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The Neural Map of the Mind and The Universe WMAP
By Lonnie Hicks
Posted: Monday, May 30, 2011
Last edited: Tuesday, August 07, 2012
This short story was "not rated" by the Author.
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Does the Brain mirror and map the Entire Universe? (WMAP stands for the Wilson Microwave Anisotrophy Probe) a probe which has produced the only existing map of the our entire universe.
What is striking is that the map of our universe looks very much like the human brain neural connection map.
Are these aspects related? Modern Physics Says They Are.
Secondly the neurons in the human brain match roughly the number of stars in the universe. Interesting. Just circumstantial at this point but lets dive in for a closer inspection. Can't tell what we will find.

Updated: 5-31-11 "Does the Brain Have A Secret Life?
Updated:7-8-11 What if there is a magnetic bridge uniting all minds?

  As fantastic as it sounds there could be some truth to the notion that the human brain maps the entire universe and interacts with it and more, interacts with parallel universes as well at the neuron level.

Cern people are trying to prove the existence of such parallel worlds and I am making the point that our brains on a common sense level developed to communicate with the universe which is our own. Nothing fantastic about that. The question becomes how does that show up in its functioning and interrelating with this universe and in what ways?

Now that is a fantastic idea. One worth exploring.

A few notes to whet our appetite:

The number of neurons in a gram of brain matter has as many connections as there are stars in the milky way-and there are more connections at finer levels we can't detect according to some neurologists.

 There may be more neural connections in the brain than there are atoms in our entire universe accrording to some of the new theories in physics our brains may be in contact with more than just our universe--there may be an infinite number of universes out there.

Our specific universe has 100 to 300 sextillion stars (with 23 zeros after the 100 or 300 and the brain is capable of at least 70 sextillion connections. Obviously there is the possiblity of mutual mapping here and some form of adaption we have not clearly understood.

100 billion neurons in the human brain?

Even  more possible connections.
The visible universe has 100 billion galaxies each with 100 billion stars.

The mind's estimated connections equal:

"A recent paper states that the numbers are:

"hundred billion (10^11) neurons and several hundred trillion synaptic connections"

The storage capacity is said to be 10^20 bits.

I think the actual number of connections at any one time is less than the number of atoms in the universe but the potential number of connections is higher than the number atoms in the universe."

  Capacity limits of information processing in the brain. Marois R, Ivanoff J. Trends Cogn Sci. 2005 Jun;9(6):296-305.

Quantum Physics tells us the electrons can be in many places at the same time. Is this true of the neurons and atoms in the human brain?

Physics tells us that many versions of us may exist in parallel universes. Is this true of our brains as well, and are we capable of commuicating with those other brains which are also versions of our own brains in parallel universes?

If we can think completely different thoughts and harbor hundreds of different feelings per day, is this an indicator of the connections above?

Are we the animal, indeed even the bateria within us, all so attuned to this universe that we must see all things alive as connected in the bio electric plasma that is the human mind and body?

Is it possible that the unified theory of everything is possible if we see the connections between the massive electro-magnetic plasma fields of galaxies and the equally complex electro-magnetic plasma which is the human brain, and a new theory in quantum mechanics that quanta and electrons are predominately electrical in nature existing and interacting in magnetic fields?

Unified Field theory may just be the study of one force-electricity flowing in magnetic plasma fields from the very large to the sub-atomic.

See the link below for background information and the WMAP which looks to me very much like the human brain.

Tomorrow a closer look at this brain-universe idea.

5-31-11 Does the Brain Have A Secret Life?

The connections between the brain and its intracacies and modern physics theory takes a little background. I have  been writing about the latter on this site with three or four blogs which explore the issue of what is the fundamental driver in how the universe works. 

I agree with those critics of the standard model of physics who claim that it is clear that most galaxies (including ours the milky way) is dominated by gigantic magnetic fields created by ion flows hundreds of light years across.

A recent discovery in the milky way reveals that we have two (now 4-two perpendicular to the plane of the Milky Way and two straddling the center of the Milky Way galaxy) of these gigantic plasma fields straddling the center of our Milky Way each 25,000 light years across.

This means that together they are 50,000 light years across each in our Milky Way which itself is only 100,000 light years across. These four magnetic fields are obviously the largest structures in our galaxy.

These structures were actually predicted by Hans Alvren years ago who had entirely new ideas about how the universe worked. No kook, Alvren was a 1970 nobel prize winner.

The other significance of this discovery is that galaxies, it was later discovered were not being held together by mere gravity and it observable mass,, so Dark Matter was postulated to explain this disturbing situation. Dark Matter is currently favored over the Plasma universe, inexplicably.

Now next are the parallel and multiverse theorists who claim that there may be an infinite number of multiverses and parallel universes and perhaps an infinite number of individuals just  like you and I inhabiting those worlds-occupying the same space and time in the parallel concept.


Next the quantum mechanics people add more fodder to this soup by claiming that electron can exist in multiple times and places up to some sort of infinity. That is on the quantum level electrons come in and out of existence and those existences may be multiple in nature. 

Cern researchers have built the world's largest machine to test this hypothesis so it is no idle speculation and researchers are actively attempting to build quantum computers to utilize "electron entanglement" which is the pairing ot two electrons across time and space irrespective of this the distance between the two electrons. 
That is if electron "A" changes its charge, its entangled partner electron "B" will also change its charge no matter where it might anywhere in the entire universe instanlty.

