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M. R. Mathias

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Publisher:  Michael R. Mathias Jr. ISBN-10:  1453887024 Type:  Fiction


ISBN-13:  9781453887028

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Dragoneers Page

A handfull of survivors wash ashore from a ship wreck in a strange new world. Two centuries later their descendants have populated the Islands they found and are now striving to populate a mainland infested with trolls and dragons. Only some of the dragons want the trolls gone as bad as the men do.

The Royal Dragoneers was deemed one of Fantasy Book Critic's Top 10 independant fantasy releases of 2010 and is featured in the first ever Publishers Weekle Indie Select Issue.

Editorial Reviews

Mathias has created a great cast of characters... My favorite was Zah. She is a strong female, and she can kick some major butt. The other characters I loved were the dragons...seriously kept me on the edge of the seat.
--Michelle Goodreads Review

The action is fast and furious, and the novel has the author's trademark twists on the traditional storyline and keeps one guessing where it will go. It is a fun book that I heartily recommend.
--Fantasy Book Critic

An exciting step into a mythic world of awe-inspiring escapade, wild battles, exciting characters. Action is fast paced, satisfying in quantity and moves the reader at a brisk pace from page to page at a breathless tempo
--MJ Hollingshead Book Review

Product Description

 The Royal Dragoneers

Hold on to your dragon! You're about to journey through a brave new world of hearty survivors straight into a dragon riding, troll fighting adventure for the ages.

After struggling for more than two centuries to tame the inhospitable, dragon infested Islands where they washed up, the descendants of the survivors of a lost passenger ship are now striving to tame the Mainland they have found.

But the Goblin King, an Ivory antlered demon called Gravelbone, has a different plan for the men who are invading his territory. He and his Nightshade are rallying the trolls to defend their lands.
With the help of the dragons, goblins, and orcs they plan on rendering the wall the humans have built useless, so that they can drive man back to the islands from where they came.

When stubborn King Blanchard finally accepts that the kingdom really is under attack it may be too late, and the only ones who can save the people on the Mainland have been locked away in the dungeon.

Join some brave young men and their mentor, a grizzled old King's Ranger, and a particularly clever young magic wielding woman, as they traverse the wild frontier, and sail to King's Island to warn the King of the warring trolls. Then hold on for your life as you tear through the pages, because the pure blooded dragons they have befriended have another plan all together.

 Available in select bookstores and everywhere books are sold online.


The first 100 pages of this title are available for on screen PC reading or download to almost every type of ereader device, here:

An short excerpt from The Royal Dragoneers:

From some distance, a battle horn sounded. Men from one of the many keeps that had been built in the area before the construction of the wall must have finally seen the attack, and were sending men forth. A few dozen armored horsemen came galloping out of an open gate, and a score of pike men marched after them. Another horn sounded from somewhere else, but Zah couldn’t concern herself with any of it.

Crystal came, streaking toward the opening in the earth, and Zahrellion focused her attention on the knotted mass of seething goblinkin scrabbling up from it. Her fingers traced a pinkish lavender symbol in the air before her, and then she threw her hand forth pointing at the hole. The very world seemed to pull inward toward her fingertip before the magical energy released into a warbling yellow flow that went, streaking down, into the enemy. Crystal cut a sharp veering turn away from the area and managed to spew a jet of her glacial breath over some of the goblins. Frozen in place, they slowly cracked to pieces.

With a gut vibrating whooomp! and a bright, violent, flashing concussion, dozens of gray goblin bodies and a few trolls flew out and away from the hole. Some were screaming in pain, others were in gruesome bloody pieces. More than half of the goblins in the mouth of the opening were limp and lifeless, their bones and guts pulped by Zah’s powerful spell. When Crystal pulled around and cut an arc through the sky back towards the wall, Zah saw she had caused quite a bit of carnage, but had really only succeeded in widening the opening for the vermin.

More of the filthy trolls were coming out with the goblins now. Many of them were holding their heads, as if their ears had been ruptured by the blast, others had clubs or sling sacks full of throwing stones.

Zah saw an orc come growling out of the tunnel then. It began calling out orders in the strange language the goblinkin all shared. The vermin started forming a protective ring around the passage Zah had just widened for them.

Suddenly, Crystal lurched through the sky into a spinning horizontal spiral. She narrowly avoided a streaking mudge. Zah was dislodged from her position between spinal plates. She started to lift away from Crystal’s chilly body and there was nothing she could do about it.

Crystal felt Zah slipping and at the last second curved back up into her bond-mate, forcing her body to press back into her seat. It caused the relatively large white dragon to take a swath of the similar sized scarlet fire drake’s heat across her belly, which hurt her deeply. They went careening through the air, avoided a hurled stone the size of Zahrellion’s head and almost collided with one of the wall-top archer’s barbed steel shafts in the air.

“Away!” Zah yelled to her wyrm. “Get away from them. We can come back around after you’ve gathered yourself.”

“Yesss,” Crystal hissed. Her wing strokes grew longer and pushed them through the air faster and faster. Zahrellion didn’t think her dragon would recover from the scorching blast of fire so quickly, but Crystal went banking hard around just as soon as she was over the frontier and out of harm’s way.

“Hold on,” the dragon hissed and put forth even more effort into gaining not only speed but altitude as she went through her turn. By the time they were facing the wall again, they were well above the other dragons. Only the scarlet fire wyrm seemed to notice them. Crystal took advantage of her position and dove right down onto one of the black-scaled mudge. Like a hawk swooping on a rabbit, she latched onto the smaller dragon's back with both claws and snapped its spine. She pulled up just past the wall and tossed the screaming, writhing carcass into the hole, nearly clogging it.

