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Anna Morten

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The Cuckoo's Egg
by Anna Morten   

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Publisher:  Eloquent Books ISBN-10:  1608608387


Copyright:  Oct 25, 2009 ISBN-13:  9781608608386

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Eloquent Books
Anna Morten
The Cuckoo's Egg

A Lifetime of Challenges and Hardship Leads to Spiritual Awareness, Personal Empowerment, Mediumship and a New Life devoted to Service.

The Cuckoo's Egg is the inspiring story of Emma, an extraordinary woman, who was born into turbulent post-war Germany and rejected as the result of an unwanted pregnancy. She lived a despondent childhood in a divided country, where she experienced abuse, rape, and prostitution during the Russian military occupation, and a daring escape from the other side of the Berlin Wall.
Triumph prevails as she conquers many traumas and challenges and flies to dizzying heights of excitement and adventure. She becomes Germany's youngest catwalk model, an aspiring singer, a flight attendant, excels in the corporate sector, and embarks on yet another career change into the public arena. Her story takes us from Germany, to Africa, Spain, around the world, and finally to Australia.

The keys to Emma's dramatic life transformation are her unfaltering determination and remarkable strength of spirit. An astonishing dream and a series of clairvoyant visions lead to conscious contact with her Spirit Guide and set her on the path toward a future with amazing purpose and potential that will enable her to unravel the very meaning of life and the future she is destined to live.

Chapter 38: An Adventure of the Amazing Kind

Sharna welcomed me with a warm smile. She was a middle-aged woman with unusual, attention-catching eyes. At the beginning of the session, I felt almost uncomfortable because of those eyes, which seemed to have the ability to look straight into one’s heart. Nothing here resembled the unusual character of her work―no crystal ball, purple drapes, or the paraphernalia that seemed so typical for most psychics offices.

I liked Sharna instantly, but it was going to take quite some time before I was able to let down my barriers and fully trust her.

We started our session with my telling her that I was not really sure why I had come.

“I guess you have been led here because you are ready for a spiritual reading,” was Sharna’s straightforward answer. “Normally I just read the cards for people, but in some cases their spirit guide comes through and gives them a little talk and some advice on certain difficulties they may have.”

“Okay then,” I answered, a little confused, because for once I did not see myself as having really big problems. “I am fine with that. It has been a while since I consulted a psychic.”

Although I put on a brave face, I felt uneasy and nervous and remembered my visit with Allan, the clairvoyant. I was just as anxious about Sharna’s predictions. My feelings seemed to be preparing me for something out of the norm, something that might change my life or my perception of it.

Sharna asked for my date of birth and explained that my numbers emphasized my spirituality and psychic abilities.

“It is nice to be psychic,” she said, “and it is wonderful to be spiritual, but it can be quite dangerous to be psychic without being spiritual. You possess the ideal combination of being very spiritual and very psychic, which means that you have the capability to develop the two things in a way that they complement each other.”

Then I shuffled the cards. She spread them out and turned the tape recorder on.

“The cards tell me, too, that you are not only a very spiritual person but also have great psychic abilities. This will have an enormous influence on your future, especially on your future work. You are currently on the threshold of a new life, a very different life. Everywhere I look, I see new beginnings and changes. I believe you have only recently taken a new direction of some kind. Is this correct?”

I said, “Yes, that is correct.”

No more. My anxiety increased.

“Your life will eventually become easier than it has been in the past. You will learn to look within yourself for the answers to all your questions, and you will gain the understanding that you alone are fully responsible for your life and the lessons with which you are constantly faced. I see great psychic and spiritual advancement, and with this advancement you will gradually leave the pain and sorrows of the past behind. You will learn to focus on a bright future which is set to bring you great success and happiness.”

Sharna paused to look at me inquisitively. Then she smiled, concentrated on the cards again, and continued. “I can see financial difficulties, now and in the past . . . Are you studying? I see you leaning over books and writing assignments, and it seems to me that you will be studying for quite some time yet. There is actually much learning ahead of you. Your entire future will be somewhat based on the knowledge you are going to attain over the next few years.”

I listened quietly, not knowing what to think of all this.

“I see a male and a female child around you. Your son is the older of the two. Someone is going to offer him a new position that will not only help him overcome feelings of frustration; it will also show him his professional direction. Your daughter is thinking about returning from over the water. The time she spent with her father is nearing the end. She needs her mother now.”

Sharna paused again. She waited for me to say something, but I remained silent . . . and impressed.

“You are marrying again. Not just yet, in a few years time, I would say.”

