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Garry E. Lewis

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Father Patrick in When The Devil Comes Knocking
by Garry E. Lewis   

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Publisher:  Createspace ISBN-10:  1466285680 Type: 


Copyright:  August 30th 2011 ISBN-13:  9781466285682

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A suspenseful tale of thrills, and chills. As something sinister has come upon the citizens of Salem Springs.

 EVIL has come upon the citizens of Salem Springs; as the local sheriff soon discovers. But this is unlike anything he has ever confronted, for this is pure evil spawned straight from the bowels of hell itself! As local teens, begin to vanish seemingly in thin air. What has happened to them? What horror awaits them in the dark of night? Having received a warning, Sheriff Davis soon meets with a mysterious caller. As the nightmare unfolds, the sheriff cannot believe what he’s hearing. Has the devil indeed come knocking at his door? Can he stop the pure evil that has come upon his town? Will this strange priest who’s warned him of the impending danger be able to help stop this evil? Only time will tell, but who’s side is time on? Is it too late for the town of Salem Springs? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this chilling story entitled: “Father Patrick in When the Devil comes knocking.”  Available NOW! Paperback for just $7.99 or Kindle edition for just $0.99 At                                              Excerpt
Chapter 1

The sun rises on the sleepy town of Salem Springs. Sheriff Ben Davis steps out of his office, scanning the neighborhood he slowly walks to the squad car where Deputy Williams sets behind the wheel.
Sheriff Davis opens the passenger side door and slides into the passenger seat, clicking his safety belt he glances over at his deputy and says, “Buckle up deputy.”
The deputy responds, “Sure thing sheriff, where to?”
The sheriff responds, “Let‟s head over to Herbs and top off our tank, then let‟s go grab some breakfast.”
Deputy Williams says, “Sounds good sheriff.” He starts the squad car and pulls out of the parking lot onto the blacktop. It isn‟t long before they pull into the Fast Stop station, parking the squad car Williams climbs out and grabs the nozzle and begins filling the tank.
Sheriff Davis says, “I‟ll be back,” as he walks towards the station. Once inside he sees Herb standing at the counter. “Hey dad, how are things going?”
Herb looks up smiling he replies, “Just fine son, how‟s your day going?”
Ben responds, “Too early to tell dad, you got a pack of Camels back there?”
Herb responds, “Regulars or one hundreds?”
Ben responds, “Give me the regular‟s dad.” Herb slides a pack over to him.
“Need a lighter?” Herb asks.
Ben replies, “Yeah maybe I better, this ones about out, what do we owe you dad?”
Herb responds, “I just put it on the county‟s tab.”
Ben smiles and says, “Thanks dad, you coming over to the diner for breakfast?”
Herb responds, “Been there, done that.”
Ben turns and walks towards the door, “See you later dad.” Ben steps outside and walks to the squad car where he finds his deputy leaning against the trunk flirting with Angel Daniels one of the waitresses‟ from the diner.
The sheriff says, “Ok deputy, control your hormones and get back in the car, I‟m hungry.”
Deputy Williams‟ face turns bright red, as he responds, “Sure thing sheriff.”
Angel smiles at the sheriff and says, “Sorry sheriff, it‟s all my fault.”
Ben responds, “No harm, no foul Angel, he gets off duty at six this afternoon.”
Angel smiles and says, “Thanks sheriff, that‟s the same time I‟m off.”
Ben looks at his watch and says, “Running a little late, are we not?”
Angel blushes and says, “Yeah just a little, I needed fuel
too, I better get to the diner.”
Deputy Williams sticks his head out the drivers side window and responds, “We‟ll see you there.” He starts the squad car as Ben slides into the passenger seat. Not long after they pull into the diner‟s parking lot. Angel pulls in next to them and shuts off her car.
Ralph Morrison stands at the door of the diner shouting, “Damn it Angel! This is the second time this week you‟ve been late. Now get your ass in here! We have customers waiting on their orders.”
