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Mark Glamack

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Littluns: And the Book of Darkness
by Mark Glamack   

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· Littluns: And the Book of Darkness
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Publisher:  EZ Gift Shopping AKA Hiffity-Piffity Books ISBN-10:  0615169972 Type: 


Copyright:  Nov. 17, 2007 ISBN-13:  9780615169972

Five Littluns journey down from their secret mountaintop homeland on what should be a cautious, but pleasant ‘Scavenger Hunt’ outing.

For these pure ‘little people,’ what awaits them could not have been anticipated or even imagined. The results and consequences are however unavoidable. Darkness has come, and is spreading its evil influences to the land below on the eve of destruction and extermination. Disguised as a human and Necromancer, he has placed most of his dark powers into words; words reserved for his wicked purposes. But ‘The Evil One’s’ ominous Dark Book becomes lost, resulting in him becoming trapped somewhere between the living and the dead. He must have his book back at all costs.

Littluns is a story for all ages; an adventure of a lifetime depicting everyone’s journey through life while facing choices for the darkness or The Light.

…and nothing will ever be the same.


Paradise along with paradise lost?
Littluns means “little people” who live within. From their very secret homeland paradise hidden within the impenetrable inner crater walls located atop Powder Mountain, to their homes and businesses built into the environment and community of Hollow Hills, Littluns symbolize all that is good and true as God’s perfect creation. They measure about three feet in height, give or take a few inches, and are usually well rounded in appearance, due to their insatiable appetites and the many social events that provide good reasons for good eating. They have very large ears which come in handy for hearing sounds at great distances, or for listening to soft spoken conversations (you’ll never hear any Littluns say, “What did you say!?”); three fingers and a thumb, and furry feet with thick soles, eliminating the need for socks and shoes – unneeded accessories can be such a bother. 
Birthdays are celebrated in a big way, but unlike the others in the land below, Littluns don’t measure age in terms of years. They sometimes refer to themselves as younger than younguns, younguns, middleuns, or olderuns, but without any number attached. They are forever young in appearance and retain a child-like innocence throughout their long life. It is estimated that Littluns live to be over three hundred human years, more or less.
Located high atop Powder Mountain, their homes are constructed into the hilly landscape of Hollow Hills and when completed, covered with clay, dirt, and grass that provide a protective cover against the elements. The windows are covered with shutters that open outward, providing fresh air to circulate throughout the home. Two half-circle doors open in and out where the inside walls vary between carved wooden framing around stone and plaster/mortar-like mud, to keep any dampness out, and a polished granite floor. Comfort is everything to Littluns and they’re forever coming up with new ideas and designs to expand their floor space, usually as a result of an addition in the family or the desire for additional party space. After all, Littlun parties can get quite crowded if one doesn’t have enough room.
It is important to note that Littluns have no need for gossip. Any Littlun can get published and just about everyone does. They write about this and that, so everyone knows what’s on their minds. The ‘Littleton Press’ prints a bi-weekly newspaper, and other stories and informational topics become books. The most popular are the “How to” books, about family, new building techniques, gardening, fishing, how to play better Crick-golf, vacation spots, and of course, the latest cookbooks. Mystery novels are also very popular. More organized shelf space for their personal libraries is another good reason for expansion.
Every Littlun is taught, from a very young age, that stealing is wrong and no Littlun would even consider such an act, and telling any lie would not even occur to them. It just wouldn’t be Littlun. 
The end of days begins when five Littluns journey down from their secret mountaintop homeland on what should be a cautious, but pleasant ‘Scavenger Hunt’ outing.
For these pure ‘little people,’ what awaits them could not have been anticipated or even imagined. The results and consequences are however unavoidable. Darkness has come, and is spreading its evil influences to the land below on the eve of destruction and extermination.
Disguised as a human and Necromancer, he has placed most of his dark powers into words; words reserved for his wicked purposes. But ‘The Evil One’s’ ominous Dark Book becomes lost, resulting in him becoming trapped somewhere between the living and the corrupted dead. He must have his book back at all costs.
Littluns is a story for all ages; an adventure of a lifetime depicting everyone’s journey through life while facing choices for His Light, or that which can only come from darkness.
…and nothing will ever be the same.


“What now?” Modsoginie thinks aloud under his breath as he ponders what to do next. “I’ll wait. Yes, I’ll wait until Dragon goes to sleep,” he whispers to himself. “And then all I have to do is slip in, take the Fife and…and…but what if Dragon doesn’t sleep? Maybe serpents don’t sleep. Who knows! No one has been around a serpent and survived long enough to tell.”

He really has no choice but to wait and hope that Dragon will eventually tire and fall to sleep. Minutes turned into hours and hours into what seemed like days, but it is Modsoginie, not Dragon, who slips into a deep sleep. Modsoginie’s heavy breathing grows to a light snore that suddenly jumps into a loud, protracted snore that resonates throughout the entire cavern.

