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A Visit With a Fairy
By Star B Goddess
Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rated "G" by the Author.

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A little girl named Tina has an asignment to interview someone. She decides to interview a fairy. After learning how to find the fairy from her grandma she gets her questions answered.

As the three o’clock bell was ready to sound, on an October Friday afternoon, I began to pack up my book bag. “One more thing students,” my teacher stood in front of us. “I want to give you your homework assignment.” She voiced, as everyone let out a disappointing sigh. 

Waiting to take out our notebooks, my teacher began to speak again. “Everyone needs to interview someone and write their answers in a report. And children, know that it is something you can all have fun with if you have the right attitude and are truly interested in hearing that persons wisdom.” She concluded, as the bell sounded. 

On my walk home from school, I Tina Louise Wainscot was determined to make it interesting so; I took a breath and let my mind wonder. “Should I interview my mother or maybe the man who cuts our lawn?” I asked myself. That was when I suddenly looked at a tree and knew, as the light danced across the bark, who, I wanted to dialogue with. “I will interview a fairy.” I said, to myself, smiling. “All I needed to do was find one and half my job will be done,” I chuckled, dancing my way home. 

that whole afternoon, as the leaves rustled in the trees, I spent in the forest near my home, looking for a fairy. I looked high and low and even in the bushes but, no fairy was to be seen. “Come out, come out, where ever you are?” I shouted, but nothing happened. The more I tried, the more I had no success. I could sense that the little beings near, especially since Grandma Doris always spoke of them but, they refused to show themselves.

Friday night, when Grandma Doris came to visit and saw her granddaughter very upset she gave spoke. “What troubles you so, little one?” she asked, giving me hug. Knowing I only had a few days to do her homework, I showed Dor Dor (which was the nick name I called her) my note pad with the assignment and my idea. 

Grandma Doris gave me, a special Tina scoochie hug and made me let out a smile before, she began to speak again. “Well, Well, Well, let me think of a way I can help. You see, when I was knee high to the grasshopper, (about your size) I met my first fairy so, let me explain.”

My eyes lit up in hearing my grandma’s positive reply so, I propped myself on her lap and listened. “First child, you must remember that the beings in the spirit world have their own schedule and it has to be respected. Not only do you have to have patience but, you have to ask the right way.” She said, getting some hot coco from the cabinet.

“Really! How do I ask the right way?” I asked, as she poured me a cup. “It’s quite simple, and starts by taking deep breaths and feeling the request deep in your heart. Then one only needs to put out an offering like berries in a cup with some parsley leaves and wait. The cup serves as a gratitude offering and should be placed under a tree.” 

“Then,” she went on to say, “as you stand in front of the tree, you need to speak your request with the energy of trust and love. It is only after they feel your energy, will they consider coming out.” She explained, taking a sip of her coco.

“Oh and two more things,” grandma Dor Dor said. “First, they love to see one dance with love energy so it helps if you dance about before you patiently wait. Sometimes it takes a few minutes; sometimes it takes a few days if, they are busy. Since you need it quickly, I suggest you include your purpose and maybe they will come forward sooner.  

Secondly don’t forget to bring a blanket with you. And if you meet Melinqua, tell her I send my love.” She concluded, getting up to take her leave and go home. 

 Although my grandma would not tell me why to bring a blanket, I trusted her and packed it in my backpack. I was happy I got to speak with my grandma. I knew she was full of wisdom and was confident that my homework would be done on time. Once dinner was done, it wasn’t long before my little body was ready for bed. “The sooner I went to sleep; the sooner tomorrow would come where I can meet my first fairy.” I thought falling into a deep sleep.

I woke up “bright eyed and bushy tailed,” my mommy said, with a giggle and after a good breakfast I was ready for my trip into the forest. Once I found a tall white oak, I stood before it and placed the offering as my grandma instructed. I followed her directions exactly and there were plenty of newly fallen autumn leaves to dance around with love and trust energy. 

Soon the leaves trickled before me with a special energy and a little fairy appeared. She had beautiful golden hair and leaves woven in her long dress. “I am pleased to receive your offering, a fairy exclaimed flying around in little circles before landing on a branch. “I am free and would be happy to answer your questions but understand that not everyone will believe your answers at school. If you can be alright with their doubting words then, we can proceed.” The fairy said, coming closer to sit on my lap. 

