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Passion N Banks

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He Comes Before Night
by Passion N Banks   

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A premature mother, ex-fiancé, cheating cousin, and a forgotten man all come together in the bonds of family and love linked to the life of a newborn child named Raven.

You always think that the person you'll end up with is the person you stay with. You think that the person you first fell in love with is the person that you give your heart with. And you always wonder if it's going to be final. No one wants a divorce, no one wants to be cheated on, and no one wants to be tricked severely, and no one wants to be left alone.
Some people don’t have a choice though. There are some people who are given the short end of the stick and have to make do with what they have. One of those people is Jayce. She never thought that she’d be played a fool, but she was. And she would never forgive those that tricked her. But grudges are hard to keep, especially against the man that would adopt your own daughter, keep you out of society’s cruel eyes, and living on the streets.
She tried to keep herself from falling for him, swearing after everything she’d gone through because of him, his friend, and her cousin, she would draw the line. The question is, how far would the line go, and how long would things last that way. Would he be the one to help her, pull her out of all this, would he?
Dorine walked into the Piano Store at the end of the corner and was gifted with heaven. So many pianos were surrounding her.
“Raven do you see this?” Dorine asked looking at her daughter. “Do you see all of these beautiful pianos? One day I’ll be taking you here to get your own.”
Raven cooed to that as if she understood and was happy for that.
“Excuse me, how may I help you?” A girl asked walking up to her.
“Yes, I’m looking for a redwood Baby Grand Piano.” Dorine said. “Do you know if there’s one here?”
“Ummm we do have redwood pianos, but I’m not sure if there’s one here.” She said.
“I hope there is, it would go great for my new home.” Dorine said.
“You’re part of the group that just moved here?” She asked.
“Yes, I’m Dorine Lee, and this is my daughter Raven Lee. My husband’s at home with my cousin’s husband.” Dorine said. “But how did you know that there was a group that just moved here?”
“It’s not that big of a city, word travels fast.” She said.
“And your name is?” Dorine asked.
“I’m Marie, you know my little sister Amy.” Marie said.
“You’re Mrs. Anderson’s daughter?” Dorine asked.
“No, me and Amy have the same father. My mother died 10 years ago when I was still a child, which was when my father got remarried to Amy’s mother.” Marie said.
“And is she a fair woman to you?” Dorine asked.
“Quite so,” Marie said.
“That’s grand,” Dorine said smiling. “Maybe you and your family can join my family for dinner some time.”
“We came for luncheon, but you were asleep.” Marie said.
“Please forgive me, I have been staying up with my daughter and I believe that I just slept through the day.” Dorine said.
“It’s no problem; will you be awake for dinner?” Marie asked.
“Of course I will.” Dorine said laughing. “You can phone me if that would make you feel better.”
“No, I believe you. You seem like a trustworthy woman to me.” Marie asked.
“Thank you.” Dorine said smiling. “That makes me feel so much better.”
“I’m glad it does.” Marie said laughing. “So what time should we be over?”
“Ummm around say 9.” Dorine said smiling. “Oh and Marie, how old are you?”
“I’m 18. I’m staying with my father until Derek asks me to marry him.” Marie said cheerfully.
“Derek?” Dorine asked shocked.
“Yes, he’s been a family friend since he was born; him and my brother were born on the same day. When I came along we were promised to each other. His parents forgot to remind him of that and he ended up marrying some other woman instead.
He got an annulment after she cheated on him with my brother.” Marie said.
“Oh no, that’s so sad, why would someone do such a thing?” Dorine asked.
“You should know.” Marie said. “You have those same eyes he did after he found out. I think you’ve been through the same thing.”
“I guess I have, I didn’t know that my eyes were that revealing.” Dorine said.
“Even as you smile there’s pain and sadness and fear and heartbreak.” Marie said.
“You must be such an expert on these eyes aren’t you?” Dorine asked laughing.
