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Vincent Gilvarry

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by Vincent Gilvarry   

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Science Fiction



Copyright:  2014

The Portal Bookshop
The Portal Bookshop

“A Prophecy States That Lemuria Will Disappear Into The Ocean And For Forty Days And Forty Nights The Earth Will Be Consumed By Floodwaters.”
A book written over 35,000 years ago is the only evidence that university student Elizabeth Trundle has to prove that the first civilisation on this planet was the lost continent of Lemuria, but she cannot use it as evidence in her thesis as it was published anonymously in the late 17th century. A chance encounter with Addric and Dheago in the Great Library of London turns into the adventure of a lifetime and, for a student of archaeology, the opportunity to travel back in time is one that Elizabeth cannot refuse.
Addric and Dheago are now fully-fledged Yumi Masters with the power to create and destroy. They can do little to prevent the approaching catastrophe, but before Lemuria disappears off the face of the Earth, they must return the sacred key to the Sanctuary of Fire. The key which recalibrates the Polaris crystal, the source of all power in Lemuria is believed to be in the possession of a runaway boy, a trainee priest from the Temple of Creation, a boy whose life they save and befriend.
This series is called The Memoirs of a Yumi Master. The first book in the series is The Labyrinth of Fire and the second is The Citadel of Fire.

 I wrote this book in four weeks and it is one of my favourites. It is the third in the series called The Gods of Space and Time and features my main character Addric  plus an assortment of equally wonderful characters...all of whom are human beings.

In this chapter Addric and his travelling companions, Dheago, Reuben and Sabu have been invited to take a sailing trip on a very unique vessel, one that has an equally interesting captain.
Yusef the freedom fighter soon discovers just what these boys are about…


