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Robin Leigh Miller

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Eternal Flame Chapter Teaser
By Robin Leigh Miller
Posted: Saturday, February 05, 2011
Last edited: Saturday, February 05, 2011
This short story is rated "R" by the Author.
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Here's a bit of a teaser from my first book in my Elemental Challanges series available at Silver Publishing

Beacher leaned his six foot plus frame against a tall

oak tree in the shadows and drank in the commotion

happening around the huge bonfire at the edge of the lake.

He'd been coming here for years to partake in the good

times leading up to the annual July fourth celebration,

drinking until he couldn't remember the festivities the next

morning. Tonight, he listened and watched as shapely

bodies gyrated around the tall flames to a variety of music.

Since returning home from Afghanistan, Beach

found he couldn't socialize as he used to and that seriously

pissed him off. In the past he'd work like a dog all week

from sun up to sun down knowing the weekend would offer

good friends, good beer, plenty of fun and maybe even a

warm body to keep him company during the night. Now he

could barely tolerate being around people at all.

Reaching up he rubbed the scar running along his

forehead and down the left side of his face. The scar itself

didn't bother him, or how he got it, not really. He could

have done without the blast that tore and seared his flesh,

but he lived and so he didn't complain about the leftover

reminders, at least the physical ones anyway.

Eternal Flame


by Robin Leigh Miller


The mental crap he could do without. Not dreams or

post traumatic stress syndrome or anything like that for

him. No, the jar to his brain apparently rewired or jolted

lose some sort of hidden, buried, unknown, fuck, he didn't

know for sure,

anyway. Now, when he got too close to people he got a

weird buzzing noise in his head and picked up on their

feelings. Not just knew what they were experiencing, but

actually felt their emotions as his own, and that sucked big


Stick him in the middle of a group and he'd get so

dizzy from the onslaught of emotion his stomach would

cramp. One second he'd want to pound his fist into a

stranger's face and the next he'd want to cry over a stupid

comment made to insult another. His moods swung so fast

he made a woman suffering with PMS seem rational.

So, instead of joining the fun, drinking a beer and

dancing around the fire like he wanted to, he could only

observe. Right now he observed the sexy Flanna Proctor

with her wild red hair and quick temper trying to push off

the attentions of some rich playboy who apparently decided

she would be his for the night. Dumb ass preppy apparently

didn't know her very well or he'd have stepped off by now.

Flanna, or Lanna as she preferred to go by, didn't

take shit off anyone. Beach smiled fondly as he

talent. That's what the shrink called it

Eternal Flame

by Robin Leigh Miller


remembered the first time he'd seen her, in kindergarten,

Mrs. Foust's class. The very first day of school a little boy

decided he wanted the ball she'd picked out to play with.

After about one minute of arguing, Lanna glanced around

the room to make sure the teacher wouldn't see and kicked

the kid's feet out from under him with one swift swing of

her leg. As the child lay on his back looking stunned,

Lanna snatched the ball out of his hands, gave a sassy flip

of her long red hair and proceeded to play.

Yep, Beach fell in love with her that day. She didn't

whine or tell the teacher, Lanna handled the problem on her

own and that ended that. So went the rest of her school

years. Kids either loved or hated her. Get on her bad side

and she'd give you a

good side and she'd walk through the fires of hell for you.

Beach admired the hell out that kind of woman.

Her qualities were stellar but her looks were sinful

enough to make even the devil sigh. Standing at barely five

foot tall she was packaged perfectly with pert breasts that

would fill a man's hand nicely and an ass that could bring

that same man to his knees just watching it sway as she

sashayed away. Fiery red hair cascaded down to the middle

of her back. Even now Beach's hands itched to sink his

fingers into her silky locks. And when she looked at you,

God have mercy, her bright green eyes sparkled like jewels

real reason to hate her. Stand on her

Eternal Flame

by Robin Leigh Miller


loaded with playful mischief that could get a man locked up

for life bending to her whim.

Even her pink bubble gum lips were mesmerizing

the way they formed a pretty bow on the perfect present.

But, what he really found sexy, what made his cock twitch

to life even as he stood in the shadows, was the tattoo

peeking out above the waist band of her low rise shorts on

her left hip. The head of a phoenix shrieked with its beak

open and high on the inside of her tender thigh were its

flaming tail feathers. Beach wanted desperately to see

exactly where the rest of the tail wound.

