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TD Wulf

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Legends of Auryona: Return of the Queen
by TD Wulf   

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Publisher:  TD Wulf ISBN-10:  1466496185 Type: 


Copyright:  Sept 2011 ISBN-13:  9781466496187

TD Wulf

The world of Auryona swirls with legends as thick as its magic. War, adventure, love, and mythology are just the tip of the literary iceberg.

From tattered scrolls, through time and war, many of the legends of Auryona have survived. The Return of the Queen is one such legend. Just days after Eire's King fell in battle, the country was plunged into terror. The queen and princess were missing and Prince Terquin announced that they had left in the night and were presumed dead.

Years went by and tyranny, war, and bloodshed mixed with rumors that the queen still lived. Terquin and Hrolf fought over their father's throne, using the people as their weapons. It seemed as if nothing could be done to save the people and the land from the darkness that shrouded them.

One man broke away from Terquin and waged his own war. Morgard, loyal to the king and queen, served Terquin for too long. He broke ranks and set out for eastern Eire. There he will make his stand, there he will wait for his Queen.

Morgard's actions will turn the tables on Terquin. The new shift in power and loyalty will open the door for the queen to return. Her return to her land will not be the end of the story. They will not simply yield the throne to her. The battle to reclaim the throne will shape Eire's future. 

The last great cataclysm nearly tore the world apart. A young fool-hearty wizard pushed the bounds of magic until they snapped. The lands of Keztel were wiped from the map destroying the greatest temples on the planet. Auryona was thrown into darkness as the portals opened to the galaxy. For years following the cataclysm dragons ruled over much of the lands. The Gralgar waged war on all the other races in the name of their brethren, the dragons. The dragons were not the only ones to come through the portals though. Humans also were pulled to this world. Ancient cultures of Earth brought new ideas, new cultures, and creative new skills of war. Throughout the lands of Auryona many have striven to preserve the cultures and histories. Science fails to compare to the magic that can carry these stories throughout the galaxy. Great wizards and priests carry out rituals to send these tales to any who would receive them. In this way they shall endure.

The planet of Auryona is not much unlike Earth. It has large areas of land and, oceans, and seas. Aside from the slower progression of time, dragons, magick, and lizard people it's exactly like Earth. Oh and the other races, Gaeics, Kanjin, Ninse, and Gralgar. Okay, so it's quite different. Auryona sits in a solar system on the other side of our galaxy. Advances in certain technologies have left the world smack in the middle of what we would call “The Dark Ages”. On this planet magick and swords rule the day and night. The people and creatures of Auryona are born into a world of wonder and of war.

To any who read this.

My name is Krormar and I was once a wizard in the world of Auryona. Stories have been told of my life and carried throughout the mortal plane. I was not the first great wizard and I doubt I will be the last. I devoted my life to magic and a peaceful way of life. I write this letter as I know I will soon exist only in legends and memories. My aim now is to ensure that those who wish for peace will have the means to wield it and those that seek evil will only find death by a weapon of good. Across the lands I have hidden the tools to help make this happen. Incantations and magical seals shall keep them from the unjust. Time is fleeting though, as the dragons will rule once again and darkness will reign over the lands. When I speak of evil I am speaking of the darkness beyond the portals. There will always be war and war-hungry people, to these I pay little mind. The true threat to us all is Drarnak the Black. His kind ruled these lands before and he will not stop until he has taken it back. It is not just Auryona that is in danger. The portals link our worlds, if Drarnak leads his dragons through the portal Earth and the other worlds will suffer far greater. The legends have been cast to the into mists may they prepare you for what comes next.



