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JeanPaul Bawea Badjo

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Dedent (tentative title)
by JeanPaul Bawea Badjo   

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This is the first chapter of my novel. A high school boy tired of the state of life and the isolation his parents have put him through, but he has no idea as to what his future has planned for him.


He was sitting in my Sociology class listening to his teacher lecture on about women inequality. Her constant negative views on men lead him to believe that she must have been done wrong by a man at some point of her life, but he didn't mind and by the looks of it neither did any of my other male classmates, for they had learned to accept the constant scolding of women about how evil they apparently are. From what they do wrong, to how they should act, and even what it means to be a man. A  generation of men raised by women.

He stared out the window daydreaming as he usually would, everyday in all his classes, just staring blankly and emotionless until the lunch bell rang which when he heard he just instinctively stood up and made his way out the class room before the teachers formal dismissal.  " Sean Tatum!", the professor said obtrusively disturbing Sean's thoughts and bringing him back to reality, "Please do not leave class until I dismiss you. I dismiss you not the bell."

"Sorry", he said still standing by the door.

" Read chapters six to seven, there may be a quiz tomorrow".

The student and herself knew very well that there wouldn't be a quiz.


Sean walked down the hallway making his way to the library which was the usually place he spent his lunch, he spent this time to get ahead in his homework. The student's in the hallway would high-five him and act friendly towards him due to the fact that he was class president. They came to him for all their problems they had about the school. He would act as if he was listening but just give off the his usual responses like "I'll see what I can do", or "Ok I'll tell the principle", knowing full well that nothing can be done and that it was out of his power. But he believed that it was better to say ok and let them forget about it than to explain them why it wouldn't work and upset them.


After dealing with the students and their "problems", Sean Makes his way to the library to start on some English homework. As he attempts to start his homework he starts day dreaming again, wondering if doing his homework would even matter. He asks himself  how much this one homework will affect his grades. "My grade in this class is already solid and I've already been accepted to my university, so what's the point."  Before he could continue deeper with his thoughts his thought were interrupted by Mia Rager.


Mia was an intelligent young woman with long dark hair with blue highlights, golden skin, and an unusual talent for math. She was one of the most attractive girls in the school and president of the mathletes club. Sean still couldn't believe she was his girlfriend. They had been going out for two years. They met at an art camp while they were trying to earn their community service. She was a counselor for the kids and he would work in the back reworking the clay so it would be useable by the kids at the camp.



She jumps on his lap and starts aggressively kissing him, "I missed you last night. Did you miss me?". "uumm.. yea", Sean replied trying to finish his homework.

"why have you been so cold towards me lately", noticing his passiveness towards her.

"Oh sorry I didn't notice I've been really busy." Still looking down at his homework.

"Well I just hope you're not overwhelming yourself, you have a habit on taking on more things than you can handle. So anyways what are you working on"

"An English paper"

"Can I read it"

" um.. I was going to finish it then post it online for critique then let you read it and tell me what you think of it."

"so you'd rather have random other people on the internet read it than your girlfriend?" She said  in an irritated voice.

"Wait no that's not it. I just wanted you to see the good copy. You can read it if you want go ahead", he said as he tried to save himself.

"No Sean Tatum! I cannot believe you, I am your girlfriend and you should love me and treat me equally", she angrily walks away. Sean had no Idea what he had done but continued on with his homework.


At the end of the day he takes the school bus home and see's his twin brother Derrick sitting by himself listening to music. Derrick was extremely shy, quiet, and conservative. He and Sean were extremely close, but usually stayed with their own group of friends at school. Derrick had been unusually quiet latley. Sean sat in his usual seat next to his best friend Wen. Wen had dark long hair and usually dressed up in dark clothes, he was very quiet and usually thinking. They considered themselves to be soul brothers because there ideologies and method of thinking were almost the same. Sean looked out the window of the school bus and saw a couple in the middle of an argument. "GET YOUR SHIT AND LEAVE" the woman said angrily, as the man apologized saying that nothing had happened.  "He probably shouldn't have been so dependent on her", Wen said, "If he was more independent he wouldn't be in this situation. He would've lost a girlfriend but at least he'd still have a place to live." "Yea", replied Sean.


Sean arrives at the bus stop where he and his brother get off; they walk home, Derrick with his earphones still blasting music preventing a conversation. They arrive home and part way. Derrick goes to his room and falls asleep. Sean walks up to his room and starts doing homework. His mom slams the door open enraged. She was a short woman in her forties usually complaining about everything; from Sean not doing the dishes, not helping out around the house and how hard her life was. She seemed to was always be victimizing herself for attention, probably because of the lack of attention she was getting from her Husband who was usually out on business trips. But that may or may not be the case since all they ever do when they are together is argue. "Who do you think you are coming home and not saying a word to anybody?  Is that how I raised you? You are incredibly rude and unconscious of the world around you!".”Unconscious is right", he thought to himself. "Now go and do the dishes, yesterday your twin brother did it without me having to say anything. Your brothers have moved out so now there is much more for us to do".


He goes to the kitchen and begins washing the dishes, his mother’s word echoing in his mind. "Unconscious”. Exactly how he felt. An empty feeling in his chest as if he was caving in; the pull getting stronger day after day. "How long will I be able to take this", he asked himself. He remembered a time when his two older brothers still lived at home, it was much easier since the responsibilities around the house were divided. He remembered that he was much happier then.



