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Jesus Villalobos

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Three Days of Darkness and the Coming Flood
by Jesus Villalobos   

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Publisher:  Jesus Villalobos ISBN-10:  B004KAB9EM Type: 


Copyright:  March 29, 2010

Jesus left a definite sign of His return. He called it the sign of the Son of Man in Matthew 24:29-31. Through careful study we find He gave us the actual date of His return.
Matthew 24 does not say it is impossible to know when Jesus is returning. It states it is impossible to know when heaven and earth shall pass away (be destroyed by Jesus' Father). This is the date that is unknowable.

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Day of the Lord




It is without apology that I write this book although it may step on the toes of many of today’s theologians. It is through many hours of prayer and tears that the writing of this book came about. It is not lightly that I undertook to write this controversial book.

Controversial not because it is not sound doctrine, but in the sense, that there will be many who will not understand its message. For too long we have been spoon fed the Scriptures, not searching for the truths of God for ourselves. For too long, end time prophecy has been neglected.

Many still unfulfilled prophecies are being withheld, when dealing with end time events. It is time for the average Christian to take control of his/her own salvation, by serious study of the Scriptures. This is not to say that those whom have led are without merit, but rather that the emphasis in these last days, must shift to one’s own responsibility to work out their own salvation.

For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ to receive the things done in our bodies; whether good or bad. Forgetting those things which have passed by, and reaching forward to the high calling of the Lord Jesus Christ, who has suffered, died, and resurrected, to bring us to an eternal salvation not to be repented of.

Let us therefore not neglect such a great salvation, which God, in His great wisdom, has provided through the manifold sufferings of His only begotten Son; our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who is my beloved, loving husband. To Him are all the glory and power and dominion, both now and forever, amen.




The earth lies in deep darkness; no light shines from the heavens. Panic grips the hearts of men as they dreadfully await the outcome of this phenomenon. No one dares venture outside; they stay indoors in a vain attempt to ward off the evil they know is outside.

They hear the gnashing of teeth, the sound of mournful cries. Nerves are shattered and bravery abandoned as they ride out the worst time in earth’s history as they have known it.

Off in the distance another scream; “Oh my God, no, no, no!” Then just as suddenly, silence. Somehow as if instinctively, they summarize their fate. Whatever is out there is hungry for human flesh!

Maybe we should have listened more closely to that raving old lunatic; each one thinks to his or her self. But that old man sounded crazy, ranting and raving at the top of his lungs; “Three days of darkness and God’s Devine judgment!” He shouted again, “You have asked for a sign, a sign you shall receive!” “The sign of the Son of Man awaits you,” he said.

Surely his words and the present situation had nothing in common. Surely this was mere coincidence. That old gizzard had claimed to be the prophet who was to announce the return of Jesus of Nazareth to claim His rightful place as king of the world.

But that was insanity. Still, what if he had been telling the truth all along? Another scream broke through; “Oh my God, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” The words stopped. What if that lunatic was saner than the rest of us? Nah, it couldn’t be. In between the terror could be heard the songs of praise being sung to God for His great sacrifice of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. How could they be singing at a time like this? Those insensitive morons, couldn’t they hear the screams of desperation by their fellow human beings?

Surely a God of love could not have sanctioned such a terrible thing as this. Surely He would curse any human who could sing at such a traumatic time in the history of the world. Anyway, where was God in all this? Why if He exists doesn’t He help? The old fart had quoted from that outdated collection of books he called the Word of God. He had warned mankind to repent and believe on the Son of God whom he believed to be Jesus of Nazareth.

Indeed! How could he expect anyone to believe Jesus could still be alive after nearly two thousand years? Still, he had found somewhat of a following. They were as mad as he was.

He had said the Word of God declared a time of judgment just before Jesus’ return. He claimed to know when Jesus was returning. Two thousand years after His ascension into heaven. When asked why the calendar had passed the year 2000, he sputtered something to the effect that mankind had started the New Testament calendar 33 and a half years too early. He said they should have started it after the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, not at His birth.

Who did this guy think he was, changing the calendar? It wasn’t bad enough when the new world leader did it. It took some getting used to. Now he wanted us to go back to the old version, but accept his version that it was off by 33 and one half years, which meant that this present darkness was the actual year 2000. Who could believe such nonsense?

Voices could be heard thanking God for revealing these things to the simple and confounding the wise in their own eyes. Just who did these people think they were, making merry at a time like this? They were no better than the rest of us.

How had they found a way to keep their lights on when the rest of the world lay in total darkness? Though their lights could not be seen by the rest of the world, they did have light or they could not be singing and rejoicing. Who were they to judge the rest of the world?

The animal noises outside were much more ferocious sounding than any animal ever heard of. They sounded like something out of a horror classic only all too realistic. The screams were not fake on the other side of the walls. What, or who, was out there killing and eating human flesh?

