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Kevin Yarbrough

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The Fire Within
by Kevin Yarbrough   

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Publisher:  PublishAmerica ISBN-10:  1592861857 Type: 


Copyright:  Jan 1 2002

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The Fire Within portrays a battle of good vs. evil with life and immortality at stake.

The Fire Within:

In her thirty years of Life Elysia Reeves has endured a lot from her mother. Everything from physical and mental abuse to the forced rape that she endured routinely under her mothers watchful eye. But her mother isn't truly a woman. She is a demon that has walked this planet since the time of Adam and Eve. She is the Phoenix. A ruthless creature that doesn't age. But Elysia knows her fatal flaw. Her immortality comes at a price. One that Elysia is no longer willing to accept.

When Kaleb McCallister comes into her life she knows there's something about him, something special. Fearing for her life she sneaks away in order to save herself and the one thing her mother desperatly wants. Her unborn child.

She knows she can't run forever and in the end there is only one thing lef to do. She must face her mother and this time only one of them will walk away.

But which one.

The Fire Within portrays a battle of good vs. evil with life and immortality at stake.
Elysia tried desperately to forget about the fat man that was on top of her. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine that she was somewhere else but she couldn’t. The stench of sweat and sex kept her from going anywhere in her mind and the ropes were keeping her from going anywhere physically. She looked into his eyes and saw nothing, only sexual tension and lust were noticeable in any of the men that were in this position, and there had been a few of them, too many as a matter of fact. In a normal world if she would have told someone how many men she had been with she would have been labeled a slut, but her world was anything from normal. She wiggled under the man’s weight trying to tell him with her body to stop but he only grunted and kept at it. She closed her eyes again and tried to picture herself in a perfect place, a place where no one could touch her. A place where she would be free from men, their sexual perversities and most of all a place where she could be free from her…

She let out a low scream as the man went back and came forward hard, thrusting himself as far as he could in her. It hurt, she had experienced pain before but nothing like this. The man was big but in more ways than just his weight. He was the biggest man to ever have sex with her and she was glad that it wouldn’t happen again. With that final thrust he stopped breathing for a few seconds as he came in her, when he was done he crumpled forward on top of her and lay there, breathing heavy. Her neck was nuzzled in his shoulder and she could smell him, his sickening smell of sweat and body odor almost made her gag. She was having trouble breathing under his weight, struggling she tried to get him off but he wouldn’t budge. After a few seconds he pushed himself up to his knees and looked down at her. She didn’t want to look at him but she found her eyes going back to his. An evil look in his eyes, a wicked smile on his face. She felt something was going to happen but then he got off the bed and she let out a sigh of relief. Pulling herself up to a sitting position she saw that he was still standing there staring at her, seeing the devious smile on his face she looked down and gasped. He was fully erect again, after an half an hour of sex, painful sex, and an orgasm he was ready to go again in only a few minutes. She watched as he climbed onto the bed and begged for him not to, not again.
“Don’t worry baby.” He said as he caressed her face gently. His breath was worse than his smell and she had to keep herself from throwing up.

“I can’t…I can’t do it anymore…” She whispered to him. She began to cry uncontrollably as he grabbed his penis in his hand and began stroking it.

“Shhhhh, everything will be all right.” He whispered to her, caressing his penis the way he had caressed her face an hour ago before all of this started.

“I hurt, you hurt me. I can’t do it any more.” She was still crying as he touched her down there and she cringed in pain.

“I guess you do.” He said getting to his feet. She could see he was still erect but she thought he was going to leave her alone.
“Thank you.” She said wiping the tears off of her face.

“I just won’t fuck you there.”
“What…” She was cut short as he pulled her to the edge of the bed and flipped her onto her belly, the rope cutting into her wrists. Pulling her to her knees he grabbed his dick and thrust it in her. Screaming out in pain she tried to get away from him but he put his hand on the back of her neck and shoved her face into the bed, laughing he began to thrust in her as fast as his body would allow him to. Her muffled screams only made him go faster, harder.