“Not really, I just know innocent eyes when I see them.” Marie said.
“Innocent? I believe you mean Raven, my eyes aren’t innocent at all.” Dorine said.
“That’s where you’re wrong; children aren’t the only ones with innocent eyes.” Marie said.
“I know, but I wouldn’t believe that I have those eyes at all.” Dorine said.
“And why not,” Marie asked.
“Oh because I’d figured that the innocence leave when you have a child.” Dorine said.
“How old are you Miss Dorine?” Marie asked.
“I’m 19.” Dorine said.
“So young and you already have a child?” Marie asked.
“It’s alright, I’m glad that I have Raven. And I have a husband so it’s not all that bad.” Dorine said.
“I know, but wouldn’t you have wanted to travel the world with your husband or be adventurous with him instead of having a child?” Marie asked.
“Well it’s funny that you ask me that. I believe it was meant for me to have my daughter when I did. Although I may not have been able to be as adventurous as I want, I know that I can make even better adventures with my children.” Dorine said.
“You’ve honestly planned this out haven’t you?” Marie asked.
“Actually I haven’t, but that’s okay.” Dorine said.
“Miss Dorine, are you noble?” Marie asked.
“I’m a Duchess by marriage and Marques by birth.” Dorine said.
“You must have had a hefty dowry.” Marie said smiling.
“I actually didn’t have that much of a dowry. I gave most of mine to my cousin because she didn’t have any.” Dorine said. “I’d rather her have some then none.”
“You’re such a nice person Miss Dorine.” Marie said.
“Don’t be so sure, and my name is just Dorine, we’re about the same age, there’s no need for formalities amongst friends is there?” Dorine asked.
“No there isn’t,” Marie said smiling brightly. “Though you’re much higher ranking then I am so I’m supposed to be formal with you.”
“You have no worries though, we’re friends not coworkers. I don’t mind being called Dorine by friends. Well just as long as you don’t mind me calling you Marie.” Dorine said.
“I don’t mind it at all.” Marie said. “You can call me whatever it is you want.”
“I’ll call you Marie then. Unless there’s another name you’d rather me call you.” Dorine said smiling.
At that moment Derek and Melissa walked into the store.
“Hello Marie.” Derek said smiling gently at her.
“Hi Derek, how are you?” Marie asked blushing at his smile.
“I’m doing just fine now.” Derek said.
“Oh, ummm who’s your friend?” Marie asked.
“That’s my cousin Melissa, the one I was telling you about.” Dorine said causing Melissa to wince.
“Oh you are such a grand girl you know that Miss Melissa.” Marie said.
“Ummm thank you?” Melissa said.
“So how are you doing Melissa?” Dorine asked.
“I’m doing great, and you?” Melissa asked.
“I’m getting to know my new friend Marie, and also looking for my piano, though I think
I’m distracted right now.” Dorine said.
“Oh forgive me Miss Dorine; I didn’t know that I was distracting you.” Marie said blushing.
“Don’t be daft Marie; you aren’t distracting me at all.” Dorine said smiling.
“Are you sure?” Marie asked.
“Of course I am I wouldn’t want you to think you were distracting me when you weren’t at all. I’m actually enjoying our conversation. Maybe we can all go for coffee sometime if you have a break.” Dorine said.
“Actually, shouldn’t you be closing right now?” Derek asked.
“I should, but I have to help ever customer before I can close up for the day.” Marie said.
“Oh, well I can come back tomorrow if that’s not such a bother to you.” Dorine said.
“You’re no bother to me at all.” Marie said.
“Thank you.” Dorine said smiling. “So who’s ready for some coffee?”
“I think we all are.” Marie said walking towards Derek.
Dorine walked forwards and grabbed Melissa’s hand and pulled her ahead with her. “Listen to me Melissa, that girl is a nice girl so you keep your hands off that man. He’s not yours to touch. You have a man and you need to leave the rest alone.”
“I’m not going for him.” Melissa said.
“You go for everyone.” Dorine said. “I’ve never, not seen you go for another man.”
“I won’t go for him.” Melissa said.
“That’s easier said than done you know.” Dorine said.
“I know it is, but I know what I’m capable of.” Melissa said.
“Yeah, you’re definitely capable of cheating and causing others to cheat.” Dorine said.
“You have no faith in me.” Melissa said.
“If I did have faith in you, you’d prove me wrong all the time. I’d rather think negative and be right.” Dorine said.