Dragon jerks his head up, blinks, and then looks around trying to pinpoint the source of the echo.

“Who’s there!?” Dragon commands angrily, smoke escaping through his mouth and nostrils.

Modsoginie jumps awake to Dragon’s voice reverberating throughout the confining space of the cavern.

“I don’t see you, but I know you are there,” the Dragon says, looking around. “Are you dinner? The Master promised dinner. Dinner, is that you? Show yourself!”

Modsoginie gulps several times trying to figure out what to do and then it comes to him. He sits up straighter, takes a deep breath and, with everything he has in him, yells out, “Dragon… I have come to free you!”

“I just got here,” a perplexed Dragon replies. “The Master puts me here and then you show up and say you want to free me? Why would Master’s food want to do that?” The doubtful dragon queries with a raised eyebrow.

“Because you are the last of your kind. You're the last of the great serpents that once reigned over this land.”

“True!” a less than humble serpent boasts, examining one of his talons as if he just had a manicure. He then drops his arms, leaning down while swinging the upper portion of his body around, searching for the invisible voice.

“But Master is very powerful,” Dragon grimaces, straightening upward, shaking his head as he adds, “No, nah, no, no, no, I don’t want him to turn me into a lizard again. Very humiliating, very small… it was scary.”

Dragon suddenly jerks his head up, eyes darting around the cavern. “How will you get me out of here? How can you undue what The Master has done? What gives you the power?”

Modsoginie has to think quickly and does.

“I am a Spirit!”

“A Spirit!!?” Dragon shouts, perking up excitedly. “Show yourself, Spirit!”

“I can’t. He cast a spell that prevents me from doing that.”

“Ah-ha! You, too, huh? So how can you help me when you can’t even help yourself?” Dragon challenges doubtfully, now sniffing the air.

“We can help each other.”


“How much is it worth to you?” Modsoginie’s voice echoes.

“I’m-m-m-m listening,” Dragon replies, raising one eyebrow.

Modsoginie peers around slowly, seeing that Dragon is now looking away from him. He looks around trying to spot the Golden Fife. He finally sees it, lying toward the bottom of the treasure mound, partially obscured by jewels and coins. He then quickly shifts around into the cover of the tunnel.

“You’re sitting on a lot of stuff there. Would you be willing to give me something in exchange for your freedom?” the Dwarf asks.

Dragon looks down and around at the treasure below him, he blinks several times and then, shaking his head frantically, says, “Oh, no, no, no, this belongs to the One. He would be very angry. A lizard again I would be. No, no, no, too dangerous!”

“What if I only choose one little thing? You know, something he would never miss.”

Now, this is a very smart serpent that survived many a challenge to be too quick in making such an important decision. Dragon is now looking toward Modsoginie’s cave location when he questions, “What would a spirit do with a bauble?”

Modsoginie sighs, searching for an answer and then emphatically states, “Whatever I want! And if you don’t give me what I want, you will be here forever and as a spirit I could make things even worse for you with another curse!”

Now, Dragon has already had a very bad day and is not prepared to make it worse. At the same time, he’s no fool and is not about to take any unnecessary chances.

“Free me first, and then take what you want,” replied Dragon with a raised eyebrow.

“If I do that, what guarantees do I have that you will hold up your end of the bargain? I mean, you could take my bauble and fly away, then what would I do?”

Dragon thinks for a moment and curiously asks, “How do you plan to undo the curse? How will you get me out of here? I’ve already tried to blast and pound my way out. Too much force could collapse the entire mountain down on me. That would be a crushing blow, to say the least. How can you succeed where I have failed?”

“I am a Spirit.”

Modsoginie had prided himself on always telling the truth and now is feeling bad that he has lowered his standards. Even The Howlings didn’t possess the power to move mountains and that is what it would take to release Dragon from his tomb of solid, impacted granite.

“But what guarantees do I have,” Dragon asks flatly. “I could give you what you want and you could leave without fulfilling your part of the bargain. So, it would seem that we are at an impasse. Tattle if we do and tattle if we don’t,” Dragon sniffs the air as he takes one step off the treasure toward Modsoginie’s hiding place.

Dragon was right, and now Modsoginie finds himself searching for a solution when suddenly and unexpectedly, Dragon shouts out, “Come, and take your bauble!”

Modsoginie realizes that he is now in a bigger pickle. If he shows himself, Dragon will know that he’s a Dwarf and not a Spirit and just might eat him out of sheer spite. This is a most disturbing situation and he can only think of one thing to say.

“Okay, but you mustn’t look. To look upon me would have disastrous results. You would be turned into a toad!”