The earth had left its orbit and been flung into darkness due to the nuclear war which destroyed Iraq. The old buzzard had at least been right about the end results of this nuclear war. He had said Iraq which he called Babylon would be destroyed by nuclear war which would send the earth hurtling through space to a place of darkness. How he knew this was beyond me.

Maybe he held a degree in physics or some such thing. Though that would not explain how he knew it would be the Kurds, whom he called the Medes, who would destroy Iraq. I could not figure this guy out. He had to be crazy, but still I had to admit he had some things right on the money.

The war between the Kurds (Medes) and Iraq (Babylon) had escalated rapidly and unexpectedly. The Kurds said they had a Devine decree to destroy Iraq. Ha, they were as loony as the old man! What was this world coming to? A new beginning with Jesus as its king if the old man was to be believed.

According to the old guy, after the world saw three days of darkness, Jesus would return to reclaim what Satan had stolen, the Earth. Jesus would return and gather His Children up into the clouds of glory, he said. This, just before He in a rage, tipped the world upside down, causing another world wide flood like the days of Noah. This was in the Word of God as he called it.

This time however, God would not kill everyone due to a promise He made to Noah. God would however, kill all but 10% based upon another promise made to a man named Abraham who asked God if there were ten righteous to spare two cities named Sodom and Gomorrah. The old man had turned this to mean a percentage prophecy for the next world wide flood God would bring upon the earth. Go figure.

Another worldwide flood? There was no proof of any previous worldwide flood. Apparently, this next flood was in one of those books the old guy quoted from. I believe he had said it was in the book of Isaiah chapter 13 if I remembered correctly.

Preposterous! Why was I even thinking about these things? Wait! What’s that light? Could it be the earth has returned to its original orbit around the sun? Oh, no! It can’t be! Jesus!!!

The previous scenario was one of countless millions which will be played out by those foolish enough to ignore the prophetic warnings given by the Word of God. I have purposed in my heart not to allow this to happen to any more than is necessary.

The truths of God’s Word must be revealed to those who will listen. I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness; “Make straight the way of the Lord (preach truth not error) the Lord comes suddenly to His temple.” “His winnowing fork is in His hand, the wheat He will gather into His barn, but the chaff He will burn with unquenchable fire!”

These are the days of vengeance. The books shall be opened and the dead shall be judged according to their works. Those who had done the good shall reap everlasting life. Those who had done the bad go to everlasting shame and punishment.

Behold, I come quickly as a thief in the night (darkness); and my reward is with me. Be ready therefore with your lamps burning and your wicks trimmed lest coming I should find you sleeping. I am the everlasting light of light; those who find me shall never know darkness. Revelation 3:3, Revelation 22:11-13.





Did the apostles understand that I must die and resurrect?” This was the question I heard the Lord ask me as I lay upon my bed in the darkness during the Passover season of 2008 in April. Stunned, but not surprised that God would use my quiet time to speak to me, I answered Him aloud as is my custom. I told the Lord that the Apostles did not know that He would die and resurrect.

The Lord’s response caused me to freeze up. He asked me if the Apostles did not know He had to resurrect, why then would they even bother to ask Him in Matthew 24 about the sign of His return. They did not know He was going away!

I struggled to find the most logical answer to this enigma. Then it came to me. The Holy Spirit had put the question into their mouths. The Lord told me that I had answered correctly. The Scriptures were quite clear that the Apostles were told that Jesus would die and resurrect. The Scriptures are also clear that the Apostles understood not what Jesus was talking about. Matthew 17:22-23 (Jesus reveals death), Apostles grieve but don’t understand.

This is the same timeframe as Mark 9:29-32, (Jesus reveals death), they (the Apostles), understood not and it was hid from them (by God). John 20:6-9 (John believes Jesus has risen), “as yet they understood not the Scripture that He (Jesus) must rise from the dead.” Since the Apostles did not understand Jesus was going away, they would not have asked this question at all unless the Holy Spirit had put the question in their mouths to ask.

If then, the question was asked by the Holy Spirit, it stands to reason that the question is perfectly asked with no errors. If this is the case, then why is the question singular and not plural if there are indeed two comings of Jesus one for the Church and one for Israel? The question is; “What will be THE SIGN (singular) of Thy COMING (singular)? Remember, this is the Holy Spirit asking the question not the Apostles.

There is no mistaking the fact that there is only ONE coming mentioned! Since the Holy Spirit asked the question, there is no deception in the question. Therefore, there is indeed only ONE SIGN the Church should be looking for which will reveal Jesus’ coming.

Jesus repeats this fact when He answers the question. Jesus says that immediately AFTER the tribulation of those days, the sun would be darkened and the moon would not give its light and the stars of heaven would fall to the earth. He completes His answer by saying, that then they (the inhabitants of the earth who rejected Him), would see THE SIGN (singular) of the Son of Man.

This does not mean the Church will not experience THE SIGN; He is singling out the non believers, because it is them that will be the ones to actually experience the judgment of God known as THE SIGN of the Son of Man. The Church will be spared the judgment, but will know full well what is happening to the non believers at this terrible time of God’s judgment! Matthew 24:29-30.

