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Melanie Nowak

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Publisher:  WoodWitchDame Publications ISBN-10:  982410239 Type: 


Copyright:  2010 ISBN-13:  9780982410233

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Melanie Nowak - Author of the Venomous Vampire series ALMOST HUMAN

Allie thought vampires were almost human; until she became one. Her friend Felicity is dating the son of a vampire hunter, yet has a psychic bond with one of his prey. These two girls are part of a diabolical plan to control destiny, and blood may not only be the catalyst for change, but also the master of manipulation behind it. Is a vampire made by their sire, or is one simply born to blood?

ALMOST HUMAN ~ The Second Trilogy


Volume 1 -  Born to Blood:

Alyson used to think vampires were almost human; until she became one. Lovingly turned by her boyfriend Mattie, Allie has come to possess powers previously unknown among vampire kind. Now they seek the help of the elder vampire Cain, to discover not only what she is capable of, but why.

Still healing from heartbreak over Cain, Felicity looked forward to a nice, human relationship, but dating the son of a vampire hunter, and having a psychic bond with one of his prey makes life far from normal. How can she discover the truths of love when forced to live with so many secrets? 

Someone has contrived a diabolical plan to control destiny, and blood may not only be the catalyst for change, but also the master of manipulation behind it. Is rebirth as a vampire always at the discretion of an undead sire, or sometimes is one simply born to blood?

Born to Blood (Volume 1 - ALMOST HUMAN - The Second Trilogy)by Melanie Nowak

Chapter 1 - Welcome back


Cain had just left them alone in Mattie’s new motor home, and as he did, Alyson had practically attacked Mattie with kisses. She was hard to read – Mattie still couldn’t really tell what her decision was. She wasn’t distancing herself from him by any means, she seemed as affectionate as ever and perhaps even a little more possessive than usual; but that could just be reaction from the long time that he had spent away. She had even told him that she didn’t ever want him to stay away for so long again, but he knew it was only that she’d missed him. He couldn’t convince himself that it meant that she had decided to spend eternity with him.

At the moment her prime concern seemed to be devouring him with kisses and enticing him to drink her blood. He was unsure if her invitations for him to drink were intentional. She said nothing about it, but although her addiction to his venom should have faded with his absence, he knew she very much enjoyed being drunk from by him. She didn’t ask for it though. She kissed him passionately, and now and then she would break from his lips to kiss his own neck, tilting her head so that her throat was impossible for him to ignore.

Mattie hadn’t drunk from any human but Alyson, ever. He’d thought about trying it now and again while he was away, but had never actually followed it through. Now, her bared throat was more tempting to him than he’d ever imagined it would be. Just the scent of her made the vampire within him rise up and impatiently beg to be released. Her blood beckoned to him like never before. It was becoming almost impossible for him to control. Finally he couldn’t wait any longer. He broke from her lips as she pressed herself against him, gasping for breath. “Allie, I need to…” He couldn’t even complete the request before the change overcame him. His vision blurred and shifted as he felt his fangs unsheathe and bare themselves. She immediately realized his need and pulled the collar of her shirt quickly away from her throat to give him access to her tender skin.

For the first time in six months he felt his fangs pierce through flesh and his venom coursed into her quickly, as though eager to claim a victim for itself and mark territory for him as a vampire once again. As his viscous fluid moved through her, claiming every pore of her that it could reach, she became his, marked and glowing with his signature in every other vampire’s eyes. Her blood was for him alone; and what intoxicating blood it was.

Mattie crushed his lover to him as her blood began to fill his mouth. The ecstasy of it was frightening. Thick, rich, sweet and strong, her blood seemed to speak to him of all the amazing qualities he knew her to possess, and of dusky and enticing unknown mysteries as well. It was Alyson; sharp and sassy, kind and loving, free spirited and fun, all refined and distilled into one potent and intoxicating fluid that he had no idea how he could bring himself to pull away from. How had he kept himself from such ecstasy for so long? Worse than that, how could he ever give her up? He began to drink and prayed for the millionth time that she had made the choice to join him.

Cain’s teachings plagued his mind, and he forced himself to err on the side of caution, only taking a very little amount of blood from her. He knew that he would most likely get to drink from her again soon and wanted to be sure that he didn’t take so much as to make her weak. Besides, just as he found this first drink after so long a hiatus to be intoxicating, he knew that Alyson would be feeling the effects from his venom even more strongly than usual. She wasn’t as used to it as she had been, and he didn’t want her to be so inebriated with it that they could not spend the night in conversation when their initial physical needs were satisfied.

