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Keshawn E Dodds

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Menzuo S.W. Solar Warriors, Legend of the Blue Diamond
by Keshawn E Dodds   

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Publisher:  iUniverse ISBN-10:  0595368891 Type: 


Copyright:  January 2005 ISBN-13:  9780595368891


Book #2 of the Menzuo-Solar Warriors Series. Menzuo has to save another planet within our universe but his decision leaves earth vulnerable to the Pirate Warriors attack in his absence.

When Jammal, a.k.a. Menzuo-the hero of the thrilling first book of the Menzuo S.W. (Solar Warriors) series-found out that he was adopted and from another planet, his true destiny as the new universal protector was revealed. With his guardian, Solar, and trainer, Master Renzfly, Jammal quickly gained the knowledge of the Yardanian combat style and important information about the structure of the universe. In his first mission, Menzuo saved the Earth from one very dangerous Pirate Warrior named Morbid.

Now Menzuo is ready to continue his preparation to become the true universal protector. As he trains with Solar by his side, under Master Renzfly's watchful eye, a mysterious messenger from the outer realm interrupts his progress and begs for Menzuo's help to save planet Bralose.
Unexpected changes occur as Menzuo finds that he's not prepared to battle Hydrosion. This realization brings the dawn of a group called the Solar Warriors. But how will Menzuo gain the confidence and strength needed to defeat the Pirate Warrior Hydrosion? Only time will tell as Menzuo does his best to protect his universe
Chapter 10
Under Complete Control

The rest of the school year went by quickly for Jammal. As usual, he aced every class with flying colors. As for Jeffery and Michael, the rest of the school year was a struggle. They clowned around and goofed off so much that they were in jeopardy of failing the last marking period. It seemed to be a reoccurring theme with those two, always waiting until the last minute to get the job done.

When their parents found out how bad they were doing in school, their year-long passes to the arcade were quickly taken from them. They were told that if they didn’t improve, the passes were going to be shredded. From that moment on, Jeffery and Michael’s attitudes changed. There was nothing like a good threat to get those two moving.

They grinded out the rest of the school year and studied at Jammal’s house each and every evening. They knewthat was the only way they were going to pass and they did, luckily.

On the first night of the last day of school, Jammal went to bed expecting everything to be the same since he had his battle with Morbid. He talked to Solar off and on and let his mind rest from all of his future duties but things were going to change very quickly.

“Goodnight Barkley, I’m worn out,” said Jammal. He let out a loud yawn and sat on his bed.

Barkley stretched out his legs and plopped onto the rug, “Yeah, me too. That mailman is a fun target to scare everyday but he’s getting a little boring for me.”

Jammal shook his head with a half smile. He fell back onto his pillow. He sighed with relief, happy that his summer vacation was about to begin.

As soon as Jammal closed his eyes, he fell into a deep sleep. Suddenly a bright light appeared in the distance. He knew exactly who it was. Jammal smiled as the light flew closer, “Hey Solar, what’s up?” he said curiously.

“Oh nothing much, I’ve just been waiting for you to fall asleep. Oh yeah, congratulations on making it to the seventh grade,” added Solar happily.

Jammal smiled, “Oh that was easy. School isn’t that hard for me. You should be saying congratulations to Jeffery and Michael. They’re the ones who need it.”

They both chuckled for a few seconds. “Well anyways,” said Solar. “The time has come for you to begin your training.”

A huge smile went across Jammal’s face, “Are you serious?” he said happily with his eyes wide open.

“Yes I am my prince, master Renzfly is waiting for you in our training zone.”

Jammal nodded, “Well then let’s get to it. Bring me there,” he said anxiously.

“As you wish,” replied Solar. He flew back into the stone. A few seconds later Jammal was transported to his training area. “We are here my prince,”

Jammal looked around curiously, “Where is he Solar?” he said wanting to know where master Renzfly was.

“Over there,” said Solar in a serious tone.

Jammal turned around and noticed master Renzfly sitting on a huge bolder, “Hey master Renzfly, what’s going on?” he said happily.

With a half smile, master Renzfly stood to his feet then bowed, “I am fine my prince and I am very proud of you. You have really proven to the universe that you are ready to protect it.”

Jammal nodded with a smile, “So, how is everything? I was wondering when we were going to get started.”