I was thrilled to be in the fairies company and opened my notepad which was filled with questions. The fairy quickly fluttered around and moved the page to a blank one without my list of questions and began to speak. “Ask the questions from your heart, dear one, not from what you think others want to hear alright.” She concluded.

I shook my head and taking a deep, deep, breath, I asked my first question. 

What is it like living in the forest realm where you live?

 The fairy looked at me with deep blue eyes and started to answer. “Good question. It is a very delightful realm to live in. Even though I wish humans were more conscious to the precious surroundings of Mother Nature, we here are very happy living in a peaceful place. It is a special place and although there are fairies that live in other places other than the forest like ocean fairies and fairies of the pastures, I enjoy the forest because of the landscape of trees that I can fly between. Autumn is extra fun because we get to ride on the falling leaves when we are not working. And since the realm is one were light energies flourishes, we can lift things with mealy a thought.

Do you have celebrations like birthdays and holidays?

“Oh my dear yes, absolutely we celebrate. Know that when you live in the spirit realm, you live in a place of love. There is really no time to speak of but instead every moment is a moment that we are connected to feel togetherness. It is a place that should be mirrored on earth with humans if they let go of judging to celebrated each other’s wisdom.” 

“We celebrate each other’s beauty with special moments that are activated by our hearts, rather than the calendar of time. It is in those moments that we fly in great creative celebrations that make your parades nothing. It is like a big firework of fairies in the sky that is spectacular. And fairies come from all over to partake in them.”

Hearing the fairies words, I clapped my hands and whispered my own gratitude celebration of a prayer for our talk. She got wind of my thoughts and replied by doing some acrobatics in the sky. When she came back down, we smiled at one another and I asked my next question.

What is it like to fly and do you enjoy flying?

“Like you enjoy dancing and feeling the delicate energies under your feet, so too we love to fly. It is like the precious breath you take that keeps you alive, sweet one. It is something that makes us feel in harmony with the things around us. It is part of the rhythm of our heartbeat and if we did not fly it would be like you being unable to walk or speak.  Flying feels delicious to our senses like that of you eating your favorite desert. When a fairy cannot fly, it hurts us all and we do everything we can to help them regain their flight. It is mainly when a fairy is deep in emotional pain that they can’t fly and then too we are there to support them and help them regain their strength.”

“The only ones that don’t fly are called the fairies of sight. They are considered the chosen ones who have decided to release their wings and take their places on the very top of trees. There they are busy helping push the clouds along and often they are seen with brushes in their hands where by they paint some amazing sunsets.It is considered an honor for one with wings to carry them about when needed.” she said bowing as we both waved up toward the top of the trees.

At one point, the fairy closed my book and urged me on to follow her. She said it was a time to relax and enjoy the precious gifts Mother Earth gives us so; the fairy took me to a pile of colorful leaves. We jumped and played within them, giggling in the energy of the moment. It not only was relaxing but made me understand what it was like to be in a place without time.

Suddenly, the fairy turned to me and started to communicate in a voice that I felt deep in my heart. “There were two purposes in bringing you here. One was to take a break and have some fun. The other was to feel relaxed enough to allow my true voice to come through.” She exclaimed. “True voice but, I thought I was hearing it.” I replied. 

The fairy took a drink of cool air and began to answer. “Well, it was not really my true voice for; you see we, in the forest realm communicate like animals. It is not with the out spoken voice but with our inner feelings or thoughts that we speak. Another word for it is Telepathy” She concluded, giving a chuckle, before throwing a pile of leaves on me.

As leaves flew everywhere and we laughed a lot, I understood fully and when we got back to my questions, the beautiful fairy was able to think her answers. It made things move along much faster and the more we communicated the more confident I became to receive her telepathic thoughts. It gave us more time to play in the forest and I got a chance to meet some of her other friends.

As I watched her friends fly around another question popped into my head. Turning to the fairy, I asked boldly, “so tell me what kind of work do you do, sweet one? 

