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Praveen Kumar

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Simply Yours
by Praveen Kumar   

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Publisher:  PublishAmerica, USA Type: 


Copyright:  2009 ISBN-13:  9781448985616

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A Collection of English Love Poems.

SIMPLY YOURS is about love and its “sweet misery”. Love is like heaven, but sure can hurt like hell. Love as Victor Hugo said, “The reduction of the universe to a single being, the expansion of single being even to God”, where, in Bill Wilson’s words, “to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the God”. Francis Bacon says that it is impossible to love and to be wise. Love is also variously defined as being stupid together. This volume of love poetry is about that stupidity.


Love  is  called  as  crazy.  It  grows  beyond  human  senses, perceptions  and  consciousness.  It  knows  no  human  laws. Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy has no use for it. Neither basic needs nor the highest need of self-actualization can ever stand up to the magical height of the love. The beauty of love lies in the entire sum of existence revolving around the magic of being needed by one person. Love is when hurting her will hurt you more. It is not that you can’t live without her; it is just that you don’t even want to try. “Simply Yours” is about this madness.


The treasure of love is unique and unparalleled. Felix Adler elegantly describes the nature of love when he says, “that each include the other, each is enriched by the other”. Hans Margolius

gives expression to the same thought when he says that one man by himself is nothing, two people who belong together make a world.


Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. It is in this reference that great Kahlil Gibran says that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation. “Simply Yours” is simply a probe to the depth, and comes out with the conclusion in the words of Pearl Baileg that the sweetest joy, the wildest woe is love. Love reminds you that nothing else matter. Love is a light that shines from heart to heart and feels what the other is feeling even if they are far away. All these live and lovely layers of love are deeply probed in the seventy-nine poems of this anthology.


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I entreated her to gentle passions,
Held her heaving bosoms in my shaking hands;
Stripped her wide open to a gorgeous view:
Full, young and round, and hale and sweet like ale;
I sank my whole deep to her soft vale,
Liquesced in soft mounds of irresistible warmth;
She quivered like dry leaves in dulcet thrill,
In swells of sweet passions exploding in limbs;
She was not then her own, her usual quiet soul.


They rolled in pleasure, they heaved in joy;
They were drugged in mad desire for each;
She lived in his joy and he, in her,
They shed their beings to reach each other;
She found her world in him, and he, in her,
The eager loves sought to dissolve in the other;
No fears touched them, no pride or comforts;
Like the sunshine meets the sky in daybreak,
They fused in soft passionate hug
And spread white glow of immortal light.


I raised my eyes to mouth my words,
Lo, I saw her bosoms uncovered for my feast,
Round and firm, and lovely like full moons,
Spread all over there, crowning over heart,
Bespeaking to my soul, calling me to field;
She saw I saw and thrust them forward
With welcome sunshine glittering in eyes;
Shocked by pleasures, shocked by the spell,
Shocked by elegance those jewels radiate,
I lowered my eyes in awe and joy.


Encircled like creepers around the other,
We breathed each other, filled each other;
Heart throbs and rhythms running in tandem,
Undiminished desires peaking to new heights,
We lay on each other in peace and solace
While exhausted is body, but raging are passions;
I gently embraced her, pressed lips to lips,
Gratitude for her love swelling in heart,
And we both slipped to slumber of peace and rest.


You sit on soul like fragrant jasmine,
You touch my soul like velvet feathers;
The warmth you radiate melts all gloom,
Sunshine you spread enwraps my soul
And I transfigure like God in your presence.


She is quiet strength, natural wealth,
Whose simple strides on royal path
Rouses ripples of silent condescendence
‘Midst commotions of wild conflicts;
Sheer harmony like the birds on wings,
Sheer poem of the spring’s sweet swings,
She reaches and stirs inner chords,
Thaws the frosts of the age-old strife.


Elegance in simplicity is she,
She soothes and calms raging fires;
Creative refrain of confidence,
She spreads pure joy all around;
Pure and fragrant like fresh jasmine,
She is pure gold, diamond’s glow.


She was aglow, whenever I, nearby,
A subtle dear charm pervaded her then;
She bloomed like flower, fragrance I felt,
A divine halo I could feel and touch in her;
A charming tide of joy I brought to her,
She sparkled like gold while I came near by.