“Everything is just fine, now that you have made the universe safe. It has been a very long time since we could rest from the fear of being overtaken by those evil Pirate Warriors.”

“Yeah but there is always new evil out there waiting for us right?” added Jammal.

Master Renzfly nodded, “Exactly my prince. There is always the threat of a more powerful Pirate Warrior rearing its evil head in our universe. It is just a matter of time before you will be engulfed in another battle, and believe me the next Pirate Warrior that will be sent will be more powerful than Morbid.”

Jammal scratched his head, “I don’t like the fact that they can transfer their powers like that?”

Master Renzfly smiled, “Well my prince that is just how things work for them on planet Excervo. Somehow in someway, Morbid was able to release his powers before you blew him up. The only ones who noticed the transfer of power were King Zenshuo, Solar and I.”

Jammal took a deep breath, “So will I be in battle soon?”

“It is uncertain at this time. The one good thing about Morbid’s transfer of power is that it usually takes a few Earth months for it to be fully regenerated into another Pirate Warrior. But once that has happened, there is no telling when it will attack.

“Oh I see,” said Jammal. He was finally beginning to understand the situation. “So we are in no immediate danger?”

“That is correct my prince. We should have plenty of time for you to finish the second part of stage one.”

A big smile went across Jammal’s face, “That’s fine with me, so can I power up now?”

“Yes you may my prince,” said master Renzfly quickly. He looked at Jammal’s anxious face.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about!” in an instant, Jammal quickly changed into his power suit. “Wow that really felt good!”

Master Renzfly’s eyes opened wide, “Well it should. Your body has fully adjusted to its new transformation of having those unbelievable powers.”

Menzuo looked down at the stone around his neck, “So how do you feel Solar?”

Solar took a deep breath, “To tell you the truth, I never felt better. I feel like a million bucks.”

Menzuo smiled and looked up at master Renzfly, “So what’s first?”

Master Renzfly crossed his arms and walked towards Menzuo, “The first thing that you have to understand is that even though you have beaten Morbid, you are nowhere near your full potential. It may take many years, and even a life-time before you ever reach that level,” he said then calmly lowered his arms. He looked Menzuo right in the eyes, “But, the best thing out of that battle that you did, was out think him. He underestimated your strength from the beginning and you capitalized on that. But the next warrior that you will face will not be as ignorant. He will attack your mind as well as your body, so you have to be ready for anything.”

Menzuo sighed then nodded, “I understand master Renzfly. I’ll make sure that I’ll stay focused until that day.”

Solar started to shine brightly from the stone, “You better believe it my prince. As long as I’m here, there will be no slip ups.”

Master Renzfly smiled at the sound of Solar’s confident voice, “It is nice to see you two are working well together,” master Renzfly fixed his dreadlocks and took a deep breath. The smile quickly left his face. Menzuo noticed that he was ready to begin the training. “Alright my prince it is time for us to begin. Be prepared to defend yourself. I will come at you with a full attack. I know that you don’t fully understand how to make yourself disappear and reappear, so that will be the first technique that you will master tonight.”

Menzuo nodded and got into his fighting stance, “Okay master Renzfly, just guide me through it.”

In an instant, master Renzfly powered up making the wind pick up and blow past Menzuo, “Be ready for it Menzuo. The best way for you to understand how to use this technique is in battle. SO LET’S GO!” he shouted loudly.

At that moment, master Renzfly flew towards Menzuo as fast as he could.

Menzuo put his guard up ready to block his punches and kicks, “Here we go Menzuo! He’s serious!” shouted.

Menzuo smiled, “Yeah, I know. I got it,” he said confidently.

Just as master Renzfly swung, Menzuo was ready to block it but before he knew it, master Renzfly had disappeared then quickly reappeared behind him, “Whoa! What happened?” he said curiously.

“WATCH OUT!” screamed Solar but it was too late.


Master Renzfly punched Menzuo in the middle of his back, sending him right into the boulder that he was once sitting on.

KAPOW! The boulder exploded on impact.

A huge cloud of dust filled the sky. Menzuo quickly stood up and dusted himself off. Before he could react, master Renzfly continued his attack, “Menzuo, he’s coming again!” shouted Solar anxiously.

“I know but I can’t see where he is. The dust is blocking my view,” cried Menzuo.

As he looked around in the clouded area, master Renzfly unleashed a furious attack, “MEGA BODY ATTACK!”

