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Timothy L Baker

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Where North Meets South and East Meets West
by Timothy L Baker   

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Publisher:  PublishAmerica ISBN-10:  1451260946 Type: 


Copyright:  2009 ISBN-13:  9781451260946

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My life beginning in crime, drugs, hitchhiking, mountainous living, then beginning with a black magic warlock all interwoven by lawmen conspiring with their henchmen to murder me. Intertwined with supernatural events including an in the flesh visit with Heaven.

I have lived on the road and in the streets for a total of one year throughout my life. I have lived in the wilderness and backwoods for a total of four years of my life. I have lived 10 years of my entire lifetime institutionalized in juvenile, jails, prisons and mental health facitilities. I have been involved in about one dozen serious fights and have been up to the brink of kill or be killed in some of them. I have been held by gunpoint five times, knifepoint twice, fought two men at the same time, four men at the same time and would have won all of them if it hadn’t been for the fact that the oponent(s) once suffered defeat, would have come back with more people or a knife or gun, club or other equalilzer or some of them would have even called the law. I have endured severe cold, hunger, thirst, drenched by rains, been dunked in a cold river in the wintertime, walked miles through high snow drifts, dangered snakes, heights, shared my space at times with bears, wolves and cougars, moose, and man. I have withstood all of the various dangers of a common criminal when I have had my life sought by a syndicate consisting of a black magic warlock, cops, probation officers, a judge and a psychiatrist, all combined with their ruffian hit men that all of the above conspired to murder me/have me murdered, whichever end of the deal they were, those paying to have it done or those accepting payment to kill me. I have magnificently escaped each of these attempts of being murdered, each time followed some time later by being incarcerated in one of the institutions listed above. I was right in their sites and ended up escaping them by their own system, even if it meant spending time in institutions but I was still alive. I have been in a car accident and a motorcycle accident as well that I nearly escaped death in both.
Despite all this I have had a true, honest to God, in the flesh ascension into Heaven where I touched the celestial body of another person at length then returned to this life on earth as we now know it.
I also have been involved in many other miracles of God in which I was physically transformed into two places at the same time or transferred instantly from one place to another, time warps, time travel, interparallel universal travels and many other paranormal events.

My three autobiographical books the full-length version Where North Meets South and East Meets West, condensed edition An Experience Heaven Sent and poetic form My Life's History in Poetry all tell of a physical, living visit I had in Heaven that is all founded on the Bible in part. Yet I claim I don't believe in the Bible much. Because believe it or not in other places in the Bible it can be misconstrued as though the Bible claims that my living ascension and return to the earth is not possible. However the Bible claims in another more prominent place that Jesus said, "Any two believing together on any two points touching in Heaven it shall be so." and I know there are a lot of people that believe this passage and would love to apply it to discover what the afterlife is like. Now in my autobiographies we know for it is all revealed to them and they can believe.

Where North Meets South and East Meets West my full-length edition of my autobiography, over 10% of the text is devoted to expressing the miraculous, supernatural events of my lifetime, that range from being saved from witchcraft occurring to me and me narrowly escaping death, to metaphysical events throughout the book of the story of my life, with many events of the supernatural intervening and performing the otherwise impossible events plus including several pages of my description of a living, waking, in the flesh, experience, ascension to Heaven where all were young and beautiful and lived forever perfectly with no evil. This book also contains all of the other of my life that I've lived, from youth to hitchhiking, living in the mountains, running from an illegal law enforcement syndicate combined with their ruffian, henchmen conspiring to murder me and how I escaped each and every time.

My book contains the way I grew up on a farm and then expanding into crime and drugs. I hitchhiked to Florida and back four times before I was 18 years old.

As a result of a black magic warlock casting a mighty, evil spell I was soon made a mark of by illegal lawmen and their henchmen that all conspired to my murder. This has continued until recent times.