You looked not back thereafter,
Stone after stone and row after row,
Love and trust’s temple you raised
Around me in sanctum sanctorum;
So sacred I felt myself,
I rose to God’s heights
And bestowed you with devout boons.


She knew, her soul, not one, but two,
And repriming it is killing both;
She breathed life and sailed all this length
To seek and light her soul’s quiet lamp.

While bound by the world, duties do make calls
And they called their shares at her cost;
How shrink from world and hurt all round,
It bled her heart to hurt all round.


Once caught in the web of life,
Neither you nor I disentangle or waive,
More you come out, more you are caught;
You are in scalding pot, burning hot alive,
But, refuse to give out yours own.

You are my inner force,
I’m outer sheath;
You make me, me; I, you, you,
We together really are one.

You rip off entire cosmos
In your sacred probe
To track and join me
And bring fulfillment.


We traverse all worlds, soul bound to soul,
We move all heaven, heart tied to heart;
We light all worlds with divine glow,
Dark shadows oft emerge to retard our flow.

Barriers while stand dividing us,
Unbearable pains cripple both of us;
We yearn to rejoin and force to reach,
But worldly barriers are too strong to breach.


Nothing is lost in cosmic scheme,
Neither you nor I can lose each other;
Day and night along the time’s cycles,
I watched awake to find your trace;
Alas, time raced, years rolled in scores,
But, nowhere had I traced my lost soul;
Now, eyes go dim, bright flames go dull.


You give me an axis, my horizons,
Wherein I swim in joy of what I am
And make me I, and I’m yours
Of unalloyed mould of heavenly bond
Of shared pains and shared pleasures,
Where age is no constraint
And distance is no bar.


Barriers or no barriers, I must cross over
And hold you in arms, light up your soul,
Fill you with strength from my inner core,
Wipe away your tears with my quivering lips
And infuse my warmth all over your height
To see you in spasms burst out in pure joy
To relegate distresses to constant oblivion;
How I yearn to instill hope and confidence in you
That, barriers or no barriers, we never part
And we shall wait, till time comes right.


You bring me wings
And raise sky high,
You give me visions
Beyond horizons,
Make me worthwhile.

You are my anchor,
You are navigator;
I simply sail along
The width and breadth
On your simple sigh.


I was in deep sleep that winter night
And darkness did freeze the world around;
Not a single star twinkled in the sky,
Not a single streak of light anywhere;
Blind and cold and still, not a thing stirred;
I was living dead like a piece of wood,
Sinking deep in barren lifeless world.


Love sprouts in heart and sits in soul,
Love bounces from soul to light up loved things,
Love lights steady flame of heavenly bliss
And melts all pride and binds loved ones.


When I saw her alone in soft moonlit glow,
She stirred soul and caught me whole;
Shocked by her gentle divine grace,
I ravished her spell by my eyes
And drank those charms to my brim;
But, inexhaustible was her unbound beauty
And unending was my endearing thirst.


Two souls, minds, hearts, bodies
So longing for each, believe me,
Will never never ever part.

Have trust in God,
Give God time to act;
Kindly do not lose heart,
Do not lose hope;
All will be all right
While time comes right.


When in contemn for what the world did for me,
What talents did it fail and what grace did it cloud,
What noble thoughts it sunk in vile dins and sound,
In utter despair, my love, I, for light, seek thee.

What heights did I scale, to what vales was I shown,
What dreams streamed sublime were crushed and blown,
How unkindly was I put down and mercilessly thrown,
When, my love, I recount, you, fill in from horizons.


I probe your shades and ripples of passions,
Sty your hills, delve deep to dales,
Fulfill your needs of love and joy
And raise a new world of lonely fulgour
Where you, for me and I, for you
Live like gods of supreme benison.


Their hearts spoke, though they could not;
Chill was too deep to bear for them,
For, they must part, part forever
On divided roads to loathsome future;
How could they part, none of them know,
How could they live, bereft of each?
They met each other in gloom's deep pond
And found rare warmth, exclusive for them
That stirred all cool and thawed their moods.


Across the pall of unending night,
You send happy signs of love and hope
From the sunny land of lustrous light,
Where you sit like god in stoic charm.

While I fill my soul with joyous snug past
To forget the scars inflicted by fate,
You rise from the heaps of time's gray ash
Like medicated fumes to soothe my strains.


She brought me halfway here,
But, my home is not yet near;
I need her warmth more than ever,
Her love and care, to lead forever.