Martha Morrison yells at Ralph from the kitchen, “For crying out loud Ralph, get off that poor girls ass!”
Chapter 2
Angel runs towards the diner tying her apron as she does. Slipping past Ralph she enters the diner and heads for the pick up window, and begins carrying orders to the tables of waiting customers. The sheriff and his deputy slowly walk towards the diner.
Ralph responds, “Morning sheriff, damn kids! They just don‟t have any sense of responsibility these days. I remember when I was their age, if I was late for work; I‟d just be out of a job!”
The sheriff smiles responding, “I hear you Ralph, I hear you. Not like the old days is it?”
Ralph turns walking back inside the diner, “It sure the hell isn‟t.”
Deputy Williams says, “Damn, what crawled up his ass this morning?”
The sheriff responds, “Oh his bark is worse than his bite. Hell he isn‟t about to fire Angel, not to many kids will put up with his shit, and he knows it.”
Entering the diner the sheriff and his deputy take a seat in the booth by the window. As Sally Jarvis comes over to take their order. “Well what will it be this morning guys?” Sally asks.
Sheriff Davis responds, “The usual Sally.”
Deputy Williams responds, “Same here Sal.”
Sally replies, “You got it guys, coming right up.” She turns and takes their order to the service window. Then she pours a couple of cups of coffee and returns to their booth setting them down. “There you go boys, your order will be up real soon.”
The sheriff responds, “Hey thanks Sally.”
Meanwhile out side of town stands an old abandoned farm house. A young man stands watching, as the older couple approaches from their car.
“Well,” the older gentleman asks, “is this the place you spoke of on the phone Brother Nathaniel?”
The young man responds, “This is it, it‟s perfect, it‟s well off the beaten path, no one ever comes around here. The bank foreclosed on it over a year ago.”
“It‟s so run down they can‟t find a buyer, so now it‟s ours. We‟ll be able to purchase it at a good price as well. The bank has been wanting this off their books for along time. It‟s surrounded by timber as well.”
The female figure speaks up, “It‟s perfect, and I love it! We‟ll be able to conduct our services out in the open at night; we have plenty of seclusion from the timber surrounding the place. You did good Nathaniel!”
Nathaniel responds, “Thank you Lilith, I thought you‟d like it.”
The older male speaks up, “It‟s fantastic! No one will ever suspect it‟s being used for our coven meetings and rituals. Well done Nathaniel!”
Nathaniel responds, “Thanks Brother Solomon, coming from you, that is a true compliment.”
Brother Solomon responds, “I‟ll inform the coven, we can hold our up coming mass right here. What about the other matter I spoke of?”
Nathaniel responds, “No worries there either, we have plenty of candidates for our ceremonies. I‟ve been checking out the nearby town. There‟s a local high school, we only need to find out which young ladies are ripe for the picking for our rituals.”
Brother Solomon responds, “The master will be very pleased, don‟t you agree Lilith?”
The Lilith replies, “Oh yes, he‟ll be very pleased. And once we‟ve moved in I can befriend some of the younger women, find out which ones are prime candidates for our black masses.”
Nathaniel speaks up, “We better clear out for now, we‟ll meet back here the after we‟ve acquired the property. Consecrate our new temple for worship. I‟ll make the arrangements with the bank for purchasing the property, I‟m sure they‟ll be thrilled to be rid of the place.”
Chapter 3
Brother Solomon speaks up, “Why don‟t you let us handle that, we‟ll pose as a couple wanting to renovate the property.” Brother Solomon smiles and continues saying, “We‟ll tell them we‟re nature nuts, and the place is just what we‟ve been looking for.”
Nathaniel smiles and says, “Sounds good, I think I‟ll check out the job situation in town then tomorrow see if there are any openings. Might come in handy if you know what I mean?”
Michael and Lilith smile, “Sounds good, we‟ll meet up with you later.”
Nathaniel says, “Oh, if anyone asks, Lilith you‟re my older sister and Michael‟s your husband. I‟ll be living with you, till I get my own place. We‟ll have to mingle in with the town folk, so they won‟t become suspicious.”