Now I did feel the urge to protest, but before I could speak, she raised her hand and carried on, “This man is from overseas or has strong connections overseas. He is very educated, successful, and wealthy. He is going to do everything for you. The ideal partner for you, for he will be everything you wish him to be. And actually. . . he will be open-minded about your interests and work. You will complement each other in many ways. I feel also that there will be an instant attraction. One look and you both will know that you are meant to be together. But before this happens I can see one or two or three other relationships, something karmic that needs to be worked through first. . . Do you have any questions you would like to ask me?”

“No,” I answered, slightly confused. “You have already told me more than I could have possibly asked for. Thank you very much.”

Sharna piled up her cards, wrapped them in piece of silk, and put them aside.

“Alright then. Maybe it is time to give Tareen the opportunity to speak. He tells me that there is much he wishes to explain to you.”

I froze on the spot and stared at Sharna. I was stunned.

“Tareen?” I whispered. “How do you know this name? I haven’t spoken to anyone about the dream I had.”

“Oh . . .” she answered, surprised, “he has already introduced himself, has he?”

“I’ve had a dream and in it Tareen was the man I was . . . I mean . . . AnnaLees was in love with and. . . How on earth is it possible that you know this name?”

Sharna smiled and patted my hand gently. “That is not unusual. It is part of my work. I know such things because the guides talk to me while I read the cards, you see.”

“Does that mean that Tareen is my guardian angel or my guide?” I asked incredulously.

She nodded and seemed to be listening to someone invisible, someone within, before she answered, “Yes, he is your spirit guide. In the last lifetime you shared with him, your name was AnnaLees. He gave you the dream to activate your soul memory and give you an idea of what your past connection was all about.”

I remained stunned, stunned and speechless.

Sharna realized that I needed a break and offered me a cup of herbal tea. While we had the tea, she told me a few basics about reincarnation and spirit guides. Then she sat back, closed her eyes, relaxed, and took a deep breath or two. Within seconds she seemed to sink into deep sleep. Her face and body changed from relaxed to limp and almost appeared dead. A moment later, her body came to life again, sat up straight changed posture, and her previously female mannerism suddenly appeared very male. There was a clearing of the throat and a strong deep majestic voice said, “God bless you, child. It is I, Tareen.”

I stared, fascinated, at Sharna’s face and the change I had just observed. I felt, also, a vibrational change in the room. It was as if the air had lit up. I had never seen anything like it, just read about it. The air around Sharna’s body seemed to vibrate with increased lightness and temperature, and I asked myself whether this was actually a fact or just my imagination.

Little did I know. . .

I perspired and my heart beat vigorously, but I was distracted by the sound of his voice. It held me spellbound, crushing every bit of resistance.

“I was known as Tareen, and I have led you here because the time for your spiritual awakening has come and with it, the commencement of our communication.

“There is much I need to explain to you, and that is why you have been directed to this medium. It is time that we, you and I, speak with each other. Your attendance here has been your first step into a new life, and in order to fulfill your choices for the second half of this lifetime, you have much, much to learn. A new way of understanding, different lessons, new directions, and the conscious communication with Me.

“Do not fear problems and obstacles in your future, for your hardest lessons have been learned. Your future will not be free of lesson-learning, but there will not be the pain of the past. Understand, my dear child, that I can never take away your lessons, but I can help to ease the pain.”

I still sat rigid, in a kind of daze. I did not miss a word Tareen had spoken, but I had lost the sense of time, and the room around me had melted into oblivion. Wishing he would never stop talking, I stared at Sharna’s face.

“The time has also come for you to learn a proper and effective meditation technique to help you with our communication. Your mind is busy, your body is busy, your vibrations are high, and this is the reason why it has been so difficult for you to reach a meditative state. I shall help you to overcome this problem.

“There is much . . . so very much I wish to share with you, symbolic sometimes, verbally sometimes, and visually sometimes, and meditation is the best way to begin.

“Never think that what you see in meditation is a rambling of your subconscious mind, but rather think about it and ask yourself what meaning the images or words could have.

“Make meditation a part of your daily duties, but look at it as an enjoyment, a relaxation, a time you spend undisturbed with yourself. Do not ever forget the importance of surrounding yourself with the Divine White Light first.

“Visualize yourself in a bubble of White Light and allow your thoughts to float through the colors of the rainbow—starting with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and finishing with purple—and experience each color individually. Allow your thoughts, your consciousness, to guide you, and always follow this order. Finally, visualize yourself sitting on a cloud of brilliant White Light, and then allow this cloud to carry you and help you to fly free. Let your thoughts fly free, too, and surrender to the experience of lightness.

“Eventually, ask Me to join and to accompany you on your journey. Do not become distracted by outside noises; rather, use them to go deeper and deeper, like a hypnotist uses a pendulum to send his clients deeper and deeper. When you feel that you do not wish to remain any longer in this state, bring yourself back through the colors I have given you, starting with purple and finishing with red. The power and vibrancy of the color red will awaken, rejuvenate, and energize you.