Her intense eyes and gentle hands
Invisible though, glide me through time;
Alas, time is short, 'twixt us stands,
And part us all, while time makes claim.


You dig each layer and reach the world,
A magic land unfolds with bright colours;
Wherever you look, there is passion,
Wherever you turn, there is fragrance;
Shades and hues of infinite joy
Play a riot in the heaven on the earth.


She keeps on my side in pains and pleasures,
In sunshine of days and glooms of nights,
In chills of winters, in heat-waves of summers,
In innocence of childhood, in ripeness of old age,
In joys of births and sorrows of deaths.


Let our soft fibers pass through the nature’s grinding teeth
And brook infinite odds along the life’s course
That fate ordains for the final meet of souls;
For, only beaten gold makes exquisite piece of art
And only hard work invests life with grace;
Destined are we in nature’s painful course
To meet and unite in immortal love’s bond.


She steered herself thro’ the space of age
And docked her ship to my dying module;
She gave me boost, injected fuels,
I took off to new worlds on her promise.

A subtle long chord across the age
Bound us tight to intimate bond,
Like milk and honey, we dissolved there
To fulsome broth of love and solace.


A gentle flame of celestial lamp,
She burns herself to spread light;
Hurtling none and soothing all
Along and around wherever she traverse,
She calms soul, sweetens heart.

Her soul is glow of compassion,
Her heart is flow of benign ness;
She gives herself to accommodate
And invite hell for fairness’ sake;
Selfless is my goddess and crystal pure.


Professional Reviews

Comments on

Madhur Veena Comment: Who is she? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ....You write good!

Margaret Alice Comment: Beautiful, it stikes as heartfelt words and touches the heart, beautiful sentiments, sorry, I repeat myself, but I am delighted. Your poem is like the trinkets I collect to adorn my personal space, pure joy to read, wonderful! Only a beautiful mind can harbour such sentiments, you have a beautiful mind. I am glad you have found someone that inspires you to such heights and that you share it with us, you make the world a mroe wonderful place.

Margaret Alice Comment: Within the context set by the previous poem, “Cosmic Probe”, the description of a lover’s adoration for his beloved becomes a universal ode sung to the abstract values of love, joy and hope personified by light, colours, fragrance and beauty, qualities the poet assigns to his beloved, thus elevating her to the status of an uplifting force because she brings all these qualities to his attention. The poet recognises that these personified values brings him fulfilment and chose the image of a love relationship to illustrate how this comes about; thus a love poem becomes the vehicle to convey spiritual epiphany.


Margaret Alice Comment: Your words seem to be directed to a divine entity, you seem to be addressing your adoration to a divinity, and it is wonderful to read of such sublime sentiments kindled in a human soul. Mankind is always lifted up by their vision and awareness of divinity, thank you for such pure, clear diction and sharing your awareness of the sublime with us, you have uplifted me so much by this vision you have created!

Margaret Alice Comment: The poet’s words seem to be directed to a divine entity, express adoration to a divinity who is the personification of wonderful qualities which awakens a sense of the sublime in the human soul. An uplifting vision and awareness of uplifting qualities of innocence represented by a beautiful person.

Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK Comment: Sir best poetry on flower I’ve ever read…you’ve placed and parked Jasmine to that celestial plane from where only Divinity transcends …metaphorical excellence on canvas of serenity purity and best attributes [un]imaginable painted in words …thanks for sharing…


Kente Lucy Comment: wow great writing, what a way to bid farewell

Margaret Alice Comment: Sensory experience is elevated by its symbolical meaning, your description of the scene shows two souls becoming one and your awareness of the importance of tempory experience as a symbol of the eternal duration of love and companionship - were temporary experience only valid for one moment in time, it would be a sad world, but once it is seen as a symbol of eternal things, it becomes enchanting.


Margaret Alice Comment: You elevate the humnan experience of longing for love to a striving for sublimity in uniting with a beloved person, and this poem is stirring, your style of writing is effective, everything flows together perfectly.

Margaret Alice Comment:

'To a resplendent glow of celestial flow
And two split halves unite never to part.'

Reading your fluent poems is a delight, I have to tear myself away and return to the life of a drudge, but what a treasure trove of jewels you made for the weary soul who needs to contemplate higher ideals from time to time!


