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Inner City Dreams
Friday, July 08, 2011

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This play was written to show a positive side to young people living in inner cities. We are often portrayed negatively, this play gives an insight into what the majority of us are doing, when the minority who are doing the wrong are given all the media attention.



Inner City Dreams

By mount zinai


This play was written to show a positive side to young people living in inner cities. We are often portrayed negatively, this play gives an insight into what the majority of us are doing, when the minority who are doing the wrong are given all the media attention. 



1)  Ashley is a budding musician, his performing name is ‘Wiseman’

2) Ishmael is Ashleys best friend who longs to study medicine at university.

3) Ebony is a talented writer  who has just had a baby daughter with Ashley

4) Sabrina is Ebonys best friend and longs to live a fast life

5) Mikey is Ashleys older brother who is jealous of his younger brothers talent





Ebony is awake sitting on the bed feeding baby, while her boyfriend Ashley is putting on his supermarket uniform.

“You no babe, I can wait until she’s sleeping through the night man, I feel so tired all the time-it’s mad!” Says Ebony as she looks up at Ashley.

Ashley turns to her and smiles “Don’t worry Eb’s she’ll start soon, then we can get more sleep. Boy, I need it sooner rather than later on these early shifts too.” Ashley picks up his keys and phone.

Ebony replies “ Listen, early shifts are better than no shifts, then where would we all be? And where would your music be? Just think about her, us and your music, that’s why you’re grinding’ so hard. I made your lunch in the fridge.” Ebony smiles

“You see that’s why I love you so much Ebony, you always know what to do and say to keep my mind right.  I might go to rehearsals after work, I got this new tune that I need to put down. I’m sure that’s gonna be the one to get my break! Look I gotta go, love you both!” Says Ashley picking up his bag.

Ebony replies “yeah that’s cool, I might meet up with Sabrina anyway. If you finish the song tonight bring me a copy home, I want to be the first to hear the number one smash!” she giggles.

He kisses his girlfriend and baby daughter and leaves for work. 



Ebony has just put the baby to sleep and is tidying up the flat. When there’s a knock at the door.

She opens it, its her best friend Sabrina.

“Hey girl, wha gwaan? (west Indian slang for what’s up) says Sabrina as she walks in. “Hey, nothing I’m good. Just put Princess to sleep.” She says as she sits on the sofa.

Sabrina joins Ebony on the sofa. As Ebony yarns, “ Gosh man I can’t stop yarning, I’m so tired, Princess still aint sleeping through.”

Sabrina rolls her eyes, “But I know she will soon, other than being tired I’m cool. I really love being a mum and Princess is so special. Girl I’m so happy right now” She begins to smile so much.

Sabrina puts her hand up to interrupt her friend    Oh please don’t give me that rubbish, its me Brina. You ain’t gotta lie. How can you be happy living in a place like this?”

Ebony gives Sabrina a stern look “oh Sabrina, don’t tell me that’s what you come ‘round here for, why you always bad mind man. Your never happy for no one.”

Sabrina laughs “Oh whatever, I’m just saying init. Wouldn’t you want a bigger yard and a ride, what’s Ashley still driving? His oyster card!” Sabrina laughs even more louder.

“Look ok, the reason we ain’t got those things is coz, we are living clean. Ash is working hard and honestly, so this is what honest money can afford. Cars and stuff are material its what’s inside that counts!” Says Ebony getting some ginger beers from the fridge.

Sabrina continues to taunt Ebony “You would say all that crap, coz of how you are. Me I’m looking for a footballer or one of them MC’s in the game. They make nuff money you no!” Ebony sits down and hands her friend the drink and shakes her head “your mad, there are more important things in life than money!”

Sabrina screw up her face “LIKE WHAT” she shouts.

“Shhh, Princes is sleeping. Like I was saying there are more important things in life than money like, family and true love.” Says Ebony smiling

“Ahh, come on I ain’t got time for love, is it gonna pay my bills and by me a new wardrobe? No I don’t think so, so in the meantime, I’m on a WAG flex, that seems to get you all that I want!” Sips her drink

Ebony replies, “A WAG, you wanna be a WAG? Your nuts, being a WAG only leaves you with a broken heart or you stay with him and get cheated on!”

