mountains. At a distance on top of the mountains are huge, colorful, glowing coral reefs, the size of elephants. Thousands of small fish are swimming around them. They extend in all directions, less than a mile beneath the ice. The smell of the ocean reminds him of being at the beach when he was younger. The 32°F degree water against the outside of the ship is transmitted to Jaden’s brain when he thinks about it. His mind interprets the signals as brain freezes and cold chills around his body. Jaden can taste the very concentrated amounts of salt, algae, and acidic water through the hull of the UFO as well. As he gets deeper, everything around him is emitting some kind of dim green light in the dark. The little grey fish quickly scatter into many directions as they sense something. Threat level 11% shows on the screens. The UFO turns off its bright light and thrust engines. The glowing molecule also disappears. The ship uses pro-gravity energy to continue to sink like a rock. The nanoscanners detect large alien sharks approaching from below, as the ship continues to sink. They quickly scan each of their bodies analyzing cartilage, oxygen levels, muscle, and brain structure. The data quickly passes by on each nanoscanner’s vision screen.

       There is a school of fifteen alien sharks approaching in an orderly fashion from the left. Jaden is able to see the insides of their bodies in animated vision. The sound of the insides of their bodies sounds like a balloon quickly being twisted near his ears. The twenty-foot long sharks resemble the shape of a shark on Earth. The grey-bodied shark with green glowing scales around its body has two huge pointy horns as noses on its heads. They stretch out three feet each. Inside of the double horns is a clear protective area where dozens of small, black, reflective eyes sit. The rows of eyes are on both sides of the cone noses. Under the noses is a huge mouth with hundreds of six-inch long razor sharp teeth inside. On each side of the sharks near the head are round, double layer fins that stick out five feet in diameter. The fins look circular like stingray bodies. There is another small set of fins towards the midsection and a long narrow tail. There is a huge muscle in the tail that allows it to change from horizontal to vertical when it changes directions. The UFO continues to cruise downwards. The nanoscanners detect the group of sharks communicating with each other using a magnetic radar system in the tips of their noses.

      Jaden changes his vision to outside the ship. He sees the wings imitating a fish. The side wings are sticking out straight and flapping backwards like a fish. The wings then disappear into the body, reappear in a straight out position, and repeat the sequence. Jaden sees some of the sharks approach the ship and surround it. The ship levels out and faces the majority of the huge sharks. The wings stop moving and sit at an outward 90-degree angle. He sees that they have a confused look on their strange faces. Jaden thinks the ship is going to try to communicate with the organized sharks. He can’t believe how organized they are, as if they have some sort of evolved intelligence. The ship’s body lights up in a sequence like Morse code. The confusing sequences are making the sharks get closer to Jaden and slowly freaking him out. He has a bad feeling about this communication.

      The sharks quickly attack the ship from all directions. The ship jerks in different directions from the sudden force. Two attack the wings on both sides. The double noses turn sideways and their huge jaws comes out from underneath and swallows the wings simultaneously. Another attacks the nose of the ship and grinds its sharp teeth on the silver metallic hull. Another two attack the rear tail, trying to pull them apart. Another pair attacks the hull of the ship from the rear. One slides down the bottom side and the other on the top like a snake, in opposite directions. Their bodies wrap around the hull and lock into each other’s tail. They pull into opposite directions passing each other side by side squeezing the hull. When their faces split apart to open their large jaws, their vision changes to directly in front of them.

      ‘What the hell?’

      There are hundreds of other alien fish watching from a distance. Jaden is caught off guard from the sudden attack. Jaden feels the biting and squeezing against the ship. The wings feel as if a huge snake with small teeth is nibbling on his arms. His feet are experiencing the same thing, up to his knees. His midsection feels as if two pythons are trying to squeeze him. Jaden also has the feeling of a huge leech over his head, squeezing and scratching his skull. The gross feeling he is interpreting makes him feel like throwing up. Jaden still doesn’t have any control, but he wishes he did.

