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Edward A Tischler II

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Copyright:  Jan 1 1996

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This is a great book for avid golfers and beginners. Features over fifty instructional pictures demonstrating drills. It also blends the physical skills aspects of golf with the inner game approach to golf.


By Larry Miller

For several decades golf instruction has remained stagnant, as evidenced by the fact that the average handicap has not been lowered—despite advances in golf club technology and improvements in course conditions.

This stagnation is not due to a lack of knowledge of swing mechanics by instructors—quite the contrary. Video technology has enabled teachers to isolate quite precisely the proven effective mechanics of the golf swing. Almost every trained instructor knows the way a good, effective golf swing works.

The problem has been a lack of innovation in the communication arena. The game has not had enough creative, imaginative teachers who discover new ways to explain the known mechanics to students in ways that enable them to perform those mechanics.

But all that has quickly changed. Led by the pioneer thinking of Michael Murphy, an army of forward thinking, innovative teachers have mobilized around the world, and are poised to revolutionize the way the game is taught and learned.

The vanguard of this instructional revolution—imaginative instructors like Fred Shoemaker (“Extraordinary Golf”), myself with “Holographic Golf” & “Beyond Golf”, and other—is pushing ever forward, and the evolution of golf instruction is accelerating. The movement is snowballing as creative teachers with ideas once considered esoteric are coming forth with innovations that work.

With “The Way Of The Golfer”, Ed Tischler not only joins this vanguard, but he moves to the front of the movement with a structured method of learning that combines the “best of the best”.

Ed’s book is a good example of the power of a new perspective. “The Way Of The Golfer” proves that if you stay on path, you’ll find the way. His book is the best delineation of the most effective path to better and enjoyable golf that I’ve seen.

Most books (on most any subject involving self-improvement) speak volumes on the desired end-result. But they fall short when it comes down to the how of reaching that result.

The “Way Of The Golfer” is filled with innovative, creative methods which enable the average golfer to experience the magnificence of well-executed golf shots, and it is filled with structured drills which enhance the golfer’s ability to repeat those shots consistently.

Every golfer, from beginner to touring professional, can improve and develop as a golfer by studiously committing to Ed’s methods. “The Way Of The Golfer” takes golf’s new instructional direction to yet another level, and further contributes to the end of instructional stagnation.

Larry Miller, P.G.A. member
Former PGA Tour Player, author of
“Holographic Golf” and “Beyond Golf”,
Member, Golf Writer Ass’n of America


As I began writing this book, my main intention was to present readers with the basic information we use in the New Horizons Golf Approach. My goal was to produce a sort of textbook that our students could use during their training. Thus, if they ever found themselves off track, they'd have some reference material to fall back on. I also wanted to introduce this material in such a way that anyone could benefit from reading it, even if they had never attended one of our training courses. My hope is that this book will help you develop a very productive approach to your game.

For this to come true, I believe we must reach a meeting of our minds, a sort of intellectual contract, based on my commitment as a dedicated coach and yours as an honorable student. My commitments are to provide you with the necessary information to make your new approach productive in the areas of learning, enjoyment, and performance. Your commitments involve sticking with the program and dedicating the necessary time until you truly understand what it can do for you.

The New Horizons Approach is much different from any traditional ones you might know. It focuses on awareness as the natural path to learning. It deals with your inner relations as well as your physical ones. So, you will get to know the inner you while developing your outer foundation. It involves the possibility that you already possess a truly magnificent game of golf. You simply need to express it. Along the way you will learn how to quiet your mind and relax your body. Like any athletic endeavor, you will establish the necessary physical skills, however, you will also come to understand the necessary inner skills. In short, you will find a true balance between mind and body. So, you will come to understand the workings of your inner golfer as well as your physical technique.

Completing the New Horizons training is certain to provide you with the skills, understanding, and motivation to maintain your way. As you stick to The Way of the Golfer, you'll develop the trust and confidence you have always believed to be possible. You will acquire a new perspective, one that will allow you to use your imagination to play the game. Along the way, your imagination will become free to direct your desires, instead of just dream about them. Finally, you will develop such a thorough understanding of the game that you will be able to take your game to its next horizon.

Staying on path as a New Horizons Golfer will take commitment and stick-to-it-tiveness. It will require regular practice, and continual recommitment. It will require that you condition yourself physically, mentally, and inwardly. To truly find out want this journey has to offer, you must make the commitment to give The Way of the Golfer an honest try.

If you stick with the program continually, you will understand why your shots go where they go, and you'll understand how to target your play. You'll understand the game's true fundamentals, and the essence of how you play your shots. You'll truly know how to play the game, a game in which every shot is played as an expression of your inner desire.

Chapter One:
The Golfing Journey

Those who experience this mystical lure encounter a sense of fulfillment, belonging, and incommunicable happiness. Once experienced, there inevitably begins a search for the secret of mastering its execution. Furthermore, each player soon realizes it is because of this mystical connexion that he's attracted to the game in the first place. This is evident as we commonly experience the one shot per round that keeps us coming back.