Margaret Alice Comment: When you describe how you are strengthened by your loved one, it is clear that your inner flame is so strong that you need not fear growing old, your spirit seems to become stronger, you manage to convey this impression by your striking poetry. It is a privilege to read your work.

Obed Dela Cruz Comment: wow.... i remembered will shakespeare.... nice poem!

Margaret Alice Comment: The poet has transcended the barriers of time and space by becoming an image of his beloved and being able to find peace in the joy he confers to his beloved.

'You transcend my limits, transcend my soul, I forget my distress in your thoughts And discover my peace in your joy, For, I’m mere image of you, my beloved.'

Margaret Alice Comment: You are my peace and solace, I know, I am, yours too; A mere flash of your thoughts Enlivens my tired soul And fills me with light, peace and solace, A giant in new world, I become, I rise to divine heights in celestial wings. How I desire to reciprocate To fill you with light and inner strength raise you to divine heights; I must cross over nd hold you in arms, light up your soul, Fill you with strength from my inner core, Wipe away your tears burst out in pure joy How I yearn to instill hope and confidence in you we never part And we shall wait, till time comes right. the flame in my soul always seeks you, you transcend my limits, transcend my soul, I forget my distress in your thoughts And discover my peace in your joy, For, I’m mere image of you, my beloved.


Margaret Alice Comment: As usual, it is the symbolism of making love that is important to me, you clearly depicts the sensual delight, which is fleeting, the enduring aspect of temporary sensory experience lies in its symbolism of unity and inifnite love and read within the context of your previous poems, I think the symbolism is present in this poem also.

Margaret Alice Comment: The symbolism of making love is important, the poem depicts sensual delights, which are fleeting, the enduring aspect of temporary experience lies in its symbolical value of unity and infinite love. Read within the context of the previous poems, the symbolism can be read in this poem also.


Sarah Loves Comment: this is awesome

Margaret Alice Comment: Once again you weave the tapestry of the symbolical meaning of her presence in your life and create the context within which sensory experience of love is elevated to the sublime. I repeat myself, I know, but I love these themes.

Margaret Alice Comment: Weaving a tapestry, using a description of lovers to symbolise the presence of love in, creating the context within which sensory experience is elevated to the sublime.


Margaret Alice Comment: Still within context, the poet gives description of sensory love as a symbol of souls united in one goal, eternal love. Humanity is always in danger of separating the playful aspect of lovemaking from its deeper significance. When young, love is the best game their is with no strings attached, as people grow older, they discover how lovemaking becomes a symbol for real affection as loyalty and integrity to a loved one.


Margaret Alice Comment: The scene is very evocative, it could also be the description of sensual love without any other significance than momentary joy, the way young people love, abandoning themselves to physical pleasure without emotional involvement, since young people are on a voyage of discovery and making love is one of the stations along the way. Within the context of this series of poems, I assume the poet wishes to assign an emotional significance to the love he depicts, a love relationship that is meant to last. Very well written, you have done a splendid job.

Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK Comment: ‘She found her world in him, and he, in her, ‘The eager loves sought to dissolve in the other; ’ ~ May seem to others as lurid but Hon’ble Poet has maneuvered both words and emotions within poetic aesthetics…and climaxed in these two lines quoted… thanks for sharing


Hasmukh Amathalal Comment: Love sprouts in heart and sits in soul,
Love bounces from the soul to light up loved things,
Love lights steady flame of heavenly bliss
And melts all pride and binds loved ones....ya love bounces from soul to light... truely said... i liked the theme....10


Rose-marie Mitchell Comment: Nice poem! Nice words! - 'In the womb of deep slumber'.- very poetic.


Jay greene Comment: amazing is the only word i can think of speechless 10+++++


Sadiqullah Khan Comment: This is simple mathematics. Use your lower half (sixty divided by two is equal to thirty) or wait another thirty years for her to become sixty.


Sumita Datta Comment: But... it's a recurring strokes... It won't stop...


Sumita Datta Comment: Actually, bygones are bygones.. liked your piece of work...


Bonnie Shipman Comment: Praveen, this is very beautiful. The words flow smoothly and finely. In it, I see God's search for man. Even when we would hide ourselves from the living God, He finds us and calls to us. We need only to respond.

Margaret Alice Comment:

'I chose words, I created worlds
To impale you in poetry's net; '

Struck me forcibly - to catch and hold through the power of words...


