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Kenneth E Fultz

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Destruction of Sweet Creation
by Kenneth E Fultz   

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Publisher:  Kenneth E. Fultz Jr. Type: 


ISBN-13:  9781312791718

In a world of magic and technology, a boy is after revenge, and a girl must break the spell her own mother cast upon her.

Price: $2.99 (eBook)
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Hiro, an elite member of AURA an organization that specializes in magic in the current era, sees no reason to not give up his life in any situation that comes up. Kanae, a happy, yet childish, girl who only has basic magical skills sees the world almost like a Fairy tale. These two unlikely teens find themselves crashing into each other’s lives as Hiro comes closer to finding the man who took away his family, and Kanae a helpless romantic thought to be a child in everyone’s eyes due to her mother’s curse. These two are brought together when a monster attacks Kanae. The once gloomy and empty Hiro starts to see value in his life as Kanae does some serious growing up; however, when Hiro comes closer to getting his hands on the man responsible for his emptiness will he throw everything else away to get him, and does Kanae know what it truly means to have a relationship, a mature one instead of just some fantasy? 


Chapter One

Employees ran from the power plant with high-tech security guards leading the way.
The wind blew a large blue jacket with a green trim to the side on the slim body it clung to. The jacket was worn by Hiro Inoue, a handsome, eighteen-year-old loner who wasn’t known for spilling his secrets. His blue hair draped down in the front and spiked in the back. He stood atop a large oil container, staring down at the buildings and pumping systems below him.
Hiro grabbed hold of the goggles on top of his head. A smile appeared on his face. He pulled down his goggles over his bluish--green eyes. The area became a shade darker with all objects being scanned and processed into data by the goggles.
A white ape, twice the size of a man, with purple swirl designs embedded in its fur and four arms climbed up the piping below.
“Target found.” Hiro jumped off of the container.
“Don’t be reckless,” Director Oyaji spoke through the young agent’s headset.
The goggles outline the white ape and calculated its weight and size. Hiro landed on the pipes, crouched on his feet and a hand. He rushed forward after the white ape that headed between two oil containers.
The white ape turned around to spot Hiro. It shot out its razor--sharp long tongue from its mouth.
Hiro leaped over the attack as it crashed into a pipe, sending dust into the air.
The tongue separated into four, shooting up at Hiro. Hiro descended down between the four tongues. “You’re going to have to do better than that, Ugly.”
Hiro brought his right arm down, holding his forearm with his left hand. A gold ring formed around his right wrist with a spiral expanding up to his elbow.
A yellow sphere formed inside his palm, launching itself off. The sphere crashed into the pipe that the white ape stood on. An explosion went off.
The white ape leaped into the air through the smoke. It screeched.
Smoke and wind blew Hiro’s clothes back as he stood on the damaged pipes. The white ape interlocked his hands and raised them above its head, swinging down.
Hiro brought his right arm back, jumped toward white ape, a golden sphere formed in his hand. He slammed his hand into the stomach of the beast.
The white ape screamed. The monster blew up to bits. The smoke cleared with nothing left of the beast.
Hiro clicked the button on his headset. “Mission complete. Old ugly has been exterminated.”
“Didn’t I tell you not to be reckless,” Director Oyaji yelled through his headset. “You could have been killed.”
Hiro pulled his goggles up over his head. “If I did I wouldn’t have to hear you nagging me.”
“Listen, did you forget—”
“Did you manage to find him yet?”
“Hmm, Kyo? His exact location hasn’t been pinpointed yet.”
Hiro looked down. “Get Task Industry to tell you or I’ll go there myself. You got one day.”
“Hold on, Hiro you can’t just—”
Hiro turned off his headset and kneeled down. A computer chip shined on one edge. Hiro picked it up, examining it.
Unknown to Hiro, standing on a building several feet away was Kyo Maki, a twenty-eight--year-old pretty boy, holding his camera phone up, recording the whole event. “He seems to be advancing quite well. This is going to be a fun game of cat and mouse for us.”
Kyo hung up his phone and floated away.
Hiro slipped the chip into the top of the virtual picture frame he was holding that had the words, ‘Bonds That Keep Us’ at the bottom of it. “There.” Hiro turned on the frame. A picture of four people began to appear.
A smile showed up on Hiro’s face.
Hiro leaned off the storage container into the picture he held in sudden confusion. The picture went out. Hiro bit down on his teeth in annoyance.
Hiro shoved the frame into his jacket’s pocket and walked down the pipeline. The bottom of his jacket flapped back.
Kanae Fukui, seventeen--year-old schoolgirl beauty with her long purple hair tied back into a braid who possessed light red eyes entered her family’s kitchen that was fit for a small family. Her well curved body filled out her sailor school uniform. She hummed merrily.
Eri Fukui, a stunning beauty in her early forties finished cooking pancakes and toast. She put the food on separate plates. She placed the plates on the kitchen table.
“Good morning, Mother. Everything looks delicious.” Kanae bent over the table with her arms behind her back, sniffing the food. She picked up a piece of toast before she turned back around. “I have to meet Ryuu before school.”
Eri turned to face her. “Without eating breakfast?”
Kanae hung the toast in between her teeth and pointed at it. She waved goodbye and headed out the door that was just outside the kitchen in the entryway. “See you later.” She shut the door behind her.
Eri placed her hand on her hip. “She’s much too happy with that new boyfriend of hers.” Eri returned to her cooking. “It can only mean one thing.” Scrabble eggs moved around in the frying pan.