“Yeah you get cheated on, but you still get to keep the house, car and wardrobe!” Says Sabrina

“My self-respect can’t be sold for a new wardrobe. I would rather be with a poor man who is trying who I love and who I know loves me. Rather than a rich one who treats me like sh!t” Says Ebony strongly

Sabrina gets up and head for the door “When are you gonna realise your always gonna be at the same level, coz your man ain’t sh!t! Sorry, girl but he isn’t doing jack for you. He works at the SUPER MARKET!” Shouts Sabrina

“Listen you can’t come in here and diss Ashley OK, he’s trying. At least he isn’t robbing man for stuff! And by the way Ashley’s money bought that drink you drank. I thought you was coming to see Princess anyway?” Says Ebony’s.

“Nah, I’ll come another time, I know when I’m not wanted. Gonna go to the club, see what’s poppin’, see who’s wallets are bulging.” Sabrina hugs a stiff and not so sure Ebony and leaves.

SCENE THREE                              

It’s late in the night and Ashley and Ishmael are awake rehearsing music.

The bass of the music thumps. Ashley sings along to the music the following lyrics “I keep on grinding, gotta push my music and my rhyming, things are in Gods hands he has perfect timing.” Ishmael nods his head. “Yo, blood this is gonna be a hit. This is what the streets need right now, uplifting words. I’ll take it to Bass FM tonight my cousin has a show on there. ”Just as they both carry on nodding their heads. Ebony walks in with the baby…

“Hey babes, that sound like a great song, you alright Ishmael? ” Says Ebony as she walks with the baby.

“Did I wake you two up?” Says Ashley

“Yeah.” Says Ebony. “Ahh, sorry babes. How is this gonna work? I’m at work in the day and in the night I’m waking you guys up. I need to finish this mix tape ASAP! Ishi’s gonna take this tune to Bass for his cousin to play! ”

“That’s great, I can’t wait to hear it on radio. How many tracks do you need to voice to finish it?” Says Ishmael “Boy, I need at least 10” says Ashley scratching his head.

“More sleepless nights for me then.” Sighs Ebony

Ashley gets up and walks over to his girlfriend “Eb’s I’m doing this for us. Please just let me finish this mix tape and I promise you it will be worth it.”

“Alright, but I’m exhausted. I’m gonna need more help with Princess.” Says Ebony “Alright, I’ll come after work and take her for a few hours so you can rest. You go back to bed. Love you.” They embrace and Ebony leaves the room. The Boys carry on making music, way into the night.


Ashley is working on his music at home, on his day off when his phone rings. Its his friend Ishmael.

“Yo, wha gwaan Ishi?” Says Ashley pausing the music. “I’m cool just working on this mix tape man. Didn’t want to waste my day off. Then tonight I could spend

with Princess and Ebony.”

“What nightshift? Starting when? Yeah man put my name down for me so we start on Thursday. Yo this is bless, more money, less hours. Plus I’ll have the day free to finish up this mix tape. Yo, tell Michael thanks for the nightshift offer. Bless fam” Says Ashley looking relived and pleased with himself. 

There’s a knock at the door, KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK

“Who dat?” Says Ashley “Open the door man, it’s me Mikey!” Ashley opens the door

“What do you want?” Says Ashley a little unsure.

“What can’t you  big brother check on you? I ain’t seen you at the supermarket just wanted to check you haven’t got fired!” laughs sarcastically. Mikey walks in and sits on the sofa. “Nah man I ain’t got fired.” Says Ashley as he moves towards his music area and hides his cds. “Where’s the misses?” Says Mikey with a smile.

“She’s sleeping, she’s tired. She’s doing a great job raising my daughter”. Says Ashley proudly. Ashley sits on the sofa as his brother walks around the living room inspecting the furniture. “So the supermarket pay well? Right now your living like a King!” Mikey Laughs and then turns to the music equipment.

