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Tommy L Thomas

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Vendetta: You Reap What You Sow
by Tommy L Thomas   

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Publisher:  Infinity ISBN-10:  0741450488 Type: 


Copyright:  October 2008

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Vendetta: You Reap What You Sow

What do you do when your promising future is darkened by mishap beyond your control when you have to save your life from thugs. You handicap the thug son of a corrupt police officer, who in turn have you arrested, brutally beaten, raped and threatened to put an end to your life. What do you do? A drive by shooting kills your mom and 8 others but you are spared. What do you do? A contract is put on your life, what do you do? The answers are found as Fire takes it to those who want her dead. Bitter treats awaits those in her path for she has a vendetta to deliver and their payment is earned when they learn that, "You Reap What You Sow."

Sapphire, a loving, energetic, scholastic high school senior with a promising career as a gymnast destined for the Olympics, never gives any consideration that her future could be shattered by one overnight event. The seed is planted by Roger, a juvenile bully with his hommies, antagonizes her until she has to defend herself on homecoming night that sends Roger and eight others to intensive care at the hospital and a night in jail where she is beaten brutally, raped and demoralized by the father of Jim Bo, a corrupt police sergeant who swears she will pay for crippling his son for life.
In the turn of events, Sapphire’s promising future is shattered when the ugly head of fate raises and delivers a crippling blow to her life. What do you do when there is constant harassment at home and every turn of the corner with threats on your life by a representative of law enforcement? Who do you turn for help when it is the law that is giving you trouble? You appeal to the legal system for redress in court and wins with sterling performance in the courtroom championed by Jack Shapiro, a sharp Jewish lawyer who tears it up with his antics and full understanding of the law. Not satisfied with the Judge’s decision, pressure from law enforcement by the name of Ricardo ‘Tank’ Hanes intensifies his efforts to destroy her even to the point of bomb threats forcing her to leave the family’s residence after graduation to a home in Detroit. It proves to be no haven, for within months at a house warming party, a drive by shooting occurs which kills 8 people including her mother. You are forced into seclusion with your boyfriend, Atari Samaguchi, a martial artist of Mongolian descent, and his uncle Yamato. Spared the pangs of death, but the heartaches of living is an ever-constant vigil. What do you do?
            Verbal altercations lead to investigations into the seedy life of corrupt cop, Ricardo ‘Tank’ Hanes that exposes the dark side of him. To prevent his lifestyle from public exposure, a physical confrontation ensues between himself and Sapphire behind a seedy motel where he frequents for pleasure with a lady of the night that is a set up by Sapphire. A brutal fight ends with Sapphire nearly killing Hanes. Does she wins the battle after she inflicts physical harm that sends him to Detroit’s Receiving Hospital but loses the war which plunges her into deeper trouble? Now she must flee Detroit because an APB is published for her arrest. The only way to clear herself is to get those behind the contract on her life by preparation, planning, and a place to hide until she is ready. Suggestion from Samaguchi takes her to the land of Mongolia experiencing life in the Tibetan Mountains, learning about life from Samaguchi’s cousins Kenjiro and Naomi who are champions of justice from Communist oppression that all is not life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but where you have to kill to earn freedom. Sapphire is schooled in all arts of the assassin and given a golden eagle as prize for her proficiency. The Governor of Ulaanbaatar contacts Kenjiro and sanctions a hit on a Communist Outpost. They leave the mountains of Mongolia treking across the Gobi desert to their destination and kill three Soviet officials, her first hard lesson in killing. Returning to Detroit in disguise with her trained eagle to find once and for all those responsible for her troubles and the near death beating of her Fiancée in a Southfield jail.
Sapphire determines she must take a position she regrets but her life is in jeopardy and now her brother is missing. She calls a meeting with Spark, her living relative irrespective of her brother, who has gathered information from sources of the identity of the killers of the drive by shooters.
She finds the killers but decides not to take immediate action, but follows Big Mike Sullivan and his henchmen to their loft, entering after they’ve left finding the source of the contract, a mafia kingpin in Chicago by the name of Sergio Erriconi.
            Don Erriconi lives in a top floor penthouse in the downtown Marriott Hotel with his complete family of thugs and by no means a weakling. His arrangement with Hanes is shallow, but even shallower with Big Mike Sullivan and is pissed off with his incompetence in the drive by shooting missing the prime target, Sapphire.