For you to understand what I am saying, I need to tell you just what THE SIGN of the Son of Man is. I lay there in the dark conversing with the Lord, when the Lord asked me the final series of questions, which shook me to my core as I understood their implications. Jesus’ warnings about being deceived about His return began to take on a whole new importance.

The Spirit of God was wise to put this question into the mouths of the Apostles as it would be the key to understanding just when Jesus would return, and what would be the key to avoiding deceptions concerning Jesus’ return.

The Lord told me that the Pharisees had asked Him for a sign, that He was the promised Messiah, since He was driving out those who bought and sold in the temple. He replied, “An evil and adulteress generation seeks after a sign, and no sign shall be given it but the sign of Jonah; for as Jonah was in the belly of the great fish three day and three nights, so shall the Son of Man be in the heart of the earth. Matthew 12:39-40.

The Lord next asked me, “Did I not say, ‘I am the light of the world?” I replied “Yes.” “If then, the light of the world went into the center of the earth, what happened to the earth?” I replied, “It went into darkness.” “Yes,” He said, “But for how long?” “For three days and nights,” I answered. “That is correct,” The Lord said. “I gave the Scribes and Pharisees only ONE SIGN that I was the Messiah. Do you think I am going to give the Church a different SIGN?”

His words cut through me like a hot knife as I understood what He was telling me. He was telling me, just what THE SIGN of the SON of MAN was! Three days and nights without light, THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS!

Like lightning, the peace I had been experiencing during our conversation turned to concern. I begged The Lord to verify that it was indeed Him who was talking to me. Just as quickly, to calm me down, the Lord began to give me Scriptures to verify, what He had just revealed to me.

He began by asking me how many hours darkness was over the land of Israel, while He hung on the cross. I answered three. He asked me if I thought the two might somehow be related, the three days of darkness, and the three hours of darkness over the land of Israel as He hung on the cross.

I told him I supposed it could be a smaller version of the same sign. He told me I was correct. He used a smaller version of a greater truth. The three hours of darkness, were intended to represent the three days the light of the world, would be missing as He lay in the tomb.

I told the Lord He needed to show me more proof that The Sign of the Son of Man was indeed three days of darkness, three days without light. He took me to the Exodus; the final plague upon Egypt, which was the death of the firstborn.

He asked me to tell Him what accompanied the death of the firstborn in the Scriptures. I answered that I was not sure. He told me to grab my Bible and look it up. I did. I almost fell off my bed! Three days of darkness accompanied the death of the firstborn in Egypt! Exodus 10:21-22. He asked me if I was beginning to see a pattern. I said “yes.”

I asked the Lord if there were any more proofs in the Scriptures. He replied that I should go to the covenant (contract), He had made with Abraham. I understood, before I even turned my Bible to the page. I remembered asking God as a child, why a terrible darkness

would come upon Abraham during a contract uniting him to a holy God. I was about to get my answer, 40 years later! Abraham had seen THE SIGN of the Son of Man! Genesis 15:8-13. But why?

The Lord explained to me that He showed Pharaoh THE SIGN, because he had asked Moses, for a sign that the Lord was indeed the true God of the universe. Pharaoh had asked Moses, “Who is the Lord that I should obey Him?” Translation, give me a sign that your God is God indeed!” This is the same attitude of the Scribes and Pharisees. Exodus 5:2.

But what about Abraham? Abraham had asked the same question, but with an honest heart before God. Abraham asked God how he could be sure that God was going to give him the land of Canaan. But, he was only being cautious that it was indeed the God of the universe he was talking too. Therefore, God showed him THE SIGN with a heart of Love, rather than a heart full of vengeance. Genesis 15:2-7.

I asked for one more Scripture to confirm that this was indeed THE SIGN of the Son of Man. The Lord told me to go to Genesis. He asked me, when He had placed the sun and the moon in the heavens to shed light upon the earth? I replied that it was on the fourth day. He asked me, “Then how long was the earth in darkness?” “Three days,” I said. “Right again,” the Lord said.

“But you said, ‘Let there be light,” and there was light, I said. “Yes, but I also explain, that I separated the light from the darkness. I did not permit the light to enter the darkness for three days, in order that honor might be shown for the death and resurrection which was to come to pay for mankind’s sin.

I put a barrier between the light and the darkness. So, now do you understand that THE SIGN of the Son of Man is three days without light, three days of darkness?” “Yes,” I said. Then it came to me, and I shuddered as I lay upon my bed. I realized that there was only going to be ONE coming of Jesus. It needed to be preceded by the ONE AND ONLY SIGN spoken of by Jesus himself. The sun would grow dark and the moon would not give its light, and the stars of heaven would fall to the earth.

The stars falling to the earth, would be what appeared to be happening as the earth was hurled through space leaving the orbit around the sun, being flung into a place of darkness just as had happened in the beginning of Genesis 1:2. This, would start the countdown to Jesus’ return, which would occur THREE DAYS LATER!





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