Kanae left her yellow two--story modern style house. Maaya a cute seventeen--year-old schoolgirl who possessed light brown hair that fell down her back and matching eyes, stood on the walkway. “HI, Kanae how—”
“Time to go, Maaya.” Kanae grabbed Maaya’s arm and pulled her down the sidewalk.
A train car went by.
Kanae walked down the street with a smile on her face and her eyes closed, humming softly. Maaya walked behind her.
Other students and businessmen walked past them in various directions. “I know Ryuu is a great guy, but um…” Maaya had started to speak.
Kanae turned around to face her friend as she continued to walk. She placed her hands behind her back. “What is it?”
“Get your pop--up magic flower seeds here. Plant them anywhere and get an instant bouquet,” a boom voice came through the air.
Kanae turned around to see the magic flower booth a few feet ahead of her with a crowd gathered around it. A bouquet of flowers popped onto the stand from an open packet.
Across the street was a technology--based flower booth with another crowd around it. Mechanical flowers created themselves out of pots.
“Forget those magic flowers. They’re so unreliable you can’t fix the dang things. Get your flower needs from the world’s best technology.” The technology florist spread his hands across the stand as the flowers’ petals finished sliding out from their stems.
A blue spark came out of the robotic stigma. Several sparks came out of the robot flowers, going crazy. People backed away in fear.
Several flowers popped up out of magic flower booth, raining over the crowd and scaring everyone.
Kanae ran forward.
Maaya stuck out her hand toward her friend. “Wait! Kanae.”
Kanae pushed herself through the crowd to get to the robot flowers that sparked as they grew and retracted repeatedly. “Excuse me.”
She rested her hands on two of the flowers that had a light pink aura leave her hands. The flowers returned to normal, growing out as they were supposed to.
The technology florist looked over at her in amazement. “Magic?”
Kanae quickly made her way over to the magic flower booth where a flood of flowers rushed out. Kanae pushed herself through the flowers and people.
Her body was consumed by the flowers as the crowd ran away.
A second later, the flowers stopped. Kanae popped her head out of the flower pile with a big smile on her face. She threw her hands straight up in the air. “Everything is alright.”
The crowd cheered for Kanae.
Magic florist looked in amazement. “What an amazing nullifying magic.”
Kanae looked over at the florist and held up a single flower. “Can I have this?”
Female indoor slippers walked down the hall.
High school boys turned around from the windows.
More boys slid open the doors to their classrooms, looking out. “Isn’t that…”
Kanae walked down the hall, holding a flower in hand. She sweetly hummed as she kept her eyes closed.
“Yeah, it’s Kanae Fukui.”
“Oh, man I wish she date me.”
“Get real man. She already has a boyfriend.”
A school boy nervously waved his hand at Kanae from the wall he stood against. “If only I could get her to notice me.” Small hearts came out of his hand. Kanae continued to walk happily as if no one was around.
Kanae made it to the end of the hall. She slid open the door in front of her and entered the room, closing the door behind her.
A moment of silence.
Kanae screamed.
Students looked in the direction of the scream.
Maaya stood in the middle of the hall. A trickle of sweat came down her face with an embarrass look. “I was trying to warn her.”
The flower Kanae once held fell to the floor.
“What?” Kanae stood at the door in disbelief. Her eyes shimmered in misunderstanding. “Why would you want to break up with me?”
Ryuu, a handsome school boy senior with a chain necklace let out a sigh with his hands inside his pockets. He stood in front of the desks of the near empty classroom.
Ryuu opened one eye. He rubbed his shoulder. “Look, I can’t take it anymore. All the things you need from me are just too much.”
Kanae placed her fists to her chest. A nervous and desperate smile graced her mouth. “I… I don’t ask for that much. You-you’re my prince in shining armor, r-right?” She took a step forward.
“This isn’t some fairy tale, Kanae. I can’t be your everything,” Ryuu said.
Kanae stepped back frighten. “But…”
“We’re through!” he yelled.
Tears ran down Kanae’s face. The room had purple flower wallpaper with childish toys and cute items throughout despite Kanae’s age.
“This can’t be happening.” Kanae dropped her head into her pillow, crying her eyes out. Her arms wrapped around the pillow. “How could you Ryuu?”
The door burst open. Eri entered the room with her hand on the door. She placed her other hand on her hip. “Enough of this. You’ve been at it all day and missed a day of school.”
“I’ll never love again.”
Eri smacked the top of her forehead and leaned back. She then walked over to the desk that was on the right side of the room. She sat down, crossed her legs and shut her eyes before resting her cheek on her fist. “Yes, you will. Another young man will say he loves you, and you’ll be a princess all over again.”
Kanae looked over at her mother with blazing hate on her tear stained face. “No, Ryuu is my true love. Only him! Leave me alone, witch!”
Eri opened her eyes in surprise. Rage filled her features as she slammed her hand down on her leg and bared her teeth. “How dare you talk to your own mother that way! I don’t care if you were broken up with by Ryuu.”
“You don’t know how I feel.”
“I understand you still haven’t grown up.” Eri stood up. Her mouth spoke out a spell. “And until you act like a mature young woman and understand how to behave in a relationship everyone will see you as the child that you are.”
Kanae rose up to her knees with her hands down on her legs. The space around her became a black slate. Golden runes spun around Kanae with a light blue aura came out of her.
Soon everything returned to normal.
Kanae looked down at her body, patting herself all over. She then looked at her palms. “I’m still me.” Kanae looked over at her mother with a bit of smugness. “See, I—”
A wicked smile graced on Eri’s lips. Kanae was taken aback. “Doubting my powers? Try going outside, little girl.”
Kanae bit down on her teeth. She leaped off of her bed and ran out of the room.
Eri followed her with her eyes, holding a sense of satisfaction. “Watch out for monsters.”