“I’ve always wanted to do this.” He laughed more as she struggled under him. “It feels good, maybe I’ll come back and do it again.” Laughing one last time he came in her and pulled out, taking a few steps back he bent over and tried to get his breath. Elysia could only lie there in pain, crying. She thought that it was painful the first time he stuck his dick inside her, where he stuck it this time was more painful than anything she could imagine, next to childbirth that is. She hurt everywhere down there and she knew that if the light were on there would be blood on the sheets, and probably a lot. She lay there curled up in a ball, crying. She watched out of the corner of her eye as he put his close on and noticed someone as they emerged from the shadows and walked out of the room. She knew who it was and as the fat man went to leave the room she held her breath and listened to what she knew was about to come. She couldn’t help but cry and laugh as she heard the man screaming from the other room, screaming in pain just like the way he had made her. It was the same thing every time but this time it was different. This time she was kind of glad that it happened, after all he did get pleasure out of hurting her. She smiled a little at the thought that he wouldn’t be able to do to other women what he had just done to her. A man had just died. She knew that she shouldn’t be feeling happy about it but she couldn’t help it.

After a few minutes the screams stopped and she lay there waiting for the someone that had been watching to come back and untie her. It wasn’t long before the dark figure came into the room and freed her. Feeling a hand caress her hair she cringed and it pulled back. Still curled up in a ball she rubbed her wrists to try and get the circulation flowing again. She could still feel the figure in the room with her and that was one of the reasons she didn’t sit up, the other reason was because she wouldn’t be able to sit for awhile after tonight. She felt the wind in the room change as the figure turned and headed for the door.

“Mom.” She said hoarsely.
“Yes.” The figure stopped at the door, her back to the bed.

“Thank you.” She looked up and saw her mother glancing over her shoulder, smiling at her. Winking she walked through the door and shut it.

Elysia closed her eyes and brought up her perfect place. It was a meadow with the yellow grass as high as her waist. Spinning around she could see trees surrounded the place, but not just any trees, these trees were special. These were acacia trees. She ran through the grass to the middle of the meadow, where a huge acacia tree stood. She knew this tree; she knew every detail of it because she had come here so many times and every time it was the same. She sat down, her back to the tree and looked up at the setting horizon. She knew that in a few minutes it would be dark, the sky a beautiful indigo as the stars began to come out one at a time. The crickets would soon join in and a gentle breeze would pick up blowing her auburn hair in her face. A few minutes of this and she would be asleep, the soothing night sounds keeping her company. She wished she could stay here forever, in her perfect place. A place where no one could touch her, a place where she could be free from men and their sexual perversities. Most important it was a place where she could be free from her mother and her wicked ways. A place where she didn’t have men sleep with her daughter and then kill them, but most importantly it was a place where she didn’t have to say thank you to her after she was raped.
Thank you. They weren’t bad words, but being forced to say them after what her mother puts her through was almost as degrading as being raped. It made her sound thankful for what was being done to her, in essence it should be her mother that was doing the thanking, after all she wasn’t the one receiving anything from all of this, her mother on the other hand was staying alive.

Elysia woke up with a headache, she was still tied to the bed so something must have happened last night after the man left. She hadn’t become pregnant six weeks ago when the fat man was with her, he had forgotten to mention that he had a vasectomy and couldn’t have kids. It was a tid bit of information that didn’t seem necessary to tell but in her mothers case it was everything, she guessed that was why she had been more violent with this man. She was angry and she needed to take it out on someone, Lord knows she had been on the receiving end many times before. She remembered almost everything about last night, the man her mom had brought home had been surprisingly handsome and in good shape but most of all he was gentle with her. He didn’t use her as a punching bag nor did he take out all of his sexual aggressions on her. He had sex with her, soft, soothing sex and it almost felt, at least the way she pictured it, the way making love would be. He whispered in her ear, told her that she was beautiful and very sexy and never once brought up why she had sex this way. Most men always rubbed that in her face, telling her that she was so ugly she had to be tied to the bed and in some cases they teased her that the lady had to pay men to sleep with her just so the girl would get some action. The latter didn’t happen very often but when her mother saw a man she thought was really worthwhile and he wouldn’t do it she sometimes offered them money and usually that worked. It didn’t matter because in the end she always got her money back and if she was lucky she got a lot more than that. If she was really lucky Elysia would get pregnant and her troubles would be over, at least for a couple years.
Closing her eyes she brought back last night and remembered when the man was finished she had begged him to stay, pleaded with him that she would do anything he wanted if he would only be with her once again. She cried when he held her hand and kissed it.