Then in my 20's I began taking trips to Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Michigan, Minnesota, USA and Ontario and British Columbia, Canada. I hunted, fished and explored, camping in all sorts of weather at all times of the year.

There are various supernatural experiences including time warps, being in more than one place at a time, traveling from one place to another in the distance without traversing the distance between, oberving the sun in the west in the morning and in the east in the afternoon of a  single day, time travel from one day to another and yet another without the sun setting on me, aparent visits to parallel universes. Finally the most significant of these miracles I ascended to Heaven where I had actual physical contact with the celestial body of a girl that I had met before but had parted ways with in this life on earth as we now know it.

Synopsis: Where North Meets South and East Meets West
By Timothy Louis Baker
Timothy Louis Baker’s childhood was filled with traveling, vacations and working for what he wanted which is how he learned the good work ethic early on from work on his father’s farm. His Dad always thanked him for helping do the work on the farm, always saying, “Thanks Tim, I couldn’t have done that by myself.” Or “It’s a good thing you were here, I never would have thought of that by myself.”
However when he turned 16 years old Tim began a series of many encounters with black magic, a warlock, law enforcement and judicial officials, all combined into a syndicate conspiring to murder Tim. He narrowly escaped ten full attempts on his life, in his lifetime. Beginning with a nearly fatal automobile accident, escalating over a period of time into an intentional supposedly fatal drug overdose which occurred in jail, another separate attempt of the warlock to kill Tim at home, a drug pusher hired to shoot him that Tim discovered the plot from another prisoner when he was in jail that had been designed by a former probation officer of the author’s. Once he spotted a probation officer hitchhiking from a local truck stop that was telling four young men to kill him, obviously meaning for them to beat him to death but he luckily escaped by coincidence in quickly hitching a ride away from the area. Then he saw the warlock one last time but the evildoer was mysteriously burned up in a fire.
There are many, multiple, various, numerous experiences of the supernatural causing metaphysical events on the author. Such as time warps, instant transfers of Tim from being in one place to another place without covering the distance between, being in two places at the same time, instant transfers to other parallel universes, even ascension into Heaven where he touched the celestial body of another person he had previously met and instant transfers of physical objects to other places.
Actually he found his freedom early on in his teens, hitchhiking all over the country, living on the road, in the streets or out in the mountains but he tells of the following experience he had in 1989 at 30 years of age that was a living, in the flesh, wide awake, totally sober, ascension into Heaven:
“I was standing out by myself with nobody around where I had been let out of a less than compatible person who had left me off of my ride in his car there beside the Wyoming arid region Interstate Hi-way barely south of Casper with my thumb out waiting for the very first car to come along. There was no on ramp, no off ramp, no gas stations or restaurants, only near desert on both sides of the two strips of blacktop.
“The first car that came along luckily a great looking female Indian with four passengers, her three children and one of her friends, pulled over and picked me up.
“As the ride proceeded and she informed me she had picked me up so I could help drive and I did. Between her, her female companion and I we managed to get all of the way to Trinidad, Colorado that night before the next morning.
“Long before arriving at her destination, when I was driving I informed her that she would be a mate to me in Heaven and that it wouldn’t be long and I would be there where she would see me from the other side but that she would not remember me there then because nobody would remember anything about this earth there then like that, only the good parts of this life on earth as we now know it would have any meaning there then in Heaven.
“When I asked her those old time words, ‘You know what I mean?’ she replied those other old time words, ‘I think so.’ I don’t know if she followed any of what I meant the entire time I was talking about my philosophies of Heaven and earth, but she seemed to understand and didn’t show it if she didn’t.
“When she told me the ride was over in Trinidad, just before she pulled over and let me out, I tried to talk her into letting me come with her wherever she was going but she said she couldn’t.
“So I got out of the car and that was back in 1989 and I don’t remember much about the time I spent there in that town but know I hunted for work all over and didn’t find very much in paying jobs, only a few odd jobs and that was it.
“Later however I found some work outside of town and the little shack where I was to stay at nights was where I had the Heavenly ascension that I had described to the squaw I had known, she was there in her celestial body from Heaven and met me where I came from earth to Heaven in my earthly body that when we all go back and live over the times we are, have been and will be until Heaven exists again for eternity then, we were making love and a baby was at the foot of the bed in a wicker basket that we had born between us in Heaven, half white half Indian baby that was our first child. I was almost ready to get her pregnant with our second one when the ascension was over or rather just disappeared and I was alone on earth again but with the most remarkable memory of the best experienced anyone could have ever had of the afterlife, what it was like and thankfully what it was not life like there in Heaven.”
In his 30’s he finally settled down, married and had a wife and became a father in his hometown but then became divorced.
However the story also involves where he lived and how he got to be there, was all included into another conspiracy by law enforcement officials to murder him.
Plus then there were two more attempts by a sharp shooter out of a helicopter to shoot him.
Finally he became attached to a certain girl who came to his home and had sex. She was discovered to be pregnant soon after and because of extenuating circumstances, Tim thought he was the father and so tried to shoulder that responsibility but when that failed due to yet another plot upon his murder by a neighbor suspected of having taken money or some sort of deal by a then ex probation officer and a cop, he had to do something fast to try escaping his death.
So Tim committed arson on his home to be purposely taken into custody and sent to mental facilities and that is where the book ends but added that Tim is now a free man in the free world.