Michael responds, “Sounds good we‟ll meet up with you later Nathaniel.” Michael and Lilith turn and head back to their car. Climbing into the car they soon pull away heading down the drive.
Lilith turns to Michael and says, “Oh Michael it‟s perfect.”
Michael says, “Now we can go about the master‟s work without any outside interference.”
Back at the diner the sheriff and his deputy pay for their breakfast and head for the door. Looking back Chance winks at Angel as he leaves. Angel seeing him blushes and waves at him as he turns and heads out the door.
The sheriff says, “Cool down there partner, you‟ll be off duty at six, maybe you and your little hottie can get together then.”
Chance replies, “You have to admit sheriff she is cute.”
Ben responds, “Yeah I‟ll give you that one, she is cute.” Climbing into the squad car they soon pull out onto the hard road and head out to the county line to set up a speed trap.
Six o‟clock soon comes as the sheriff and his deputy head back to the office. Pulling into the parking lot they find a Ford Mustang setting in the lot. Shutting off the squad car they get out and head to the office. Upon entering they find a young man sitting on the visitor‟s bench reading a Bass Pro magazine.
The sheriff asks, “May I help you son?”
The young man stands and offers his hand to the sheriff and says, “Howdy sheriff, my name is Douglas Johnson. You can call me Doug for short.”
The sheriff shakes his hand and says, “My name‟s Ben, this is my deputy Chance. What can we do you for today Doug?”
Doug responds, “Is the deputy position for the evening shift still available?”
The sheriff responds, “Yes but aren‟t you a little young son, how old are you?”
Doug speaks up, “Looks can be deceiving sheriff, and I‟m twenty five. I was a military policeman in the service; I just received my honorable discharge three months ago. My sister and her husband recently moved to town; so I came along hoping to find employment and to kind of keep an eye on her.”
The sheriff speaks up, “Oh, the protective brother I see.”
Doug says, “I guess you could say that.”
The sheriff replies, “Nothing wrong with that, I take it her husband‟s a real character.”
Doug responds, “Let‟s just say I think she could have done much better, but oh well she seems to love the jerk.”
The sheriff chuckles and says, “I had an ex- brother n law like that, I know what you mean.”
Doug says, “Sounds like we‟ll get along just fine sheriff.”
The sheriff asks, “Is your gun training up to speed there Doug?”
Doug responds, “Sure is sheriff, it‟s current, I‟ve only been off the three months.”
Chapter 4
The sheriff says, “Sounds like you just got yourself a job, we‟ll of course have to run a background check on you before it is official. But I don‟t imagine that‟s going to be a problem, hell you wouldn‟t be asking for the job if it was.”
Doug smiles and says, “That‟s great sheriff, just let me know how soon I can start.”
Ben says, “Oh screw the back ground check, I‟ll run it later. You can start tomorrow night if you‟d like?”
Doug shakes the sheriff‟s hand and says, “Well I‟ll see you tomorrow night.”
Ben says, “Sounds good, we‟ll see you tomorrow night. I‟ve got some uniform shirts you can try on, hell we‟re casual around here, and you can just wear blue jeans otherwise.”
Doug responds, “Sounds good sheriff, I have to go but I‟ll be here tomorrow night, eleven to seven shift I take it?”
Ben says, “You got it tiger.” With that Doug smiles and walks out of the office.
The sheriff turns to his deputy and says, “Run the back ground check deputy.”
Chance says, “Hey I thought you said you‟d do that later.”
Ben says, “I just said that so he‟d think I trusted him, but when you hire a deputy, you want a back ground check. I don‟t care if he‟s the presidents‟ son, run the check.”
Chance responds, “You got it sheriff.”
The next morning the sheriff steps into the office, looking at his deputy‟s blood shot eyes he chuckles and says, “Well looks like some body had a good time last night, did you run that back ground check this morning deputy?”
Chance setting his coffee cup down picks up the forms and hands them to the sheriff.
