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Robert Grand

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Reaper Two-Six - Year 5 - The Rise of Global Insurgency
by Robert Grand   

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Publisher:  Reaper Two-Six Productions ISBN-10:  0615506933 Type: 


Copyright:  July 28, 2011 ISBN-13:  9780615506937

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The Rise of Global Insurgency kicks off in the highly trained black-ops squadron's fifth year of operations. Showcasing fast-paced action, suspense and drama, along with utilizing state-of-the-art technology, exhilarating combat sequences, believable, hard-edged characters and a fresh, inventive plot, this new military fiction is a must read for fans of the genre.

Barnes &
Reaper Two-Six Productions

Will the Reapers bring peace and stability to the world?

The world is suffering from the effects of out-of-control terrorism. Governments are spending huge amounts of precious capital for the safety and security of air and rail transportation as well as inspections at all sea ports.  The global economic effect is crippling; countries struggle to manage commerce, international trade, business growth, job creation and tourism. The world’s economy is on the brink of collapse.

The Global Defense Organization TM (GDO) has been created to be a cost effective multinational elite group that monitors, infiltrates and eliminates terrorist activities within all supporting countries. Known only as Reaper Two-Six, this secret 48 member squadron has quickly earned a reputation for precisely eliminating terrorist threats, in the air and on the ground. 

Why did China and Columbia oppose the creation of the GDO?  Are they connected to global terrorist cells?  Are they secretly financing the sale of weapons?

The Reaper’s greatest challenge is now upon them; infiltrate China and Columbia to discover their real intentions. Through a series of electrifying and heart-stopping missions, the Reapers use their skills and advanced technology to put fear back where it belongs - in the minds of the terrorists, not in the minds of its citizens.


Chapter 1
Bring ‘Em Home

Doc looks out the cockpit of her F-35. The blackness is impressive from 42,000 feet, with just a hint of the moon shining over the horizon, a perfect night for flying.

She glances over her shoulder, seeing LiangShan 50 feet off her starboard wing. A smile curls out the corners of her mouth as she remembers how LiangShan prefers to say he is her escort, not wingman. Humph, as if she needs anyone to look after her.

Scanning her instruments, she takes note of their current position over the Philippine Sea.

“Almost there” she radios to LiangShan.
“Roger that” he acknowledges.

She’s known numerous pilots over the years and been privileged to fly with many talented wingmen; LiangShan is her favorite and most trusted. She has grown to appreciate his precision use of weapons, and even his witty jokes, some of which he tells to take the edge off difficult situations. During the past four years, they’ve flown over 200 missions together, and if she had it her way, they’d be flying together until they hung up their flight suits.

The F-35s glide effortlessly through the still air, no turbulence up this high, at least not tonight.

This baby sure is purring, she muses as the thin, wispy Cirrus clouds slip past her canopy.

LiangShan is monitoring his own instruments, paying close attention to Doc’s flight path and watching the moonlit silhouette of her plane, ensuring proper spacing.

LiangShan thinks about the mission, rescuing Blast and Professor. For just a few seconds, he feels a swell of pride for being selected for this mission, as only the top Reapers from the eastern and western command centers were chosen.

Becoming one of the world’s most respected pilots wasn’t an accident; it was something he dreamed of since he was a boy of nine. He remembers watching the Air Force fighters flying overhead near his parent’s home in Taiwan. Every free moment he had, he would sit and watch the planes, imagining what it would be like to fly. He wishes his father could see him now; LiangShan knew he’d be proud.

The day Fleet Admiral Wolverine invited him to be a pilot for Reaper Two-Six was the pinnacle of his career. Upon acceptance, LiangShan knew he had fully honored his father and mother.

Casually, he looks at his watch, 23:30.
Precision timing, that’s what tonight’s all about, he says aloud.

As the two F-35s continue southwest for Dilasag, Philippines, LiangShan again runs through the exact steps of the mission. Of course, most pilots will tell you that nothing ever goes exactly as planned. However, in Reaper Two-Six, precision and well coordinated teamwork are recognized hallmarks.

Over the South China Sea, on the western side of the Philippines, Red Diamond & Ranger make their final turn, positioning their Eurofighter Typhoons for the assault.

Red Diamond scans his instruments, looking over his left shoulder toward Ranger.

We’re ready, he thinks.

The coordinated surprise attack on the Communist New People’s Army (NPA) camp is minutes away from launching.
Meanwhile, the ground assault team, Cloud, Gunner, Fox and Magic, beach their speedboat on the shore of the Casapsapan Bay, just southeast of Dilasag.

Cloud and Gunner move smoothly through the woods and around the side of the mountains. The satellite photos Vice Admiral Loz provided are amazingly accurate, precisely depicting the terrain in 3D.