“I’m not that bad of a person you know.” Melissa said.
“Then show your good side.” Dorine said.
“I’m trying but you won’t see it.” Melissa said.
“That's because the good side is on your back underneath men.” Dorine said then winced at what came out of her mouth. Even she knew how rude that was. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”
“It’s okay; at least I know what you think of me.” Melissa said.
“I don’t think of you like that.” Dorine said.
“I know that you do.” Melissa said. “Everything that you say, you believe in.”
“I don’t believe that you’re a whore.” Dorine said. “It’s just the way you act. If you had conducted yourself differently I know that I would think of you differently.”
“I am different.” Melissa said. “I don’t want to lose you Dorine; you’re not only my cousin, but my best friend.”
“Then how is it you want Mackenzie back when you’re the one that left him for James. It’s starting to seem like you want whatever I have.” Dorine said.
“It’s not like that; I don’t want that at all.” Melissa said.
“Well you haven’t proved me wrong yet.” Dorine said.
“I will, watch me I will.” Melissa said.
“That’ll have to be a miracle then.” Dorine said. “You aren’t gonna change for me.”
“I have changed though.” Melissa said.
“If you say so,” Dorine said.
With that said she slowed down and waited for Marie and Derek. As they caught up with them Marie was glowing so brightly that Dorine’s eyes hurt.
“Dorine guess what?” Marie asked cheery.
“Derek just asked you to marry him?” Dorine asked hopefully.
“Yes!” Marie exclaimed. “I told you he was.”
“Congratulations.” Dorine said laughing. “I knew he would. You were right Marie.”
After Melissa had taken that into account she turned and walked away from them.
“Is she okay?” Marie asked.
“She’ll be fine.” Dorine said.
“Are you sure, she left in such a hurry.” Marie said.
“She wanted to sink her teeth in Derek and I told her not to, I guess finding out that he was engaged to you made it all seem more real.” Dorine said.
“I don’t understand.” Marie said.
“She goes for every guy she sees, and now she can’t.” Dorine said.
“She’s trying to change.” Derek said.
“Then maybe she should stick with her husband and stop going for other people.”
Dorine said.
“She’s married?” Derek asked.
“I figured she would have told you already, since she’s been spitting out my business.” Dorine said. “Her husband was my fiancé.”
“What do you mean?” Derek asked.
“She wanted my fiancé when I was with James so she took him from me and married him, now that I’m married to Mackenzie, her ex fiancé she wants him now. She’s been going for all kinds of guys her whole entire life. I don’t know why but she wants whatever someone else has.” Dorine said.
“Why, that’s not right at all?” Marie asked.
“I don’t know, all I know is that one day she’s gonna go for the wrong man and end up getting hurt. She won’t listen to me though. It could be because she thinks that I’m saying the things that I do out of spite and anger, when I’m not.” Dorine said.
“What do you mean you’re not?” Derek asked.
“Sure I’m still mad at her for taking James from me, but I’ve gotten over it.” Dorine said. “I don’t hate her for it; sometimes people just can’t help the way they are. She wants to be loved and thinks that it’s a man’s love that she really wants. And that’s not it; she needs all kinds of love. Not just kinds from a man.”
“Has she deluded herself or something?” Marie asked.
“That I don’t know at all, I’m sorry.” Dorine said.
“You have to help her.” Marie said. “She could end up hurting herself, or like you said, she could end up getting hurt.”
“I know she will, but she won’t listen to me and I know that she won’t listen to you so the only person left is for her to listen to herself or the people around you.” Dorine said. “I don’t know what to do or how to get her help. I just have to figure out. Believe it or not, I love my cousin, I’m just hard on her because she’s family and she’s the last that’s still with me besides my daughter.”
“You honestly think she’ll change?” Marie asked. “If she has the chance, would she change?”
“I can’t answer that for you. Only she can.” Dorine said.

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Reader Reviews for "He Comes Before Night"

Reviewed by Raebeth McGee 10/29/2009
This sounds like it's a very good book. Keep your head up and continuing writing from your heart. This is how you will succeed.

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