Ashley sits quietly and observes his brother. “His brother starts to dance around “Yeah this is great, really great your definitely gonna be the next Bob Marley!” Mikey laughs even louder and stops the music and turns to his brother, who is already standing after seeing him turn off the music. “Who told you to touch my stuff, what are you here for blood?” Says Ashley as he gestures with both hands up.

“I’m here to tell you what no one else will tell you, your music is crap. It aint going no where. You aint no different from none of the other brothers out there!” Shouts Mikey Pointing his finger at his brother. 

“Why do you have to be a dream killer man, come in here and try kill mans dream. Why can’t you encourage me? Nah you just want to hate. I hate people like you!” Ashley shouts back

“Your problem is you think you special, you think you can do this music sh!t forever. Jus coz mum shows you  a little bit more love you think that means be a waste man!” hisses Mikey. “I aint no waste man, I’m trying. I have a dream and I’m going after it. To make things better for my family.” Says Ashley

“hmm family, now tell what does a girl like Ebony see in you? She deserves one of them rich successful brothers who can give her all that she deserves, not a council flat and a supermarket wage!” says Mikey

Ashley walks up to his brother “What like you?, just stay away from her. At least I got a girl, who loves me what have you got? 3 divorces! No wonder Tanisha left you!”

At this point the brother scuffle for a few seconds and then, Mikey grips Ashley up by the throat. “Let me tell you, I’m the one with the money, the house, the cars  and the business. I’m the one in the family everyone respects and listens too, including mum, not you, you aint NOTHING!”

Ebony walks in and run over to the brothers “What’s going on?” she screams “get off him!”

Mikey straightens his shirt “I see your still with my waste man brother. I got a job at the building firm if your interested in advertising! Pays great. I thought I would offer it too you, I know how hard you worked for your degree, even if some don’t!”

“Look, I’m not interested OK. We don’t need any hand outs, especially from you. Ashley’s doing a great job at providing for us. Just get out, you aren’t welcome here.” Shouts Ebony.

She goes and opens the front door, where Mikey is heading for. He leaves quietly but then says “give my niece a kiss for me.” Mikey slams the door and walks out.


Ishmael and Ashley are on their lunch break from work, when they are talking.

“Yo, so what was you saying about Mikey man?” says Ishmael eating. “He come round to the yard last night, started saying sh!t. He even try diss me in front of the wifey. He was trying to call me a waste man. Then he turnt off my music and said it was sh!t!” says Ashley drinking some juice. “What! Nah blood he aint serious! Yo you see dem people there you have to block dem out your life. Otherwise you will listen to dem and never do what you wanna do, y’get me?” Says Ishmael seriously to his friend.

“I just don’t understand as my only brother here, he’s got so much hatred for man? My mum told me before I left Jamaica that family have to stick together!” says Ashley

“I don’t wanna be deep, but I think your brother is one of dem man who thrive on power. For so long he’s been the one in the family with the money, who they see back in Jamaica as making it. He loves the respect that he gets. But now that’s all under threat, coz you grinding so hard and pushing your music. You gotta really start to believe in yourself and silence your critics, coz you will always have critics. Especially in the music industry. I think he’s a bit envious that you got the talent, and your following your dreams. Not only that blood, but you have a nice family a real woman who loves you and supports you. Your brothers been divorced, I don’t know how many times?” says Ishmael gesturing for Ashley to tell him how many times.

“Three.” Says Ashley speaking with his mouth full.

“See what I mean. You have to just follow your dreams. I wish that’s something I did a few years back. It’s only now I wanna push my dream y’get me.” Says Ishmael

“What you taking about?” replies Ashley

“I wanna go uni blood, I wanna study Medicine.” Says Ishmael quietly.

“Why, you talking all low like your ashamed?” says Ashley jokingly

“Nah man I ain’t just didn’t know how you would take it.” Says Ishmael.