“Very soon you will find that the daily practice of this technique enables you to reach a state of total relaxation. This exercise does not have to be long . . . five, ten minutes will suffice, and our communication will develop and increase. Do you think you can do that, child?”

I sat motionless, staring at Tareen in utter awe, and had to make an effort to voice a timid yes. After a short break he continued, his voice now fatherly . . . soft and gentle. “My dear child, now that I have given you the proper technique for your meditation, which will help you to gradually achieve a more direct manner of communicating with Me, let us talk as we did such a long, long time ago, when we spent innumerable hours in each other’s company. Many, many centuries ago in your time . . . a blink of an eye in mine.”

I took courage in both hands and questioned Tareen about my childhood, the never-ending problems, and the periods of hardship and health problems I had endured and overcome throughout my entire life. He gave me explanations and clarification, enabling me to understand with a view of the bigger picture of human existence. He told me about the connections of this life and its challenges with previous lifetimes, and about the Karma I repaid in the course of experiencing pain, hurt, rejection, struggle, and setbacks.

Tareen reassured me that the largest part of the negative Karma I brought into this lifetime had been repaid and that I had not created new Karma along the way. He also confirmed my assumption that the hurtful experiences with Rebecca had given me the opportunity to repay negative Karma that I created in another lifetime, when I was her father and she my son. A son who did not live up to his father’s expectations and hence was treated by him in a detestable manner.

This revelation brought tears to my eyes. The recognition that from now on I would be able to show Rebecca my love without having to anticipate rejection and distrust flooded my heart with emotions and relief. After nearly seventeen years we were going to be able to hug each other and express our mutual love openly and without fear.

“I am sorry,” I sobbed, “but the thought that this painful chapter of my life is finally concluded overwhelms me.”

Tareen nodded and smiled warmly. “Cry if you need to cry, child. Tears act as a pressure valve. If people allowed themselves to cry more often and find relief in this healthy and natural way of releasing hurt and emotions, many would not develop the need to act out their pain and frustration by committing crimes and violent acts. Tears are important, irrespective of whether the reasons are ones of joy or grief. They have a deep-seated function that is more often than not ignored or misunderstood by humans.”

I did not understand what the presence of this being initiated inside of me, but I felt the load of half a lifetime lifted off my shoulders. An unstoppable stream of tears washed away parts of the compounded and suppressed pain of the past decades. After I regained control over my emotions, Tareen told me that Kareem and I had chosen to be mother and son in this lifetime, and that our coming together again did not serve the purpose of balancing Karma but rather of supporting each other. This is so true, I thought to myself, it has always been that way, even when Kareem was still a little boy; he used to comfort me when I was sad, and later on he tried to help with advice. Never have we felt any kind of barriers separating us.

My next question was about my relationship with Rudolph and the real reasons that caused me to become involved with him.

Tareen described a previous lifetime, when Rudolph and I were sisters. Rudolph was the younger sister and hated me, was jealous and envious. Before entering the current incarnation, I wished to try one more time to make peace with this soul. My God, I thought anxiously, we failed again, but Tareen interrupted my thinking and reassured me that my part in this encounter was completed.

He said, “He has still not learned to love you properly . . . repeating a past-life pattern. There is nothing left for you to do. You have tried and you have forgiven him. That is all that was required. Nobody gets penalized for someone else’s inability or lack of cooperation. He will meet others in the future who will help him learn his lessons.”

Next, Tareen revealed the Karmic reasons for some of the most poignant and painful events and circumstances of the past and reassured me once again that I would not have to endure experiences of such nature ever again.

“Your future will not be free of lesson-learning,” he said. “It is a different kind of learning, which will be revealed and presented to you step by step, spiritual lessons and preparations for great things. Great things and important things, indeed.”

At that very moment I was unable to come up with further questions, although I knew that I would have a thousand more as soon as I had time to think. I thanked Tareen with a shaky voice and said naively that I hoped to be able to communicate with him soon without the help of the medium.

“My dear child,” said Tareen gently, “it would take you years to learn any new job. What makes you think that the work you are going to do in the future does not require an appropriate education?”

I did not know what to say and remained silent.

After a few seconds he continued, “It is our tradition to give our charges a gift in conclusion of a session. I want you to close your eyes, surround yourself with White Light, and then tell me what you see.”

I leaned back, closed my eyes, and imagined I was in a white cloud. At first the cloud was grey. Then, very slowly, it became lighter, and suddenly I saw a beautiful gemstone. “A sparkling, purple-colored amethyst on a leather band,” I whispered in amazement.

“Good. Very good,” I heard Tareen say. “I gave you, my dear AnnaLees, this amethyst as a farewell gift just before I left my body, finishing my last lifetime in the physical to return home to the Realm of Light forever.