As the player sets forth on this journey, there is always a question of where, and how, to begin. If you're one of the many who's searching for the answer to this question, then you need to understand how your approach to learning has a direct effect on your performance. In other words, you must become aware of your total approach to the game.

Your total approach consists of learning, performing, and maintaining the necessary skills and habits. Your learning depends on your skills of attention, awareness, and understanding. The quality of your performance depends on your powers of imagery, commitment, and trust. Your maintenance program involves routines for physical, mental, and inner conditioning. To play consistently, you must stay committed to your approach. It's an ongoing process, no matter how long you continue to play.

The success rate of the average golfer remains extremely low. For one thing, most golfers don't truly pay attention to what they are doing as they practice and play. Instead of paying attention, they think too much. The more they think, the more confused they become, and the harder it is to pay attention. The confusion lies in the fact that there are many different viable ways to play. That's because golfers come in many different shapes and sizes. So, you must develop an approach that accommodates your particular needs. You must find a way of performing the fundamentals naturally.

Imagine this, as your body performs the fundamentals, it does so in your own unique way. As your body does so, your swing will take on a unique look. It will look unique because your body is not built like everybody else. Therefore, the way your body performs the fundamentals will have its own style.

If your fundamentals are sound, then your technique will be sound. This is true no matter how unique your swing looks. To me, all swings on tour are unique. Even the players that have the same technical styles look uniquely different from each other. So, spend more time paying attention to your fundamentals than you do worrying about how your swing looks.

Notice that I said, “ pay attention” to your fundamentals. This is because paying attention is more important than thinking. In many hours spent on the lesson tee, I've heard hundreds of students say, " I know what I am supposed to do, but I cannot do it." What they really mean is, they know the concept of what they want to do, but are not aware of how to do it. The theories of physics or mechanics tell us what needs to happen, but they don't tell us how to let it happen. Understanding the concept of what needs to happen involves thinking. Letting the action happen involves being aware. It involves paying attention to what is happening.

When you think about it, all those “how to" books out there are really "what needs to happen" books. They assume we possess the basic skills necessary to perform the given tasks. For example, how to books on carpentry assume you know how to hammer, saw, or use any other tool you need to build something. They don’t teach you how to hammer a nail or drill a hole. They assume you’ve already learned the basic skills through trial and error.

Finally, the essence of the game is simple, and the most simple view of the game is that you must become truly aware of your swing, the ball, and your target. If you do so, you will understand for yourself the best way of getting the ball in the hole. What I’m saying is that you learn through experience. And to learn through experience, you must pay attention to what you’re doing. The more you pay attention to what you’re doing, the more you’ll become aware of what works, and the more you’ll understand how to play great golf. Through this process of awareness you’ll become absorbed in the very lure that attracts you to the game. Fascinated with this entire process, you’ll find the courage to journey beyond the traditional barriers of the game, into a game with new horizons.

" The golfer as an individual knows that to give up on golf is to give up on one's self. For there is no one to blame, no matter what the circumstances. Whatever the future may hold, each player seeks out the most noble vision of the game, a vision full of possibility, and extraordinary achievement. In the end, the students who have the resolve to adventure beyond the traditional barriers of the game will find the freedom to reach their vision's full potential. For many it will become a way of life: "

The Way Of The Golfer, Searching For New Horizons

Professional Reviews

“Ed’s book is a good example of the power of a new perspective. His book is the best delineation of the most effective path to better and enjoyable golf that I’ve seen. ‘The Way Of The Golfer’ takes golf’s new instructional direction to yet another level, and further contributes to the end of instructional stagnation.”Larry Miller (“Holographic Golf,” and “Beyond Golf”)

“Ed Tischler has a firm understanding of the golf swing and the feel for the game. I’m confident that players from all levels can benefit from his coaching and take their games to a higher level.” Dean Wilson (2000 rookie of the year, Japan Golf Tour, Japan Tour Major Championship Winner, and PGA Tour player)

“Ed Tischler ‘s knowledge of the game is thorough. I turn to him for answers to questions regarding the swing, its mechanics, and specific fitness for golf. He has an ability to explain the “why” to almost any question. His enthusiasm for the game is contagious and comes through in person, and in his books.” Larry Stubblefield (Former PGA Tour Player, Class “A” PGA Member)

“Ed Tischler is an outstanding teacher of the game. He is also an accomplished player, but I feel his major strength is in his ability to blend the mechanics of the game with the “inner game” approach to learning. He has a passion for education and helping people, and he has a real gift for communicating this to golfers of all levels." Greg A. Nichols (Director Of Golf, Ko Olina Golf Club )

"I have known Ed Tischler for fifteen years. In his books, I see him use words such as magnificent, extraordinary, committed, integrity, honesty, honorable, trusting, confident, innovative and imaginative in regard to the game and the student's of the game. These words barely begin to describe the man who has authored this exceptional series of books. Ed has tapped into the universal wisdom found in the great philosophies, sciences and religions of the world and has applied this wisdom in simple and effective ideas, theories and exercises useful for students of all levels of the game of golf and the game of life."
Kim Kokoska, Los Angeles, California

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Reader Reviews for "The Way Of The Golfer - Searching For New Horizons"

Reviewed by Cindy Petty 8/18/2003

I'd be lying if I told you your books and pocket coaches are good; they're invaluable.
I only wish I would have found these sooner like years ago. Anyway, I enjoy your philosophy on golf and life. There's alot of garbage out there in the golf reading world.