Cloud now takes the lead, maneuvering up over the mountain pass as if he had grown up on this very shoreline. At the designated location, he signals Gunner. They stop and begin looking through their night vision binoculars for the NPA camp. In the distance, the seemingly unremarkable spread of buildings is their first glimpse of the intended target.

While Cloud and Gunner were hiking the mountain, Fox and Magic made their way to the edge of the NPA camp. They check their equipment, pull down their night vision goggles and patiently wait.

Cloud scans the camp to find the building holding Professor and Blast. He shines a laser beam onto the roof, marking it with a tiny blue dot.

Doc, LiangShan, Red Diamond and Ranger acknowledge the laser then lock their weapons onto every other building in the secluded camp.

Cloud and Gunner line the cross hairs on their night scopes to targets directly outside the building holding Professor and Blast. The seconds tick away, as each team member takes their position and prepares for the assault. The coordinated attack will first come from the air.

As the NPA camp is on the far eastern side of the Philippine peninsula, Red Diamond and Ranger will fire their missiles a few seconds before Doc and LiangShan.

Finally, the sound of Red Diamond’s voice comes through loud and clear over their headsets.

“Fox 2,” he says.

Two AGM-65D Maverick infrared homing air-to-ground missiles roar to life and streak out from under Red Diamond’s Eurofighter.

Immediately, Ranger follows with, “Fox 3.”

Two Brimstone radar guided missiles leave the Eurofighter’s under-wing pylons. The exhaust plume of the missile’s rocket engine glows outside of Ranger’s cockpit. All four missiles arc downward, locked onto their NPA camp targets.

The radio crackles to life again as Doc and LiangShan respond with their own, “Fox 2, Fox 3”. Two more AGM-65D Mavericks and two AGM-88 HARM air-to-ground missiles are launched and race over the Philippine coast. The AGM-88 HARMs target radars, homing in on electronic transmissions emitted from the surface.

Inside the NPA camp, Professor and Blast look silently at their captors through the cell bars. The two men are somewhat battered, but considering they’ve been there almost four days, with little food or sleep, they aren’t doing as bad as expected.

Professor only had a few scrapes and bruises, but Blast decided to fight their captors and ended up with a broken wrist, or at least they thought it was broken, given the size of the swelling.

Blast hears muffled conversations outside the cell. He spent a few years in Southeast Asia as a teenager, so he listens carefully to what bits and pieces of the conversation he can hear.
Professor looks over and gives Blast an enquiring look as if to say “Anything?” Blast frowns and shakes his head, no.

At over 900 MPH, the missiles from all four aircraft reach their targets with stunning accuracy. Suddenly, the ground shakes violently as the eight missiles strike the camp, followed by a strong rush of air. Blast and Professor cover their heads, certain their cell won’t provide much protection against flying debris of concrete, dirt and rocks.
Outside, the command building ruptures and partially collapses. Metal fragments from the building rain down throughout the compound.

Three satellite dishes are shredded and flung off their mounts, skipping across the central yard like Frisbees. A small hanger takes a direct hit on the eastern side, destroying the outer wall and dragging half of the roof to the ground.

The cell tower survives the initial attack but its generator is ripped to pieces and tossed 90 feet into the nearby woods. The remaining missiles successfully knock out the main power, blackness envelopes the camp.

The moment they hear the first explosion, Cloud and Gunner fire their sniper rifles, taking out the four guards standing watch outside the building holding Blast and Professor. With the main targets down, they use their night vision scopes to eliminate as many additional enemy combatants as they can.

The final piece of the rescue commences, Fox and Magic hurl themselves over the camp wall, making a run for the cell holding their squad mates. Magic pulls out his portable acetylene torch and cuts through the hinges. 45 seconds later, Fox uses a crow bar to pry the heavy door. Now, free from its frame, the door swings loose and slams onto the concrete floor.
Magic smiles at his squad mates who are looking at him in amazement, “Now that’s an entrance, ain’t it boys?”
Professor and Blast laugh with relief.
“That wasn’t too bad. But what in the hell took you so long?” Professor grumbles.

“You’re shitting me, right?” Fox says.
Professor grins and elbows Fox in the side as he moves through the door and out of the cell. “Just tell me you have an extra gun.”

Magic pulls a Glock 39 from his underarm holster and hands it to Professor, “Don’t lose it, it’s my favorite.” He says.
Fox pulls his reserve 357 Magnum Desert Eagle and hands it to Blast.
“Hey, what happened to your wrist?” he asks.