Another good question” she giggled before beginning her answer. Sometimes we help place new love energies upon things on earth that come in from the universe of stars and planets. Other times we help the grass to grow by tickling its green textured leaves. Sometimes we even fly about helping heal other spiritual creatures so they can feel better and enjoy the forest.

I found the next part of the answer interesting because it involved me. “We dear child also spend time uniting with others and giving guidance to those humans who are ready to hear our words like you. And of course,” she went on to say, “we play inside the precious moment dancing using our wings of flight.”

When the fairy spoke the words, “wings of flight,” I could see her eyes focus on the blanket I brought and she suddenly grinned from ear to ear. She told me to open the blanket and lie down on it. I listened and wondered what would happen next.

Suddenly, the fairy let out a loud whistle. She was calling other fairies over who showed up very quickly. Some of the fairies had sparkling red hair while others had brown curly hair. One had blue hair and it matched his wings. Each fairy stood around the blanket and when my fairy friend raised her hand, they all reached for the blanket.

As I closed my eyes, like instructed the fairies counted to three, they lifted me up. I went higher and higher until, I felt like I was above the clouds. It was an amazing feeling that felt like I was traveling on air. All the sounds of the forest moved within me and I felt very connected. It was as if the fairies were letting me experience what it was like to fly.

We traveled in a river of wind tunnels which I could say was better than any roller-coaster I was ever on. The white clouds shinned in the sun and felt soft as they melted in my hands. Before we went back down, I was told to open my eyes and I was able to see the beautiful tops of the trees. 

I even saw a chosen fairy and watched as she was beginning to paint a very colorful sunlight sky. It was energizing and one of the fairies played a flute, as we moved making me feel very peaceful.  

At one point, the fairy with blue hair cuddled next to me and I felt like we were old friends. Some birds gathered making me feel even more connected within the moment. Soon we came to a cloud full of rainbows and as we went through the rainbow each color tickled me in a different way. When we passed through my favorite color of purple, it gave me a purple crown that caused me to giggle before we moved on.

When my fairy friend let out a whistle three times, everyone began to move back to the ground. Once on the ground, I stretched out my arms and bowed to each of the fairies that took part. After I gave the blue fairy a special hug everyone disappeared and I was once again sitting next to the fairy with golden hair.

Looking at the lowering sun, I knew it was time to end our meeting. The fairy agreed and walked me to the end of the forest. I reached into my pocket and grabbed some branches of sage. I knew it was another kind of offering and I began to place it as an extra thank you near a tree. The fairy saw what I was doing and stopped me. “Just throw it up and we can both feel its energy dear one and thanks,” she remarked smiling.

When I threw the sage particles up, I could feel what the fairy meant and we both giggled together, feeling its light energy. Before we parted, I turned to her and endearingly said. “I have one more question, sweet one. Please can you tell me your name?” “Of course, dear one.” she replied with a gentle embarrassing look. 

“My name is Melinqua and you I know are Tina Louise.” The fairy said, with a bow. I began to jump up and down with excitement. “What is it?” Melinqua asked, looking puzzled. “Oh, I am just happy, that’s all because, it was my Grandma Dor Dor who met you when she was just my age. And she sends her hello.”

In hearing the news, Melinqua too joined me in dance. When the dance was over, she took my hand for a final goodbye. “Take some of my energy with you child and be sure to pass it on to your grandma won’t you?” she said, sending some tickle energy into my palm. It felt great and I promised her I would.

When I got home, I had plenty of great information and I was full of the energy to write my report. The words just floated out of me and when I didn’t remember an answer I just took a breath and the answers came. In no time, the assignment was done. Before I showed it to anyone, I showed it to my grandma and it made her very happy.

The following day, when we were asked to read our reports out loud, I was the first one to raise my hands. Some of the kids liked it and some really questioned me as to whether I made it up. My teacher was intrigued and took the report graciously feeling that it was a job well done. 

As for me, I didn’t care what anyone thought because I had my truth and so did Melinqua. From that day, I Tina Louise was moving in harmony with my invisible friends knowing it was just the beginning of sharing the wonder of it all with the world.



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Reviewed by Donna Chandler 9/22/2011
This is a delightful story. Thank you for sharing it.


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