“I can’t, I’m late as it is.” He said, his calm voice soothing her.

“Please, don’t go.”

“I’m sorry.” He kissed her hand one last time then leaned forward and gave her a peck on the forehead. The one on the forehead wasn’t sexual, wasn’t meant to be sexual but nonetheless it sent goose bumps racing down her spine.

She cried as he left the room, not only because he wouldn’t sleep with her but also because she knew what was going to happen to him once he walked through that door. She sat there, legs brought up to her chest, crying when she heard him yelling at her mother to get away from him. Just then she heard her mothers high pitched scream as the house filled with the sound of breaking furniture and glass. Elysia jumped to her feet and tried to run for the door forgetting momentarily about the ropes around her wrists, reaching the end of the rope she was pulled of her feet as her head hit the edge of the night stand. Shaking her head she got to her feet as the room began to spin, she knew she was about ready to black out but she had to see if the man was okay. Taking a step forward she stumbled and fell backwards on the bed as blackness engulfed her.

She put a hand to her head and felt the bump there, it was good size and it would take awhile to heal. She ran her fingers through her hair and felt the dried blood in it, she must have busted it open as well as put a knot on her head. Getting to her feet she looked around the room and sighed thankfully, the vertigo was no longer there.

“Mom?” She yelled. “Mom, you here?”

She waited a few minutes and didn’t hear a reply, she was about to sit down when she walked into the room. Elysia could see that one of her eyes was black and her right forearm was bandaged. She had to suppress a smile, the nice, little man from last night had gotten the drop on Kacia Reeves, that was something nobody had ever done before. Her mother untied her and turned to leave the room.


“What?” She said painfully, and even though Elysia couldn’t see it she knew the man had busted her mouth open as well.

“Thank you.”

“Not this time.” She said and walked out of the room.

Perplexed she followed her into the other room, it was the living room but it was the biggest room in the house, or second biggest if you counted her mother secret room under the garage. She hated her mothers secret chamber, hated it because of what it stood for but more so for what she did down there. It was the room where Elysia gave birth, the room where her mother delivered the babies and did what she did to all of them. Elysia hated the room because it always brought back memories of her long gone children. The children she had conceived and carried for nine months, the children she went through hours of labor with only to have taken away from her as her mother took them and disappeared through a back room. Half an hour later her mom would come back out and help Elysia to her room where she would recuperate. After that she would live a half way normal life, at least for another year when she was forced to do it all over again. Her mother needed a child every two years in order to survive, without them she would die quickly and painfully as her true age came on and her powers began to diminish. Elysia could remember the first time she had a child, she was thirteen years old, now she was twenty-nine. Sixteen years have past since her first child was born and since then she has had seven more, all of them were precious and hers but just like the first one they were taken away never to be seen again. Now it was all happening again and she wasn’t sure if she could go through with it one more time. She has had so many children but never once has she gotten to hold one of them. She longed to be a mother, raise her child the right way. Show it love and affection, all of the things she never received growing up but what could a child have in a house like this. As much as she wanted to be a mother she would never raise a child in this house, not with her mother around. That left two options: one, not have a child, miss all the benefits of having children or two: leave, try to run away and hope her mother doesn’t find her. There was no way she was going to give up the first option, she has known the experience of carrying a child and the wonderful feeling that it brought, now she expects to find out how it feels to raise one. That left her with running away, which was easier said than done. She had tried it before, years earlier when she was nineteen. She had found out she was pregnant and when her mother was gone she took some things and ran away, four weeks later she was back home. Her mother had certain powers, things she had trouble understanding but one was she could always find her.

