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Joel Hozeh Windsor

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The Hip Hop Manifesto
by Joel Hozeh Windsor   

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Science Fiction

Publisher:  AuthorHouse ISBN-10:  1438959834 Type: 


Copyright:  June 10, 2004 ISBN-13:  9781438959832

Price: $9.99 (eBook)
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The Hozeh

The dominant religion of the year 2109 is Verbalism (a.k.a. The Word)—a belief system centered on the lyrical and written wisdom of rappers and countless other scribes throughout the ages who are regarded as prophets. Confused by his inability to grasp the subtleties of this faith, El Adrel travels east across the wasteland of a once great United States to find the “Bible” of his religion, The Hip Hop Manifesto. Guided by mystics, who possess extraordinary mental powers, and his own conscience, El Adrel navigates his way through the clutches of a temptress and the control of a demigod on the road towards self-realization and empowerment. In the end, he must make a choice: will he embrace a new order and choose power and wealth, or will he answer the voice that calls to him and give in to his destiny?--2009

The Hip Hop Manifesto is a journey through the mind.  Through science fiction and science diction.  Through love, doubt, and hate.  Through gates.  Through words and how they they indicate dates, vindicate fates, dirty plates, and clean slates.

It's prose transposed into the lyrical.
A spiritual flow, geometric, spherical.
Prudent students who love poets study it's pyrrhical arrangements
Derangement adds up to miracles.

A mini-course on Hip-Hop...tick tock.
Explore the source as you clip clop...
The bedrock of rap and get hoarse from the force of my voice
And crack the Morse code of this literary choice.

A treat for all lovers of the written and spoken word, The Hip Hop Manifesto has been enjoyed at the university and street level, for as Chuck D once said, we should "reach the bourgeois and rock the boulevard!"




Open our music book, that only few can look. And I'll write a song for you.

Sounds never dissipate, they only another place.

--Earth, Wind, and Fire

Matter is constant. Not created or destroyed, merely deployed as words in a radio void.

--Downtown Science

November 23, 2110

It was Friday at sundown, and The Four had stopped beside a line of bushes that shouldered the road. As they looked to the clear starry sky they were reminded of myth and legend. They thought of heroes and heroines captured forever in the permanence of space.

They began to make preparations to observe the Sabbath. Hardly collected some dry wood that was nearby for a fire and Heard searched for dry leaves that could be used for kindling. Seldom pulled some dried, salted squirrel meat from his bag to share with his compatriots. Seen made a circle from some rocks he had found. Inside of it he would build the fire and initiate the simple ceremony that always began the Sabbath. When everything was gathered he twirled a small stick to create a spark and then nursed the smoldering leaves to a roaring flame. Then, he faced east and began to speak in the old tongue, a rap dialect that hadn’t been heard by the layman for nearly four scores.

“Wizzee wizzill bizzee hizzere forizzever izzand izzever,” Seen chanted, “Wizzee wizzill bizzee hizzere. I’m a bring forth the flame and rekindle what is all of y’all need to remember…” Throwing some dried wild weeds into the fire to give the air a more ceremonial scent set the stage for what was to follow. Then Hardly, Heard, and Seldom took their turn in reciting the sacred psalm, one of the many hymns that were branded into every disciple’s mind from the time he had decided to hear The Word.

"Wizzee wizzill bizzee hizzere, forizzever izzand izzever izzand izzever izzand izzever. Wizzee wizzill bizzee hizzere…”
“…Until the dark from the light flees in fear.” Seen chimed in.
“Wizzee wizzill bizzee hizzere…”
“…Until the moon is far and the sun is near.”
“Wizzee wizzill bizzee hizzere…”
“…Until thunder’s roar we no longer hear.”
“Wizzee wizzill bizzee hizzere…”
“…Until snow falls from a sky so clear.”
“Wizzee wizzill bizzee hizzere.”

The Four sat and folded their legs. Hardly began to nod his head. When he had dipped and raised his chin four times, Heard began to nod his head also. Then Seldom and Seen joined them, adhering to the proper timing. Heard started to hum in rhythm to the nodding, and Seldom mouthed a drum beat.