I don't bother with golf magazines anymore. I truly believe I've found a great system through your NEW HORIZONS GOLF APPROACH to golf. The exercises/drills are great. The explanations with photos tell all...I've relied on your philosophy and golf instruction through theses books and have improved my short game tremendously. It's alot easier putting when you can toss that ball close to the hole.

My swing path has improved as well and probably because of these exercises. As a result of your drills , my confidence has grown and developed. Now I know what it feels like to approach the ball and toss it to the flag with my club.

GREAT STUFF. Like I said before, you can't find this kind of quality golf material in a bookstore. This is a special find for me.

Thank you for writing the books.

Cindy Petty
Woodbridge, NJ
Reviewed by Kevin McCarthy 8/11/2003
I met Ed Tischler while he was playing on the California Mini Tours. I had just moved to San Diego from England. Having been a member of the European Tour I was fortunate enough to experience playing golf with Europes best players, as well as working with its best teachers. I thought Ed was the most talented player I had met in the States. He was by far the best ball striker in the San Diego area. What surprised me most was that his knowledge of the game was complete as well. He was well rounded in all aspects of the game. He displayed mental toughness, physical fitness, sound mechanics, and a keen awareness of the golf environment. He also communicated his theories intellectually. It was a pleasure working with him then, and I am glad to see his theories have finally been published for everyone else to read. I'm sure you will enjoy his books, as I enjoyed his company as a fellow professional.

Kevin McCarthy
Reviewed by Mark Jameson 8/7/2003
Wow, what an experience the game has become since studying The Way Of The Golfer. I never knew the game could be so natural and easy. Thanx for giving us the Way.

Mark Jameson
Atlanta, Georgia
Reviewed by Josh Thompson 8/7/2003
The Way Of The Golfer - Searching For New Horizons is the most refreshing book on golf I've ever read. It has opened my mind to a new way of looking at and approaching golf. The Approach that Mr. Tischler so clearly emphasizes is very simply, yet extremely powerful. If you are looking to find your way in the game of golf I highly recommend the book.

Josh Thompson
Reviewed by Matt Tsuruda 8/4/2003
The Way of the Golfer is my favorite book that Ed Tischler has written so far. It gives you the basic fundamentals of the game that is always a good review and incredible insight towards the attitude and approach of playing the game. Ed's understanding and love for the game really comes out through the writings of his books and I know whoever reads his books will have a better understanding of the game and world of golf.
Reviewed by Neil Alper 8/4/2003
I've had the pleasure of working with Ed Tischler on and off for some 7 years. When I first started taking lessons from Ed, I was a rank beginner shooting between 120 and 140 everytime I played. After one year of taking lessons with Ed I shot in the 70's for the first time. He is an incredible coach as well as a great golfer. I witnessed him make a hole-in-one. the first time I played with him at Ko'olau Golf Course in Hawaii, and its the toughest course in the United States. He also shares two course records there. In Thailand I witnessed him make the first eagle that Natural Park Golf Course every had. The caddies went wild. Anyway, most of my golf days are spent away from Ed, and I rely heavily on his books to keep me on track. If I tinker too much of read to many magazines I get messed up. So I simply get back to Ed's teachings and my game is restored.

Thanks Ed for your books and your Coaching.

Neil Alper
Bangkok, Thailand
Reviewed by Yeh, Kuantai 8/1/2003
I was introduced to E.A. Tischler while he was on a coaching tour in Asia. A mutual friend arrange for me and some friends to take lessons with him over two weekends. We spent one weekend at the President Golf Club in Thailand, and the other at Agile Country Club in China. We were very impressed with his ability to communicate the game's fundamentals in a very natural and comfortable manner. After the lessons, I bought a few of E.A's books, The Way Of The Golfer, and Focus On Golf, his books have allowed me to continue improving even though I have not been able to see him in person. I find the books as easy to follow as the lessons we had in person.

Yeh, Kuantai
Hong Kong
Reviewed by Larry St. Regis 8/1/2003
When I started playing golf, it was just for fun. However, as I became hooked, I found myself reading everthing I could about the game. I watched the golf channel, and read all the magazines. The more I read, and the more I watched, the more confused I became. I was ready to quit the game when I was introduced to Ed Tischler's books. I books are easy to read and easy to understand. They clarified many questions, and I soon found myself enjoying the game again. I regularly review the lessons in Ed's books, and I am scoring the best I ever have. Thank you Ed. We appreciate your efforts and your help.

Former Frustrated Golfer.
Larry St. Regis.
San Jose, California

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