She snapped out of her spell as she heard her mother yelling at her.

“What are you thinking about?” She said.

“Nothing.” She lied, she was actually thinking about why her mother had said ‘not this time’. She knew her mother wouldn’t drop it at that, she had to tell her something. “Just thinking about the man last night.”

“Well don’t, you won’t ever see him again.” Elysia walked over and sat down on the couch. Seeing her mother standing there in front of the patio door she suddenly found herself thinking about something. She tried to call it up from deep in her mind but it wouldn’t come. She snapped out of it again as her mother walked by her and headed out to the garage, unable to grasp what it was she got up and went to take a shower.

To people who read this know that this chapter is graphic but the whole book is not like this. This book is not porn! I did it like this to grab the reader and to show them the pain that Elysia has to endure living with her mother.

Kevin Yarbrough

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Reader Reviews for "The Fire Within"

Reviewed by Joyce Scarbrough 3/15/2004
The opening chapter of The Fire Within is like a kick in the gut and is perfect for making the reader empathize with Elysia Reeves, the daughter of a monster known as the Phoenix. Elysia is beaten and forced to have sex with strangers to satisfy her mother's need for babies she sacrifices to fuel her immortality. Elysia's tortured existence is encapsulated in an opening sequence that details her repeated rape by a sweating fat man her mother paid to assault her, but the real horror is symbolized by two little words she must say to her mother after each episode of cruelty: "Thank you."

The rest of the story isn't nearly as graphic as Elysia attempts to escape her torture with the help of Kaleb, one of the men her mother brings to rape her. She manages to get away, but her mother is able to track her down and wreaks havoc and death on everyone Elysia comes in contact with. Elysia and Kaleb are able to escape again and try to rebuild their lives with each other and their baby on the way, but Elysia knows her torment will never end unless she faces her mother for a final showdown.

Kevin Yarbrough writes brutal scenes in unflinching detail, but he also portrays the closeness and the depth of feeling between Elysia and Kaleb with a sincerity that exposes him as a caring, sensitive person. His characters are real--sometimes terrifyingly so--and his story never drags, right up to the end that sets the stage for the sequel I look forward to reading.
Reviewed by Joyce Rapier 3/3/2004
Move over Stephen King! Kevin Yarbrough's, "THE FIRE WITHIN", is without question one of the most horrifying books I have ever read and it left me looking over my back to see if a fire wall was raging my way. The characters, evil mother Kacia, surfaces as the demonized Phoenix who deliberately kills hundreds of people to keep her youthful appearance. Elysia, the daughter who is forcefully raped and held captive in order to produce offspring for Kacia's gluttonnous passion for youth, tries to escape the years of torture and abuse. After living a life of hate, grief and physical conflicts, Elysia bolts and finds herself in the middle of even more terrifying pain. Josh, who befriends Elsyia is eventually caught up in the raging terror and is literally burned to death by the vicious Kacia. Kacia leaves her burning wrath by dogging Elysia with fire walls. Will Elysia live to raise her unborn child? Will her lover, Kaleb die a horrid death? Does Elysia live to become the Phoenix? Read the book! Once I started reading Kevin's book it captured me to such a degree that I found myself desperately wanting to know the ending. Great job, Kevin. You did well with your first book and I hope there is a sequel to "THE FIRE WITHIN."
Reviewed by Spud 7/10/2003
Your brother has every reason to be proud of you. Graphic, but yet it explained the big picture to a good story. Good way to express your talent.
Reviewed by Chris 7/9/2003
I wasn't too sure about the idea of a horror novel, but I was very impressed by your writing. It was easy to visualise in my mind, and very addicting. That's a great combination for a great novel! I know I'll buy a copy.
Reviewed by Judy Loy 7/9/2003
Kevin, Stephen King is was my favorate author. But you as my nephew will be #1
Reviewed by Henry Custer 6/1/2003
"The Fire Within" by Kevin Yarbrough
Being compared to Steven King is definitely a good thing.
However, I don't completely agree. Your style is your own, and in my opinion superior. You have the touch of a master suspense writer.
I see you as having a bright future with well deserved rewards.
Keep up the good work.
Reviewed by Doug Boren 5/2/2003
Kevin~ Good stuff. Brutality that cause pain and suffering vivdly displayed. You are immediately drawn to the character,and feel for her. Count me as a fan.
Reviewed by Tim Johnson 4/24/2003
Definitely on par with the likes of Stephen doubt it.