“Yo, that’s bless man, uni I can’t diss that. Why not better your self and build a bright future for your self. And MEDICINE, you could help so many people man.” Smiles Ashley.

“That’s what’s the most important thing for me, helping people. Giving something back. I could travel the world, rather than just stay in the ends. I could go Africa, Asia, South America! Opportunities are endless! I just wish I wasn’t influenced by peer pressure back in the day. The man dem would laugh when I told dem I wanna go uni. They would call me a nerd and dem things there. They use to call me medicine man and laugh. But now I’ve realised I don’t business what people think. The man dem can call me whatever, coz its gonna be me with the qualifications and able to get a good job. That means more papers. That’s what I don’t get the man dem chase the money on road doing stuff and that gets respect. But wanting to go and get an education which would also lead to getting money in the long run as well as educating myself don’t get no love on road! Its messed up blood.” Says Ishmael shaking his head.

Ashley looks at him “You know what I know it’s a joke. It’s time for the man dem to realise they are gonna get left behind. While everyone else is learning new things and bettering themselves, we’re just left on a street level. Only knowing how to hustle.” Ashley continues.

“Look I gotta tell you something man, I’ve only kept it to myself coz of pride. But I’m in trouble man. I got these people after me. The bills have been piling up, but I’ve been hiding the letters from Ebony. I don’t want her to think I can’t take care of her and Princess. I feel bad now coz I told her not to go back to work after having the baby and convinced her we could manage.” Ashley lets out a big sigh and rubs his head.

“So what how much is your debts?” asks Ishmael

“In total about 2 grand blood.” Says Ashley

“Two grand!” repeats  Ishmael

“Coz of all the extra hours I’ve done this month I should be able to give them half, then the next half next month.” Says Ashley

“Nah man, I got sum savings take it.!” says Ishmael

“I can’t do that when I know that you looking to go uni in next year, I can’t do that man. I don’t wanna get in the way of you going after your dreams. Fridays only two days away. What could happen in two days?” says Ashley. They are listening to the radio on their phone when Ashleys (stage name Wiseman) song comes on. “Yo, blood you here that!” shouts Ashley “yeah man that’s your tune.” Says Ishmael. At that point he gives him a fist.


Shows Ebony and her friend Sabrina talking at home. “He’s a footballer, said he plays for Fulham. Look what he bought me girl!” Says Sabrina very excited. “I’ve only ever seem bling like this in the posh part of Westfield!” Sabrina  laughs. “It is a lovely bracelet.” Says Ebony. “What’s the matter Eb’s?”

“Nothing, I’m just really tired. I’ve been feeling really down about stuff lately. I think my post natal depression is coming back. I’ve been finding it so hard to cope with just the day to day things and now Ashley’s working so hard on his music and working nights it’s hard. I don’t see him as much as I use to and I’m exhausted coz I don’t really get a break with Princess.” Says Ebony quietly.

“What do you think he’s cheating on you?” says Sabrina with attitude. “Nah of course not, me and Ash have been through so much I know he wouldn’t do that to me.” Replies Ebony.

“Are you sure? Coz you know what I heard that a man changes after he see’s his girl give birth. They kinda go off you. Plus you don’t look like how you use to. You need to fix up a bit, try and loose those extra pounds!” teases Sabrina.

“That’s easy for you to say. Anyway what do you know.” Snaps Ebony

“Look I’m sorry maybe that was a bit much. I heard his song on Bass Fm today, did you hear that music producer Marcus Jenkings called in the station to try and get a phone number for Ashley?” says Sabrina

“Yeah I did I called in and they gave me his contact details to pass on to Ashley. Apparently he’s flying out to go on tour with the band the Pioneers, tomorrow night so I gotta let Ashley know when I see him, but I’ve been trying to call him and can’t get through!” says Ebony.

“maybe he’s busy with someone!” mumbles Sabrina

“What, did you say? Oh Sabrina just leave man, I’ve had enough of you.”