Bonnie Shipman Comment: I am glad for the expression of this poem. But one question- what of the beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit? It is the spirit which holds the most beauty.

I see music in his hands.
I see eloquence in her mouth.
I see dancing in his feet.
I see understanding in her eyes.
I see prayer in he knees.
I see giving in her arms.
I see compassion in his shoulders.
I see love in their eyes.
I see God in their soul.

Margaret Alice Comment: 'makes sorrow sweet and excess joy bitter
To guide the life through a healthy rich path
Of eternal peace and contentment; '

Eternal, the magic word, take sweetness from joy to sweeten sorrow...


Margaret Alice Comment: A cosmic scope, the speaker becomes a symbol of the dark earth [body] lying in wait for the power of light [spirit] to find and fill it with life and joy. The reader can find several symbols in the poem, find the image of imprisoned lover waiting to be found by the beloved who seeks him out in his despondency and brings hope and joy to his soul. the soul keeps seeking the physical body because it is home, allowing it to interact with other aspects of reality – or infinity. The lover and his beloved becomes a symbol of the unity between spirit and soul. It is a pleasure to come upon a poem that allows the reader scope to speculate in this way.


Margaret Alice Comment: The poet personifies the qualities of love, compassion, humility, upliftment, righteousness, as a “queen” that reigns over him and controls his actions. He uses the description of adoration for a beloved as a symbol to illustrate his relationship with these qualities that he admires so much. He assigns these admirable virtues to a powerful being who has the ability to reign over him.


Margaret Alice Comment: The unity aspired to and attained in embracing a beloved can be seen symbolise the eternity of love – memories and thoughts are important as ties that bind the poet to the beloved – within the context of this series of poems the beloved is the personification of man’s higher aspirations. When memories and thoughts are lost, love remains and love is symbolised by unity.


Margaret Alice Comment: 'I live in her, and she, in me, indivisible ever, '

A beautiful depiction of love and hope.


Margaret Alice Comment: 'She found her joy I could not give her In my barren shadow, sadly bleak and cold.'

What a strange poem, it can be interpreted in so many ways, within the context of these series, it seems that the virtues personified by the angel would not desert the poet even when he refused to embrace them wholly - I think.


Margaret Alice Comment: 'We know we are one and destined to blend.'
'But, comes our time, all is worth of it.'

Now this is positive, what a great exmaple for the discouraged and tired seeker, keep the faith and all is worth it - great words, inspiring, lovely.


Margaret Alice Comment:
'Oh, how a thing of beauty, breeds that much pain!
How gentle love throttles joy, brings misfortunes! '

I always goes with Terry Pratchett's interpretations when confronted with sad tales like these - just as Romeo and Juliet should have checked for pulse before killing themselves, these characters should have acted in a different way - seems like Pratchett and I refuse to accept sad endings as inevitable - I never shall. Quantum physics says the universe splits every time a decision is made and quite the reverse takes place somewhere else - the universe split and in a parallel universe these two lovers are living happily!


Margaret Alice Comment: “Wisdom” calling to foolish men and women mentioned to in Proverbs, the Bible, seems to be delineated in this description. Wisdom always seemed to be an aspect of beauty, because beauty without wisdom would lack harmony, balance, truth, joy, peace – this description seems to refer to the highest ideals men aspire to. Lovely way to put it.


Margaret Alice Comment:

'Yet, a distant glimmer deep in my heart
Distinctly whispers that all is not lost,
Everything will be right while time comes right.'

That's it, hope and trust always, it gives meaning to human lives and best of all, it creates a positive ending, if you don't waver, your wishes will be fulfilled.


Margaret Alice Comment: 'She is the precious jewel I sought all my life.'

This reminds the reader of the parable in the New Testament, when a man found a precious jewel in a piece of land, he buried it again and went away and sold all his possessions and bought that piece of land to keep that jewel for himself.


Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK Comment: ‘I’m “Simply Yours”’ a Romantic poem the …vibe spinning tangentially into horizon and picturesque…10

Margaret Alice Comment: You are my world, my light, You are my fulfillment, You are my reason, my meaning, You are my cause and target, Wherefore I move all through life.

Hasmukh Amathalal Comment:
You are my world, my light,
You are my fulfillment,
You are my reason, my meaning,
You are my cause and target,
Wherefore I move all through and frank admission I am yours' so beautifully interwove3nwith clear heart and it has moved me with its words.. lovely sir.....10


Cyanic Orchid Comment: nice expressions........