She was unfazed when he took his lips from her throat and mumbled an apology over his abruptness. In fact, rather than be disappointed in him, a lazy smile crossed her lips and she gave him a throaty little laugh. “I been waitin’ for that,” she confessed, closing her eyes as though to savor the heady feeling of his venom now coursing through her system. Mattie wasn’t as put off by her obvious fondness for the venom as he used to be. He’d been trying very hard in these last months to better accept his vampire nature, and right now, anything that made Allie want him, seemed like a good thing. At the moment, she was very happy to see the vampire in him as well as the man. He wouldn’t disappoint.

Alyson only paused for a moment, and then gave him a mischievous little grin. She reached up to grasp his collar and pull his face down to hers for more kisses. He tried to wrap his arms around her, but she seemed impatient to try and pull the clothes from his body to pursue other endeavors. The smell of her blood still tempted him, but he forced himself to become human once again. After a moment of struggle, he scooped her up into his arms and headed for the bedroom.

She snuggled her face into his chest for the ride, but once they squeezed through the doorway she stretched up to sharply nip his throat with her teeth. Surprised, he jerked away from her. “Ow!” She laughed as he threw her onto the bed. “That hurt,” he scolded as he rubbed the spot.

She looked at him with an arched brow. “What are you, getting’ soft on me? If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.” Allie slipped off her shoes and socks and then stood up on the bed. She looked a little dizzy from the venom at first, but kept her stance wide and soon got her balance. She smiled down at him, seeming to love the fact that she was now taller than he. At 5’9” Mattie was not a very tall man, but pretty much everyone towered over Allie’s barely 5’2” frame.

She undid her belt, roughly pulling the leather from her jeans. Mattie watched her with a smirk as she held it by the buckle and tried to crack it like a whip in front of her. It didn’t work very well, but he thought she looked really hot with it all the same. Disappointed with its performance, she lashed it back and forth on the bed in front of her a few times and then tried again. It came pretty close to his face in the small room, but rather than back away, Mattie reached out and caught the end, pulling it away from her. He tossed it to the floor as she pouted at him. “No weapons,” he said with a disapproving chuckle.

She grinned and spread her arms to show off her toned and sleek little form. “I am a weapon,” she warned seductively. “But I’ll try to be gentle.” He laughed and removed his shoes as she swiftly stripped off her jeans and kicked them at him. “Didjya miss me?”

Mattie pulled off the Mexican tunic that he wore, as well as his t-shirt underneath. He watched her in satisfaction as her eyes played over his bared chest and the room seemed filled with the scent of her longing for him. “Dreamt about you every day,” he answered quietly.

“Is that right?” she asked as she took off her own shirt, twirling it over her head a few times before tossing it into the corner. She wore a little purple bra made of satin and lace. It matched her tiny g-string panty and was very feminine and petite. Not the kind of undergarments one might expect for her to wear, judging by her usual ripped jeans and large t-shirts. Somehow, that made the intimate apparel that much more exciting.

She stood there on the bed, her fingers trailing lazy winding designs over the tops of her thighs. Mattie watched as one of her fingers seemed to trace the tattoo that was drawn across her right hip. It was a picture of a small blue and purple kite, with a large A inscribed upon it. It flew up the top of her thigh to her hipbone, it’s string winding diagonally and intimately downward to eventually spell out his name in bold script. God, he loved that ink. He loved that she had wanted it there. No matter if they were apart at times, enduring an open relationship, or (Heaven forbid) if they eventually parted ways; that ink proclaimed that she wanted a part of him with her always. His name was inscribed upon her intimately, even if his weren’t the only eyes to ever see it.

His eyes were distracted from the spot by movement just a bit above it. Allie wore a silver belly button ring with a tiny little chain of gems that sparkled and swayed back and forth with her movements. Mattie gazed down to the tattoo once more. His eyes were glued to her fingertips and her purple lacquered nails until they finally left her thighs to reach behind her back to her bra-strap.

She smiled at having his complete attention as she unhooked the back of her bra. She slowly stripped herself of it and then held it up before him by one strap with thumb and fore finger. She deliberately opened her fingers to let it fall to the floor as a thrown gauntlet. “Why don’t you come and see if you can make those dreams come true?”