Professional Reviews

Gisela Dixon for Readers' Favorite
Destruction of Sweet Creation by Kenneth E. Fultz Jr. is a short novella based on the anime genre. The book revolves around two central characters: Hiro, a handsome, eighteen-year-old boy who is a loner, and Kanae, a child-like, immature seventeen-year old who is cursed. Hiro is secretive and introverted, takes life lightly, and does not hesitate to put his life in danger for the ideals that he believes in. Kanae, on the other hand, is a naive teenager who believes in fairy tales, and is cursed by her mother so that people who meet her think of her as a kid. Hiro and Kanae’s lives take a dramatic turn when she is attacked by a monster, and what follows after that as their lives change forever forms the plot of the book. We not only see them both grow as human beings, but we also come to understand and realize how one person can have such a profound impact on another person’s life.

Destruction of Sweet Creation also features many other people throughout the book, some of which are almost as central to the story as Hiro and Kanae. Kenneth E. Fultz Jr. has created some superb characters, and I especially loved the growth and maturity portrayed in the central characters as we witness their transformation from teenagers to young adults. This story contains elements of anime, fantasy, romance, action, and adventure. Kenneth E. Fultz Jr. maintains a conversational narrative throughout the book which lends a casual, light feel to it. This is definitely one of those feel-good, thoroughly enjoyable books for any age group that one can pick up and read any time and I certainly hope to see a graphic novel version of it.

Savannah Edelen (Teen Reviewer) for Readers’ Favorite
Destruction of Sweet Creation by Kenneth E. Fultz Jr. is a wonderful tale about a seventeen-year-old girl named Kanae who always is immature when it comes to relationships. So Eri, her mother, decides to teach her a lesson and puts a curse on Kanae. The curse makes everyone see her as old as her maturity level is. So if she is acting like a five-year-old, she looks like a five-year-old. Kanae begins to learn her lesson and then she meets Hiro. Hiro is a special detective who finds people who use their magic for crime and stops them. Not much older than Kanae, Hiro is what you would call a lost soul. He needs help finding himself again and Kanae is the one to help him, even if neither of them know it yet.

I absolutely love Destruction of Sweet Creation by Kenneth E. Fultz Jr. It is a truly magical tale. It makes you realize that maybe teens are as old as they think they are. Being a teen myself, it was a very enlightening story. Who would have thought that a story like this could make a teen realize that maybe we are immature punks who need to remember that we are still just kids who don’t know everything. I thank the author for sharing this amazing story. Maybe one day it will become the anime movie it was meant to be. If it does become one, I would gladly pay to see it.

Faridah Nassozi for Readers’ Favorite
Seventeen-year-old Kanae had been every school boy's fantasy because of her enchanting beauty, until she pissed her mother off and the mother put a spell on her. Until Kanae stopped behaving like a spoil little girl and started acting her age, everyone who looked at her would see her as just a little girl instead of the beautiful teenager she was. While running around confused because no one recognised her anymore, Kanae stumbled into Hiro - an Aura Police Division field agent in search of magical criminal mastermind Kyo Maki. Because she did not want to go back home, Kanae moved in with Hiro who, like everyone else, was under the impression that she was just a little girl. Hiro and Kanae were each on their separate missions; Kanae to find a way to reverse her mother's spell and Hiro to protect the public by taking down beasts created through magic and generally ensuring that those with magical powers only used them for good - but their paths were more entwined that either of them imagined.

Destruction of Sweet Creation by Kenneth E. Fultz Jr. is a fantastic tale of sci-fi meets super magic meets adrenaline pumping action. The book is filled with fast-paced action and each of the scenes is so unique yet they all deliver a pure thrill. The characters are vivid enough that I could easily picture them as I read along. I could easily see the monsters as they caused massive destruction and the human characters that fought to bring the destruction to an end. It is simply remarkable how Kenneth E. Fultz managed to intricately bring together and balance magic and technology to blend them into one amazing story. Reading Destruction of Sweet Creation is like watching a fast-paced sci-fi action movie.

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