Sabrina leaves the house to see Mikey Ashley’s brother walking. “you alright, your brothers gonna be famous man, I didn’t no he could sing like that. He’s got skills man. He’s got the soulness of like Marvin Gaye but the reggae touch of like a young Bob Marley. Serious. Did you hear the song on Bass Fm today? I heard even some producer wants to sign him to a record company.”
“Is it, when did all this happen?” asks Mikey

“Boy what you don’t know, like in the last day or so, everyone in the ends is talking about it! Yo I heard even Nas wants to do a collaboration!” says Sabrina going over the top as usual.

“really, where is he now? He’s not at home, Ebony’s there trying to get hold of him. I didn’t know having a baby can make you so insecure about your self man, she’s over there wondering if he’s cheating and stuff. Can you believe. She was never like that before she had Princess. Anyway I gotta go.” Says Sabrina

Mikey takes it all in.

While she’s saying this to Mikey, back at home Ebony has found all the bills, under the sofa that Ashley has been keeping from her.


There’s a knock at her door.

“Who is it?” she says trying to stuff the letters back, she goes to answer the door leaving one letter on the floor

“It’s me Mikey, can I come in?”

“I told you your not welcome here. ”replies Ebony

“Look I’ve come to apologise, I was out of order the other day.” Says Mikey in a sincere voice.

Ebony opens it, and gestures for him to come inside. Mikey does and walks in. “Ashley  ain’t here.” Says Ebony. “Oh ok, look I’m really sorry for coming around here and starting sh!t the other day.” Says Mikey looking at Ebony “Are you OK?”

“Yeah I’m fine.” Says Ebony wiping away a tear.

“You know what I didn’t wanna tell you this but I saw Ashley today chatting to some girl. He was all over her.” Grins Mikey.

“Your lying.” Protests Ebony defiantly. Mikey sits down and finds the letter on the floor and begins to read it out loud. “due to continuous failure to make payments we seeking possession of the property on the 1st August.” Mikey begins to laugh.

“Give me that Mikey, pass it now.” Shouts Ebony.

“You see what your man has done, thought he was handling his business. Thought he was taking care of you? So he’s cheating on you and making you homeless with a baby?” jeers Mikey “Look Mikey, just stop it please.” Ebony breaks down and starts to cry.

“Look Ebony, don’t cry. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.” Says Mikey.

“Just leave.” Says Ebony “Look you know what I’m not gonna go around the bush with you no more. Why don’t you just stop hiding your feelings for me baby. I can give you all that you want, a beautiful house to live in. I’ve wanted you from the day I saw you with Ashley.”

He moves closer to Ebony, much to her disgust. “What, Mikey I’m your brothers girlfriend. The mother of your niece. Are you crazy?”

“Come on Ebony, what do you see in him? His ten per cent discount on Milk and Bread?” Mikey laughs.

He then tries to kiss his brothers girlfriend.

Ebony responds with a slap to right cheek of Mikey face “What the hell, do you think your doing?” she shouts. “What you think coz I ain’t got money and fame that I’m some cheap slag, looking for any guy with some money! Not all of us girls in the ends are like that. I respect myself as a woman. OK. GET OUT!!!” Shouts Ebony. Mikey leaves and says to her “don’t come crying to me when it all goes wrong Ebony.”

Ebony takes all the letters out from under the sofa and begins to cry.


Ebony’s asleep on the sofa with all the letters visible on the table.

Ashley and Ishmael walk in.

“Shh, I don’t wanna wake her, I wanna surprise her” Says Ashley.

They tiptoe towards the kitchen. when Ishmael sneezes.

Ebony wakes up.

“Ash is that you?” she says rubbing her eyes.

“Yeah look I didn’t wanna wake you, I just wanted to give Ishi a some o my CD’s and posters to take to his mums tomorrow.” Says Ashley

“I’ve been trying to call you all day, where have you been? You couldn’t call me let me know you weren’t coming home for your food?” says Ebony.

He gestures for Ishmael to leave the room, which he does.

“Babes, my battery died in my phone and you know me I don’t know people’s number of by heart.” Says Ashley walking over to her.