      ‘Get off me you little shark rats! I’m not a meal!’

      Jaden tries to mess with the weapons screen, but it’s offline. He wants to blast these bastards around him so bad. Jaden figures the ship is doing some sort of experiment or taking a non-violent approach.

      The UFO continues to float downwards with these sharks continuing to bite and pull. The sharks on the wings are trying to pull the wings off. But the powerful, invisible magnetic energy between the body and the wings keeps them from moving. The sharks wag their tails in different directions in an attempt to come off with a piece of the ship. The entire wings are in the sharks’ mouths as they continue to pull and bite. The sharks on the tail continue trying to pull a top and bottom side of the tail apart. The angry sharks coordinate and swim the ship towards the left. But the ship counters that action. A nanoscanner detects a seventy-five foot mother alien shark quickly swimming towards them a half a dozen miles away. Jaden can’t believe how organized the sharks are. This reminds Jaden of a Tom and Jerry episode where Tom had crabs biting him all over his body and he was jumping around yelling. The pain increases around Jaden’s body.

      Suddenly the sharks with the pit bull jaw grip over the wings and tail begin to glow pink. Jaden is surprised that the thrust isn’t hot or bothers the sharks. The ship continues to head downwards, gradually increasing speed. Brighter pink thrusts come from the wings and tail as the ship increases in speed. The side wings point towards the rear, while the sharks continue to hang on. The shark on the nose falls off first. The sharks on the tail lose their grip and spin in circles from the ship’s powerful downwards tidal wake. The sharks around the midsection of the ship do the same and join the tidal wake. The sharks on the wings are slowly being pulled off from the increasing force of 200 mph. A screeching sound is heard on both sides as the sharks slowly lose their strong grips. There are hundreds of different fish moving out of the way from below. A whirlpool spreads behind the ship in all directions. Jaden feels as if his arms are slowly being scratched by two cats. The sharks fall off one by one, and spin in the tidal wave whirlpool. A relieving feeling passes around Jaden’s body. The zero gravity wake quickly spreads outwards and pulls hundreds of animals into the ship’s direction. The whirlpool reaches the top of the ocean.

      The nanoscanners detect dozens of miles of milky white, glowing strings floating aimlessly in all directions, below and around the ship. There are all types of fish swimming around the glowing strings providing a dim light.

      The huge mother shark continues to head towards the ship at an amazing 90 mph. Jaden sees it through the nanoscanner as if it wants a big meal. The threat level goes up to 18%. Jaden is in disbelief as he sees all of this before him. Another nanoscanner detects the ocean floor three miles in front of the ship. Jaden sees some lime glowing starfish, thirty feet in diameter with four-foot long spikes and thorns around them. There are glowing seaweed vines 80-90 feet long extending from the ocean floor. Fissures, alien crabs with twelve arms, glowing eels with wings and square-shaped stingrays parade the ocean floor. They begin to scatter as they hear something coming from above them. There are giant glowing worms on the ocean floor the size of a big screen television. There is glowing endolith all across the ocean floor in rocks, shells and coral. There are dozens of brown scallop shells that resemble lasagna ruffles on the floor. The alien scallops have dozens of glowing eyes all across its shell. They also have thousands of small teeth that extend across the opening of the two shells.

      The wake behind the ship gets bigger as it dives past 300,000 feet. The ship slows down and turns as it reaches a rocky bottom. The whirlpool resembles an underwater tornado from a distance as it slams into the ocean floor. There is a loud crashing and exploding sound as the whirlpool hits the rocky bottom. The whirlpool is glowing green and white from the extremophiles and millions of collected strings. The ocean floor shakes violently as a shock wave travels in all directions at 5600 mph. Debris, sharks and other animals spiral down the whirlpool colliding on top of each other as if a train was just derailed. A cloud of dust moves from the impact area as if a bomb just exploded.