"Hey, Snyder," one of his old buddies shouted. "Go

talk to her instead of lurking in the dark like a spy."

"She's busy," he retorted taking a swig from his

long neck beer bottle.

"She won't be for long. I give that stupid fuck

another five minutes, tops, before he finds himself on his

back staring at the stars wondering what the hell


Beach squinted against the glare of the fire. Lanna

had her finger in the preppys face chewing him a new ass.

Normally, Beach would be laughing, amused by her anger

but, something didn't seem right about the guy. Not sure

what was icing his nerves, Beach kept a close watch.

Eternal Flame

by Robin Leigh Miller


Calling on his old habits of surveying the

surrounding area for danger, Beach quickly fingered

preppy's buddies. Two had their heads together and were

dropping something into a plastic cup. Fuck, drugs. Beach

hated drugs. When they handed preppy the cup and he

offered it to Lanna, raw, mean anger flared to life in the pit

of his gut. Beach jerked away from the tree and ignoring

the ambush of emotions he'd be hit with, headed toward


When she took the cup and promptly dumped it on

preppies head, Beach halted his movement and waited.

"Good girl," he mumbled to himself.

from someone you don't know.

that to his sister for years.

Lanna stormed off through the crowd and

disappeared. Torn between following her and making sure

preppy didn't follow her, Beach fisted his hands and

planted his feet to the ground. She wouldn't go far. He'd be

able to catch up with her. Preppy on the other hand, he

didn't trust. As long as he had the man in sight, Lanna

would be safe.

Preppy and his buddies huddled together, no doubt

scoping out another victim. Taking a deep breath, Beach

strolled to his buddy and thanked God the emotions

pounding at him were good.

Never accept a drinkHe'd heard his father preach

Eternal Flame

by Robin Leigh Miller


"Hey, put the word out," Beach told his old friend.

"That son-of-a-bitch just tried to drug Lanna's drink. She

didn't fall for it so I suspect he'll be looking for another

willing victim. Tell the girls."

After a string of foul curses his friend nodded and

began spreading the information.

High-tailing it out of the area, Beach cut through the

woods and toward the parking area, his long legs eating up

the ground in no time flat. As he neared the clearing where

everyone parked he heard the distinct sound of glass

breaking and metal crunching.

Keeping in the dark shadows of the trees, he

followed the sound and came to a surprised halt. There, in

the darkness yet illuminated by the full moon, Lanna held a

tree branch and swung it like a pro at a brand-spanking-new

silver Lexus. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out

who the car belonged to.

Beach leaned up against a tree and quietly watched

her turn the once pristine car into a mangled piece of


"You think you can manhandle me," Lanna bitched

as she smashed the taillight out. "You think you can tell me

what I'm going to do for you?" Smash, the back window bit

the dust. "I'll show you what I can do for you." Lifting the

Eternal Flame

by Robin Leigh Miller


large, heavy branch over her head, Lanna crashed it down

on the trunk lid.

Beach winced. Damn but that woman had some

power in her little arms. The trunk lid caved like a piece of

tin foil. Maybe they didn't make cars as well as they used

to. Lanna demolished every square inch of the car. Even the

side mirrors were hanging like limp, wilted leaves on a

dead plant.

When she reached into her pocket and pulled out a

knife Beach cocked an eyebrow and whistled as she

stabbed the front tire. Lanna jerked around holding the tree

branch out for protection. Beach stepped out of the

shadows and clapped.

"Nice work," he said smiling.

"Beach," she sighed as her shoulders sagged and the

branch dropped out of her hand. "What the hell are you

doing sneaking up on people?"

"Watching the show. Mind telling me what

warranted this sort of effort?" As if he didn't know, but the

chance to see her fly into a rage amused him.

Lanna straightened her shoulders and looked down

her pixie nose. "Just a little payback."

"Payback, hunh?" Beach turned his head and swore

he heard voices coming through the woods. If word got out

already about preppy's drugs the asshole would have been

Eternal Flame

by Robin Leigh Miller


chased away from the party. "I wonder what kind of

payback you'll get when he comes out of these trees and

sees you standing next to his car?"

A flash of fear struck like lightening in her eyes and

then disappeared. He didn't like seeing that. In fact, he

couldn't remember ever seeing fear in her eyes before.