Blast shrugs, “Damn guard’s head was harder than I thought it was.”
On their way toward the coast, they join up with Cloud and Gunner. Fox radios their position and the all-clear signal is given to the fighters.
As they make their way back down the hill to the boat, more explosions are heard in the background. Gunner nods in satisfaction at the barrage of detonations, knowing they will not be followed. The terrorists were probably scrambling around like headless chickens, trying to figure out what hit them.

A few miles off the coast, keeping a steady position on the dark sea is the Reaper Two-Six mobile command vessel - The Anaconda. Fleet Admiral Wolverine and Vice Admiral Loz are on board, keeping a steady vigil over the operation on land.

The M-80 Stiletto stealth boat is one of only a handful of its kind in the world. The cumbersome looking vessel is a high speed, high riding M-hulled craft that both Admirals agree would make a perfect addition to their operation.

On board, state of the art monitors, radar, satellite and communications equipment, keep the command center in constant contact with the extraction team.

The monitors pick up transmitters worn by each Reaper, and a pulsing green dot on the screen shows his or her movements in real time.

“So far, so good.” Loz says looking carefully over his shoulder.

Wolverine acknowledges the comment, but never takes his eyes off the monitors. He has learned that a leader never relaxes until the mission is complete and all his Reapers are home safe.

Across the sea, the six Reapers on the ground continue their trek through the darkened woods, finally reaching the bay. Piling onto the Zodiac speedboat, Magic and Gunner shove off the sand and out into the surf.

Fox fires up the engine as Magic and Gunner jump on. With all safely aboard, he punches the throttle and the boat races away into the Philippine Sea.
A final set of ear numbing explosions is heard; even Cloud is startled by the intensity of the bombing.

“Damn, I’d be surprised if anything is left standing.” He says to no one in particular.

Magic, Gunner, Blast and Fox all nod in agreement.
“Maybe Doc is PMS’ing.” Professor says with a grin.
“Oh yeah?” Cloud laughs, “I vote you should be the one to ask her.”
Not one person on the boat is laughing at that remark, because they all know Doc. There isn’t a man on board who would dare ask Doc such a thing, not if he didn’t want the cross hairs of her 25mm cannon on their ass.

As the speedboat races further from the coast, the Anaconda becomes visible in the partially moonlit night. The ship slowly opens its rear ramp and the speedboat disappears inside. The bay doors close firmly behind the Reapers.

Wolverine welcomes them each with a handshake, thanking Cloud, Gunner, Fox and Magic for their outstanding work.
He then turns to Blast and his good friend Professor. His voice is low and sincere, “It’s good to have you both back.”

Both men acknowledge his words with a smile and commend the team for their return. Credit is always given where it’s due in the Reaper squad. Joking in the field is great for relieving tension, but when the Admirals are present, honor and respect are the unspoken code.

Loz radios Doc, LiangShan, Red Diamond and Ranger to tell them the mission is a success, giving them new coordinates toward the Western command center and the air-to-air refueling point.

Cheers and laughter are the response from the pilots as they hit the throttle and climb to altitude. After refueling, the four Reapers set a final course for Western Australia. Their destination is Carnarvon, a secluded town that many of the Reaper’s call home for four months of the year.
Just before sunrise, they begin their landing approach.

“On final.” Doc happily announces over the radio, as the last few hours have weakened her usual vibrant personality.
She touches down and swiftly taxis off the runway toward the partially underground hanger. Just behind her, LiangShan, then Red Diamond and Ranger land with the slightest chirp of the landing gear. Within minutes, they are all parked inside the hanger, canopies open. After a quick hop down the ladder, they head for the far end of the hanger, their helmets swinging loosely from their hands.

Doc claps LiangShan on the shoulder, “Great job out there tonight.”
LiangShan smiles a broad smile, “Yeah, I know.” He says.

They laugh then greet Red Diamond and Ranger with high fives, finally heading across the hanger to the ready room.
As they pass the rows of aircraft at their disposal, Ranger and Red Diamond shake their heads in disbelief.

Gleaming under the fluorescent lights are F/A-18s, F-22s, Eurofighters, F-35s, AV-8B Harrier IIs, Tornados, Black Hawks and even a Comanche and a Eurocopter Tiger.

“Still a bit hard to believe we have that much firepower at our fingertips isn’t it?” Ranger asks Red Diamond.
Red Diamond chuckles, “Hell dude, I find it hard to believe we have all this in just one hanger!”

As they approach the ready room, Doc smacks the yellow button and the large bay doors start to squeak and grind, as the motors draw them closed. From the outside, the command center looks deserted once more.

LiangShan pushes his shoulder into the ready room door, opening it slowly. He leans his back against the open door, holding it for his fellow Reapers.