MaKayla Straight Comment: WOW! ! ! GOOD JOB! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Margaret Alice Comment:

“You fill me with such wealth that I, whether high or low,
Need no worldly grace or scope unto me ever flow.”

Ooo, wish all love was like this! I am paid to read dark letters of despair and your uplifting lines is taking me on a journey far away into a new universe of light, love, music and verse. You sing beautifully.


Margaret Alice Comment: 'With an ocean of emotions churning between.'

The universal human condition, yet we all live on surface, we never probe the ice-floes beneath...


Margaret Alice Comment:

You bring huge waves in the ocean of soul
That washes the shores of heart and mind
With melodious tunes and passions' foams;
While low tides set on the soul's trough,
All go still and disturbingly calm.

This is striking rhythm and melody, oceans of soul and passion's foams, great imagery...


Margaret Alice Comment: Comfort, gentle care, warmth - this is real love, wonderful.


Margaret Alice Comment: 'Make life a vaulting heaven, this world, a joy's holy shrine.'

'rousing pleasures' are fleeting, can be a trap, leaves the reveller feeling empty, but the last line is wonderful, the discovery of infinity in the here and now - that is something to dream about.


Margaret Alice Comment: 'To seek, search and discover my elusive pretty wife. '

What a delightful ode to your wife! I am reading ice-cold words in official grey documents ashen with meaninglessness, therefore it is a delight to follow a series of poems in which a poet delineates love in spiritual terms and emotions are more important than rational logic.


Margaret Alice Comment: What a lovely way to end the official day, words that remind of spiritual truths and joys in feelings and uplifting ideas!


Margaret Alice Comment: it is very difficult to read grey words after these beautiful visions

Margaret Alice Comment: you know not what you are for me, how deep and wide you fill my self,


Margaret Alice Comment: 'Love is pure bliss, Love is pure feel'

thank you for this reminder that life is bigger than the small official space here and now...

Margaret Alice Comment:

'I love you for what you are,
Not for what you ought to be,
Nor for what you some day is;
You, as you are now, here and near, '

Unconditional love and acceptance, no ifs and buts and demands, to love because, not in spite of.


Margaret Alice Comment: “on immortal mortal face”
I love juxtapositions like this!

“unite in immortal love’s bond”
That is the only kind of love there is, immortal – I agree.


Margaret Alice Comment:

'You made this life a dulcet music,
A passionate painting, a sensuous poetry.'

You felt this, or imagined it, the ability to feel so much and dream of such visions, it has me in thrall...

Margaret Alice Comment:

You made this life a dulcet music,
A passionate painting, a sensuous poetry.
You dyed my heart in everlasting beauty,
You dyed my soul in everlasting joy;


Margaret Alice Comment: Enormous scope of your visions… bigger than anything I have ever thought about...

Margaret Alice Comment: Shades and hues of infinite joy It is a great world of divine joy Where divinity spreads in fluid opulence, Where love cries in unbound joy, sacred temple Where gods come to worship the queen Who created the world with her pristine charm And lord over it all over since then; The hymns of love and dim temple light Come across to reach only graceful souls. No dusts and smokes of forlorn years Ever ravage her pristine form, Ever disturb her unworldly love, She lives and lives forever and ever in the old world, in all new worlds too.


Margaret Alice Comment: 'Where we dwell in immortal rest.'

Forever and immortal - concepts that give meaning to life.


Margaret Alice Comment: 'In timeless love that blends our hearts.'

Key word: Timeless - the temporary world is but a window on the eternal timeless spirit that lives forever.


Margaret Alice Comment: 'She lives in me forever in the shine of my soul, '
'In every streak of love I find anywhere.'

Perfect, love as eternal, every instance of love is one more channel to the infinite source of love, one instance of love opened awareness to all other manifestations of love.

Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK Comment: Amazing…spellbound…full of wisdom…gleaming glittering with all noble thoughts… Finish is ‘We ride the tides of ruthless time/In timeless love that blends our hearts. ‘Ruthless time can’t shackle us where Love is the propelling force… We stay anchored in the sanctuary of Love. Finest diction and plenty of food for contemplation and deeply…10+


Margaret Alice Comment: ', you are unbound joy, inner peace, sheer harmony, my beauty, my truth and essence.'
'nothing I find harder than knowing you'

So many of us share your quest for mental peace and spiritual joy!


