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Samantha L Johnson

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The lost Memory
by Samantha L Johnson   

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This is about a girl who witnessed the murder of her mother. Now ten years later the guy who killed her mom is after her. Now she must save her self and others around her before it is to late.



Chapter 1



            “Promises, promises, promises are all I hear today, nothing but promises and yet no one seams to be able to keep those “promises.”  What has this world come to? With all its violence and drugs and murders. I guess that no one cares anymore. I guess that selfish greed took over. I wonder how some people can even sleep at night knowing that there are other human beings like them who are starving and dyeing every night. How can some people not feel guilt when they can eat out every night if they want to and some child out there like us had not had a decent meal in week’s maybe even months? There are kids out there young as the age of six, SIX!, taking care of younger siblings because their parents had died. How can we as human beings treat others like we do? How can we let other starve when we stuff our fat faces? Just answer these questions for me and tell me how we can be so selfish.

            It amazes me on how many people turn a blind eye to someone who is not as finically wealthy as others. It is funny how you need to have certain things to get medical care and if you don’t have it they will kick you out on to the road. Now think to your self, have you ever seen someone poorer than you and in need of help, and did you even take the effort to stop and help that person? Of course not! You were to busy with getting to your next party, meeting, club gathering or even shopping for items that you really don’t need. So think about what I am going to say and then answer. Did you even care about anything but your selfish needs? And if you say yes I can surly tell you that you are lying, because if you truly cared you would have helped that person even if it meant missing your stupid party. Many people say we need to change the world but we can’t do that till we change our selves.”

            The class stood up and the room was filled with applause. Everyone was clapping, except some people in the back heads down asleep on their desks. Mrs. Jackson stood up and smiled. “Very well done Ms. Larkson. You may take a seat” I went back to my seat in the third row and sat down. I let out a quiet sigh of relief. That made me feel better, it was over. See I was not the best public speaker but people say I am good at it like I got the talent for that type of stuff but I don’t know. Standing up their on that stage makes my stomach turn and I just want to throw up. Nothing calms me down when I am up their on the stage nothing except my bracelet my mother gave me before she died ten years ago. Oh how I miss her now and wish that she was here with me. I wish that she could see my speeches on stage as I present it to the public. I wish she could have been there for my sweet sixteen party when my best friend got hit.

            Oh all those things she missed and all those times we could have shared have just left her in the dust as it dragged me along. Not knowing how or when I will see her again I just hope she is their waiting for me like dad has always told me when I was younger. I just hope she will be their with arms wide open to give me a big hug. To hold me close to her so the smell of lavender filled every bit of my weak senses as rivers of tears exploded down my face. I long for that sensation of piece and sanctuary just for a small taste of it, a small piece of it, I don’t care how much I get as long as I am with my mother.

            The sound of the last period bell rang and shot me out of my day dream mode. It took me out of a wonderful sensation and brought me back to reality. With a light sigh of disappointment I gathered up my stuff and headed out of room 209. Slowly I made my way down the narrow crowded halls. It always seemed like an endless flood of people shoving and pushing and yelling, every one of them egger to get out of the building and head home. Everyone except me. It is not like I don’t like it their at home it is just that every time I go home I see the same thing over and over again no matter where in the house I am. It never goes away it never had since the day my mom died. I can still see her standing there preparing supper. She was making chicken with peas and a yummy apple pie for desert and I would always get to be the first one to taste her pie.

            Oh that sweet warm apple pie with just a hint of cinnamon. See I was sitting their at our table when the back door flung open with out warning. I still could see my mom look at the door strangely as she went to close it. See no one ever uses the back door and why would they be it leads in to an ally way. I sat their at the table watching as my mom begun to close the door. Then their was a deadly scream that bellowed out of my mom’s throat then it was silent. I sat their unable to move from my chair frozen in fear. What was going on I did not know. Slowly I stood up and walked in to the kitchen and headed to see where my mom went. Slowly I made my way to the door to see my mom being held down to the floor by a big man.

            The man looked up at me he smiled and begun to stand up and make his way to me.