Strolling toward the tree he'd parked his motorcycle

beneath, he swung his leg over the machine and folded his

arms. Lanna looked around nervously.

"Get on," he told her.

"What?" Lanna twisted her fingers and chewed on

her full bottom lip.

Beach suppressed a groan wanting to chew on that

lip himself. "You can either wait around for the bastard to

show up or you can get the hell out of here with me. Your

choice." Hoping she'd make the right decision, Beach

started his bike.

Lanna ran toward him, her unbound breasts

bouncing beneath her bikini top. Lust struck hard in his gut,

coiled around his balls and drew them up tight against his

body. Beneath his zipper his cock thickened. As she swung

her leg over the seat and pressed her body against his back

another lightning bolt of lust hit, traveling throughout his

nervous system and damn near blowing his control.

Eternal Flame

by Robin Leigh Miller


Clenching his jaw and bunching his muscles, Beach

took off hoping the cool night air would clear his mind and

cool his boiling blood. Slim chance in hell. Lanna had her

breasts pressed hard against his back and her arms wrapped

tight around his middle mere inches from his throbbing

cock. If she so much as allowed her fingers to dip ever so

slightly, she'd get the surprise of her life.

A few miles down the road Beach realized she'd

laid her cheek against his back and scooted further forward.

In all the years they'd known each other he'd never once

seen her clingy, not even with the men she dated, always

keeping them at arm's length. Yet, here on his bike she'd

planted herself right on top of him.

"Where are we going?" she shouted over the roar of

his bike.

"Where do you want to go?" He expected to take

her home but if she had other ideas he'd be game.

"I wanna go swimming," she told him squeezing his


That familiar buzz started in his head only it didn't

overcome him, merely tickled around the edges of his

awareness. Frowning, Beach realized they'd been riding for

about fifteen minutes and he was only now feeling anything

from her. Odd. Good, but odd. Lanna wanted fun, that's

what he felt. Fun and laughter.

Eternal Flame

by Robin Leigh Miller


Beach smiled. He'd give her fun. Taking a dirt road

that cut through the woods, he headed toward a part of the

lake no one knew about. A camp he'd set up months ago for

when he needed to escape the brutal attack of emotions. A

part of the lake his father owned and passed along to him

before his death two years ago. Beach never brought

anyone to his hiding spot, why he chose to now he couldn't

be sure. Not that it really mattered. This was Lanna and she


Lanna dug her chin into his back and peered over

his shoulder. Beach searched his feelings for any sense of

fear on her part. Happiness, a faint tingling of happiness

spread through his body. Strange how hard he had to dig to

find it.

As the road turned into a two tire path, Lanna

squealed in delight and bounced on the seat behind him.

Laughter bubbled up and out, Beach couldn't stop it. His

little hell fire was excited and it made him excited. Not that

she made him feel it, the excitement was his own. Again,


Ten minutes later they pulled into the wide, open

clearing. His camper sat off to the side near the tree line,

his campfire ring in the center of the clearing. Chairs were

tucked up under the awning and his swim trunks hung off a

low tree limb. Inside the camper he had a stocked fridge

always an exception.

Eternal Flame

by Robin Leigh Miller


and overflowing cupboards, not to mention an incredibly

comfortable bed.

Stopping the bike, he shut it off and also closed

down any thoughts of sharing said bed with Lanna. She'd

never once shown anything other than friendship towards

him and he'd be damned if he'd ruin that.

Lanna jumped off the bike, swung her arms out to

her sides and spun in a circle. "This is magnificent."

Moonbeams gave her the appearance of glowing as she

circled the camp, laughing and giggling. "How long have

you been staying here?"

"A few months," Beach laughed. For some reason

her approval meant the world to him when other's approval

never meant squat before. Then again, Lanna had that

affect on people. He'd seen the grumpiest of old men smile

when she paid them even the slightest attention.

"It's peaceful, isolated, and it suits you," Lanna

decided spying the lake. With a high pitched squeal she

wiggled out of her shorts and ran toward the water.

Beach had to lean against the bike to keep from

staggering. Sweet God Almighty he'd never seen anything

sexier. Her tight round ass wiggled and swayed as she

worked her shorts down over her hips. For a split second,

wiping his hand over his face, he thought she didn't have

anything on under those shorts.