While Jolariel attended to Jatoo’s arm, Addric and Dheago, followed closely by Reuben and Sabu wandered down the long flight of steps which meandered through Jolariel’s garden and down to the jetty below.
Jolariel had obviously profited from his profession as he had a beautiful home and could even afford to build a seafaring vessel of his own design. The pier ran the length of his property all the way to the edge of the cove and beyond that was a forest, a rainforest, as they eventually discovered; an ecosystem of vital importance and the home of numerous creatures which were an equally vital element of the natural world.
Jolariel's ship was not big by the standards they were used to; in fact it was quite small, but it was very impressive in appearance. Addric presumed that it was an original design as he had never seen any other vessel so far. It had an extended prow at each end, both of which were carved to look like the head and tail of a mythical beast.
This was a wooden vessel and a finely crafted one in every respect, one that resembled a miniature galleon and one which was obviously the product of expert shipbuilders who had not only concentrated on the structural details but on the decorative elements as well. A curious array of geometric patterns had been etched into its outer surface and Addric had no idea that they were arcane symbols designed to provide it with some sort of supernatural protection.
The captain was on deck when they set foot on the jetty and it was apparent that he was all but ready to depart for his daily trial. He lent over the side and asked of their business.
"We are guests of Jolariel," Addric advised him. "He suggested that we might like to go sailing while he operates on our young friend."
Yusef was a young man of about thirty years of age with short cropped black hair, glistening green eyes and the physique of an athlete. He wore nothing other than loose-fitting pants, a leather vest and a chain of gold around his neck.
He invited them on board and they ventured up the gangplank only minutes before it was removed.
Yusef looked them up and down as if he was trying to decide what they were. Addric had a feeling that he saw them as the sons of wealthy merchants looking for yet another free ride.
After they had introduced themselves, Dheago had the inspired idea and asked if they could be of assistance.
“That would be good,” Yusef said. “If you could cast off, I can get this vessel going and we can be underway in a few minutes.”
They looked at each other, wondering what he meant, but Reuben understood immediately.
“That means we have to detach that rope over there from its moorings.”
Addric was looking forward to yet another new experience. He had been expecting the sail to unfurl, but it never happened. The ship set off nonetheless and headed off toward the horizon. Once it was underway, Yusef invited them onto the quarterdeck to partake of a goblet of wine.
“This is a very special occasion,” he said as he rummaged around searching for four extra goblets.
Yusef was a chatterbox and they were astonished to discover that this was the first time that a sailing vessel had ever been powered by crystals. They should have known better by now; everything in Lemuria was, to some degree.
“I am testing out an idea of Jolariel’s which has never been tried before,” he said. “This vessel has the power to travel long distances in a very short time and it can even circumnavigate the entire island in less than ten hours.”
“In any other boat, that would normally take two weeks, but not in this extraordinary vessel.”
Yusef was overly generous with the wine and encouraged them to help themselves. The barrel as they discovered was connected to a reservoir below the deck. The wine soon loosened his tongue and it was apparent that he was determined to do a little investigation of his own.
They were not about to reveal any more information than they had agreed upon, but when Yusef discovered that Sabu was a master horseman and that Addric and Dheago were trained warriors, he was impressed.
“In that case,” he said, “I would like to show you something very interesting.”
“I have a task to complete and to ensure that it is successful, your assistance is essential.”
They were intrigued, having no idea of what he meant. They sailed along hundreds of miles of coastline in just under an hour as if they were moving through time at a faster rate than usual, passing many ports and cities as they did so. The ship eventually slowed not all that far from the coastline and in the distance was one of the bell-shaped structures they had seen earlier in the day.
“That is a pivotal transmission station for the crystal network,” Yusef said. "Without these, the system is useless and cannot function.”
From the way in which he spoke, Addric had a suspicion that Yusef was connected to the dissident army which had been waging an on-going war against the priesthood for the last three hundred years. Yusef was not willing to say so directly, but he did sprinkle his narrative with enough clues so that they understood what he meant.
He eventually brought the ship into shore at an uninhabited cove.
“That is a bell tower,” he said, “I have never been able to successfully deactivate one of these by myself, but I have a feeling that together, we could do so.”
“You will need a weapon,’ he said, “as guards sometimes patrol these areas.”
Addric was not quite sure why they were doing this and he was somewhat concerned because this war wasn’t their business. This was supposed to be a simple sailing expedition, after which they would return back to Jolariel’s villa. They had not expected to be hijacked by a green-eyed pirate and plunged into the middle of an ancient skirmish.
“Sometimes,” Yusef whispered as they made their way along a vacant stretch of ground, “there are temple guards around here and temple dogs, which are even worse than the guards.”
The bell tower was a huge structure on mammoth stone legs and appeared to be over fifteen metres high.
It had been constructed in the same manner as every other building in Lemuria, from beautifully crafted blocks of stone which no man could ever have made without the assistance of a machine.
“See that beam of light emanating from the top of the tower,” Yusef said, “that is our target.”
“You must telepathically engage with your wands and on my command, direct them to the top of the tower.”
“Stop right there,” Addric cried. “I demand to know why we are doing this.”
Yusef looked him in the eye and said, “Because I cannot do it alone and I need the assistance of men such as you.”