A loud knock on the door shook Gawhen from her slumber. The door to her chambers flew open with a loud crash and splintering of wood. She could see two guards, with weapons ready standing in the doorway. One of them held her daughter, Maristanya, captive. Gawhen rolled from the bed and went for her sword. “I wouldn't do that.” One of the guards barked, as he positioned a sword at her daughter's throat. “Come with us quietly and no one will be hurt.” Gawhen reluctantly left her sword where it rested and walked slowly towards the guards. “You should get dressed, Gawhen.” One guard spoke. She grabbed her clothes and dressed in the corner out of sight. The shorter of the two guards gathered some things from around the room, and filled a couple of packs. He tucked the packs under his cloak along with Gawhen's sword. Gawhen walked towards the doorway, clad in the soft leather and fur armor, traditional to the Fjorn. When she reached the door the taller guard bound her hands and led her from the room. They were led down the back corridor of the castle, sure to avoid anyone who was awake in the castle. Gawhen could feel that this was Hrandal's doing. They were captured in the middle of the night, bound, and led out of the castle quietly. Hrandal had long wanted the throne for himself, and this must be his move. They made their way into the dark courtyard. The night was clear, the stars danced in the heavens and the moon provided enough light to bathe the world in a gray. Gawhen had expected to see her sons there as well, but no one at all was there. The courtyard was empty aside from four horses, that were readied for travel. The guards forced them to the horses at the point of their swords. It was pointless for them to fight back. The guards were highly skilled warriors, and had relieved them of their weapons before they left the castle. All they could do now was follow orders and imagine where they were being taken. The guards led them out of the city riding on either side of their captives. They rode at a steady pace out into the lands of Eire. Maristanya could tell by the night sky that they were riding north west. They rode in silence for hours, the sun rose behind them bathing the land in a sleepy yellow light that seemed to cling to the morning mist. They were nearing the Thorinian Coast and Gawhen wondered where they were headed. “Where are you taking us?” Her tone was stern and shattered every shred of silence. “You will see soon enough.” One of the Guards uttered. Gawhen felt that these men were leading them somewhere, but not to kill them. If they had wanted to kill them they could have done so outside the city. They rode on further and silence rejoined them as a companion. They wound their way through the low rolling hills that lead to the coast, to the sea of Dragmar. They reached the top of a rise near the shore and Maristanya could see a small ship waited on the beach. Gawhen surveyed the situation in her mind, measuring up the guards, and calculating the distance to the boat. She knew she had to find a way out of this, for her sake and her daughter's. Her actions didn't go unnoticed by the larger of the two guards. “My Queen.” His words cut through the silence “Trust me, you want to follow us. No harm will come to you or the Princess if you remain complaisant.” Gawhen let out a soft sigh and held her composure, following the guards. Maristanya grumbled softly at being called princess. The group rode onto the beach toward the awaiting ship. No sooner had they boarded the ship and pulled out into the sea, than the smell of food filled the morning air. They sailed on in silence the sun trailing behind them in the sky. As they finished their meal one of the guards approached the queen. He removed a dagger from his belt. Gawhen sat tall with pride and honor, Maristanya sat poised to attack. With a single solid slice the guard cut the rope that bound the queens hands. Turning to Maristanya, he relieved her of her bindings as well. “Hrandal sent us to kill you both.” The guards words cut like a knife. “My men and I volunteered to take the job.” “You said no one would be harmed?” The queens words dripped with anger “And no one will.” He smiled “We have arranged for another ship to take you where ever you wish to go. My men and I will remain behind on the Island of HundBjorn.” “Why are you doing this?” Maristanya asked. “The soldiers and guards have been bought by Hrandal, few are loyal to Eire and the queen. The only way to protect Eire and the true royalty is to hide you until the time is right for you to reclaim the throne.” “Thank you...” Gawhen paused unable to recall the guards name. “Avaldr, your grace.” He bowed respectfully. No more was said for the remainder of the voyage. The passengers merely sat looking out over the still waters of the sea. A better time for this journey could not have been found, most of the year Dragmar sea churns with rage. The still air and calm weather had lent them a safe voyage through the dark waters.