After the dishes he attempts to do some homework before his father got home. He wakes up three hours later to the voice of my parents arguing. He had fallen asleep trying to finish his tedious homework, so he decides to just not do the homework anymore; my motivation of always giving 100% had slowly been deteriorating over the past couple of years. He starts to prepare to go greet his father, because although he wasn't abusive, he was a very strict, intimidating, unimpressible man with high expectations for all his children. Sean believed that he was the reason for his cold nature towards others. Sean didn't know what he did for a living but he knew that he was rich but modest about it.  He finally gets ready to go downstairs and before he can even get a word out.


"What have you been doing?” demanded his father.

 "Homework", he replied in a dull voice.

"I've been to your room and I saw you sleeping you liar. What have I told you about taking naps in the middle of the day".

"I was trying to do my homework but I guess I must've dosed off".

"You will never accomplish anything if you keep sleeping. Real men do not take naps. You are so lazy and you are ruining yourself without even knowing it. Get out of here".


He walks away holding in the clever retaliation he decides to keep to himself for his own sake. There was no point of adding fuel to his father's fire he thought to himself. As he walks to his room he is confronted by his brother. “Don’t worry about him. I think his rule is a little stupid”. “Well it’s easy to say when you are allowed to do the things I get yelled at for doing”, replied Sean. “Well I’m sorry they act like that”, “Whatever”.


He walks back to his room reviewing the state of his life. The past four year in High school had been hell for him. ”Yes, I was able to become class president at school, but my personal life was far from anything I wanted it to be. My parents knew nothing about me, they thought of me as a lost cause. I was not allowed to go out and meet with friend just stay home and do chores, while they continue to look down on me.” He thought frantically to himself.

“I have nothing to be excited about or look forward to.  I wake up go to school, deal with my peers come home, do homework get yelled at and fall asleep. I have to get out of this cycle, I need to free myself. Because of my parents I have become an anti social freak filled with suppressed anger.”


He looks down at his phone and see’s that he had missed 3 calls from Mia. He set’s it down and goes to bed hoping for a change, dreaming for something to get his attention. “I want to do something great one day and be remembered”, he thinks to himself.


The next day he wakes up and does his regular morning routine. He goes to school and fall asleep in class. This time however he didn’t mind at all. Ms.Reisen calls on him to read the chapters assigned last night. He refuses. The teacher stares at him with a stunned expression on her face as Sean take his opportunity to walk out of the classroom.

"Where do you think you’re going!” the teacher shouted.

"I got to get away, I'm tired of all of this" he swiftly replied.


He walks out the door feeling his mind on fire, collapsing more and more with every step. He has finally snapped. All the suppressed pain, humiliation, anger, and depression had suddenly been released in his body all at once. Planning to run away and leave everything behind, he started walking swiftly through the hallways making his way to the door. "SEAN! STOP!” a voice commanded from behind. He turns around and see’s his father surrounded by six men in suits.


"What are you doing?” his father asks. And with my mind currently unstable Sean explodes, “I am leaving! I am tired of this life, I have no idea what I'm living for, everything is terrible and it's all because of you. You raised me to be a cold hearted asshole like yourself and that is what I refuse to be."


“How long do you think you’d make it out there without my help or anyone else’s?” his father replied calmly. “I don’t need anyone help, I’ve made it this far with you as a handicap and now you’re telling me that I need you?! What are you even doing here?”


His father turns around.


"DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK ON ME!  It’s like no matter what I do I can’t make you proud of me! I am now an insecure, unconfident wreck and I blame you; I need somebody and you’re not even there to listen as my father!”


His father starts walking away


"LISTEN TO ME!" Sean screamed as he ran full speed towards his father. The 6 men each pull their weapons. Before he knows it I have 6 tasers electrifying his body. His mind goes blank. Suddenly like an explosion he is overcome with energy and rage. The look in his eyes, suddenly feeling no pain, no guilt, and see’s nothing but his father. He pulls out the tasers lodged in his body, grabs three of the wires connected to the men’s stun guns from his body and pulls down the men whose guns they were attached to. He pulls one guard towards him through the wires of his stun gun and unleashes a devastating blow to his face unknowing where his sudden burst of strength was coming from.

He focuses on his father. His father turns around finally acknowledging him. By this time a crowd of people have come out of their classrooms to see where all the noise was coming from. More guards appear and tell them to stay back. Five of the men come rushing at him trying to hold me down. He throws them off of me one by one, amazed at what he is able to do, standing his ground against 5 grown men. He couldn't believe what was going on. Suddenly his eye makes contact with Mia who was in the crowd. The look on her face was a face that he had hoped to never see. A face expression mixed with fear, and restlessness. Her shaking hand covering her mouth, as a tear slowly made its way down her face. He could feel her heart throbbing out of fear. 


The men in suits take advantage of his momentary distraction to pounce on him all at once. He struggles to get them off when he suddenly feels a sharp pain in his neck. He had been stabbed with a needle. As he starts to lose consciousness he hears the crowd screaming and asking questions to one another.


 "Is that Sean?”

“Has he gone crazy?”

“This kids a psycho path!”

"What is going on?"


He felt all the years he spent trying to establish a name for himself slowly fading away. He felt powerless, confused, and hopeless. He had no idea what was going on.


Suddenly he wakes up in his bed.

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Reader Reviews for "Dedent (tentative title)"

Reviewed by Simon Berasch 4/13/2012

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