“What do you mean by that?” Addric asked.
“You are not just simple travellers, are you?” Yusef said.
“And how did you arrive at that conclusion”
“I can see what you are,” Yusef said, “I have the sight you know.”
Addric really was a little worried now. So far, no one had been able to see through their disguise.
“Those who are trained by a temple master can see what others cannot,” Yusef said. “I was once a student of the Temple of Rejuvenation and that is no ordinary temple.”
Jolariel had also trained at the Temple of Rejuvenation, the only temple at which to study obscure esoteric wisdom. Over a seven year period, a student learnt to amplify their own unique energy system by engaging with universal energies.
Oddly enough, they knew what Yusef was speaking about, but once having completed his studies, a student acquired the ability to do many things and one of those is the ability to see the energy field of any living thing.
“In your case,” Yusef said, “I know exactly what I am looking at.”
“You are immortals, are you not?” he said with absolute certainty. “I have studied energy fields and yours are far more complex than any I have ever encountered before, more so than the master I trained with.”
Addric was surprised to hear Yusef say this and was not sure how to respond. He threw his wand to the ground and stood his ground.
“Let’s have this out, here and now,’ he said defiantly.
Dheago, Reuben and Sabu were at his side in an instant.
“Can we all participate in this discussion,” Reuben asked.
Yusef was reluctant, but he agreed.
“Tell us more of this situation,” Reuben said.
“My people have suffered much and we have barely achieved anything after centuries of trying. We fight a daily battle for our independence. The people of this land are not what they used to be, they have changed, but the priests will have nothing of this.”
“They have spent their lives trying to control us. They are the masters at the moment, but they belong to the old world and we belong to the new. If we do not destroy this bell-tower, they will consume us forever, and I for one will not tolerate such a thing.”
“So, what do you expect us to do?” Sabu asked.
“It is my belief that you have the power to destroy this bell-tower and to change our future.”
They were being pressured into a situation which they could not accept. Lemuria was about to disappear into the depths of the ocean, with or without their assistance, but this was a cry for help. This was one man who represented thousands of others and he was asking them to do one thing, just one, the very thing that the people of Lemuria had never been able to accomplish, to destroy a bell tower, one of the pivotal generators in a vast and complex system.
“If we did this, would it make any difference,” said Dheago.
“It would,” Yusef replied, “for the first time ever we would have the opportunity to bring our oppressors down.”
Addric could hear the words of the Divine Portia, Lord Ragule and those of Sentirion ringing in his ears. He asked Reuben, Dheago and Sabu what they thought. They were just not his friends; they were people whose advice he trusted.
“This is an issue of conscience and we have to weigh up the pros and cons before we do anything at all,” said Reuben.
“If we did do this, we would be interfering in the future of another culture,” said Dheago.
"Yusef clearly wants this to happen,” he said, “and would do so himself if he could."
“This world is doomed anyway,” Sabu said, “and we did not come all this way to listen to the ravings of a desperate man.”
Reuben as always was listening closely and was of the opinion that they should discuss this issue with Jolariel.
Addric approached Yusef and informed him that they had come to a decision on this matter.
“We have responsibilities,” he said, “especially when it comes to interfering in the affairs of another country.”
“You can assist us in this battle,” Yusef said. "If we were to aim our wands at the crystal in the bell tower, we would neutralise the entire system.”
“It is essential that we do not miss our mark. If we did, it would all be for nothing. "
Addric could see that he really was a passionate man. He took a deep breath and said, “Yusef, we cannot help you with this task, we have to act according to our conscience in this matter, we have no other choice.”
“If we made a wrong decision and if we were found wanting in the eyes of our masters, we would disappear before your very eyes and our fate would be sealed for all time.”
“We would have to explain our reasons to the highest court in the land and if they decided that we had broken the rules, then we would face the worst of all possible penalties.”
“That is something much worse than death, Yusef. That is permanent exile from everyone we know and love and a long lingering death which would never end.”
“I think we need to talk this thing through,” Addric suggested. "Do you hear what I am saying?”
With a few powerful but simple words, Addric had taken the wind from his sails. Yusef had registered his impassioned response and it was enough to make him pull back.
Their return journey was very uncomfortable for the first half hour, one in which they kept their thoughts to themselves, but Addric so wanted to say what was on his mind. Before the ship docked, Yusef approached and asked if he could express his thoughts openly and honestly.
“I would like to apologise,” he said, “I understand that you cannot always do what you want, or in this case, what I wanted. For ones so young, you have shown me that you are indeed men of conscience and that is a rare thing indeed, a quality which I consider to be of the highest standards.”
“Jolariel is like you in so many respects and yes, it would be wise if we dwelt on this matter and decided what is to be done. I would hate to be responsible for a fate such as you described.”
He offered the hand of friendship and they accepted. A few minutes later, Yusef was back to his typical swaggering self. He refilled their goblets and asked if they would drink to a very long friendship.
“This is the first time that our paths have crossed, but it may not be the last. I would prefer to fight alongside friends and brothers rather than someone I do not trust.”
Yusef’s words were those of a sincere and passionate man, one who was determined to win freedom for his fellow countrymen at any cost. Addric was sure that he was aware of the prophecies, but he probably imagined that they referred to a distant future.
Addric was not about to tell him that in less than two weeks’ time, that prophecy was about to come true.


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