I went looking hitchhiking out there and found out there was
no work at the place described so I started to hitchhike back into
town. Some men picked me up and at my asking about work they
said they might know of a place on the way into town.
They dropped me off at a gas station / general store and I did
get a job for a few days filling in a stock pond that part of the bank
had washed out of.
The old man there said he had a place for me to stay at night
while I was working and took me out behind and to the side of the
gas station / general store to a decrepit shack. He carried a coal oil
lamp and lit it in the building although it was daylight out. Then
he left. I was to start working in the morning.
I remember thinking that it was the middle of the daytime and
didn’t know why I would need the light right then but I thanked
him as he left. I let the light shine on although there was not much
of a reason to.
I lay down in bed and I’m sure I smoked a cigarette or two
waiting for the afternoon to pass to evening so I could go to bed
and sleep. After many months of travel and working on the
secluded ranch in the 18-hour British Columbia days I was very
I thought about the beautiful Indian girl that had picked me up
while I was hitchhiking and delivered me to another spot several
hundred miles away from the spot from which she had picked me
Lying in the bed on top of my sleeping bag, I remembered how
lovely indeed I had thought she was and as is the course of
multitudes of lone men, I started to do what lone men sometimes
do in bed and took off my clothes so that I could masturbate. I did
so thinking about the beautiful figure or radiant beauty that had
seemed so precious to me only days before and was probably only
a few miles from me even then.
I lay there awhile and thought of that beautiful Indian girl. I
ended up in the experience I’d thought I would have. I was in bed
having sex with Lisa in Heaven. There was a baby in the shack
with us, our baby, half White and half Indian. Everybody and
everything was there in that Heaven and lived perfectly forever
with no evil. Her children of this earth were with somebody else
who were their parents in that experience as were many people’s
children and parents. Looking at and feeling what was there at the
time of this experience reflecting I drew this conclusion.
All of sudden I knew enough to move my hand by instinct
given to me from above I assume and she was on top of me
having sex with me. Instead of my using my hand, anymore she
replaced immediately.
I noticed a baby half Indian and half White that was our baby
in a basket at the end of the bed. I noticed that the shack was
repaired to modern living conditions with plumbing in full
working order in the sink that had a few moments before been
rendered useless unhooked.
The cooking stove was in full working condition, the table
cleared off and a radio playing soft rock and roll I think was sitting
on it. The windows were fully glass and I’m not sure that there
was even any glass in all of them at all before when I had been in
this world.
We laid each other in the truest form of love that I had never
before experienced in this world but just before I had orgasm the
same instinct that had made me remove my hand from my penis
before when I had been masturbating before I took it away the
same moment that she appeared along with the all Heavenly
experience I readied my hand then she and the entire Heavenly
experience disappeared at the same time I replace my hand upon
my penis and finished until I ejaculated moments later.
The experience was over as abruptly as it had started and that
was all there was to it.

