Throughout time, there have been people who changed the world by being killed so their lives and messages become eternal in our history books and consciousness.
Marie Antoinette was born in Austria to a life of unimaginable wealth and unquestioned privileges. At the age of 14 she moved to France to marry the dauphin and at 18 became Queen of the most powerful country of Europe.
When the French Revolution breaks out in 1789, everything changes. Marie Antoinette has to grow up very fast. Despite of all her efforts, she loses everything and finishes her life in a small cell of the Conciergerie.
In the confinement of her cell, her life is suspended in time. Tribulation makes her realize who she is and she understands things are taken from her so that she will not remain earthbound and forgetful of her true immortal state.
This tremendous transformation that helped her climb the stairs of the guillotine in a natural heroism and die as a Queen in 1793 is for the first time ever revealed in ‘Marie Antoinette’s secret’.
Marie Antoinette’s secret’ is the never-before-told true story of a young woman, Kiera, burdened with repetitive nightmares of an old wheel on a cobblestone road, wooden steps, a frisson of cold air on her neck and the bitter taste of metal in her mouth.
Emptiness. Silence. Death.
In order to uncover the truth behind her dream and its connection to her present and past relationships, Kiera courageously shares her spiritual and emotional journey toward the realization that she was indeed, Marie-Antoinette, the last queen of France.
Let the Secret of Marie Antoinette be the key of your universe as it was hers.

Marie-Alix Ravel is a researcher in reincarnation. When Kiera Hermine come to see her, she has a passion for this strange case. Dreams, inexplicable coincidences will push Marie-Alix to conduct a thorough investigation, guided by a strong natural intuition and years of experience. This story is based on real facts, and that you believe in reincarnation or not, ‘Marie Antoinette’s Secret’ is a moving story in which the present meets the past so amazingly.