            “NO!” My mom screamed with fright “Don’t hurt her”

The man looked down at my mom and hit her over the head with a crowbar. I saw the blood spray out of the wound and hit the wall that lay behind her. Her face was covered in blood and she was not moving, not breathing, she just laid their still as a rock. Her body was now beginning to be consumed by death him self. Her rosy red cheeks and lips begun to turn a cold purple. Her eyes seemed to begin to glaze over as death creped in closer.

            My thoughts were interrupted as the man grabbed me from behind. The grip from his hands around my frail waist made me scream out in pain but my screaming and crying did nothing, it just made the man squeeze titer till my face turned blue and I passed out. When I finally awoken I saw the man on top of me. His body covered every inch of mine and I could hear small grunts coming from his throat. The smell of sweat that lay on his scared body made me gag with disgust. After what seemed forever he finally got off and left just like nothing happened. I laid there on the ground terrified to move to do anything.

The cold air that hit my exposed body, and made me shiver on the tile floor of the kitchen. Goose bumps begun to form on my skin with every second that passed. I then looked over to see my mother’s corps now covered with death himself. That sight made me cry out in horror and I could not bear to look at her lifeless body on the floor. After that I can not remember their just was darkness just nothing.


            When I came back to reality I found my self standing in the middle of the hallway staring off in to space. The sounds of annoyed people filled my ears.


Some would say.


Others would scream but one person only one person helped me off to the side and asked me what was wrong. I did not know how to respond to that, this girl I never saw before now. She stood about my height (5’3). Her hair was a light shade of red with just a hint of blond highlights running from the top of her routs to the end of her hair. Her eyes were a hazel color with some emerald green hiding in the mix of colors.

She seemed nice but I really could not trust anyone anymore, not after what happened to my mother. See the cops came to my house but they did not even bother to find the criminal. They said she fell and hit the door knob and it was all an accident. I even tried to tell them what happened to me but of course they did not listen to an eight year old girl. I shook my head and turned to the girl.


“I am fine thanks” I said as I begun to walk.

The girl smiled with delight but by the look on her face I could tell she knew something else was wrong. It was about three to four steps later till she spoke.

“Are you sure you ok? Cuz I think there is something else.”

I said nothing

“Oh.. I see, I am sorry that was out of my place. Anyway my name is Hannah. Hannah Kylos. And who may you be if I may ask.”

I turned to look at her and smiled.

“Well nice to meet you Hannah. My name is Maddison Larkson.”


            We walked and talked about what ever our minds could think of, all the way to my car. I told her good by then got into my car. As the key turned in the slot the car roared to life making me jump a bit. To tell you the truth I had no idea where I am going but all I know is that I do not want to go home just yet. The thought of just walking into that house and seeing that guy once more made me want to scream. I know it is all in my head but I can’t get rid of it. I guess it is like a curse I have, a curse that never lets me forget.

            As I made my way out of the parking lot the glimpse of a man walking on the side of the road made me look at him but he was gone. The man looked familiar but yet not at all. I could not get a good look at his face which made it hard for me to tell who he was. As the light turned green I did not move. I just sat their trying to find that man again.

Who is he?

Why do I know him?

These questions buzzed in my head as horns from other cars honked like crazy. I shook my head and drove off. Sometimes I am not sure how I passed my road test, because, I get to damb distracted all the time.

            I quickly try to forget that guy I saw and went back to what I was going to do. Taking a deep breath I finally calmed down enough to think rationally. Looking left and right, to make sure there is no oncoming traffic I then slowly made my way in to the parking lot of Palo’s café. Oh how I love to come here to relax and have a nice cup of coffee. Sometimes my dad would say I live here since I would spend all my spare time here. I know my dad is trying his best but I don’t want to be in that house longer than what I need.

            Pulling in to a parking spot I shut off my car and made my way in to the café. The smiles of the staff greeted me like I was part of each and every one of their family. As I made my way to my usual sitting spot I looked up as the waiter approached me.

“Good evening Maddison”


“I am assuming you would like the usual?”

“Yes please, can’t go without your caramel mocha skinny, I bet it’s the best in the world.”

He smiled

“I will have it with you shortly”

            I watched as he walked away from my table. It was unusually busy today, I guess it is one of those try our new drink thing. As I begun to pull out my laptop some one gently tapped my shoulder. I looked up to see Renal. A smile arose across my face as he gave me a kiss.