“Today I give you this amethyst once again as a welcome gift for our new kind of association and close relationship on two very different levels. Think about this, child. I know that very soon we will talk again in this manner, but before I go . . . let me tell you that whenever you consult a medium in the future, make sure the medium works with the White Light. Many of them will say ‘I work in the light’ or ‘I work with the light.’ Ask if they work with the White Light, for many times this terminology is battered around and has no real meaning. When they are talking about a pink light or a blue light or gold or a yellow light, they are not talking about the White Light. The Divine White Light is your protection and your security that whomever it is your medium is channeling is truly from the Higher Realm, because only those in the Realm that we inhabit can show the brilliant White Light around them.

“If the medium does not work in this Light, there is every possibility and every chance that whomever she or he channels is a lower entity or a mime or mimic that they have picked up and who is communicating with you. We do not want this to happen, for a lot of misinformation can be given to you. The knowledge of these beings is very limited and confused, as their evolutionary process is still incomplete. Information from such sources is the ground of many misunderstandings, incorrect concepts, and perceptions that lead to confusion and suffering for the people involved.

“The Beings of Light which serve mankind as spiritual guides have reached a very high level of evolution, and that level allows them access to the Higher Realm of Light and makes them part of it. These Beings, my dear child, serve mankind on the grounds of boundless and unconditional love, the love of God. They help, protect, and guide all those souls that are still incarnating, and they only use mediums capable of seeing and working with the Divine White Light. The Higher Realm of Light, of White Light, and we, the Beings of Light, have the understanding and the wisdom required to assist humans with their development and their evolution.”

Tareen paused again, as if making sure that his words had the desired effect on me, and concluded his talk with the following words. “Before I return the medium to her body, I wish to thank you. I wish to thank you, my dear child, for your willingness to listen to me and for your attention. Think carefully about all the things I have told you and take it to heart. Learn and be aware that today you have taken the first step towards a future devoted to your spiritual development and to the service of humanity. Now go in love and peace, AnnaLees, and God bless you.”

After three hours I left Sharna’s house. She hugged me and said, “Give me a call when you are ready. I’ll see you soon.”

As I stepped out of my car and into the driveway, I realized that I could not remember driving home. How was that possible? How could I drive my car for three quarters of an hour through dense traffic in total mental absence? My mind was in a state of utter confusion. It plainly refused to accept what I had just experienced, while my heart and my emotions rejoiced like two children who had finally rediscovered their roots.

Suddenly I was overcome by tiredness and exhaustion. I lay down on my bed and instantly fell asleep. When I woke up, I was disorientated, and it took me a few seconds to realize that I was in my bedroom, but I clearly remembered the dream I just had . . .

I had been sitting in a beautiful garden with Tareen. He spoke to me calmly and with a lot of emphasis, attempting to bring clarity into my confusion and repeatedly reassuring me of his protection and his eternal and unconditional love. I remembered the environment clearly and in minute detail, but could only recall frag¬ments of the conversation. The sound of the words “unconditional love” and “trust Me, AnnaLees, trust Me” was still in my ears, and the unforgettable feeling of an all-encompassing warmth and complete love was surrounding me with a blissful air.

The greatest, most unusual adventure of this lifetime had begun, my unique and incomparable love story with a spirit being who required my body to communicate and teach.

Professional Reviews

Sergio Carlo Maresca - Speaker/Trainer/Author
As you read this beautiful book, you have a choice to make!

You can either devote your life, predominantly to the pursuit of success – in the material world – and with hard work and some luck, you may or may not attain it.

Or you may begin again, to intensify your energies, in seeking a deeper meaning and purpose to your life.

Anna suggests the latter choice – and in this way you will very likely attain both outcomes – both spiritual growth and material success – both of which, she then encourages you to share with others, with an energetic and renewed abundance!

Just like you and me, Anna has had a lot of challenges in life. Just like you and me, she has had to choose – to either mourn or to dance. And just like you and me, Anna has chosen to dance!

Anna’s book is a gift of love to you the reader.

It is not intended as a prescription or formula.

You may or may not agree with everything she says.
But you shouldn’t ignore it either!

Anna is a gifted author and spiritual teacher, who will help you to recognize and dance to the music, already playing in your own soul.

If you read these pages with an open mind, then you too, will begin to:

Dance Like No One Can See You!
Sing Like No One Can Hear You!
Work Like You Don’t Need The Money!
And Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt Before!

Bon Voyage!

Sergio Carlo Maresca

Award-Winning Finalist 2011 International Book Award
The Cuckoo's Egg is "Award-Winning Finalist 2011 International Book Award". Nominated for 2012 Readers' Favorite Award

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