“People, who is people. I’m your girl, you don’t know my number off by heart? You expect me to believe that rubbish? What do you think I’m dumb. Which slag was you with Ashley?” says Ebony as she begins to raise her voice.

“babes what are you talking about? Who told you that?” says Ashley. “Your brother came around here, chatting sh!t saying he saw you in Westfield with some girl.” Replies Ebony

“My brother, how did I know. Babes you dun know he don’t like me and your gonna believe him?” Says Ashley

“look Ash, ever since I’ve had Princess I’ve been feeling a bit insecure about my body shape and then you haven’t really been spending time with me. And then I found them letters. Why didn’t you tell me?” said Ebony pointing to the letters on the table.

“Ahh no, man. Listen Eb’s I didn’t tell you coz I didn’t want you to worry about anything. You do the hardest job out of both of us, looking after Princess and the yard and me,. I didn’t wanna stress you any more.” Says Ashley stroking her hair.

“How can I trust you if you keep things from me? We’re suppose to be a team.” Says Ebony looking into Ashley’s eyes.

“Ebony you can trust me, the reason I’m late hone is coz I followed Ishi to City University in North London to enquire about his Medicine degree.” Says Ashley

“Really medicine, I thought Ishmael wanted to be a mechanic?” says Ebony pushing Ashley away.

“Ebony you gotta believe me, yo Ishmael come in here man!” shouts Ashley.

Ishmael walks in. “its true Ebony look” he says as he passes her a letter and prospectus. She reads it and looks at Ashley, “congratulations Ishi, medicine that really is great.” She hugs Ishmael.

Then Ebony turns to Ashley, “I’m sorry, I didn’t believe you. Its just your brother was so convincing. He tried to kiss me you know.”

“WHAT!! What do you mean” says Ashley, Ishmael begins shaking his head. “he came around saying, he’s always wanted me and stuff. Then he tried to kiss me, so I slapped him.” Says Ebony coyly. “you slapped him.” Says Ashley like he’s checking he heard correctly.

Ishmael laughs. “Yeah I did” says  Ebony proudly.

Ashley gestures they sit on the sofa. They both sit down and Ashley holds her hand “Ebony, look I haven’t been completely honest with you. I didn’t just go with Ishmael today. I went to meet Marcus Jenkings today after work. I heard him call in Bass today, so I rang the station and we linked up. I took my mix cd or him to hear and he liked it”…. He pauses “He wants me to open for the Pioneers across Europe starting  next Friday!”

Ebony covers her hand with her mouth “Oh my God, are you serious?”

“Ashley laughs and takes out a piece of paper from his pocket. It’s all there in Black and white. Babes and guess what, he gave me this.” Ashley shows her a cheque. “He says its 20% and I’ll get the rest when I’ve finished the tour. Can you believe this babes?”

Ebony is speechless, but then manages to speak “I’m so proud of you Ashley. You have worked so hard and deserve all the rewards. I’m so happy for you.” Ebony hugs Ashley.

But Ashley is cold and doesn’t respond.

“What’s wrong?” says Ebony confused.

Ashley is silent. “What is it? Don’t look at me like that. You wanna dun it now? You wanna break up with me coz you got this deal now? That’s what why you can’t say anything thing. Talk to me Ashley.” Ebony is nearly tearful.

“Marry me Ebony!” says Ashley “what?” says ebony looking confused. Ishmael puts down his magazine and looks over too.

“Marry me babes, Ebony I love you so much. You have been there with me through everything. Even before all of this. You have been there when I was unemployed and broke. You still loved me and respected me even at my lowest. I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you and only you.” Says Ashley as he reaches in his pocket and gets on one knee and asks again “Ebony, would you marry me? Would you be my wife?”

Ebony is teary, “YES, I’ll marry you Ashley Wiseman. I love you so much.” He puts the ring on her finger and kisses her. Ishmael comes over and congratulates them.

Ashley picks up his daughter and hugs his new fiancée.







       Web Site: mount zinai myspace

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