Margaret Alice Comment: 'find her lurking in all splendid things,
In all noble deeds, trusts and all human needs, '

Once again the theme of finding the constant wonder within changing things, finding the eternal beauty within the stream of life ever-changing - holding the eternal within.


Lady Grace Comment: so nice..this poem talks a lot...well appreciated...very nice dear....smileeee

Margaret Alice Comment: “immortal flame of my soul / timeless together / endless bliss / endless future”

This is a language that stirs the soul, uncovers temporality to show the eternal spirit burning wondrously behind short-lived manifestations, the symbols of eternal consciousness.

Margaret Alice Comment: Sarva Karana Karanam, Cause of all causes, Root of all roots, Source of all sources is she.


Yoonoos Peerbocus Comment: you control each stanza up to the theme/ nice write


Margaret Alice Comment: 'And held me fast to her for all ages to come.'

Love enduring forever - that is the only true love, the only reality, it lives forever, it is eternity.


Margaret Alice Comment: “endless dance, a world of everlasting love and trust” “endless” and “everlasting”, words that hold more charm than any other in every universe


Margaret Alice Comment: ”Unknown hopes Deepen passions and strengthen bonds. love does not wait for time's swing, But bides on steadfast patient growth”

Love transcends time’s pendulum and instead of withering, keeps growing, across all intervening space, across the span of time.

Margaret Alice Comment: She sprang from time's tapestry, Like full moon, And streamed soft light all over him; She blew over his heart's barrenness Like the gust of westerly wind do to clouds And poured sprightly rain of joy.A skyward climb discovers descend, ”Unknown hopes Deepen passions and strengthen bonds. love does not wait for time's swing, But bides on steadfast patient growth”

My comment: Yes, love transcends time’s pendulum and instead of withering, keeps growing, across all intervening space.


Margaret Alice Comment: “While soul is on focus, no labours count, No obstacles haunt, no hurdles mount.”

Having a purpose and led by an ideal, no amount of sacrifice can hold us back, obstacles shrink away under inner power.

“Inseparably we are spliced in endless heavenly field,
Partings we suffer meant perchance to deepen bond.”

When the magnificent effect of temporary pain is understood and meekly submitted to, the pain creates a space for more joy and leaves no scar – we grow stronger at the places where life has broken us, and discover that pain changes us into glowing sticks if we let it!

Margaret Alice Comment: Intense like sun and soft like pure gold,
She stirred my soul to my singular goal


Margaret Alice Comment: Perfect description of the soul becoming one with the all, although painful swelling of passion is stilled, the joy of inner experience as oneness is richer with feeling and experience than the physical world ever offered, and giving up the movement of passion is no sacrifice, but the door to a new horizon of celestial joy never experienced before.

“And absorbs me head-on like water on sand;
All passions still, but pure streaks of joy
And I glow as light in communion with light
I see with inner eyes and feel with inner mind;
The soul that drinks the divine glow,
No more sinks back to the hell of black passions.”

Margaret Alice Comment: The reason I love this poem is because it gives hope for transcendence into joy, not away from it. “And absorbs me head-on like water on sand; All passions still, but pure streaks of joy And I glow as light in communion with light I see with inner eyes and feel with inner mind; The soul that drinks the divine glow, No more sinks back to the hell of black passions.”


Margaret Alice Comment: 'Hearts seared in pain for each,
Now bloomed in endless joy; '

Wonderful, the steady, loyal heart recompensed, and even the journey only, the challenge, holds joy indescribable, love is its own recompense, if it also brings the travellers to their beloveds, just so much more beautiful!


Margaret Alice Comment:

'What an immortal joy, you carried on you!
You came and you went, but the light persists all over.
the streams of immortal light, '

This is true love, when the appearance of the loved one changes the lover forever, the joy that was brought is immortal, the light persists even after the person left - the change is eternal and the lovers will be reunited after death for ever and ever. This is the only vision of love that makes life livable - and beautiful.


Margaret Alice Comment:

'For eternal commune of souls,
In ecstatic speck of continual 'now', '

Heidegger - in following Zen-Buddhism - experience wihout interpretation - phenomenology - eternal unity and ecstasy as one big eternal present tense - THIS is the perfect spiritual ideal, love becomes godly, the only kind of love to strive for, the dream and ideal...