“We get on the mix late in the night.” Seen said in disgust.
“Still we bring the darkness light.” Hardly rhymed.
“We get on the mix late in the night.”
“It burns the eyes ‘cause the truth is bright.”
“We get on the mix late in the night.”
“Then we give the blind the gift of sight.”
“We get on the mix late in the night.”
“So they’re grounded but floatin’ like a kite.”
“We get on the mix late in the night.”
“Elevated ‘till they’re frightened by the height.”
“We get on the mix late in the night.”
“So we give them wings to take flight.”
“We get on the mix late in the night.”
“To a place where right…makes…might.”
“We get on the mix late in the night.”
“And a place where might makes you write.”
“We get on the mix late in the night.”
“And a place where poets also bite.”
“We get on the mix late in the night.”
“Into the flesh of life and hold tight.”
“We get on the mix late in the night.”
“Gnawing and not releasing without a fight.”
“We get on the mix late in the night.”
“Eating it till the bones are white.”
“We get on the mix late in the night.”
“Such was the early poet’s plight.”
“We get on the mix late in the night.”
“Such is the DJs’ and the rappers’ de-light.”
“We get on the mix late in the night.”

After Hardly and Seldom finished, Heard continued humming for a quartet of measures and then stopped. When four more bars had passed Seldom stopped also, though The Four were still bobbing their heads. Then, Seen discontinued his movement and the others followed in reverse order—each four measures apart. There they sat pensively for several hours murmuring passages from The Manifesto before they fell asleep while remaining seated with their legs folded, their heads bowed, and their hands on their knees. Each of them was perfectly aligned with the corners of the compass.

The Four woke up the next morning refreshed; during the night they never stirred. They gathered their things—resigning to eat breakfast on the move—and continued walking the road.

Heard took out some string from his pocket and flossed. Then he twisted and turned his mouth until he had enough saliva to swish through the crevices of his teeth and remove the debris the floss had loosened. The other three didn’t seem as interested in dental hygiene this morning. They just looked at Heard as if he was trying to outdo them.

Professional Reviews

Praise for the Hip Hop Manifesto
The Hip Hop Manifesto, written by Hozeh, is an intriguing novel that leads you through a thread of mystery, creativity, love and spiritual enlightenment in the 22nd Century. With a mixture of science fiction, lyrical culture and historical perspective, the author has managed to weave a story that transcends age, gender and political, social and spiritual understandings. It is a classic tale of good and evil with tornado strength twists.

Amidst great suffering and chaos, when the Earth has been depleted of all its natural resources and those who have managed to survive are morally and spiritually lost; at a time when those who seek God and those who seek to rebuild a world of free enterprise are at odds, El Adrel, the story's main character, searching for the mother he lost in childhood, discovers his manhood along with inner abilities and strengths he could never imagine possessing. During his quest, El learns to question all assumptions and to gain power not from those around him but from the spoken word.

Poetry and prose undulate to sweep the reader into a world where the barren landscape can barely contain the forces of nature that are put into motion by man’s diabolical acts. Yet the hope of one may make a difference for all, if only he will stop ignoring his call.

Nina Robinson

The Hip Hop Manifesto
Every now and then a writer steps out of, and beyond status quo to write from another realm of influence. The fact that in the publishing world there’s a litany of options that authors can tap into for flexibility to be viable...and in academia we have a process that feed into writing that has a flair for dramatic interlude. We call it divergent thinking -- coming up with fluency, variety and originality. Debut author, Hozeh delivers his story with good fiction and science of the mind for a compelling read...just don’t call it science fiction! In my opinion, I like the term paranormal simply because the genre is a jaunt across conventional lines to make life off the beaten path another stratospheric venture. Hozeh’s book, The Hip Hop Manifesto allows the writer just that. He threads motives around the heart of a story relative to a new order, and a coming of age saga involving a protagonist seeking self-realization and an empowered mindset to manifest (his) reason for being. The gist of the story originates in the 22nd Century and finds our hero El Adrel wandering and wondering amid a myriad of quandaries in search of the maternal sanctum he lost as a child, a sense of maturity where manhood is essential to his survival, and the power of the spoken word, a.k.a. Verbalism -- the dominant religion of the day and the belief system enhanced by the Prophets. The forces of nature that fuels this story colors a world where El Adrel is muddled by his quest for salvation and his inability to gain a toe-hold on what it means to excel above and beyond expectations of The Four -- heretofore the Mystics who weld extraordinary mental powers, preserving the tradition recorded in ‘the Manifesto’.