-Tim Johnson
Author of Twisted Oak: Eyes of Discernment
Reviewed by Dawn Brashear 4/23/2003
I had no idea you had such great writing talents. It doesn't sound like porn at all. It definitely grabs the reader, and leaves you wanting more. Great job!

Reviewed by Candy Sinclair 4/22/2003
Goodness! I was taken in quickly and held. I do see the King influence!!! I am patiently awaiting the release of your book. I will add it to my to Stephen and Tabitha (his wife, who by the way is just as good as her hubby!) The first part was graphic, but that compliments and completes the way you draw your reader into the story. I wish you well, and keep the fire burning!
Your Other Mama,
Reviewed by Anthony Fauglid 2/15/2003

A powerful piece of fiction here. Horror, especially graphic horror is a hard media to work in. I think you have a definite winner here!

A. Fauglid
PA Demonlands 2001.
PA Arizona Lights 2003.
Reviewed by Stacey Thompson 1/3/2003
The excerpt pulled me in hook, line, and sinker. You have set up a chilling premise for a great book. Good luck!
Reviewed by mark 11/20/2002
sucked me right in.
aside from the frequent changes in verb tense - past, present - this excerpt leaves the door wide open for whatever horror elysia's mother actually encompasses. i want to know and i want elysia to get her revenge. the only other thing i'd like to see, after becoming acquainted with the vile soul of the fat man, would be to witness some of his execution. the bastard deserved everything he got.
Reviewed by Marc(Marciano) Phoenix(Weber) 11/19/2002
Enticing, mysterious, provocative, suspenseful, these are just a few words to describe your work! Great job!
Reviewed by Lisa 11/17/2002
VERY well written, Kevin! I can sure see Stephen King influence there. It's all very gripping. It's sure to be a knock-out. Good luck with it!
Reviewed by Shannon 11/16/2002
WOW very very good. Cant wait till it comes out. Let me know. Its going to be the best.
Reviewed by Melody Ravert 11/14/2002
What an incredible story Kevin. It leaves the reader with so many emotions and anticipating a mighty power struggle between mother and daughter.
Reviewed by Teresa Harrison 11/14/2002
This produces so many questions waiting, of course, to be answered in the book. Waiting will be difficult. Powerful!
Reviewed by Lori Paris 11/14/2002
Powerful stuff! Kevin, you know how to grab the reader and not let go! Your description made me feel her pain and sense the evil...excellent job!
Reviewed by Robert Amoroso 11/14/2002
The Fire Within”…is a griping powerful piece of literature! It left me, wanting to read more…well done!!
Reviewed by Lisa Young 11/14/2002
This is AWFUL, and I mean that in a good way. I found myself thinking, "imagine if this were REAL". I want to read more, not only to find out if she escapes from her mother, but if she ends up with that "nice guy".

Reviewed by William Overby 11/14/2002
Great, Kev! Graphic and relentless!
Reviewed by Marcyle Taliaferro 11/13/2002
Excellent job, Kevin, in portraying Elysia's pain and the evil of the Phoenix.
Reviewed by Susan Weekley/ author 11/13/2002
Move over Stephen King, here comes Kevin Yarbrough! The Fire Within will have you holding your breath. Well done.
Reviewed by J. Torgerson 11/13/2002
Sounds like a great storyline, look forward to the final product. 'Good vs. Evil' makes for exciting fiction!
Reviewed by Annette DeLore 11/9/2002
This first chapter has kept me on the edge of my seat. My heart goes out to Elysia, the pain she must be going through. Elysia must feel very betrayed by her Mother. I do not feel that this is in any way Porn, far from it, you are showing that Elysia is being VERY much ABUSED by her Mother. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the book.

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