Professional Reviews

Book Review by Randall Radic
Basil and Spice:
Book Review: Where North Meets South and East Meets West By Timothy Louis Baker
Dec 11, 2009

By Randall Radic
Sufi adepts supposedly project their souls out of their bodies. Other people claim to have died, gone to Heaven and then returned to the land of the living here on earth. Such stories arouse mysterious and intimate emotions, which dilate blood vessels, causing chills to slide along the subcutaneous nerves of readers. Qualms of apprehension and excitement bubble to the surface. Only the dull, the insensitive, are immune.
Whether or not such stories are true is the subject of learned debate. Neurologists describe such events as anticipatory delusions, the result of misfiring brain synapses. The psychologists differ; such experiences, they explain, are the personification of ardent religious desires boiling up from the subconscious. Preachers refer to the soul. Paranormalists observe that ghosts and haunted houses exist. Which may or may not be their way of saying – with a heavy dose of sarcasm – “Big deal.”
Near the end of his remarkable book, Timothy Baker writes: “Or how would it sound to somebody else if you just began to testify that you had the answer to all religions that comes from an experience in the afterlife you had? Like as not you’d end up locked up.”
Tim Baker did both. He had a “flesh on flesh experience with Heaven.” And he got locked up. In other words, Tim Baker has lived a life beyond belief. A life of drugs, cars, jail, bumming around, prison, and persecution. And like the Apostle Paul, Tim Baker has gone to Heaven and come back to relate the occurrence.
The book is called Where North Meets South and East Meets West (NSEW). It’s half memoir, half travelogue, half biography, and half spiritual manifesto. You respond by saying that’s two halves too many. You are correct. NSEW is more in two distinct ways. For one, it is very subtle. For two, it is different (in a good sort of way).
Baker’s writing style has to be experienced to be believed. It’s so totally sundry and miscellaneous. As if listening to the stream-of-consciousness outpourings of a precocious adolescent who can’t be bothered with normal thought processes, because they constrict his manner of expressing himself. Frankly, it takes a little adjusting to, but once you get the hang of it, it’s simply marvelous. In fact, it’s charming.
A brief summary of the book would go something like this:
NSEW is the full and accurate report of the nimble proceedings in the highly extraordinary and highly interesting life of Timothy Louis Baker, who was a criminal, a tweaker and an inmate in both a prison and a mental asylum. The story comes complete with opinions on pretty much everything under the sun, including love, life and happiness. Along with extra-sensory perceptions and spiritual visions. Also included are character sketches of a “black magic warlock” and other assorted evildoers. Along with a detailed history of the author’s vocation as a Prophet, together with many other delicious tidbits of informative information, which have never before been revealed to anyone, man or woman or angel or beast.
It’s quite a book.
Where North Meets South and East Meets West (Publish America/ 2009) By Timothy Louis Baker
Website for Paperback:

Fran Lewis

Memories are powerful and creating a memoir that allows readers to relive these moments with you quite compelling. Allowing readers to understand his early years, the pride he took in helping his father on his farm and knowing that he made a difference envelopes readers from the start as we visit his farm, help him plant the sweet corn and the soybeans, learn about his ability to drive a tractor and find his way to making a difference. Throughout the memoir you hear the voice of the author explain his actions, relate his missteps and hopefully help others. Getting his driver’s license, totally his car and even using drugs, led Timothy down many paths and not everyone in the right direction. Hoping to help others, not making excuses for his inactions or actions, author Timothy Louis Baker hits the reader hard with the facts that will make you wonder just how he managed to survive.