Menzuo looked up and noticed three bright flames flying towards him, “Oh no!” Menzuo quickly dove out of the dust cloud just as the flames hit the ground.


“Concentrate Menzuo! He’s coming at us hard,” said Solar desperately.

“I know. I could feel his power inside that cloud of dust. He is so strong!”

Just as he said that, master Renzfly flew out of the dust cloud and directly towards him screaming loudly, “DOUBLE MEGA BODY ATTACK!”

“Double mega body attack, what is that?” shouted Menzuo curiously.
The palms of master Renzfly’s hands started to glow.

“Get out of the way Menzuo!” screamed Solar desperately.

At that moment, two smaller fireballs left master Renzfly’s hands and flew in two different directions, one to the left and one to the right. As master Renzfly continued to fly towards Menzuo, he let one huge fireball, three times the size of the smaller ones fly straight towards Menzuo quickly. As soon as master Renzfly let it go, he disappeared again.

“That’s it!” shouted Menzuo angrily. He flew into the sky as quickly as he could.

“Menzuo, it’s following us!” screamed Solar frantically.

“Menzuo looked down and noticed that the huge fireball was gaining speed, “I have to outrun it Solar.”

“Let’s go then!” said Solar confidently.

Menzuo sped up and headed towards the clouds. He quickly flew through them and zig zagged his way through, hoping to lose the huge fireball.

As he popped out of a cloud, Menzuo looked back and noticed that it was still on his tail, “Man that thing is fast. How am I going to lose it?”

“I don’t know but we have some company,” said Solar quickly.
Menzuo looked to his left then his right. The two smaller fireballs popped up through the clouds on each side of him, “They’re trying to box me in.”

“Head towards the ground Menzuo!” shouted Solar loudly.

In an instant, Menzuo dropped through the clouds like a dive-bomber and headed towards the ground.
He heard master Renzfly yell to him, “You have to make them blow themselves up. That is the only way to stop this attack!”

Menzuo didn’t answer for a moment, he was very confused. The young prince was busy trying to out run those fireballs and come up with a strategy to blow them up. It was not an easy task for him to do.
“How am I going to do that master Renzfly? These things are right on my tail!”

“As soon as you get inches from the ground, face them and close your eyes. Say to yourself ‘Sensing Densor’ and see what happens.”

Menzuo nodded to master Renzfly’s plan. He quickly picked up speed and darted towards the ground. As soon as he was a few feet from it, he did exactly what master Renzfly told him. He turned around and noticed the three fireballs closing in on him.

“Close your eyes Menzuo and concentrate!” shouted Solar.

Menzuo nodded and quickly
closed his eyes. As soon as he did, he yelled, “SENSING DENSOR!” In that moment, the darkness that Menzuo was looking into with his eyes closed quickly changed. He slowly opened his eyes and could now see the three fireballs frozen in time just inches from his body, “What is this Solar?”

“I guess this is how you can disappear and reappear. Move out of the way of those bombs before they start to move again.”

Menzuo floated out of the way and directly behind the three fireballs. As he paused behind them, the wind picked up and the bombs exploded into the ground.

Menzuo slowly floated to the ground, “Oh my goodness…that was cool!”

“I know my prince. We are lucky we had master Renzfly’s help with this one,” said Solar very relieved.

Menzuo sighed as master Renzfly floated down next to him, “You did it my prince. You have successfully completed the Sensing Densor. The Sensing Densor only lasts for five seconds each time it is used. Everything for the person that uses this technique makes time pause while the rest of the universe is still in real time. Cool huh?”

Menzuo gave master Renzfly as very hard look as if he didn’t hear a word that he said, “Hey man, are you trying to kill me? It seems like you went a little psycho on me back there. What was that about?”

Master Renzfly chuckled and shook his head, “Now my prince, I hope that you understand that I’m not trying to kill you, I’m just training you in the best way that I know how. How would it look if I took it easy on our universal protector? It is my job to make sure that you are trained and prepared properly.”

Menzuo looked at him like he instantly grew three heads, “Shoot, with you training me, I should never have to fight another Pirate Warrior. You’re bad enough.”

Master Renzfly smiled softly, “It is all a part of your training my prince. You have to get used to it.”

Menzuo nodded, “But master Renzfly, how did you do that double mega body attack?”

“That comes with time. Once you have full control over your body, you will be able to use that but until then, just stick with what you know,” responded master Renzfly.