“Sit down please Renal”

I watched as he sat down across from me. The look on his face said he knew I was under so much stress and I could not think straight at all.

“Maddison are felling ok you look pale as a ghost. Is it that reenactment you keep seeing bothering you any worse than usual.”

            I did not know what to say I want to tell him about the man I saw but I was not sure of how he would react. I looked up at his face and his blue eyes said that I could trust him and that I could tell him anything I needed too.


“Well that is part of it Renal but the thing that is mostly bothering me is that I saw this man on the side of the road today on my way here. It seemed like I knew him from somewhere and when I would look at him or not I would get this fear that would overpower me. It is so creepy”

            Renal looked at me with concern and nodded. I could tell he did not know how to respond to that but I was just glad he would listen to me and not think I was a freak or something like that.


“Maddison did you get a good look at his face?

“No” I said sadly

Renal closed his eyes for a bit then said. “Tell you what Maddison stay at my house for a few days I think it would be good for you to get out of that house for a bit. Of course if it is ok with your dad that is.”

I sighed “He might let me after all I am eighteen and considered an adult.” I paused “So Renal if he says yes are you sure it will be ok if I can stay with you. It is just I don’t want to be a bother.”


            Renal laughed and smiled “Maddison you are no trouble to me at all and I mean every word I say.”  The smile on his face was reinsuring me that everything would be ok. I trust him with my life and I know that if anything happened to me he would be their to protect me, or I hope he would. I turned from Renal and looked out the window and back to Renal.

“Thanks for letting me stay with you and for reinsuring me that I will not be a bother” I said with a half smile on my face.

            The room was silent for a bit as the café began to close for the day. I knew that I needed to go but I was not ready to leave due to the man I saw not to long ago. I turned to Renal and asked if we can leave now. Of course he agreed that it was indeed time to leave. As we both stood up I paid for my drink and we went on our way. The chill of the night air sent s shiver down my spine. I kissed him and headed for my car. Just before I got in I said “I will meet you at your apartment”. I watched him smile at me and wave me good bye as I drove out of the parking lot. The traffic was unusually busy for this time of day I mean it was 11:00pm. I pulled out in to the intersection just as in the corner of my eye I saw him. That man from school. I looked over to see no one their. With a strange sigh of relief I began to make my way down the road.

            It took me around ten minutes to get to Renals apartment but when I got their, the door was locked and the whole apartment was silent and dark. I thought at first that he just forgot that he locked the door but then I remembered he never locks his door because of his dog. I mean with a dog like that no one would try to break in to his house. I searched my pocket for the spare key he gave me but it was not in the pocket I put it in. I searched the ground to find that it had fallen out. I shook my head and Unlocked the door. I walked in to the room to be greeted by his dog Bangie. Bangie was a germen Sheppard husky mix with blue eyes. One thing I like about this dog is that he greets you like you were gone for years. I turned on the lights and sat down on his couch. Bangie leaped up on the couch next to me and licked my face. It seemed like he knew something was wrong.

            I smiled at the dog and scratched his head. Letting out a sigh I leaned back in the couch and just let it absorb me in its thick cushions. In minutes I was passed out on the couch. The silence soothed me to sleep. Finally one night I can get good sleep. When I finally awoke it was one in the morning. Sitting up rubbing my sleepy eyes I realized that Renal was not home. He did not even make it home. What could have happened? Standing up I made my way to the front door, I had to find him he could be in trouble. As I begun to open the door Bangie bit down on my pants.

“Let go Bangie”

            But the dog did not budge instead of letting go he pulled back trying to keep me in the apartment. What was wrong with this dog I wondered?

“Bangie that is enough LET GO!” I shouted.

            Bangie let go and ran to the back room. I shook my head “stupid dog” I mumbled and left the apartment. I locked the door and ran to my car. The night air sent a chill down my spine but I knew that it was sixty degrees out tonight, so why was I shivering? Getting in to the car i drove off. As i made my way down the interstate i saw him on the road face down. I stopped my car with a screaching halt and raced to him to find him laying in a pool of blood.  Their, next to him, a note, it read. "I will get you no matter where you hide. signed H.


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