Explaining to readers life on a farm, how it operates each year was quite interesting. Finding his way to help his parents and yet having fun with his friends proved that within his heart and spirit he was a good and kind person and although he states that he missed much of the last two years of his high school classes, some things that he learned in order to survive and help on the farm come from hands on experience and cannot always be learned in the classroom, although school is important and an education invaluable.

Using hard drugs, smoking marijuana and really enjoying the high and the scent, finding that he needed harder drugs such as cocaine, LSD and crystal meth, makes you wonder how his body was able to tolerate so much without crying for help. Hitchhiking through many states, meeting some interesting people and placing himself in tenuous situations that most would find difficult to deal with and others might even cower, Timothy seemed able to weather many storms. Getting in trouble with the law for stealing, robbing, drive by shooting and using drugs did not seem to deter him from continuing his spree of dangerous actions that might lead to more serious charges. Stealing gas, his father’s motorcycle, placing himself in dangerous situations while driving, something kept his going in this direction. It was almost as if he was trying to see how far he could go before someone finally stopped him or took an interest in him and curbed his appetite for drugs and joints.

Working in a circus, describing his jobs, breaking into buildings and a candy shack to get the things needed to smoke pot, led him with a buddy back to court, more warrants for his arrest and even a longer list for his friend. You might say his life always on the run and he seemed to be acting like a daredevil hoping to not get caught or maybe he hoped someone would finally stop him.

Every step of the way it seemed that Timothy was trying to find his place in this world, understand and analyze the events both positive and negative that were happening to him and at several times thought that the police and others were out to hurt him. Not sure of the outcomes at times and certain situations that you will read about led the author to feel that he had either some psychic connection that helped him to forestall events that were about to unfold and prevent them from happening or a keen sixth sense that kept him alive. At times he sounds, as this memoir is related in narrative form in the author’s own voice, that he was bent on a life filled with mystery, the unknown and hope yet at others it almost felt like he was headed for destruction. What kept him centered and focused most of the time was his loyalty to his parents, the knowledge that his father needed him on the farm to do seasonal work and his spirit of adventure and curiosity to explore the woods and other places to find out what more there is in the world and what he can learn from it. Living off the land and fending for himself gave him a strong sense of independence and freed him of the chains of confinement most have. Living by his own rules and mores at times would benefit him and at others get him in trouble with local authorities or other law enforcement figures. But, the strength within him and his drive to succeed on his own comes through in every word and page within this memoir that takes readers in all four compass directions: North, South, East and West.

The author relates his feelings about Heaven and his experiences related to heaven where there would be no floods, earthquakes or natural disasters. He even includes his paranormal experiences and feels at times that he is caught in between two time periods or as he relates a time warp. Added in her feels that there is a black warlock that has been intertwined within his thoughts, changing events and even hoping to give his own perspective on Timothy’s life. Stressing how he broke the law, went to jail many times yet did not really learn his lesson strikes an important chord for young teens to know that jail is not a fun experience, drinking and driving is dangerous plus using hard core drugs can definitely impair your mind. Homeless centers, jail cells, hitchhiking, living off the land, on the street and struggling to survive Timothy Louis Baker presents a harsh look at the realities of life when someone plays daredevil with the outcome. Within Chapter 8 you will learn more about the warlock and his demise. Marriage, a child and finally asked to work with law enforcement to take drug dealers down this is one interesting memoir told by the author in his own words giving the world the cold hard truth about his life.

The final chapters summarize his dealings with other law enforcement agencies, being in a mental hospital, his paranormal experiences, time warp experiences and much more that explains his views and experiences as he sees them. His father witnessed some of his paranormal experiences that you need to read about for yourself and form your own opinion. One thing is for sure is that Timothy carved out his life in his own way and created the incidents that happened to him by himself and he takes ownership of his choices. Read this straightforward memoir of this man’s life and take the trip from North to South, East and West and join him as he lives his life his way.