Margaret Alice Comment: An epic tale of cosmic dimensions...

'Her easy marking him shook deep his soul;
Like life to sunshine, soul to sweet notes,
Her heart danced wild in his warm presence; '


Margaret Alice Comment:

“Trust me”, cried I, “trust the divine designs,
I swear on my lovely Goddess, destiny shall shine bright;
All fears and tears just meant to deepen our mutual bonds;
Nothing shall stop me from bonding to my pretty queen,


Margaret Alice Comment: Only shallow eyes do see me in cage.


Margaret Alice Comment: How much I desire to take you in arms And hold you tight to my yearning heart! Tell me where you hide from my mortal eyes; I reach far worlds and find you there


Margaret Alice Comment:

She is my rhythm, the perfect rhyme,
The cosmic dance that bounces worth.
The world is a desert without her presence,
A void is life, devoid of essence;
The spin of time, a whine of hollowness,
Cool and dull, whimpers of shallowness.


Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK Comment: Indeed your poetic affect will ‘cynosure’ you … weather off … is just wreathing in … Excellent emotive poem... thro’ and thro’ vibe...oscillating…
Ms. Nivedita UK
PS 10


Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK Comment: Wonderful portraying of femininity in various tones and tunes ….svelte supple lissome limber…
Yeah we women are like that…and look for cooperation from all….this poem aesthetically sounds like: Glory Unto Women …thanks for this tribute-type poem especially when the aura and aroma of World Woman’s Day still oscillating …spreading noetic message … enjoyed by all heart…


Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK Comment: Amazing…spellbound…full of wisdom…gleaming glittering with all noble thoughts… Finish is ‘We ride the tides of ruthless time/In timeless love that blends our hearts. ‘Ruthless time can’t shackle us where Love is the propelling force… We stay anchored in the sanctuary of Love. Finest diction and plenty of food for contemplation and deeply…10+


Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK Comment: Sir to me it is narrative poem rich in metaphor ambience and spilling vibes of emotions. Who she was? Indeed a poetic riddle poets’ love to keep inside …allow readers to ponder and find the answer…and your crafting is likewise… ‘Lay still and breathless, alas, in endless sleep... ‘gush of gosh… well it’s a part of poetry…thanks for sharing. Voted 10


Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK Comment: Magnificent chant soliloquizing with the All Highest. The canvas is unfathomable but your vibe outstretched max to cover in allness and fullness… you’ve made a free to and fro travel with ‘You and me and I ‘
Finally consecrated yourself ‘And spur you to the probe/By the sheer strength of our bond. ‘ Excellent poetic experience for me and learning …than you very much for such a great poem… Voted 10


Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK Comment: Your poem reminds me great Swami Vivekananda’s opinion: Unless she [read women] are respected and adored no nation can progress. Here I find you’ve beautifully followed [might be unknowingly] the same thing… being a woman please don’t think it’s a gender bias I’m favoring for… it’s because of my great country India where I originated…that genotype working subconsciously… Its wonderful poem and enjoyed and cherished thro’ and thru…


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Reader Reviews for "Simply Yours"

Reviewed by Praveen Kumar 7/28/2014
Praveen Kumar with his more than three decades of government service at senior levels and as a poet of thirteen published collections and as an author of five volumes on matters of governance and administration is a familiar face in Indian intellectual circuits. His more than 30 contributions on governance and administration to prominent national dailies like The Hindu, Indian Express, Deccan Herald and Times of India and other periodicals and journals were extremely popular and often sensational by their innovative unorthodox thoughts.

Born in Mangalore as the eldest son of Shree R.D.Suvarna and Smt. B.Sarojini, Praveen Kumar graduated in Science from St. Aloysius College, Mangalore, going on to obtain post-graduate degree in Literature from Mysore University. He also holds post-graduate diploma in Business Management as well as Higher Diploma in Cooperative Management. He also attended six advanced courses at the National Police Academy, Hyderabad. In his student days he was a prize-winning orator and writer. He lives in Bangalore with his very own Golden Wonder; son, Pratheek and Smt. Jayashree. He is a familiar face in national seminars and TV networks in India as a Poet and thinker.

Stemming from his varied academic background, are the lively far-ranging interests that have impelled him to write on subjects as diverse as matters of public interest and poetry, striking the perfect balance between the pursuance of vocation and avocation.

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