Menzuo nodded, letting master Renzfly know that he fully understood.

Master Renzfly took a few steps back from Menzuo, “Okay my prince. Now that you are fully ready for anything, it is time for us to ontinue the hand-to-hand battle. You must not allow me to hit you too much. Use the Sensing Densor to avoid my attacks. I will stop when I my attacks have become no threat to you.”

Menzuo nodded confidently, “Okay, I’m ready.” he said with a calm voice. He quickly powered up, master Renzfly did the same. The battle continued.

In an instant, both of the warriors charged at each other like a bolt of lightening. “DO YOUR BEST MENZUO!” shouted master Renzfly. They both swung at each other’s heads.


Both punches landed on their cheeks, making them bounce away from each other. “We can do this prince Menzuo!” said Solar confidently. Menzuo and master Renzfly floated in front of each other studying the others movements.

“Here we go!” said Menzuo yelling to Solar. He quickly charged towards master Renzfly.

“Yes, that’s it! Bring your best attack!” shouted master Renzfly.

“AAAH!” screamed Menzuo. He swung violently at master Renzfly’s body. His hands moved like lazer beams.

Master Renzfly blocked his every attack with ease. Punch after punch and kick after kick, Menzuo through with precision trying his best to hit him.

As he continued his attack, a smile fell across his face. Menzuo noticed it but continued his attack, “Something is up Solar,” he said to him telepathically.

“I know, be very careful,” responded Solar cautiously.

At that moment, master Renzfly let his right hand fall to his side and continued to block Menzuo’s attack with his left. He quickly yelled, “Mega Body Attack!” a huge flame filled his palm. He quickly pointed at Menzuo’s body. “Take this!”


“WATCH OUT!” shouted Solar, trying to alert Menzuo.

Menzuo was fully prepared for master Renzfly’s attack. He closed his eyes, “Sensing Densor!”

As the fireballs were leaving master Renzfly’s hands, they stopped just inches from Menzuo’s body. He quickly moved from in front of them and situated himself directly behind master Renzfly as time was still frozen.

Just as everything started to speed up, Menzuo reappeared. He swung at the back of master Renzfly’s head.


Master Renzfly quickly did the same and made him self disappear and reappear directly behind Menzuo. As soon as he reappeared, he swung at Menzuo’s head with tremendous force.


Menzuo disappeared then reappeared, ready to attack again. Back and fourth, master Renzfly and the young warrior avoided each other’s attacks by using the Sensing Densor in different areas. At times, it seemed as if they were invisible.

As the battle continued, Solar shouted, “My prince, we have to figure out a way to catch him off guard. He’s too quick and way too experienced for us to beat him at his own game.”

“So what should we do?” said Menzuo telepathically.

“We have to figure out a way to throw off his use of the Sensing Densor to get him to expose his body. Then we can attack him.”

“Okay Solar,” answered Menzuo. He and master Renzfly continued their battle.

A few seconds later, Solar yelled, “I got it!”

“Got what?” questioned Menzuo. He quickly blocked master Renzfly’s devastating kick then disappeared. He reappeared and tried to punch him but it was blocked as well.

“Fly up to the clouds. I have a plan,” said Solar anxiously.

Just as master Renzfly reappeared, Menzuo shot up into the sky straight into the clouds. Master Renzfly gave chase.

“What now Solar?” asked Menzuo.

“Wait for him to appear through the clouds. As soon as he does, throw the Mega Body Attack. As soon as he disappears, you disappear with him. I think you will be able to see where he is going. If this works, we can confuse his next move.”

They waited above the clouds patiently.

Menzuo nodded confidently and waited for master Renzfly to appear. As soon as his head popped through the clouds, Solar yelled, “NOW! DO IT NOW!”

Without hesitation, Menzuo screamed, “MEGA BODY ATTACK!”
A huge flame went flying towards master Renzfly. As soon as he noticed the fireball, he disappeared.

“Okay Menzuo, use the Sensing Densor.”

Menzuo quickly closed his eyes, “SENSING DENSOR!” at that moment, Menzuo could see master Renzfly floating around the fireball, looking for him. For some reason, he couldn’t see where Menzuo was.

“Solar its working!”
Solar shined brightly through the stone, “Now, when you reappear, throw another Mega Body Attack. When he disappears again, you do the same but this time move in on him and attack quickly. Don’t let him recover.”