Now this is quite a working hypothesis, but one now taken very seriously.

Last is the slow realization by many that much of what we have been told about the physical world does not make sense. 

For example, we are told that light is the fastest thing in the universe and that the sun's light reaches Earth in about eight minutes. But observers note that this is not true of gravity. Does gravity waves from the Sun take eight minutes to reach Earth, for example, in the case of the moon influencing Earth tides?

No they do not. The gravitational pull of the Sun and the moon on the Earth appears to be instant.

Wow again.

So we ask what is the medium through which this "spooky action at a distance" is accomplished?

No one knows.

But note it is very similar to the quantum "electron entanglement" process. There is something which moves faster than the speed of light or a medium which can influence bodies in the universe allowing actions which are faster than the speed of light.

What is this medium?  

And finallly we come full circle to the question at hand. What is this medium and its functioning in relation to the human brain?

If we  take the quantum hypothesis seriously the human brain, filled with electrons theortically can "entangle" with electrons across our universe and perhaps multiverses and parallel worlds as well.

Moreover, there is a medium in which these transactions can occur more or less instantly, irrespective of distance.

A third wow here.

A visual representation of this is how birds, bees, bacteria can communicate instantly in changing direction, with all members of the group somehow knowing what decision has been made and incredibly cooperating with one another, bacteria included in fighting disease.

In the case of birds we suspect that birds have the abiltiy to align themselves and navigate along the magnetic lines of force generated by the earth's magnetic field.

Sort of like iron filings lining up under the influence of a magnet.

Forgive the round about exposition but the question on the table is does the human brain participate in these universes modern physics has postulated and if so in what way.?

My idea is let us suppose for the sake of discussion, assume that the human brain indeed does participate, indeed has fullly adapted to these components of the unverse outlined in modern physics. 

What then could we begin to learn about it? 

I think there must be also, from an extension of logic, that our brains, and we, as individuals, must have multiple manifestations in these universes postulated above; that our brains must be entangled, with the very same electrons which exist everywhere else and that we too, exist in some medium, like Dark energy on the galaxy level, which allows the brain at the neuron level communicate instantly with other entities, electrons across incredible distances.

Just following the logic here given us with modern physics theory.

Now it does all sound fantastic. But interesting fantastic wouldn't you agree?

Now we get down to how would we prove or disprove these fantastic ideas and what does it mean for human history if all these ideas prove to be true ?

Well first preliminarily, the obvious conclusion is that the universe, ours as well as others we might postulate, exist as full on, fully communicating unities and, well, entangled.. 

 Universes, and brains, in our discussion, are all in contact with one another.

This boggles the mind.

So with my mind properly boggled, lets, on tomorrow, go down into the brain for more detail about how all of this might work at the neuron level.

For picture of the neural brain structure:

Some of you wonder if the statement that there are more neuronal connections in the human brain than particles in the universe, here is a link to the software engineer who made the statement.


Now we need to get down to cases and try to answer the question how do minds interact with the universe, other minds and the quantum level and itself?

This would be the theory of everything. So here goes.

Let us summarize what we already know.

The universe of the large galaxies and such operate with huge magnetic fields. The four which dominate our Milky Way are 50,000 light years across  fully half the width of galaxy.

We know that these fields (can we say even Higgs field,) are generated by electrons, photons and ions moving in vast flows, in term interacting with our solar sytem and the sun itself, causing most of the magnetic and coronal mass ejections we experience and cosmic rays as well.

We know the the earth itself produces a huge magnetic field due to its iron-nickel core. The iron is an iron magnetic ball and therefore produces a magnetic field which influences everything from birds, bees to dolphins as they utilize it as a navigation aid. Follow the iron filings in the presence of a magnet or magnetic field.

We know that the brain produces a magnetic field from the direct operation of neurons in the brain itself. And we know that magnetic field interacts not only internally but also interacts and responds to the magnetic field of other brains.

Now on the quantum level we find similar fields at work.

The interum conclusion can be with this data is that minds, the universe itself and quantum level events all operate in these magnetic fields. Our brains can form little bridges with other minds world wide acting within, influenced by, and interacting with all of the above components.

Added together we can call this consciousness.

Had enough?

Lets come back and have a more detailed look tomorrow. Meantime, see the experimental evidence thus far compiled in the TV show "Through the Wormhole-Is There a Sixth Sense?" currently available on the science channel.

Spooky? Yes it is.


Now buried in the above links are two other facts, facts which might help us resolve the issue of consciousness and entanglement.

That is the brain and all organs in the body operate at specific MHZ and this might be the medium of transmission? Well lets have a look later.

At least this hypothesis can be tested and apparently has been. One researcher claims that the health of every organ in the body can be measured or detected through MHZ frequency levels.


A second point is that in another blog on this site researchers have shown that frogs and mice can be levitated due to the presence of magnetic fields in their cells. The link later today. But see it in my blog (Einstein and Magnetic Levitation) on this site.

So if the human brain, its cells and the cells of the entire human body are emeshed in magnetic fields, which can be measured, how does this relate to modern physics. We are presuming here a far out theory that physicists have bodies which they use in measurements. True no?

Do these bodies exist in a magnetic field? (Smile)



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Reviewed by Patrick Granfors 5/30/2011
There are more neural connections in the brain than there are particles in the entire universe

I like where you are going but this math doesn't add up to me. I guess I need a definition of particles. Patrick

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