To understand how the story unfolds is to know that the aforementioned is merely the center of this story as El has no choice but to unravel the mysteries of the belief system centered on the lyrical content and recorded wisdom of rappers and cerebral scribes that are deemed prophets and patriarchs. It was with this understanding that El knew he had to embark on a journey like no other. He sets out across the great plains of an erstwhile, if not wasted United States to find the syllabus of his lost religion -- The Hip Hop Manifesto!

I enjoyed reading the book, despite a slow tedious start that threatened to tax the resolve to go on. What saves the need for continuity is the author’s gift for threading motives around the heart of a story following its plot that had enough verve to mask a few glitches along the way. Those glitches were the author’s penchant for staying too long with a scene where contrast would’ve served a better adjunct for a change of pace. He more than made up for them with a tenacity for diverse settings as the plot thickened with the introduction of a Temptress and a demigod determined to wreck havoc on good intent, and a quest that is El’s to lose face or gain notoriety. The epilog proves to be most intriguing as our El Adrel is forced to make a decision that will color his canvas with hues that would reflect all that would identify success or failure! The New Order is upon him to opt for a triad before him -- Power, Wealth, or the Almighty Voice that could be most tangible than the former or the latter.

If indeed you are enamored with paranormal fiction as I was reading this, embrace this compelling story that should whet your appetite. How can you not enjoy a story with a maxim that promotes finding and exposing what is hidden...that which also reveals how a soul can be saved while the rhythm is right and “the destination is merely temptation, but the journey is sanctified”, so says The Four. The Hip Hop Manifesto is just the tip of the iceberg for this talented writer with much more to add to this magnificent tale. Hozeh weaves this story with the mantra that to ignore your call is to be compelled to search for your identity to be a force within the nature of man to control his own destiny. Buy this book and be enlightened -- the manifesto can be yours with every page-turning delight!

by Alvin C. Romer

The Hip Hop Manifesto- Urban Book Source
The Hip Hop Manifesto by Hozeh is a fascinating and enthralling piece of work, which takes the reader on a journey filled with wonders and an amazing trek into a mystical, historical, spiritual and pious world. Intertwined with love, friendship, devotion, ingenuity and creativeness, the story is set in the Twenty-Second Century, United States. Moreover, Hozeh’s adaptation of the science-fiction characteristics to the story thrives upon and integrates the urban lyrical and hip hop culture which plays an amazing role throughout the book.

At times, I felt as if I was reading about the end of the world as we know it. The book is literally filled with ethical, moral and integrity issues during this period. The people are consumed and are breaking away from what one would consider decency, love for one another, and honor. It is about good and evil, weighing on the sorrows, anguish and misery which the people seem to languish in. The connection between man and God was severed, and those who made it out of the abyss of darkness are seeking to find some worthiness and to rebuild their relationship with God but are confronted with and are involved in a struggle with those who want to re-establish the status quo.

The protagonist of the story is El Adrel, a young man who is on a journey to find a mother he never knew. As he adheres to his way of life, and follows the path which he believes he was destined, he soon realizes that this course would not provide him with the knowledge of which he seeks. Along the way he discovers his manhood, and determined that the abilities, power and strength which he had attained was a gift, he seeks to find the historical and self-realization that he needed in order to find the true meaning behind The Word. In his quest to find the absolute truth, he began to question not only that which he could see but that which he could not see. His surroundings and existence he felt had a meaning and a worth, and the only way he could understand and gain knowledge of that was to seek and find The Word as he searches for his mother.

There were moments when the pace slowed down, but the story kept you wanting to see what would become of El Adrel. Another thing to keep in mind is that the book is not written in the “typical” urban lit lingo. The author’s use of metaphors is poetic, beautiful and sprinkled with the flow of Rap artists such as Kool G. Rap, Big Daddy Kane and other well-known artists and poets. The poetry and prose that are strewn throughout the book are like subliminal sonnets sucking up an ode like a vacuum. You will be confronted by the draconian images of a world in which people are content with living in their abyss of horror. Shamelessly and painlessly, El Adrel drowned out the ideals of the status quo utopia and continues on his path to the find The Word.

By Pathfinder

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