Menzuo nodded. Everything started to go back to normal. Master Renzfly noticed that Menzuo was just a few feet away from him but before he could move, Menzuo shouted, “MEGA BODY ATTACK!”

Three more flames flew towards master Renzfly’s head. Just before it hit him, he disappeared out of its way.
“It’s your turn now Menzuo! Make it happen!” shouted Solar quickly.

At that moment, Menzuo disappeared and found where master Renzfly was. He attacked him without being detected.

As time was sped up, Menzuo threw a fierce punch at master Renzfly’s chest. When the Sensing Densor wore off, Menzuo’s fist landed powerfully, sending him through the thick clouds and back towards the ground like a missile.

“Great Job Menzuo,” shouted Solar, congratulating him, “But you know we are not done.”

Menzuo smiled. “Yes, I know. I have to finish what I started,” he quickly flew through the clouds and noticed that master Renzfly was already on the ground waiting for him. “I wonder what he’s up too.”
“I don’t know but be careful,” said Solar carefully.

Menzuo darted towards him. A few seconds later, a rumbling noise caught their attention. Master Renzfly opened his arms and pointed his palms towards the ground. As soon as he turned them over, three huge boulders were lifted into the sky.

“What is he doing?” asked Menzuo curiously. He paused in the sky and waited to see what master Renzfly was going to do.

“I don’t know but he looks very angry,” said Solar quickly.

Menzuo watched anxiously. Master Renzfly pointed at him and started to move his hand in a circular motion. As he did, the three boulders circled clockwise just above his head. Faster and faster they moved until they looked like one huge brown ring. It gave off a powerful wind which lifted master Renzfly’s silver dreadlocks. As soon as all of his hair was standing straight up, his whole body was sucked into the middle of the boulder ring.

Menzuo’s eyes widened, “Where did he go?” he asked, hoping that Solar had a good answer.

“Man, I wish I knew,” said Solar.

The brown ring started to whistle. It moved slowly towards Menzuo, “What am I supposed to do Solar?”

“Blow it up!” shouted Solar quickly as the ring got closer.

Menzuo held his hands out and screamed, “MEGA BODY ATTACK!”

The flames flew from his hands straight towards the brown ring. Within seconds, the fireballs were quickly absorbed.

“Whoa! Where did it go?” asked Menzuo with his eyes widened.

“I don’t know but get rid of that thing!” screamed Solar said as the brown ring continued to move towards them.

“MEGA BODY ATTACK! MEGA BODY ATTACK! MEGA BODY ATTACK!” Menzuo let nine huge flames fly towards the ring. Just like his furst attack, they were all absorbed just as quickly.

The boulder ring stopped just a few feet from Menzuo. He looked into the spinning boulders and noticed master Renzfly smiling back at him. “I hope that you can handle this Menzuo,” he said loudly.

As the ring spun clockwise, master Renzfly started to spin counterclockwise. Menzuo watched carefully. Master Renzfly’s body became very blurry in the middle of the spinning boulders. A golden glow formed around his body. Menzuo quickly backed away in the sky.

“GET READY MENZUO!” master Renzfly said yelling out him.

“For what?” Menzuo said curiously.

“FOR THIS! COUNTER RELEASE!” screamed master Renzfly.

At that moment, the three boulders and all of Mega Body Attacks that Menzuo threw, flew right at him. “OH MY GOODNESS!” yelled Solar.

With quick thinking, Menzuo yelled out, “SENSING DENSOR!” he quickly disappeared.

Menzuo moved out of the way of the boulders and his own attacks just in time. He looked around but couldn’t locate master Renzfly.

As soon as time sped up, Menzuo felt a huge pain in his back which knocked the wind out of his body.


Master Renzfly punched him and sent his helpless body right into the ground like a rocket.


The ground exploded when Menzuo’s body hit it. A huge dust cloud filled the sky.

Master Renzfly floated to the ground as the dust faded. He noticed Menzuo in the ground coughing and clenching his back, “Are you going to give up or what?”

Menzuo controlled his breathing as he slowly stood to his feet, “Not in a million years! If I can hit you once then I can do it again!”

He quickly powered up and shot out of the hole towards master Renzfly contining his battle.

Master Renzfly was proud of his young pupil as he continued his training in hand to hand combat.

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