Well, Dragon had already been turned into a lizard and was not about to take a chance on diminished capacity again, so he agrees and turns away. “How’s this?” he questions glancing over his shoulder.

“Farther. Go over to the wall,” Modsoginie commands, urging him away.

Dragon stomps over to the wall pressing his head flat against the rock.

“How’s this?”

Modsoginie peers around his hiding place and says, “Now, you mustn’t look!”

Dragon rolls his eyes, nodding his head slowly in agreement. Modsoginie cautiously moves out of the cave on his tiptoes, quietly making his way over toward the Golden Fife. Dragon stays pressed against the wall puffing steam over the rocky surface. His eyes shift over trying to get a glimpse of the spirit, but he would have to turn his head to be able to see anything. What Modsoginie couldn’t see was Dragon’s firm grip on a large slab of rock in front of him, against the wall.

Modsoginie reaches the treasure mound, but just as he bends down to pick up the Fife, Dragon shouts out, “Times up!”

He whirls around with the rock slab in his hands and sees the Dwarf bending over the Golden Fife. “You’re not a Spirit! You’re a-a-a DWARF!!!” His playfulness turns into a raging inferno as he exhales fire and smoke at Modsoginie. Modsoginie grabs onto the Golden Fife and whirls around, scrambling over the treasure and running toward the tunnel as the entire cavern fills with flames and smoke.

Dragon raises the slab of rock over his head and then heaves it across the cavern at the Dwarf. The slab flies over Modsoginie’s head smashing into the cavern wall just above the tunnel and then dropping down with a crash, sealing off his only exit. Dragon runs through the dense smoke in the direction where he last saw the Dwarf. He skids to a stop and fans the smoke, trying to clear the area to be able to spot the Dwarf. And then, at the tunnel entrance, he sees Modsoginie trying in vain to move the slab. Dragon approaches the Dwarf with a cocky waddle. He bursts forward picking the Dwarf up by the scuff of his shirt. Struggling, Modsoginie grabs onto his knife and swings it around at Dragon.

“Oh, my,” Dragon says with his other hand to his cheek, mocking Modsoginie. “Is that a tooth pick, or is this the part where we fight?”

“Let go of me! I’m not your enemy. I really am here to free you…and…and get the Golden Fife.”

Dragon looks closely at Modsoginie with a satisfied grin.

“Me thinks that you’re here for that Golden Fife and nothing else, eh?”

“Okay, okay, you’re right. That’s the way it started, but now it’s different,” the Dwarf says.

“Oh…really. How is it different?”

“You’re not the only one that’s held captive. On the other side of this cavern are spirits that are also held prisoner.”

Dragon raises an eyebrow with a touch of sarcasm, “You mean like you?”

“No, no. I’m not a Spirit. I just said that because, well…I didn’t know what else to say. You don’t exactly seem the type that would talk first and then eat.”

“Well, yes that is my way,” Dragon nods agreeably, and then continues, ”Besides, what can you and them outside do that could free me from this spell? Are you as powerful as the One?”

“I don’t know, but together, we can try.”

“Very interesting, but I don’t think so. The Master would be very angry and I wouldn’t want to be on his bad side. When he needs me, he will be the One to grant me my freedom. He giveth and he taketh away. He is the One. He told me so in a nightmare. I must be loyal to The Master!”

Dragon’s eyes narrow as he leans in close to Modsoginie, “And besides…all of this excitement has made me hungry. So here I am, and there you are…dinner as promised.”

Dragon is now nose to nose with the Dwarf when quick as lightning, Modsoginie jabs Dragon in the nose with his knife. Dragon rears back in pain, letting go of the Dwarf.

Modsoginie drops to the ground, jumps up, and runs toward the back of the cavern searching for any possible cover or exit…


Professional Reviews


“Littluns: And the Book of Darkness”
Mark Glamack, Author
Mark Glamack, Illustrator
EZ Gift Shopping
PO Box 285, West Bloomfield, NY 14585
9780615169972 $29.95

Adventure, courage, and determination surround loyal friends in the fantasy novel Littluns and the Book of Darkness. Movie Producer and Director now Author, Mark Glamack, uses his background in animation and writing to create this family friendly and Christian based young adult novel. With a mission to positively motivate, educate, enlighten and inspire through entertaining content, Glamack uses his own spiritual guiding light to draw his readers into the struggle between good and evil in this debut novel. The Littluns and the Book of Darkness will entertain audiences of all ages with its fast paced, intriguing storyline and elaborate illustrated life of the Littluns world in the Hollow Hills of the land, Terra Fermata. Author, Mark Glamack, shows off his artistic talent with colorful and meticulous illustrations. His veteran motion picture experience shines with expertly written detailed scene changes and engages readers with screenwriting skills that make his audience feel like they've been deep inside a high production animated movie. Glamack has exceeded his goal in depicting the journey of life, how to choose between the light and dark side of the world while showing the gifts of friendship and how they can influence us in the shadows of our own life choices. Littluns and the Book of Darkness is a delightful, skillfully written novel that will capture both young and mature readers and leave them with full hearts and the tools necessary to know the difference between good and evil. Littluns and the Book of Darkness is a wonderful gift for lovers of fantasy, for parents and educators who want to offer a faith based book and for librarians who want to expand their offerings.