Professional Reviews

Born to Blood - The Much Awaited Start to the Second "Almost Human" Trilogy - review by
After finally agreeing to let her vampire love, Mattie turn her, Allie knew that nothing would ever be the same again. After all, leaving ones humanity behind was a life changing ordeal. But with Mattie there helping her every step of the way, she had nothing to worry about, right? When she awakens to her new life, they discover that she has developed powers unknown to vampires. Needing to find answers, they seek the help of the vampire elder, Cain. When they find him, he is holed-up mourning his love lost, Felicity. When Allie shows Cain her abilities, he is blown away by her power. At a total loss as to her ablilites he agrees to help them. In seeking to find the answers to the questions they have, they discover mind blowing answers that rock their world!
Wow!! Born to Blood is the first volume in Ms. Nowak's second "Almost Human" trilogy, picking up where the first left off. Born to Blood tells of Allie's decision to change, her last moments as a human and her introduction into her new vampire life. I really enjoyed her development and discovery. Ms. Nowak is very good at wrapping the reader into her story, and making you live it with the characters with every attention to detail. The interplay of characters from the first trilogy was well done, as well as the introduction of new ones. Ms. Nowak has a gift for letting readers into her world of vampires that is refreshing and real. I have read the Almost Human series from the beginning trilogy to Born to Blood, and I thought there was no way her game could get better but it has!! I loved Born to Blood and I will be looking for Descendant of Darkness to come out soon!!

Reviewed by Missy Brown

Born to Blood - 5*****STAR - by
As in The First Trilogy of Almost Human, Melanie Nowak creates an awe-inspiring world that is all her own, while converging many different genres in the process. In her latest release ‘Born to Blood’, she launches the Second Trilogy to an entirely new and unprecedented level. With the addition of exciting new psychic powers, new characters and the cast of our beloved friends, the author never ceases to thrill in this phenomenal and captivating story!

Although the novel starts where Book 3 of the First Trilogy leaves off, it is written in such a way that it can stand alone for readers new to the series. Mattie and Allie are together in a small town in Upstate N.Y. in early November, when Allie makes the decision to join her boyfriend Mattie in his immortality. Mattie is thrilled and takes loving and thorough care when turning her into a vampire. This was such a mesmerizing chapter to read as I felt all the emotions from Allie’s perspective. The image of her fading reflection was so surreal to me. It meant there was no turning back! Wow! Soon after becoming a vampire, Allie displays special abilities and powers. Mattie is both proud and perplexed about all this. What are the exceptional changes that have taken place in her? The answers will astound you! Their discoveries are mind blowing! The author did an incredible job of sending chills up my spine!!!

There are new as well as familiar characters in the book who readers may recognize. There are scenes that are deeply touching and profound. The characters play off each other extremely well in this novel. Their display of loyalty, commitment and love for each other is a very powerful thing! There is plenty of drama, intrigue, mystery and a few laughs, in addition to some great surprises! I also greatly enjoyed the author’s descriptive settings, I was transported to another place and time.

Ms. Nowak changes the format of this trilogy, so we get to hear the POV of more of the characters as opposed to just two. This was very moving because I felt an immediate connection to our friends as I experienced life through their eyes. All the characters in this story are notably written and believable. The plot was engaging and flowed perfectly through this remarkable novel. I cried, laughed, got angry, was frightened, felt heart ache, cheered; it was a roller coaster of a great ride with lots of twists and turns! I adored how the characters gained insight and developed right before my eyes. I look forward to seeing what the next adventure will bring for our dear friends.

This journey has proved to be an intoxicating one indeed! I’m a hopeless addict who now can hardly wait until the next book "Descendant of Darkness" to begin. Born to Blood is Melanie Nowak’s best work so far! Not to be missed by either newcomers or die-hard fans! A superb addition to the Almost Human world! It keeps getting better and better!

Gigi Lupo – Reviewer

Good Choice Reading review – Born to Blood
Where do I begin? I have so much running through my mind right now about this series that I don't even know where to start. I love it! I just love it! After reading the first trilogy set, I did not think it could get any better than that. I was dying to find out what happened with the way Volume three of the first set had ended. You get a little of Felicity and her issues, but the main focus is not her anymore in "Born to Blood," but on Alyson instead.

Melanie starts the book off right before Alyson is turned to join Mattie. So you get to read about what she was doing before and how she felt. You also get to read how it all went down :-). There is more to Allie though and her turning shocks Mattie and Cain. She is not your ordinary vampire :-p. You do get a little bit of every character though because each character plays a big part in Allie's new life.

I just love the world Melanie has created and find it so easy to relate to her characters. You can easily feel for the characters in the book. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series and find out what is going to happen with Arif and Alyson. The way this book ended made me want to scream! Melanie really knows how to keep you wanting more from chapter to chapter and ending to ending. This is a MUST MUST READ! After you've read the first set of course lol. It is not one of those books that you can read out of place.

Reviewed by Damaris (Dee) Cardinali

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