Fran Lewis: reviewer

Susan Pettrone
Susan Pettrone
Where North meets South and East meets West.....a Review
by Susan Pettrone on Tuesday, August 30, 2011 at 8:35am
This book begins benignly enough-a look back thorough a young man's life-a simple journal of sorts. The sort that one writes to try to make sense of the world while also trying to preserve something from their past.

Then slowly this somewhat simple journal turns into a book that is all at once, shocking, sobering and even inconceivable as author Timothy Baker shows the reader where and when his life began to turn, where it began to change. The entire makeup of this book changes from one that is merely a list of memories to one where at times the reader cannot tell whether they are reading reality a chemistry induced story. Whether I believe the author in this book is a moot point, it is not my place to judge as I do not expect others to judge me. The point I strive to make is the author believes every word he has written and that the events are so firmly cemented within his belief system that they may never change and that is fine.

The reader must decide for himself whether the book is one filled with ramblings of a renegade or those of a man who lost his way in life and is now struggling to regain humanity. And it is in this decision that one must read this book. For although I was concerned over some of the writings and felt they could conceivably be memories altered by the drugs the writer freely admits taking for a good portion of his life, I felt the author reaching outwards, wanting to reconnect with the world.

And there I stop in my review. I cannot discount the stories written in this book for only the past and the author know what is true and what memories were shaped by chemistry, but I can say this, I had my doubts about some of the passages regarding law enforcement. For although there are dirty officers in this world, I also know that in today's court system, it is increasingly difficult for law enforcement to get away with any misdeeds concerning a defendant or a situation. Even police officers in the most remote locations must answer to a higher power whether it be state level or higher still federal level.

I believe the author meant and believes every word he wrote within this book, I also caution the reader to be aware that this book may be disturbing or even frightening in it's stark depictions of the authors life. It is a brutally written look into the life of a man who didn't stand a chance from the beginnings. Disturbing at best, I wonder if the author might have wanted the reader to be shocked into reality as he himself was shocked into his own reality.

While I would not recommend this book for reading without cautions as I have mentioned previously, I also realize that this book is not for everyone. Some would find it enlightening, educational or even informative. If nothing else, it is a stark shocking look at the life of a man who is brutally honest in what he believes was his life. And while I do not know if all these instances actually happened or whether they are memories skewed by years of drug use or a less than stellar life, I do applaud the writer for trying to put into words, his life.

For although this book is not for everyone to read due to some of it's content, it is a book that makes the reader and pause and remember that age old quote..."...for the grace of God go I."

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Reader Reviews for "Where North Meets South and East Meets West"

Reviewed by Timothy Baker 5/22/2013

After reading Tims auto-biography I came to several conclusions. He’s been everywhere! He’s done a lot of things both legal and otherwise and has lived to tell the tale. To say the book read like a roller coaster ride is nothing short of an understatement.

To get into the book I have several caveats. Suspend your disbelief and withhold judgements on his character. The writer is probably not proud of his lifestyle and the places it took him like prison for his crimes along with several stays in mental institutions based on his spiritual beliefs.

You might think his paranormal experiences might be as a result of too much recreational drug use but again withhold your judgements and buckle up. This is a bumpy ride.

I will admit that the story line confused me at times but I was not going to give up on the tale. The man knows how to survive in ways I would have no clue. I give him kudos for not giving up to those who wanted to either see him fail or perhaps kill him but he has come out on top and vows to see those who are responsible for some of the things that happened to him have justice served.

I cannot say that I enjoyed the entire book but there were times I routed for him to come out swinging and take his life back for that I give him kudos even if he did break the law in the name of self preservation and in some cases sticking up for others.

I give the book and the author 5 stars for blatant honesty and courage to tell a hard story. It’s clearly a cautionary tale that screams DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME.

Congrats to Mr. Baker for telling his story like no one else can.
Karen Vaughan
author of

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