Eternal Flame

by Robin Leigh Miller


The water splashed and she shrieked. "Come on in,

Beach. Let's swim."

Oh, like that would be a good idea. Currently

sporting the boner of the century, the thought of putting on

his swim trunks made him cringe. "I don't think so, Lanna.

You go ahead." Beach combed his fingers through his

raven black hair. "What the

muttered, trying to figure the best way out of this situation.

He wanted her. Fuck, for the last three years or so

he wanted her. A man would have to be considered walking

dead if he didn't want Lanna. Pacing in a circle around his

bike, Beach ticked off all the reasons he shouldn't jump in

the lake and take advantage of the situation.

First of all; this asinine empathic thing he had going

on. Sure, he didn't really feel anything from her on the ride

over, nothing to concern himself with anyway, but what if

she went into one of her adorable rages while he stood next

to her? Other people's anger hit him like a ton of bricks.

Lanna getting angry could cause a serious problem. What if

he couldn't control his response?

Second; she didn't need to be saddled with a freak

like him. Not that she would want anything long term, but

still, Lanna loved life. She should be free to be herself and

not have to sensor her emotions around anyone. Hell,

hell was I thinking," he

Eternal Flame

by Robin Leigh Miller


Lanna tamping down her emotions would be like locking

her in gilded cage just to look at her. It wouldn't be right.

Third; and probably the most important to him, it

could ruin their friendship. Beach preferred having her in

his life as a friend to not having her at all. Hell, she'd been

a part of his life since kindergarten.

Frustrated, Beach kicked at a stone. He remembered

being hunkered down in the dark under a hail of bullets

thinking if he made it through this war alive he'd come

home and ask Lanna out. Tramping around in a country

you weren't wanted made a man think about his life. Beach

could only think about Lanna.

Then it happened. The mortar exploded and his

entire life changed. He didn't come home the same man.

While others came home with missing limbs, or dead, he

came home with a rewired brain that forced him to stay

away from the people he cared about the most.

"You've changed."

Lanna's voice drifted through the darkness and

wrapped around him like a silk scarf, all soft and sexy

caressing his raw nerves. Turning, he found her standing

only a few feet away every bit the vision of erotic sexual

promise he'd pictured back in Afghanistan. Her wet hair

hung in long strands to the middle of her back. Her emerald

eyes glimmered in the dim moonlight.

Eternal Flame

by Robin Leigh Miller


Beach frowned. A fair skinned woman, she seemed

to glow beneath the moonlight. If he didn't know better he'd

swear she stood beneath a black light. Even her hair

shimmered as if flames crackled around her head. Too

much beer, he decided, and his raging hormones.

"War does that to a person," he told her, opening the

side pouch on his bike and pulling out a dry towel. "Here."

Beach held out the towel and she closed the distance

between them.

When Lanna touched the material an electrical

charge shot through his arm and crashed into his heart. Not

an unpleasant feeling. More warm and soothing than

painful. Still, he jerked back and gasped.

"Sorry," Lanna said with a smile. "I tend to do that

to people." Dabbing at her hair she looked toward the ring

of stones where he burned his camp fires. "Would you

mind starting a fire?"

"Sure." They didn't really need a fire to stay warm,

not in July anyway, but if Lanna wanted a fire he'd build

one. It would give him something to do other than stand

there gawking at her magnificent tattoo.

Turning his back, Beach headed for the wood pile

and quietly moaned in frustrated desire. The tail of her

Phoenix tattoo curled around her hip, beneath her bikini

bottoms and then wrapped around the inside of her thigh,

Eternal Flame

by Robin Leigh Miller


its tail flames tickling very close to where Beach knew

heaven awaited. Talk about sexy as hell. It did nothing to

cool the raging erection threatening to drive him insane. In

fact, walking became damn near impossible.

"Were you planning on staying here tonight?"

Lanna asked dragging a few chairs up next to the fire ring.

"Uh, yeah, I was." Maybe he could excuse himself,

trudge out further into the woods and relieve this God

awful lust burning through his system. He didn't normally

do that, but right now he really didn't think he had a choice.

His blood felt like fire raging through his veins and his

cock threatened to burst free from its confines any moment.

"Mind if I stay with you tonight?"

Eternal Flame

by Robin Leigh Miller



Web Site: Silver Publishing  

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