Sara Hassler

The "Dove" Award and review
2010 "Dove Award"

Littluns and the Book of Darkness (Book)

Dove Family-Approved
Recommended for
ages 12 and over

Rating Descriptions 4 stars

Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter
Source: Book
Company: EZ Gift Shopping
Writer: Mark Glamack
Genre: Adventure
Starring: Illustrator: Mark Glamack


This is an epic animated, fantasy, mythological adventure and journey into a volatile unknown that will stir the reader's every emotion while presenting real-life examples that everyone can relate to. It is a story of extreme good and innocence in a world of chaos from the resulting seductive effects of evil. It clearly defines the difference and becomes the family friendly alternative. If readers are looking for a different reading experience that will keep them on the edge of their seat, and touch their heart, they'll find it in "LITTLUNS: and the Book of Darkness."

Dove Worldview:

If one knows the book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible, it will help the reader appreciate this symbolic story more. But being an expert in the Book of Revelation is not required to appreciate this story of the battle and struggles of good versus evil. The author takes us into a world which is reminiscent of Tolkien.

There are goblins and dwarfs and a necromancer and sorcerers and holy men and those who seek to fulfill the Book of Darkness and those who look to follow God's word and light and love. The content is recommended for ages twelve plus as it does include the use of drugs to poison food and drink, and the use of dark arts. Still, the Bible is quoted and this symbolic story parallels the Book of Revelation and the dark figure who is akin to the Anti-Christ, an evil character who desires to rule the world and to rid it of light and love.

This story is well written and the good and evil aspects are a feature throughout the book. Parents should consult our content listing below. The book is not for everyone, but many will enjoy its vivid descriptions and writing. It is a very literate story with well written and defined good and evil characters. Those who especially enjoy medieval literature and allegorical stories mirroring Biblical themes will enjoy this book. We gladly award this book our Dove "Family-Approved" Seal for ages twelve plus. There is hope for the characters in this story who wish to avoid the dark side of this shadow world!

Content Description:

Sex: None

Language: "Hellish"-1; H-used on a few occasions.

Violence: A goblin is hit by a rock; wolves driven off with slingshots; creatures attack; some characters are captured; a dragon eats humans; a goblin is impaled; a Littlun is speared; creature eaten by dragon; a threat to those who stand in the way of despot's plans; explosive powder in chests of characters ignites; creatures are instructed to fly into the air and eat the flesh of those who defied the necromancer; wars and spiritual battles.

Drugs: It's mentioned some characters are intoxicated; Dwarf wine; white powder-drugs; food and drink is drugged by bad guys.

Nudity: None

Other: Seductive voice heard; voice says it is the father of all things past, present and future; a boy convulses with body jerks; a few characters die mysteriously; professors which are part of a Satanist organization called N.A.T.A.S. (Satan spelled back wards) but they are viewed as evil and the bad guys; dark arts, spells and potions which mirror the prophecies of the Book of Revelation; beasts and demons and corrupted dead are summoned in this fantasy story; God's love is featured; the Book of Darkness contains knowledge from the underworld; the Bible is quoted from and mentioned as the source of light; Goblin King eats boogers; Goblin urine is mentioned; Necromancer is prominent in story (summoner of the dead and practitioner of dark arts); "Go with God" is featured; a plan to burn identification in character's flesh; I.D. burned into character's wrist by crystal ball; a Bible rests on podium; Scripture readings from Psalms and Philippians; the Anti-Christ of Revelation is mentioned; a character thinks this is "hogwash"; the Number 666 is mentioned; sorcerers; goblin pee is consumed; a demon statue; a New World Order is mentioned.

Littluns and the Book of Darkness (Book)

Dove Family-Approved
Recommended for
ages 12 and over

Winner in 2 categories
The "Mom's Choice Awards"

The novel, "Littluns: And the Book of Darkness" is the "Mom's Choice Awards" Gold winner in two categories:


and also winner for

"FANTASY, MYTHS, and LEGENDS" Gold for 2009, offering the best in family reading, content, and values, within an adventure that will touch your heart and enrich your soul. Although “Littluns” is family friendly reading, it is best understood by "Young Adult" readers and grownups of all ages; with that spirit of a child’s innocence in all of us just waiting to be experienced all over again.

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