Even the ten seconds or so it takes everyone to file into the room is enough time for LiangShan’s body to begin its descent. If he could fall asleep standing up, he’d already be dreaming of sitting under an umbrella on Cable Beach in northern Australia.

He slides his helmet onto a shelf directly above his locker and pulls off his parachute harness. He slips it over the hook and with a groan, he stretches out his arms, pulling off his flight jacket. He hangs everything neatly in his locker then finds a comfortable seat in the corner. He wants a wall to break his fall in case he dozes off.
As he looks around the room, he knows he isn’t the only one. The 23 hour rescue mission has drained every Reaper to the point of exhaustion.

LiangShan is grateful the mission was successful and that his squad mates are safe. He is also thankful to be off duty. As if in response to the thought, his stomach growls loudly.

He looks up at everyone and says jokingly “I think I’ll head to the shower then grab a big juicy burger. Anybody want to join me?”

As tired as his squad mates are, they still catch the joke; LiangShan’s a vegetarian.

At dinner, Doc, LiangShan, Red Diamond and Ranger chat about the mission. They talk about Blast and Professor, about the planning sessions, and how focused Wolverine was on getting them rescued and back home.

“He hardly slept these last four days.” Doc says about Wolverine. “He coordinated everything, down to the most intricate detail. You really have to respect that.”

“You’re preaching to the choir sweetheart,” Ranger says as he raises his water glass. “To Fleet Admiral Wolverine!”

“Here, here!” the group responds.
LiangShan raises his glass and says, “Put my butt in the Admiral’s hands any day.”

Gales of laughter erupt around the table.

LiangShan furrows his brow in confusion.
Doc wipes the tears of laughter from the corners of her eyes and says, “Your life, you mean, you’d trust your life in the Admiral’s hands any day.”

“What is the difference?” LiangShan says seriously, “You always say ‘Thanks for saving my butt’? Isn’t it the same thing?”

More laughter drowns out any attempt Doc makes in trying to give LiangShan the proper usage of the ever confusing English language and everyday slang.

When she knew she could be heard over her squad mates, she says, “I’ll explain later. Just trust me, from now on say, ‘I’d put my life in the Admiral’s hands any day’.”

LiangShan shrugs, “Okay, sure.”
Red Diamond puts his hands on the table and rises to his feet. “The hell with it,” he says, “to putting our butts in the Admirals’ hands!”

“Here, here!” the group acknowledges once more.

Doc looks around the room at the team and feels very proud to be a part of the Reapers. She is also grateful to have Wolverine as their commander.
This wasn’t the first time he went above and beyond her expectations of a leader. She trusts him with her very life and feels secure in the knowledge he would do everything in his power to bring her home safe on every mission.
Red Diamond looks around the table at each of his squad mates, waiting for their complete attention.

“Okay, so I know we have to wait for the debriefing first, but the big question is, just what the hell happened out there four days ago?”

Professional Reviews

Benjamin Lawrence
The Rise of Global Insurgency kicks the tires and lights the fires for this exciting new series.

Reaper Two-Six- Year Five- The Rise of Global Insurgency follows an elite multinational counter-terrorism group, the 'Global Defense Organization'(GDO), and it's sublet, the highly trained black-ops squadron 'Reaper Two-Six'.

The Rise of Global Insurgency kicks off in the secret squadron's fifth year of operations, infiltrating and exterminating terrorist groups around the globe. In the midst of global economic recession China, under a hard-knocks military dictatorship and rearing it's head as an international superpower, has begun purchasing and controlling global assets in an effort to monopolize the world's economy.

But that's not all. To further destabilize world order, the Chinese government has been covertly funding terrorist groups all over the globe, supplying them with the funds and equipment they need to cause chaos in the UN countries.

With the world's governments in disarray, it's up to the Reapers to find out who's responsible and put a stop to the global crisis.

The novel follows the three leaders of the Reapers, along with their loyal pilots, soldiers, and friends throughout the GDO. Each of the Reapers play a role throughout the story. Be it spying on enemy installations from 45,000 feet in the air, dogfighting with advanced fighter aircraft, or grabbing a cold one after a long day of fighting, the Reapers are a close-knit group, and it shows through the writing.

The Rise of Global Insurgency showcases fast-paced action, suspense, and drama. The detailed use of state-of-the-art technology, exhilarating combat sequences, believable, hard-edged characters and fresh, inventive plot makes this new military fiction a great read for fans of the genre.

I found this to be a nice an d refreshing read. As an avid reader of sci-fi type books, and a fan of aviation in any form, just to picking this book up excited me. I found the plot incredibly accessible on all levels of technology and politics, and even found it strangely realistic for where military advances seem to be and what is going on in the world today. I was hardly able to put it down through the conclusion, and quickly dove in for a second read.

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