The sheriff looks them over, “Well Douglas N. Johnson‟s records came back clean. Looks like the night shifts been filled deputy, so you‟re off the hook. The day shifts yours if you want it.” the sheriff says.
Chance smiles and says, “Hot damn, I sure do!”
The sheriff says, “Well consider it yours deputy, you just got your replacement. Now we better get on patrol the days wasting.”
Chance responds, “You bet sheriff, I‟ll pull the car around.” Chance turns and walks out of the office. The sheriff picks up the phone and makes a call.
Doug picks up the phone, “Hello, oh hi sheriff, what can I do for you?”
The sheriff responds, “How do you feel about starting the night shift tonight, is that ok with you Doug? Your back ground check came back ok.”
Doug smiles and responds, “That‟s great sheriff, I‟ll see you tonight.”
The sheriff replies, “That‟s great Doug, welcome aboard.” The sheriff hangs up the phone, and heads for the door, outside Chance is waiting in the squad car.
The sheriff slides into the passenger seat and says, “Well Doug says he can start tonight deputy, let‟s roll.” They pull out of the parking lot and head into town.
Chapter 5
Meanwhile Nathaniel is on the phone telling his friends he landed a job, filling Michael and Lilith in on the good news. Michael responds, “Well Nathaniel, we have some good news as well, the farm is ours, we signed the papers today!”
Nathaniel responds, “Oh that‟s great news, we can hold our up coming Black Mass at the old farm now.”
Michael says, “Of course now we‟re going to have to rub elbows with the townsfolk, find us a candidate for our up coming Black Mass. She needs to be pure, untouched, the Master insist on a pure spirit.”
Nathaniel responds, “While we‟re on the subject, why does the Dark Lord insist on a candidate that‟s pure? I mean don‟t get me wrong, to each their own. But Michael, just between me and you, I would much rather have a woman who has been around the block if you know what I mean. Than to have one who has no experience.
Michael says, “You‟re not getting the picture here Nathaniel. You see,” Michael continues saying, “to the Master, purity is enticing to the master. A woman who is pure then taken and defiled, oh my how that excites the master, he literally craves purity.”
Michael goes on, “Anything that blemishes one of God‟s creations thrills the Master to no end. And knowing his demon seed germinates inside a pure vessel, well that‟s just icing on the cake for the master. Then when she brings forth his child, he rejoices even more. And that‟s when our service to him really pays off, and the rewards are bountiful. And the master gains another servant when the child matures.”
Continuing, Michael says, “In this way we keep his blood line going. Then as old coven members eventually pass, the young coven members take their rightful place. And in turn for serving him, we prosper.”
Nathaniel replies, “I guess I never really thought of it from that point of view. So the seduction is what it‟s all about to the Master?”
Michael says, “That and the gratification of knowing he‟s slung mud in the face of God, every time the Master defiles yet another one of God‟s children. It‟s the filth the Master feeds off of. It‟s mostly the thrill of knowing he‟s taken something pure and defiled it in the face of God almighty. The master hates God, and enjoys corrupting anything that‟s pure or innocent.”
Michael continues, “Of course there are those candidates chosen by the Master for mating, and there are those chosen for blood sacrifice. That‟s where the coven comes in, for us to continue to prosper we must offer him a blood sacrifice when ever he calls for one, always on the night of a new moon.”
Nathaniel says, “Now I‟m beginning to understand more what our religion is all about, self gratification, and power.”
Michael responds, “You‟re learning, you‟re doing fine Nathaniel just give yourself time.”
Meanwhile across town the dismissal bell rings at Salem High School, as the students begin pouring out the front doors heading for the parking lot. The lower classmen head to awaiting parents in their cars as the juniors and seniors head for their own cars. Slowly the parking lot begins clearing out.

© 2011 Garry E. Lewis


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