The ship reached the shore of HundBjorn Island. As they landed Gawhen and Maristanya could see that there was a second ship docked at the shore. So far Gawhen trusted the man who held them captive. She was unsure why, but something about the man let her know she and her daughter would be all right. They stepped off of the ship and onto the sand on the southern shore of the island. A sweet spice smell filled the air as the men led Gawhen and her daughter to the awaiting ship. The ship that awaited them was much larger and appeared to contain multiple decks, as opposed to the single deck ship they arrived on. Gawhen calmly led her daughter onto the ship followed by Avaldr and one of his men. “I do not wish to know where you are going. It is better that I do not know.” Avaldr spoke softly, there was a hint of sorrow and caring in his voice. “Thank you again Avaldr. One day you will be rewarded for your honor today.” Gawhen replied with a smile. Avaldr turned and left the ship with his man. The two of them walked off to the shore. Gawhen and Maristanya looked over the rails at the men as they walked away. Gawhen whispered to the captain, then turned to head below deck. The captain yelled out to his crew, no sooner did his words echo over the deck than the sails fell open. The ship lurched gently and slowly pulled away from the dock. Maristanya looked out over the rear rails of the ship as her home got further away. Sorrow rested deep in her heart as she knew it would likely be many years before she returned home. The smell of spices seemed to carry through the air with the ship. Maristanya had heard stories of the Kryde trees on the island and the aroma they had, at that moment she realized just how wonderful the smell was. The stories did not begin to describe the sweet sting of spice that filled the air. Maristanya turned from the rails as the island disappeared into the mist. She turned and walked slowly below deck to find her mother. She had no idea where they were going or why, it seemed only her mother and the captain knew their destination. She entered the cabin below deck where her mother sat at a table looking out a small window. “Mother, where are we going?” Her voice was soft and innocent. “We are going to find a new home for awhile.” “Don't hide things mother. I am nearly a grown woman now.” Maristanya's words were sharp. Gawhen looked at her daughters face and realized she was right. She had grown into a beautiful, young, strong woman. She fought against all of her motherly instincts to protect her daughter. “We are going to Gabarath. From there we will seek passage on a different ship.” “Why not stay on this one?” “The men who led us here know this ship. Most of all I don't know if this crew is loyal. From Gabarath, I am sure we can find a ship that will pay no mind to a couple of travelers. This crew knows who we are.” “I understand.” Maristanya sat down at the table and pulled apart a piece of bread. Her body was tired from little sleep and the long journey though her mind was awake with excitement, curiosity, and a touch of anger. She chewed at the bread and looked out the window into the world around them. Her anger began to boil within her, anger at her uncle and her brother.

Gawhen awoke to the sounds of the crew bustling about on deck. She was angered by the fact that she had slept so deeply in this unknown environment. She looked around the cabin to see that Maristanya was nowhere in sight. Without a moment's delay she rose from her chair and ran up the steps to the deck of the ship. Her heart raced as she ran up the steps. She stepped onto the deck in a mild panic. She looked around the ship frantically for her daughter. Her heart was calmed at the sight of Maristanya looking out over the rails of the front of the ship. Gawhen took a deep breath and calmed herself as she made her way to the front of the ship. “Good morning mother.” Maristanya smiled. “You had me worried.” Gawhen said with a stern mother's tone. “What, you thought one of these guys grabbed me in the night?” She laughed. “You know I could take any one of them.” “Yes, but not all of them.” The two of them stood quietly looking at the approaching land before them. They would be in Gabarath soon. The crew continued to scurry about the deck around them. Some lowered sails others raised sails. “We will pull up close and you two jump for the docks.” The captain laughed. Neither Gawhen or Maristanya felt the need to respond to the joke. It was obvious the captain had no idea who they were or what they had been through. Gawhen's anger at the man's actions slipped away into the comfort of knowing they were unknown here, they were safe. The short remainder of the trip went by in silence. The shipped pulled into the small bay and slowly made its way to the dock. Gawhen and Maristanya made their way off the ship and onto the dock. They could see the small village that sprawled out away from the sea. It resembled the tiny villages of Eire. They walked along the dock looking for a ship to take them anywhere but here or Eire. Gawhen spotted a ship that bore the flags of Fron that looked to be leaving soon. She hurried down the dock to the ship with Maristanya following close behind her. Maristanya looked up at the great ship before them and thought it looked to be even larger than the last one. She paused for a moment to admire the beauty of such a vessel. Until then Maristanya had only heard stories of ships and sea travel. She had never had a need to travel anywhere by sea. “Hurry up daughter.” Gawhen yelled from down the dock. Maristanya hurried to meet her near the ships plank. “This ship is headed to Fron and they said we may travel with them.” Gawhen muttered to Maristanya. The two of them boarded the ship and quickly found a spot to store their things and a quiet place for them to rest. Gawhen was calmed by the fact that they were not the only women on the ship. It appeared that a few of the crew and about five travelers were women. They were still vastly out numbered by the men on board, but still not the only two. They settled in for the long voyage to Fron as the ship pulled away from the dock and sailed it's way into the Dragmar sea.

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