The links from Detroit and Chicago becomes tighter when Big Mike seeks Hanes letting him know his involvement in the shooting has become known and needs clearance from him, but Hanes denies involvement that produces friction between the two.
            Upon returning to Big Mikes loft on the riverfront in Detroit, he gets into a heated confrontation with Tanya, his girlfriend, that leads to her calling Sledgehammer, an old high school boyfriend to her aid. Big Mike wants no part of Sledgehammer and waits until he drives away with Tanya, then follows them to a dope house on the east side of town where it turns into a battle zone with the killing of many dope fiends to get to Sledgehammer and Tanya. Tanya is killed but Sledgehammer, an enforcer, takes thirty machinegun slugs before he pulls the trigger of a .44 Magnum that tears a plug out of Big Mike’s face. Big Mike drops his gun grabbing for the three inch cavity screaming, “I’m shot, get me the hell out of here, get me to the hospital!”
Sledgehammer’s head moved, fingers twitches indicating there is still some life left in him, for how long he didn’t know but he welcomed the sound of sirens coming closer and closer and closer as he fades into oblivion with his last thoughts centered on Big Mike, “I’m going to get Big Mike!”
Sapphire, after procuring her supplies, takes a trip to Chicago on a Greyhound bus with final destination to the Marriott Hotel in downtown Chicago for Sergio Erriconi. She poses as one of his ladies after securing entrance on the top floor by killing perimeter security guards and disposing of them, entering his birthday party on Thanksgiving day and follows his people back to his room afterwards.
The rest is history because what goes down at the Marriott leads to Armageddon in an abandoned train station in Detroit that spells doomsday for all connected with Sapphire making her prove the biblical admonition, “You Reap What You Sow!”
The chill of the Detroit winter morning added stimuli to Fire’s morning ritual and work out. Thoughts of life and death entered her mind. Why was she alive? Is this all there is to life, pain and suffering? If there is a God, why does he allow us to keep repeating the cycle of despair without hope? Is there is a God or is he really a myth? Is the Bible a concoction written by man for the creation of a deity to control man’s wayward actions?
Lust, greed, violence are these the spices of life? Is sin the ultimate penalty of living? When death rules as king, there is no sin. Is death pure or perfect? If life is full of sin, then the purity and perfection of death is better when it has accomplished its purpose with the removal of life, in essence the removal of sin.
There is a constant struggle between love and hate. It seems that hate is the champion over love, for love causes pain, whereas acts of hatred is the punisher when love fails.
The glistening snow and black ice were competing with one another as to which was most photogenic. Fire was doing a tai chi kata loosening her muscles and flow of yin. The fluid movements looked like a cross between a ballerina's dance and a woodcutter swinging his ax, steady grace and strong hand movements until the final flow of energy to rest.
Today was the fifteenth of December, ten days before Christmas and the mood was cheerful. Turn of events in the remaining days before that day of celebration could be termed as days of mourning for lives would be lost for some would never see another Christmas, it could even be herself. This is life, you live and you die.
Respect for life is another story. What is respect for life when violation of truth and trust is universal? How can you trust life when death in not regulated. Death knocks on the door at any given moment. Some have cheated death, making it angry against life going on a rampage taking the life of the innocents, until the innocent fights death and win. Fire pondered over her thoughts and concluded that is what she would do, not fight for life, but win over death.
It was time to call Ricardo ‘Tank’ Hanes letting him know death was calling at his door. No, a phone call would not do this time, a personal visit was needed for the big showdown was tomorrow and she wanted to talk with him face to face so he could witness death up close.
The drive to Southfield was a most pleasant one. She had stopped using plastic make up and started using her natural face and name. Hidden identity was no longer an issue. She wanted life and death wanted life, were they both in agreement?
Hanes cruiser was in the driveway as she drove by and parked in front of his house. Four Rottweiler dogs were inside the high screened fence that had the sign, “Danger, beware of dogs”, began pacing back and forth snarling barring their fangs, saliva dripping from the lips that was turn looking like a grimace or ugly smile. Dragon noticed them and sensed their need for blood making him frantic to go into action. His eagle eyes were locked on their every move and he wanted them badly. He jumped up letting out his four feet wingspan that almost slapped Fire. “Cool boy, you’ll get your chance.”
Exiting the Charger, she left the windows down for Dragon to get some air or soar if he desired, still fretful over the Rottweilers. A light knock on the door brought Hanes who was surprised to see Fire face to face and at his place of residence. She had to be crazy or had some form of backup should things get out of hand, for she was on his turf.