“Good,” Zah called over the rush of the wind. “I wonder where those little beasts are going into the shaft? We need to find the other end of the tunnel.”

“Yesss,” Crystal agreed. “But firssst thisss.”

The agile white dragon changed their course and took them streaking low across the ground on the kingdom side of the wall. When they neared the hole in the ground she spat forth her frigid breath and froze half a score of the goblins and a pair of trolls into solidity. An orc popped up just then and took the blast full-force, but not before loosing a bolt from the crossbow in his arms. The missile flew straight at Crystal’s head. Somehow she corkscrewed through the air around its trajectory. She started to hiss something back to her bond-mate, but she felt Zahrellion go limp on her back. She had to fight with all she had to keep her rider from falling to her death. It wasn’t until she was well away again, and flying at a much slower clip, that she curled her long neck back and saw the fletching of the crossbow bolt jutting out of Zah’s bloody chest.

She made for a clearing in the scattered forest outside of the wall, but it was occupied by an orc and his company of trolls. She flew farther away into the frontier, because going north toward the peaks was her instinct. She knew she couldn’t fly as far as that. By the amount of blood showing through Zah’s dark robes, Crystal could only hope that the girl would survive until she found them a safe place to land.

Professional Reviews
The Dragons are Magnificent in the story
Our story begins with 16 year old Jenka stalking his prey, a large buck. The young man's ambition was to follow in his father's footsteps as a King's Ranger. His pursuit of the buck ended in a ravine. It was getting late so Jenka built a fire and settled in to wait for the morning light. Out of the dark sky, a dragon swooped down. Jenka ran in fright but returned. The young dragon was under attack from trolls. Although dragons were considered dangerous the young man could not resist protecting the beautiful creature. The trolls turned their anger on Jenka. When he regained consciousness the dragon was speaking to him. A bond was formed between the Jenka and Jade. The pair would meet again.

The trolls were planning a war, and the dragons wanted to help man to defeat their common enemy but the King was too stubborn to recognize the danger was from the trolls not the dragons. Would it be too late by the time the King accepts the truth?

Mathias is a master at characterization. The dragons are magnificent in the story. I also enjoyed the characters of Zah and Jenka. The Royal Dragoneers is book one in the The Dragoneers Saga. The plot is action is fast, furious and never ending. The plot is intricately woven with twists and turns that will keep the reader guessing. The story has a mythical quality. Fans of fantasy will not want to miss this one. -- Readers Favorite Reviews (an Amazon Vine voice)

Dragoneers and dragon's tears...
Storyline: Jenka De Swasso wants nothing more than to be a King's Ranger and, as usual for someone with a destiny larger than themselves, his life takes a sudden and dramatic turn after an encounter with a young dragon named Jade.

The goblins have a new king, Gravelbone, and are organizing with the "mudged" dragons to drive man out of their lands. Gravelbone intends to destroy the king's huge defensive wall, poison the entire kingdom and make the survivors into his slaves.

Zah and Jenka are the only ones that can save the kingdom from the demon Gravelbone and his nightshade. Together, they must convince the king of the impending war, avoid being locked away for being dragon sympathizers and learn the true nature of their bonds with their pure blooded dragons, Jade and Crystal.

Grammar/Spelling:I noticed some inconsistencies with the spelling of a character named Rikky. Occasionally, it was spelled with only one "k". There were also some minor punctuation problems that another read through with a beta reader could definitely take care of.

Character Development: The characters range from a powerful Druida to a stubborn young King's Ranger in training to dragons, each with their own form of magic to help move the story along very nicely.

One of the standout characters for me was Rikky. He is barely a teenager and even at his young age, he shows a ferociousness and tenacity seldom seen even in men twice his age. Even after a debilitating attack from the goblins, he is determined to seek revenge on the Goblin King at nearly any cost.

Writing Style: Mr. Mathias has taken a tired old genre, reshaped and revamped it to start an entirely new saga with some surprising twists. The Royal Dragoneers have each bonded with a pureblooded dragon from the far northern reaches of the kingdom and the idea that not only can man fly with a dragon, but that he could literally bond with one is incredible.

His depictions of the battles between the pureblood dragons and the mudged (or tainted) dragons are both energizing and amazing. I can almost feel the wind whooshing by as the dragons barrel dive and spray fire (even ice!) on their enemies below.

The story does have some graphic scenes of violence and gore and a sprinkle of adult language, so I don't know that it is for everyone.

Continuity: No issues noted with continuity.

Overall Rating: 4

Bravo, Mr. Mathias! Your Royal Dragoneers is truly a new spin on an old dragon tale. I really want my own Dragon Tear and my own dragon. So, if you see any flyin' about, send `em my way and I might be so inclined to come pick ya' up and we'll go for a ride!

Great job, sir! Not just another cookie cutter fantasy with terrible, made up names and a predictable story-line; but, the makings of a great series that could continue for a long, long time! I look forward to reading the rest of the saga and learning more about dragons and their amazing powers. -- Syria Evans (Syria Says Book Review)

Genuine, original, stunning fantasy Saga
I finally finished this mammoth novel and was not at all disappointed. Not only did it live up to the promise shown in the prequel but far surpassed it. M.R. Mathias is a fabulous new talent that I'll be watching closely in the future. His writing is tight, his characters unique and believable. I would compare his writing to Tolkien in that the storyline is so original and unique and the characters are strong, fully three dimensional characters but Mathias delivers all this without Tolkien's habit of over-description and overly wordy passages. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to sink into a good fantasy saga. -- Tracey Alley, author of "The Witch War Trilogy"

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