      Miles in front of the ship there is a huge twenty-foot glowing jellyfish with a yellow body floating towards a collective of thirty of them to form a glowing 400-foot circular congregation of connected jellyfish. They slowly connect together from all directions as if they were seeking shelter. The UFO continues to scan millions of different alien life forms as it moves across the high-pressure ocean floor. Jaden is speechless as he tries to take in everything he is seeing. He is zooming in on the pitch-black ocean floor. There are dozens of red snakes with little legs and hard, narrow, glowing shells on their backs. They spread out in many directions as they sense danger approaching. There are dozens of fifteen-foot wide clamshells in a group. The majority of the five-inch fish have one eye in the middle of their heads and skinny bodies. The creatures also have 10-20 small fins moving on the side of their eyes across the side of their bodies. Their bodies are repeatedly glowing together as if they are sending Morse code to each other. The UFO begins to glow and light up at the same pace the alien fish are.


      The ship turns down and goes through a tunnel that leads miles deeper. The wings move into a forward position and closer towards the body. The dark tunnel gives Jaden the creeps as green light from the vines disappear. The vines extend across to each side of the solid rock tunnel. The ship rubs against a few vines. The ship passes the vines and enters an area in the tunnel where 100,000’s of little thin hairs are extending across the tunnel, blocking the pathway. The hairs move and rub around the body of the ship as if they were tasting it. A nanoscanner detects something alive hiding in the walls of the tunnel. The ship passes without incident.

      The pressure oddly decreases as the ship goes lower. There is a huge open area that resembles a large cave. The nanoscanners are picking up a mountain half a mile away. It looks like the mountain is alive with carbon-based cells and membranes. The ship goes in that direction. The nanoscanners detect something alive inside. Jaden sees shreds of glowing, digested material that resembles feces around this huge mountain that extends a mile high. The UFO, still in autopilot, scans the side of the mountain and materials. The nanoscanners detect something moving very fast inside the mountain. Suddenly something large reaches out of the opening to the mountain and grabs the UFO. The UFO is pulled quickly inside of the mountain by a sticky, large tentacle tongue. Jaden panics as the UFO turns off its thrust engines and the wings and tail morph back into the body. The ship does not do anything as it is quickly propelled into the mountain and what looks to be a mouth. Jaden freaks out as he can feel goose bumps jumping around his skin. The sounds of being inside of a body can be heard. Huge hairs push the ship down what appears to be a throat. The throat area quickly attempts to squeeze the ship. Jaden can feel the pressure of the cellular walls squeezing him as if a big person was hugging the life out of him. Panic sets in as a slimy material coats the ship.

      ‘I’m claustrophobic!’ Jaden yells in a panicked tone.

      The high pressure squeezing has no affect on the ship’s hull. The area opens back up and the silver carrot shape UFO lands in what appears to be a huge stomach area full of acid.

      ‘Oh shit, this is gross. I’ve just been swallowed by a slimy sea creature! This is disgusting! This is beyond disgusting!’ Jaden has the feeling of wanting to throw up, but can’t. The nasty acid liquid feels as if it is all over his skin. Goose bumps return to his human body. Squishing, farting and digesting sounds are all around him. He tries to ignore the smell and sounds he hears around him. The smell is worst than road kill. Jaden knows he is protected inside the ship and tries to calm down. But he can’t figure out why the ship went along with being captured. The nanoscanners put together a 3D image of a large, grey, squid-looking alien animal quarantined inside of this huge underwater mountain. The humongous animal has hundreds of very long tongues that look like tentacles that extend to different holes in the mountain. Jaden’s fear turns to curiosity as he looks at the 3D images on his screens. He has never seen anything like this. The strong stomach acid tries to digest the UFO along with other half-digested alien creatures.

      Stage 3 complete flashes on the lower part of the screen.



Read the full novel (epub, mobi, pdf) for free at the BIAlien website:  HTTP://WWW.BIALIEN.COM.



       Web Site: Vlane Carter's BIAlien science fiction website.

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