“I just wanted you to see my face once again while you yet breathe. Tomorrow you will become the living dead or a corpse rotting inside. That is my prophecy.”
“You can prophesy this because you will not leave here alive.”
“Why do you keep playing jokes that are not funny?”
“This joke as you call it is not meant to be funny for you, but funny for me. It is meant to make me laugh with joy when I see your ass as dog meat.”
Laughing as he closed the door pressing a remote switch against the wall opened the gate giving freedom the four vicious Rottweilers who trotted forward in unison forming a wall of defense.
With glee, Hanes opened the door and issued the command, “Sic her, tear her to pieces.”
The four generals formed a circle around Fire as they trotted giving undetected signals as when to make their move as one. Standing still, she locked eye-to-eye contact while whistling to Dragon who took to flight to give him distance for additional speed when he made his strike with speed. He had been waiting for this since he spotted the Rottweilers.
The four struck as one speeding for the kill. Hanes was laughing and his face showed genuine happiness for the first time since his son’s incapacitation.
Dragon flew a warning path across the foremost lead dog touching his nose with the titanium tipped talons that made him skid to a stop rubbing his bleeding nose with his paw. The other three continued without let up as Fire swiftly removed three razor sharp four inch throwing stars ‘shurikens’ from her pouch stepping forward into a boxers stance letting all three fly with all the strength she had in her possession.
The three missiles with their spinning curved and leveled off as the first two bit into their targets, one in the forehead and the other in the throat of the lead dog killing it, the second dog was slowed as the third shuriken thudded in his snout. The dog sat on its haunches trying to remove the shuriken from its bleeding snout but each time it used its paw to try to remove it was cut severely, making him a bleeding mess. He became frantic trying to rut it out on the grass only pushing it further into his snout causing severe pain. It began howling and screaming after finding no solutions to his growing problem.
The last one in the pack was puzzled over the demise of his three companions, somewhat lost without them and what to do next. Primal instinct took over and the killer came out as it’s eyes locked upon Fire, throwing all caution to the wind, it whirled and charged toward her with death written with its every move.
The normal human behavior is to run after seeing the dog with intent to kill, but Fire did not have normal human fear but the reaction to a kill from any source, kill or be killed and that what she intended to do with this dog.
The dog's legs were powerful pistons as it gained ground toward Fire who stood her ground and braced herself for the onslaught and waited until the last moment when he went for her throat. This he did, as he leaped for her throat, she formed clawed hands that were as strong as steel that jetted for his throat digging deep into muscles and tissue. Determination was with both, even though the dog was in pain and was dying, its instinct was to carry its prey with it, wagging his head from side to side trying to tear free lurching trying to get to Fire’s throat. It was throat for throat, guttural noises issuing from the dogs mouth and snarls that were hard pressed to come out for it was loosing its breath because the claw hands of Fire were doing their damage. Blood had started to flow as her fingers had penetrated fur and flesh tearing into gristle, snapping bone as fear shone in the dogs eyes made Fire’s animal instinct takes over as she sensed the kill. She raised one hand into a deadly fist and drove a punch to his head with a sickening smack and crunch of bones that ended its life. It went dead and limp in her hands sagging to the ground.
The dog that had its nose nipped by Dragon was still fidgeting, but it need not much longer. Dragon ascended to a crucial height and descended ninety miles per hour, titanium tipped talons extended, tore the dogs eyes out and nerves to the brain were severed killing it instantly.
The only dog alive was now a bloody mess still trying to remove the shuriken howling in pain. Sergeant Hanes, crying as tears rolled down his face, the tough cop was a sight to behold as he literally crawled on the grass to his dogs bellowing, “Oh my babies, my babies, what have you done to my babies?”
Fire stood with Dragon on her shoulder said, “This is your lucky day, it should have been you, but your day is tomorrow. You see how prophecy is being fulfilled.”
Fire began to become Sapphire once again as her laughter filled the morning chill until it became a guffaw when she entered her Dodge Charger driving away toward Detroit.
Hanes went inside, got his service pistol and killed the suffering dog sitting on the steps crying with vengeance in his heart to kill Fire.

Professional Reviews

Jeanne's Review
This is a review that is very easy to make. When I first started reading this book, the characters are very well illustrated and easy to visualize. When I started reading it, it was hard for me to put it down. I read half during my recesses, breaks and lunchtime on the job. It was just that exciting. Sapphire is a hero that takes it where few have ever been. I plan to purchase at least three of these books for me and gifts to others.

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